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on June 26, 2007
Hello friends,

Before you begin to read my review, please understand that I only wrote it because there are so very few reviews currently available about these speakers. Knowing that, here is what I can tell you about them:

First of all, I purchased these speakers for one, and only one, reason. I presently own a very nice Panasonic 27" color (stereo) television. The sound from the internal TV speakers never thrilled me, so I looked into purchasing some better speakers. The first thing I discovered (to my dismay) was that my TV did not have "external speaker" jacks. Okay, so I dropped a few extra bucks ($99.00 to be exact), and I purchased a very nice, 100 watt Sherwood, stereo receiver. Bear in mind now that I am only talking about a "stereo." I am not talking about a surround sound system, a Dolby digital system (5-1, 6-1 or the like), or any other high-tech system. Just plain old, every day, run of the mill stereo!

Now, I really thought that I was home free because I already owned a great pair of Bose bookshelf speakers. Wrong again! The Bose speakers are only "four" ohms, and my new Sherwood receiver called for "eight" ohm speakers. I know that seems to be a minor problem, but the receiver DID run very hot, and numerous reviews regarding the receiver clearly stated that it WOULD overheat using anything less than eight ohm speakers.

After realizing that the reported problem was true, I visited several electronic stores; I listened to numerous bookshelf type speaker systems, and I finally decided on the Sony. Let me tell you my friends, these little babies are absolutely superb! The bass quality absolutely blew-away my $300.00 Bose speakers (regardless of impedance). The sound is crisp, clear, and the typical problems of "no", or "very little" bass, are gone. Don't get me wrong . . . you are NOT going to get 15" bass speaker sound out these, but you WON'T be disappointed. They are truly, in my humble opinion, the very BEST bang for the buck!

My wife, who doesn't give a s**t about audio quality, actually commented on how really nice the TV sounds now, compared to my fancy-dancy Bose speakers. These little speakers deliver sharp, crisp, clear sound, and they seem to easily handle all the power that my Sherwood receiver throws at them. If you want some really nice speakers, with all of the bass that you can realistically expect from a small pair of bookshelf speakers, buy these! In a nutshell . . . they sound GREAT!
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on October 8, 2007
I'm the manager of WRNC in Ashland, WI and we've used these speakers as our studio monitors for 2.5 years, almost non-stop. They've never complained or degraded in any way. From time to time we also knock them around as we move them to remote broadcasting locations, and they've survived even this quite nicely.

I recently purchased two pairs of these speakers for use with my home stereo, and they have not disappointed. They may not be the most expensive speakers out there, but they're a vast improvement from the Panasonic speakers I've been using for the last twelve years.
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on July 31, 2011
the bottom line is that you will not be able to find any speakers comparable to these at the same price point. these things cost less than a steak dinner and outperform all budget to mid-range speakers (and some high-end ones, too) that i've ever listened to. this will be the best investment you ever made in a bookshelf speaker for your home theatre or stereo setup.

as with most bookshelf speakers, to get the most out of these i highly recommend 1) a strong receiver (80-100+ watts) and 2) a decent subwoofer. having a lot of power will ensure you get crisp, accurate sound at all volume levels. having a subwoofer will help fill out the low-end (these speakers bottom out at 80Hz and dropoff comes much sooner).

i benchmarked these speakers with my existing HTIB satellites and the Bose 161s. the Sonys are (mostly) full range and very accurately reproduce sound, so of course my satellites sound like little tin cans compared to them. with the Bose 161s, i originally expected them to be amazing, but the truth is they sound quite hollow and weak. only when the 161s were paired with a subwoofer did they seem to be ok. but even then, they didn't do very well when playing music. meanwhile the Sonys produced tight, accurate sound that was full and very warm.

classical music test: these things absolutely blew me away. from opera to concertos to piano and cello, the Sonys delivered impressively with full and accurate sound. classical music's range actually doesn't require a subwoofer; i turned mine off and found the Sonys to be more than capable standalone. if you're a classical music lover, these will blow you away without breaking the bank.

pop music: when listening to more bassy/percussive music, you really will need a subwoofer. otherwise, your music will be missing that punch and rumble in the low-end you're probably used to. and that's ok with me because i know these were designed to be accurate and full, not to be bass-heavy. without a subwoofer, they make soul, jazz, and vocals shine. add a subwoofer and they make rock, hip-hop, R&B, and techno sound like a dream. and since i like my music slightly bright, i added just a touch of treble boost to get those hi-hats to really spark.

overall, i am absolutely thrilled with these speakers. they were dirt cheap, but delivered beyond all my expectations. i have spent the last three days sitting in front of my system rediscovering my music collection. i'm having so much fun just sitting here listening to my music in a way i've never heard it.

if you're willing to assemble the proper system for these speakers and spend the time to tweak the settings to your preferences, i guarantee you will enjoy tight, accurate, warm, and beautiful sound for years to come. the best part is that you'll have plenty of money left over to buy more music or movies.
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on February 16, 2009
The difficulty with reviewing speakers has a lot to do with the fact that whether something sounds good is usually something that occurs in the ears of the hearer. My point of reference for these speakers are:
-A pair of Radioshack Optimus-1s from the 1970s (sealed three way, 2" twt, 2" mid, 8" woof)
-A pair of Sharp speakers from the 1970s (tri-ported two way, 1" twt, 10" woof)
-A set of TheSpeakerCompany RC1s from the 2000s (MTM 5.5" mid, .5" twt)

If your'e comparing these speakers to a conventional HTIB setup, oh man, these things blow typical HTIB satellites out of the water and into outer space. Get them, get them now, replace all 5/7 of your satellites! You'll be glad you did! Most of my friends fall into this category, and these are perfect entry level speakers for someone who is looking for an inexpensive upgrade to their HTIB. You'll be blown away by the improvement. There isn't a whole lot of bass, so make sure you have a sub. Oh, and put these on stands and not in a bookshelf.

If your'e a bit more discerning/slightly larger pocketbook, though, you'll find they are fairly average, and more on the mediocre end of average. I picked up a set of these speakers on clearance as surrounds for my 5.1 system, and they do the job adequately. For a small room or a *very* small surround system, these could be okay as your L/R front speakers but overall they are just too small for my tastes as fronts. The sound is rather neutral, with not a lot of bass extension. A bit ho-hum, but that means they strive for accuracy in reproduction, which is good. The really good thing is the speakers aren't boomy! A lot of little speakers like this have boom, but the Sony engineers decided to get rid of that, thank you for putting some foam in. They are good entry level speakers, esp. for the price per pair these typically go for.
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Sony is having lots of trouble these days--from making a competitive HDTV set in the face of Samsung's domination to alienating an international customer base by encoding CDs with a virus capable of infecting users' computers. The emergence of Blue Ray as the industry standard for DVDs has barely made a difference to the bottom line--certainly not enough to atone for the company's earlier loss of Beta to VHS. The Walkman Mini-Disc has a cult-like following but is of no consequence to the company's struggle to keep up with the competition even in a falling stock market.

But I still look to Sony for "traditional" technology along with value and quality. These are speakers that might have been sold 40 years ago--but at several times the price. They'll complement any quality amplifier and satisfy all but the most zealous sub-sonic freak. No, they won't vibrate the walls or give you a massage treatment, but they reproduce everything from a symphony orchestra to a jazz ensemble to solo piano or acoustic guitar with impressive faithfulness (fidelity).

Be aware that these have no receptacles accepting RCA, mini and similar plugs--just spring-clips for attaching bare speaker wire. And they won't work with your iPod or big screen TV without an amplifier. Still, they're high-efficiency speakers that sound clean, undistorted, and unstrained when driven by as little as 20 watts (RMS) per channel.
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on April 6, 2012
Many of the reviews on these speakers are made, "right out of the box." I wanted write this review after one year of use. I purchased these speakers on

If you listen to most of your music on compressed MP3 players, stick with computer speakers. A good amplifier/speaker set up will only point out what is missing. If you have an extensive CD and Vinyl collection, then get a good sound system. I use an Onkyo TX-SR308 amplifier.

So many speaker reviews begin with, "I'm not an audiophile but," etc. Please disregard the phantom audiophile expert from your mind ASAP. You are the expert for your ears. No one can hear for you. I recommend reading "Audiophoolery",by Ethan Winer, in Vol. 11, No. 3, 2005 of Skeptic Magazine.

I love these speakers. I have owned several high end speakers over the years and these are just fine. For movies I use the Sony Center speaker (CN 5000) and for rock I use a small sub woofer. Placement is important. If you are not using a sub, place the speakers on the floor about 6 inches from a wall. you will get plenty of bass. If you want really bright sound, put them on stands at ear level. I use the 1000's as front speakers.

These speakers are perfect for Classical music. I actually attend live symphonies. Live sound is amazing and hard to duplicate. The problem with live is, the sounds from the audience. Old folks coughing, doctors beepers beeping, and fund-raising speeches, degrade the experience. Everything is a trade off.

The test. My next door neighbor, built a set of speakers in the 1970's. Each speaker has a tweeter, and two 12 inch speakers. He runs the speakers through an 18 inch BIC non powered sub-woofer. We used one of his speakers on the right, and hooked up the Sony SSB-1000 on the left channel. We played Ken Cowan's amazing organ CD, recorded at the Saint Mary's College Chapel. Both of were amazed that we could not tell the difference between the speakers in the mid range area. The highs were brilliant, just beautiful.

I listen to the Sony's frequently. I have grown to like them even more as time passes. If you take the time to place them properly, and if you like, hook up a sub or center channel speaker, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Sony products tend to last. I have a Sony turntable from 1978 that continues to work after thousands of hours of use. My Sony dream Machine clock radio is 35 years old and still wakes me up in the morning. I hope these speakers last for a long time.
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on February 22, 2013
These little gems can really perform! Unbelievable sound from such a small speaker. They do not have 12-15'' woofer wall rattling bass, and I like a lot of bass! So for the small size of these, they can still produce plenty of it! They can fill a normal size room with enough of the music spectrum to satisfy most everyone! For limited space, great sound, and good looking speakers, I highly recommend these!
I just ordered a second pair!
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on July 10, 2008
hey, let me tell you that these speakers are a real deal, big sound
from a small box, i wasn't sure about getting these babys or the polks for 70 bucks more, so i risked it and got the sony's i've read reviews saying that they dont have bass! thats a lie! im using them as my main speakers
with a sony receiver and a technis equalizer and they hit loud and clear with planty of bass (people be realistic please they are not 15" subwoofers, don't spect them to tear down the house. that's why you use a subwoofer) why spend alot of money on just a brand name ( like bose) if you are short on cash like me get these speakers, im sure you'll love
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on August 2, 2007
I'm a big fan of booming bass so I didn't want to use these as my main fronts. I decided to use them as my surround speakers and couldn't be happier. They are the perfect size for surround. Not too small and underpowered like bose surround and not too big to be a nuisance. Since surround speakers are generally just a mid and tweeter (sometimes just a mid) these work perfectly in that respect. As loud as you want, and as crisp and clear as speakers get. I am very pleased.

Just a word of advice, if you plan to use these as your front channel speakers, you will most likely need a good sub woofer to go with them. But perfect as surround!
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on June 25, 2007
I purchase these speakers as a upgrade and got more. The seperation and bottom is down right lovely. There the perfect speakers to use as starting point to build a system around
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