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710 of 724 people found the following review helpful
on May 11, 2008
I have this one in black, and have been making coffee at least once a day for the past three weeks. I was debating between this 10-cup thermal ($80), the 12-cup thermal ($130), and the 12-cup glass carafe with warming plate ($80), all by Cuisinart. In the end, I wanted something that used less electricity, so I went with the thermal. The added bonus with a thermal is that the coffee taste doesn't change from your first cup to your second cup a few hours later. I finally decided to save $50 and buy the 10-cup thermal because everything else was the same except for the 10 ounce difference (both coffeemakers brew 5 oz cups). I purchased mine from a different store, and I found out that there was no gold cone filter. I called up Cuisinart and they said depending on where you purchased the coffeemaker, it may use paper cones, or it may come with the gold cone filter. They graciously sent me a gold cone for free. So after 3 weeks:

-easy to set up, easy to use
-charcoal water filter (I use tap water, so I like the fact that the machine filters it before going into my coffee)
-auto brew timer (the smell of coffee helps me wake up in the morning and I am fully brain dead when I first wake up. I can barely get dressed, much less make coffee. So I set it up the night before and I have amazing, fresh coffee ready for me in the AM).
-beeps to signal that coffee is ready
-coffee stays fresh for at least 4 hours. On weekends, I set my coffee to brew as normal at 7AM, but sometimes I sleep late until 11AM or later. I go to pour my coffee and it's still steaming! (and not burnt from the warming plate)
-thermal carafe saves electricity because there is no need for a warming plate
-I can use both paper cone filters or the gold cone filter. The gold cone is just as easy to clean as the disposable paper cones. I just shake out the grinds into the trash, and rinse with water. SO easy. And I save money because I don't have to buy filters!
-I drink my coffee black, so I can tell good coffee from bad coffee. I also like my coffee strong and bold. When I'm lazy, I use Illy medium grind, medium roast pre-ground. One mountainous scoop (comes with the coffeemaker) per 10 oz. of coffee. My one mug of coffee is equal to the coffeemaker's two cups, so yes, the machine makes 5 mugs total. When I make coffee for just myself, I fill the reservoir to 2 cups, add one giant scoop of coffee to the filter, press the 1-4 cups button, turn the dial to brew, and press "on." I love it.
-I have no problem with the size of the machine (I thought it was small). It is sitting on a side table in my tiny kitchen, not on the countertop or underneath cabinets. So I can easily flip up the top and have easy access to the water reservoir. It is also on the right side of the table, so I just use a cup and pour water into the reservoir. I don't think it's hard at all to pour water in. The triangular opening is on the right, back corner of the machine and is about 3" x 3" x 4".
-The water level is very clearly marked and easy to see on the right side of the machine.

-The beep is not just one cute beep. It is 4 or 5 beeps in a row. This could be annoying to some people.
-Not really a con for me, but other people have commented on the pouring as "difficult." I think it is the nature of a thermal carafe to require some patience when pouring into a cup. It is well sealed to keep the coffee hot, so when you pour, the liquid has to go through a maze to get out. On my last cup, I just take the top off and pour. Definitely worth the "effort." It's really not hard, I promise. :)
-I read reviews of how people wake up with coffee all over the counter because the carafe was clogged at the top. So whenever I set up the machine to brew, I make sure to rinse the top with hot water and shake it around a bit to make sure the little ball isn't stuck. Also, not difficult to do.
-I guess if you don't have easy access to the right side of this machine, it could be difficult to pour water in and see the water level. If it's in the middle of your countertop, you may have to turn it to the side in order to pour the water in. For me, it's easy because my coffeemaker sits on the right side of a table in my kitchen.

I am so glad I went with this machine. I hope it lasts for a long time.

4+ YEAR UPDATE: I've had it replaced, but I still love the machine! After 2.5 years, the machine stopped brewing. I can't remember the problem exactly, but I would press brew, and the green light would go on, then off after a minute without brewing. I called customer service, and they said to unplug it for a few hours and try again. This worked! The machine was back in action for another 6 months or so. Then it really stopped working. Apparently, you're supposed to pour diluted vinegar into the reservoir and brew that once in a while to clean out the machine. I never replaced the filter because the "clean" light never went on in the 3 years that I owned it. Regardless, I called Customer Service and they sent me a new machine within a few days (for a delivery charge of $10 or $15). I also had to send the old machine back to them (I can't remember if shipping was prepaid by Cuisinart).

Now I use filtered water only, hoping to prolong the life of the filter and machine. Still makes great coffee, and I love that it keeps the coffee hot for so many hours without changing the taste!!

CORRECTION: I used to think there was a ball in the lid of the carafe, which the liquid flows through and into the thermal carafe. It's actually a little flap. If you shake the lid, you'll hear it. My recommendation for avoiding clog disasters is the same - rinse the lid under hot water and shake to make sure the flap mechanism is not stuck, and you're good to go!
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277 of 286 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2011
I first used this coffee maker at my parents' house and was impressed with the flavor. For a drip coffee maker, this brews excellent coffee (I used to use a French press daily).

I was surprised to see all the comments about lukewarm coffee, as I hadn't noticed this problem. I do use cream so it concerned me - you have to have hot coffee if you are going to add cold cream.

Turns out, reading the manual gave me the answer I needed: that button for 1-4 cups "provides doulbe heating of the water, so coffee is piping hot." You can use this button no matter how many cups you brew to get the water hotter. I'm having no problems at all.

Hope this helps!
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237 of 245 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2010
I read every review anybody ever wrote for a coffee maker. Conclusion: Somebody doesn't like something about every coffee maker that's ever been made.
What I've found in the month that I've had it: The carafe keeps the coffee hot for at least 3 hours. It pours without going all over the counter. I can't make the thing drip one drop. I still pour my cup over the sink from years with a different pot where about half of the coffee went down the drain. Not this one. Not a drop. I measured the brew temp. with a meat thermometer stuck in the grounds at 202 degrees. Any coffee maker will overflow all over the counter if the pot isn't correctly positioned. It's easy to position correctly and a quick peak at the pot:drip hole makes it obvious if it's where it belongs. Some reviews complain about difficulty in pouring water from carafe to the water tank. Could be, I've got a kitchen faucet that lets me stick the faucet right into the tank so it's not a problem for me. It's probably time you get one of those anyway. It is a little hard to read the water level scale on the tank, but I'm old. I put a black dot with a magic marker at the 6 cup mark. Problem solved.
Summary: It brews hot, stays hot in the carafe, easy to pour with no mess. That's really all I was looking for. I'd recommend and I buy another.
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139 of 146 people found the following review helpful
on February 26, 2011
I've been using this coffee maker for about a week. I bought it as an upgrade over a Black and Decker coffee maker that was generally good, but I wanted a new one with a cone filter. The cone filter gets more flavor out of the coffee than the basket filter: it's a must.

The other must, for me, is the thermal carafe. I wake up earlier than my wife and if we're both drinking out of the same pot the coffee can't continue to cook on a warming plate. The coffee quickly turns bitter. The thermal carafe keeps it near the brew temperature for a couple of hours, and you can keep it hot longer if you heat the pot before brewing the coffee. If you brew it into a room temperature pot, the coffee is 177 degrees. If you brew it into a pot which you've filled with hot water (and emptied, of course) the coffee will be 182 degrees. Both temperatures were hotter than my old pot.

I tested the heat degredation and found:

182 -- fresh
174 -- 1.5 hours later
168 -- 3 hours later
162 -- 4.5 hours later

I've read a lot of reviews of this product, and it's clear that some buyers didn't follow instructions. Thermal carafes punish you if you don't. You have to position the carafe properly or you'll have a mess to clean up. I've done it a few times with my old coffee maker. It's always my fault, never the coffee maker's.

This is a well designed thermal carafe since you can pour without having to open it and letting too much air into it. This is a good product, and at a good price compared to more expensive models from Bunn or Zojirushi. It is more expensive than the Black and Decker but worth the cost because you get more out of your coffee beans.
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52 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2010
We purchased this coffee maker in September 2009. Now it is December 2010 and it will no longer make coffee without overflowing all over the counter, cabinets and floor. I performed a simple test to see if the carafe lid was the problem: I SLOWLY dibbled water from the kitchen faucet onto the top of the lid to see if the water would flow through the lid. Guess what? I did NOT flow through - it simply filled the top of the lid then began to overflow, just like it does on my counter top.
So, after reading about MANY other owners having this exact same problem, I simply called Cuisinart Customer Service at (800) 726-0190 and explained the problem. I told them I did some research and found that MANY other owners were experiencing the same problem. The customer service rep then asked for the model and serial number (engraved on the bottom). She said Cuisinart would send me a new basket holder and a new carafe lid - no charge. Not even for shipping! AWESOME! Now we wait...
If this does not solve the problem then I will update this review.
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40 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on May 10, 2011
Ok, I've had this model for a few days and can report on the good/not-so-good aspects of it. Everyone in these reviews says they're a coffee aficionado; I'm no different. I spent a long time finding the right Burr grinder (old Kitchenaid), the right filters (unbleached or gold), and personally satisfying ratio of grounds to water for this particular cone filter drip maker.

1. After getting the coffee grind right, the flavor is what I want. Granted, I like coffee that is quite strong (but don't always want to make French Press) so that took a few brews. Cone filters are definitely better than flat ones, but when you've spent years with the flat filter and become accustomed to the taste and measurements, it's a little funky to re-tune your taste buds.

2. The thermal carafe keeps it piping hot! My only problem with this "hot" is that the carafe has a 10-cup capacity, I only brew 4 most days. That means that there's a lot of cold metal inside the carafe that soaks up the heat of the coffee when you brew a small batch. If you brew more than 4, you'll never experience this. Regardless, I think that you should "pre-heat" it with hot tap water before brewing a small batch of coffee (<6 cups), especially in the winter months if you live someplace cold like Fargo, ND. I did that this AM and it was the right remedy. There is a 1-4 cup setting that double heats the water, which is a nice alternative too.

3. It's not that big or bulky so counter space isn't really affected any more than most other coffee pots.

4. The controls are straightforward. The knob turns between your various settings and then you just push the center of it to turn it on/off. They all seem pretty solid and able to put up with daily use without breaking.

5. It comes with a metal filter. I'll eventually spring for one of the better SwissGold filters and ditch this one but for the time being, it's nice. I have a love/hate with paper filters. If I use them, they have to be unbleached paper but i don't like having the wasted tree. Conversely, I don't like the water waste associated with cleaning a metal filter but that's just me. Either way, nature gets the short end of the stick with coffee pots. Whatever. IF you do go with paper, the unbleached ones are healthier and keep coffee taste as true as possible.

6. It comes with a built in (but optional) water filter. When you flip the top open, you have the coffee basket in front; the water filter in the back left; the water reservoir in the back right. The filters are cheap and easy to install - just pull the paddle up and out and open the bottom clam-shell and insert the filter. I don't use it since I put filtered water into it to begin with.

1. The water reservoir opening is a tad small. You'll want to fill it up with a water pitcher and make sure you don't have the coffee ground basket in when you do this, lest you miss and pour some cold water onto them.

2. It beeps at you when it is done brewing. Slightly annoying, but still - 5 beeps. If I get too irritated, I'll take it apart and de-solder the wires leading to it.

3. True to other reviewers online, it does pour slowly from the carafe. The lid opening is rather small, but honestly, not a big deal. 5-6 seconds to fill up a cup as opposed to 2-3. Nobody's life is that busy.

Common Sense Disclaimer:
I have read that there are issues with improper filter basket placement/sticky ball valve on the carafe lid intake that results in a watery mess of grounds all over your counter. This can be avoided if you have a.) common sense, b.) are mechanically inclined to the minimal level allowed to be a biped and c.) clean your coffee pot. We'll skip past the proper filter basket placement and go right for the cleaning - coffee beans have oils in them. Those oils are in the coffee you drink. Those oils build up on surfaces the coffee comes into contact with regularly. The ball valve inside the carafe lid will never stick if you use soap/water to clean your carafe and lid once a week...and run a vinegar/water solution through the lines once a month.

If you love your coffee like I do, you'll take care of the machine that makes it, especially if you're going to spend this much $ on it. If you can't do that, there's a Mr. Coffee for $15 at Target that's just right for you.
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53 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on July 15, 2011
We've had this coffee maker for about a year. It started leaking warm water tinted with coffee all over the counter 6 months ago. Not all the time. About once every two weeks. I did everything I could to prevent this. I made sure the pot was perfectly seated, the lid was tightly closed, and all the moving parts on the "brew through" lid were clean and operating. It kept doing it. Coffee was undrinkable when this would happen. In the past month, the frequency increased to every other brew cycle. This morning, it was dark brewed coffee that leaked all over the counter. I caught it in the act after it dumped about half a pot all over the counter and kitchen floor, and was still pumping it out. I quickly unplugged it, and threw it out the door into the back yard. After using half a roll of paper towels to clean up the mess, I destroyed it with a hammer out of frustration. If you want to test out a new hammer, this is a good buy. If you want coffee to be brewed and placed in a pot for you to drink, buy something else.
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110 of 129 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2011
Can't believe this got the same overall rating as the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN auto brew and serve with thermal carafe (my preference). I got the DTC-975BKN to replace this item. I brewed a pot in each and found that this model brewed 8 degrees colder! Also, because the lid is designed with a non sealing opening at the spout it does not stay hot. No comparison, get the DTC-975BKN...brews hot and stays hot for hours.
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37 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on September 4, 2010
I will start by saying that I have only owned this product for a few days, and that all my previous coffee makers have been the sub $20 variety from the local store. On weekends I make 2-4 cups in the morning and I like to enjoy them over a period of a few hours. However the burner has usually destroyed the flavor by the time I return for a second cup, and I set out to find a better alternative.

After reading some reviews on this particular model I finally ordered one, and although I have only used it a few times so far, I could not be more pleased with it. Some reviews stated that their coffee was cold, the machine was hard to fill, the beeps were noisy, and the pot poured slowly. My experience has been as follows

The filling area is smaller than my previous coffee maker, and is located on the right side of the machine. I am left handed and can still fill it easily, although due to the design of the pot it must be tilted further upside down than a glass pot in order to empty it. Not an issue.

The unit is very quiet while brewing, more so than the one it replaced.

When I make coffee I use the 1-4 cup setting, and I preheat the pot by using hot water to fill the coffee maker. When the coffee is finished brewing it is piping hot. I will further this by saying that I made 1-4 cups at 4:30 pm, and finished only 2 cups. When I returned at 10:30 pm to clean the pot before bed I found that the remaining coffee was still very hot and would not have required any reheating had I chose to drink it. This situation has been easily repeatable, and since no burner is involved the first cup tastes as good as the last, even 6 hours later.

This machine seems to be about the same speed as my previous coffee makers, and I use the slower 1-4 cup setting.

It has an area for a water filter, and came with one to get me started. I cannot taste any difference with or without it so I cannot comment on its effectiveness, although it is nice to have that as an option. It also comes with a few paper filters to get you started, or you can simply reuse the metal filter which is also included.

It beeps a few times when its finished brewing. The tone reminds me of a wristwatch beeping except it is slightly louder. It it not loud enough to be a nuisance, but I can easily hear it when I am in the adjacent room watching tv or working on the pc. It lets me know when my coffee is ready for consumption, and I like it.

Some say the pot pours slowly into the cup. It actually does, but unless you are pouring coffee in a combat zone and under fire, does 2 to 3 extra seconds really make that much of a difference? Again, not an issue. There is also no need to turn the lid in order to pour or fill the pot as with other products. Very nice.

All said and done, I am very satisfied with this product, and would gladly purchase it again.
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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2011
I was a bit reluctant to purchase this coffee maker, as it received luke warm reviews on other sites, and I do mean luke warm: literally. I read the coffee wasn't hot and the brew wasn't that great, but I was hoping to find an energy efficient coffee maker where the coffee was stored in a stainless thermal carafe, as I want something eco-friendly and try to avoid the toxins in plastic where I can.

I'm pleased to say that I think the other reviews were a bit too harsh. No, it doesn't come close to the high end espresso maker I have, nor did I expect it to. What it does to is brew fairly decent coffee at a reasonable vs. scalding temp and it keeps it warm enough in the carafe where I can have at least 2 cups before I might have to microwave another, and that's on the weekend when I'm sipping it vs. the week when I'm guzzling it. It definitely lived up to my expectations, which I feel were more reasonable that others for the price of the unit.
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