Customer Reviews: Kenmore Magic Blue 24195 Bagged Canister Vacuum
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on January 6, 2009
This may not be a good vacuum cleaner if your home is fully carpeted (the brush head is just plain useless on carpet), but my home has all wood and tile floors. This is easily the most powerful vacuum I've ever used.
The suction is so fierce, with a new bag you can lift a small child or pet directly off the floor. Any and all pet hair within a foot of the suction head is sucked directly into it.
The retract/extend feature of the wand is also handy, because the vacuum is easily stored in a coat closet. The wand locks into the bottom of the vacuum when it is standing vertically.
Filtration is incredible. I'll never use a filthy bagless vacuum again.
I'm not a particularly into home cleaning devices, but this vacuum is so bad*ss I just had to review it.
** Edit 10-2011:
What started out as a powerful, light home cleaning device ended up in the recycling bin after less than three years. The handle is very poorly designed and will split in half, casting the main switch (impossible to fix). The wheels on the head are so fragile that a drop from waist height will snap the axles off. Finally, the clever retraction mechanism for the main tube turns out to be little more than a lock. When it seizes, the tube is frozen in full-length position.
The motor never lost power. Everything on the other side of that hose was cleverly designed but poorly manufactured.
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on January 12, 2009
The reason I ended up on this page is because I was looking for replacement parts for the Magic Blue vacuum. Bought it more than 2 years ago and found it and excellent vacuum for some $90, then. Now Sears has it for about $100.'s $300+ must think we are in the Amazon with no other options.
The one star review that claims that the brush stopped turning after some 6 months is because he does not know that he needs to CLEAN it of hair and strings that spool up on the brush and get it stuck. The brush is not motor driven but turbine driven from the vacuum suction. The vacuum is a very good machine, extremely flexible and the low hardwood sweeper profile allows access under most furniture, from all angles. I never owner super expensive vacuum cleaners, but this one beats by far a $300+ upright I had. After 2 years the canister/vacuum is still in its original working performance, wand had stuck (it normally is adjustable lenght), hardwood sweeper is coming apart, handle with switch broke when I dropped it on the floor too many times but I redesigned it and made it break proof. Carpet sweeper as good as new. I am ready to buy another one if I can't find the hardwood floor sweeper replacement (its swivel bushing has worn out and is not repairable). I might attach a video sometime to show the relative simple way to reinforce the handle and prevent breaking.
Cons? a little too loud but for the size, easy to carry along and the suction power it's got to be
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on August 15, 2010
I've owned this vacuum cleaner for a few years now. I have pets, so there's always lots of fur to vacuum up. Although this vacuum is light weight and easy to use, the carpet head constantly clogs with pet hair. I do not recommend this vacuum cleaner if you have lots of pet hair to vacuum up.
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on December 13, 2008
I have owned two of these vacuums over the past several years. To be honest I have never paid more than $90 on each of these Kenmore's, so the relatively low retail price may be an indicator that this vacuum is not the best. The first I had to toss because it lost all its suction and there was a burning smell coming from it. The second one I bought, used occasionally and gave up on as it doesn't work well either.

This Kenmore picks up the big stuff - pieces of paper towel on the floor, cat litter, etc. It does not pick up dirt in the carpet. It barely touches pet hair. Poor suction overall, you can vacuum an area and it will not have picked up everything and you can tell. The main attachment has never worked for me - I had to vacuum all types of floor with the carpet brush for it to "work". The bag seems to ** magically ** fill every few uses and the bags are expensive - I have paid about $15 on average for 8 bags, which with average household use would last me a total of 2-3 months. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone who wants a truly clean house - especially if you have allergies to dirt & dust which hide in your carpet, in which case I definitely think this vacuum will NOT do much for you. There's nothing "magic" about how this thing cleans.
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on September 5, 2011
Was so happy at first that I recommended it to my parents. It was light enough, seemingly powerful, was built very solidly (metal wants with strong latches), navigated great. I was really excited by this good value. My husband used it all summer without comment. Then it was my turn to houseclean again. OY!!!!!!! JUNK. Bad reviews here are right on the money.

-MOSTLY, it has a hard time picking anything up and spits most of it right back out. I noticed this with tiny, dried bread crumbs from the kitchen floor so imagine minuscule dust specs. It took me twice the time to vac the house and still had plenty left on the floor, including dust.

-On bare floors, normal attachment leaves dust behind and the brush one tangles up human hair and any long thread till it won't spin.

-Furniture attachment won't stay on.

-Heavier than it seems.

-Cord is indeed about 6 inches too short, which I could handle given the telescopic wand but not with all the rest being problematic.

The only thing I can say is that the bag does not fill up as fast for me as others have stated but no wonder - what little it picks up it spits right back out. Hoping the store will take it back.
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on September 9, 2011
Updated Review January 3, 2012:

As an update to my review below, I would like to say that I took a small screwdriver and gently pried off the front wheels of the bare floor attachment and covered the "holes" where they were with clear packaging tape to keep them clear of debris. (NOTE: Put a piece of cardboard between the plastic housing and the screwdriver to prevent damage to the housing while removing the front wheels.) Finally, it will now pick up the fine hair and cat litter from my kitchen floor. It also works well on the fine dirt that works down into the carpet.

The good news is I found the part # for the original rug/floor tool (that fits and actually picks up dirt from bare floors). The original part number from the manual for the original Magic Blue vacuum cleaner has been substituted by part number 5429FI1421A(they didn't have a picture on the website though so I can't be sure it exactly the same); the bad news is that the cost of it is $28.49...nearly a third the price of the vacuum...might be worth it though if it is a direct match! Just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to try it. You can order it through Sears Parts Direct. [...]

My Original Review dated September 9, 2011:

I bought the original Magic Blue when it came out 10 years ago...worked GREAT until about a month ago, its one limitation (I thought then, don't now) was that it didn't have a roller attachment for carpeting. Bags at got expensive so I buy mine on-line from The original Magic Blue started having motor problems, so I decided to buy the new model, figuring it would be better because it does have the roller attachment.

Cost on both (though bought 10 years apart) was about the same: $100.
Both use the same bags.

On the Original, you got one floor attachment: you flipped the tab on the top to lower a brush for bare floors and flipped the tab again to raise the brush for carpeting. It took time, but it cleaned everything GREAT, and the suction would lift the carpeting right up off the floor...until the bag got 2/3 full...then it lost suction.

The New model has two separate attachments, one for bare floors and one for carpet. Problem with the bare floor attachment is that it now has little wheels on the front (the old model didn't) and large wheels on the back (larger than the original so that it lifts the back of the attachment off the floor). This lessens the amount of suction you get so it doesn't pick up fine pet hair or cat litter as well. In fact, the fine hair and dust cling to the OUTSIDE plastic part of the attachment. After thoroughly vacumming my kitchen floor (at least I thought I had), I took my mop to it and immediately started seeing dirt and hair being pushed in front of it. What a disappointment, as well as extra work.

The carpet attachment has the same problem with fine hair, dust, cat litter; it clings to the outside housing of the attachment or stays down in the fibers of the carpet. My carpeting is older, low-pile plush and it had a hard time cleaning it. I had to go over it first with the carpet attachment, then with the bare floor attachment, and finally for the really fine dirt areas, I went over it with the upholstery brush. Instead of the NEW model making my vacuuming easier, it now takes me twice as long. I have an indoor/outdoor carpet mat at the front door and had to use an upholstery attachment to get the fine sand out of it. No, not the upholstery attachment that came with the NEW vacuum (I couldn't get it to stay on the wand); I wisely kept the old attachments from the ORIGINAL Magic Blue (except for the floor one which was worn out). The end of the upholstery attachment from the original machine is long enough to compress the "button" that holds the other attachments in place...this friction fitting keeps it on so it works beautifully.

Another drawback of the carpet attachment is that when you go to remove it, if you don't have a really good grip on the head of it as you try to push the button in far enough to release it, the sheer weight of the head will send it crashing to the floor as it releases, and it's not made from a quality grade of plastic. I also found myself having to stop every few minutes to pull hair from the roller so it wouldn't clog. The owner's manual says to vacuum the roller with the brush attachment...Seriously??? that wimpy brush attachment is going to free hair that WRAPPED around the roller???? I don't think so! First of all, it won't stay on the wand for you to do that.

If you have the Original Magic Blue and need to replace it due to age, be sure to keep all the OLD machine's attachments...they are much better than the new ones.
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on January 24, 2011
I have had my Kenmore Magic Blue for 10 years. I received it for a Christmas gift. (Which I asked for) I love my blue. I love the way it cleans. And you don't worry about breaking belts when you suck up large pieces. And yes you do need to clean the brush once in a while. Even the uprights need that. And so does my daughter. That is why I am thinking of a new one. I only have one fall back. The BAGS. When I first purchased this product the bags where very reasonable. Now they have over doubled in value. I start out spending 8 for 10 bags now there 16 for 8. Thats the only problem. Well I better decide. Either get the old one back or get another one. I see Amazon will sell bags for 8.50 for 8 with free shipping. I guess it's a new one.
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on February 23, 2009
I received this vacuum and it is perfect for the downstairs of our house which is all wood floors and area rugs. I would recommend it highly for tile and wood flooring, but not for wall to wall carpeting unless you use this as a second vacuum for quick clean ups. It is very light and the suction seems to be great so far (I am pretty fussy about the vacuums we own). The best thing is that it is so small and light that I find myself taking it out to vacuum a lot more than with my old, heavier vacuum. So even if it doesn't have as much suction, I think that my house is cleaner b/c it is not such a pain in the butt to drag out the vacuum cleaner. Just one way of looking at it! Works for me!
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on May 30, 2012
Between all my family members we have owned three of these vacuums and all three have had a problem with them shorting out. The vacuum will be running and will go in and out of power. The design flaw is in the neck of the hose where it connects to the main body of the vacuum.
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on July 3, 2009
I have had this vacuum for several years and LOVE it! I vacuum almost daily, and the vacuum has fablulous suction and is light and just keeps working. No problems whatsoever. I did throw the carpet attachment out at one point because it is heavy and unnecessary. We have mostly wood or tile floors, and one big living room rug, and the Magic Blue is perfect.
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