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on June 11, 2008
I purchased this unit as my computer doesn't have a mic plug on the front, meaning when I switch between my speakers and using a mike I would have to crawl around behind the computer. I ordered these because of the promise of the usb plug (which Ihave on the front of the computer)

The units themselves are good solid construction with heavyweight usb plug and a microphone boom arm that doesn't look like it will break easily (like some do). Sound quality is good, with an acceptable amount of bass.

The usb thing works exactly as advertised on both XP and Vista. The sounds normally come out of my speakers. There is no software to load and when I plug in the headset, sounds suddenly come out of the headphones, it really is that easy.

I have noticed that when I am in a game such as WOW, that I have to exit the game and restart to have the game recognize the switch.

Unfortunately there is one thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating. After about 2 hours of play I noticed my ears were hurting. The unit has a fairly tight tension and the old-style rubber earpieces and they started to hurt my ears.

The unit works good as advertised and looks like it won't break like so many others, but i will look for a lighter-weight unit with foam ear coverings that hopefully won't hurt my ears.
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I love the Logictech ClearChat headset. The ear pieces are nicely padded, with excellent noise canceling sound. The rigid microphone boom can be lowered or raised, according to whether you want to record/talk or just listen. They work equally well with both Windows and Mac OS X machines, with no driver software required. Because they connect using a USB source, they are strictly for computers, however, and cannot be used with stereo systems or iPods.

Within minutes of opening the box and plugging the connection into a USB slot, I was able to create a high-quality podcast on my Mac using Garage Band, part of the Apple iLife '08 suite. (To hear the sound quality of the podcast, email me or go to my Amazon Connect page on my profile.) My Mac immediately identified the headset as a possible input/output device, although I had to manually change the previous settings to use it. The mute button, located halfway down the cord, works instantly, without any clicks, although it's not always easy to tell whether the blinking red light means the mike is muted (it does) or whether it should be a steady red light.

The sound quality is excellent, although obviously the source and medium can limit the quality. Just as important, the headset is extremely comfortable; I was able to wear the ClearChat for hours without any fatigue or discomfort. The wire leading from the headset to the mute button seems like it might be fragile, so people who walk around while wearing their headsets might encounter problems. All in all, the Logitech ClearChat is an excellent value.
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on February 14, 2008
I have had two sets - the USB plug came apart in both models. I repurchased because the comfort and quality of sound are TOP NOTCH! If you will use them on desktop you can't go wrong, but for laptop and travel the USB connection WILL fall apart. I look forward to a new model update that might fix the connection issue.
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on April 27, 2008
I've had a lot of headsets, a lot of headphones, and a lot of microphones.

As far as computer use goes, this headset is my favorite. The USB technology is great because it delivers pure digital sound in one connection and one wire. My computer (Windows XP) instantly recognized the headphones and they began working.

One great thing about this headset is that if you want to go back to speakers, you don't have to swap the 3.5mm plugs; you just unplug the headphones and it defaults back to the speakers, and when you plug the headphones back in it switches back to headphones.

The inline volume/mute is useful and it's digital rather than analog.

Now about comfort: these headphones don't look as comfortable as some of the really big cup earphones, but trust me they are far more comfortable. Not only are they soft and plush (leather), but they are so light it's easy to forget your wearing them. I can wear these for hours on end without any discomfort.

On the sound quality: probably the best sound quality you can get for a headset (phone/mic duo) under $100. Because they are USB, the signal is digital rather than analog and there is NEVER any type of static or popping etc. The mic is noise canceling (background noise no longer a problem) and the headphones are very clear and have pretty good range for what they are.

Overall this headset is more what you'd expect to pay around $70 for. They aren't as good for music as my Skullcandy smokin' buds headhphones which I use to listen to my iPhone, but they definitely get the job done for Gaming, Internet Conference/Calling, and General Use (Casual Music Listening, Narrating etc.) for desktops/laptops. Audiophiles definitely won't care much for these because they aren't amplified or high definition, but the casual user will definitely enjoy these headphones.

I also have the Panasonic RP-HTX7PP-K Retro Style Monitor Headphones and the sound quality is about the same, but the comfort and convenience of built in mic makes this headset better.
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on August 24, 2009
The hardware: 4/5, flimsy, very plastic-like. I treat mine very well (no throwing them or anything like that), and they've lasted about a year now. The paint on the volume control module is starting to wear off, as this is a common problem with Logitech electronics. The module itself has controls for the volume up and down, as well as a button to immediately mute the microphone. The module is approximately 2 feet down on the cord from the headset, and has a clip so you can fix it to your pants pocket or shirt to prevent wiggling. The cord is very long, and although I haven't measured, mine is about 6 to 7 feet.

The software: 5/5, it's plug and play. What more is there to mention? Just plugged it and it worked on both my Mac and my PC.

The audio: 4/5, while not anything spectacular, this headset delivers bubbly bass and tweety treble. Gaming with this is nothing short of a dream, as it handles far away and close-combat sounds perfectly in just about any genre. But not an audiophile myself, I'm not one to do in-depth reviews when it comes to sound.

The microphone: 5/5, absolutely the best microphone from a headset that I've seen. The sound is absolutely wonderful, detecting both low and high voices. I was stunned when I tried this microphone.

Overall: 5/5, if you're looking for a great all-around headset, this one is top-notch.
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on March 22, 2008
There's definitely some functions about this headset I like. The USB capability instead of the usual use of plugging in the mic and the sound in lines is very handy. If you just want to turn off your speakers-- to avoid waking the neighbors, significant other, etc.-- all you have to do is plug them in and restart the application.
The sound coming through is very clear and the earphones are very comfortable. The headband is adjustable so that the earphones are at the right height.
The mic boom rotates easily and isn't intrusive at all. However it is not adjustable; so you cannot move it closer to your mouth, and might have to adjust the pickup on certain programs. I'm looking forward to trying this out on Team Fortress 2, especially after my last one died and I didn't even realize that the people on my team couldn't hear my voice.
But overall a great headset and I'm definitely glad I picked it up.
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on March 11, 2010
I purchased this headset to use specifically with Rosetta Stone and it works perfectly. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time ,and they do a great job of blocking out the noise around you as well.

Although I have not used it with Skype or anything like that, I can definitely recommend it for Rosetta Stone.
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on April 25, 2008
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on March 8, 2010
I've been using dragon for about 8 years now. Dragon recognition is very touchy to microphone issues. In particular, microphone sensitivity, background noise, etc. I recently discovered that the accuracy of dragon is sometimes hindered by high quality noise cancellation (active noise cancellation). Despite increased signal to noise ratio, the overall signal decreases with active noise cancellation, resulting in significant errors. I've used phillips speech mic (~ $300), buddy desktop mic, other logitech headsets, sennheiser headset mics (~ $150-200). So far, none of these compares with this simple headset mic in terms of voice recognition accuracy. It's not the most comfortable, and it certainly doesn't isolate like circumaural headsets. but, it makes up for it in really working well with Dragon. For skype calls, it works moderately well. When using 'skype out' (skype to land lines) quality is 8/10. When using skype to skype, it's 10/10. I have a feeling this is more related to VoIP protocol, rather than the mic itself. But, when making skype to skype calls, I can hear the most subtle sounds (including swallowing, etc). It's sort of odd at first, hearing someone's voice so clearly, but you get used to it. I would recommend this product to anyone who uses Dragon or skype. It's a lot cheaper than higher end headsets. For those into gaming/ hi fidelity, this is NOT the microphone/headset for you.
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on May 27, 2012
Two days of extremely light use and the item just up and quit working. All of my computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) recognized that there was some unknown USB device plugged in, but could not utilize it. I have not had problems with Logitech devices before. This is probably an anomaly and other reviews should carry more weight. I am returning this, but at my wife's urgings for her needs for a wireless headset, am going to get a wireless Plantronics headset instead.
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