Customer Reviews: TomTom ONE 3rd Edition Special-Edition Bundle (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 15, 2007
I bought the TomTom One 3rd edition with the leather case and home charger for $162.00. It's my 4th GPS device; two are built-in units and one is a Garmin i5.

The TomTom is ok; I don't miss the larger screen because the screen quality is fine. It's very easy to set up and get going, and TomTom's website is nicely coordinated with the products and very easy to use, unlike Garmin's site that seems ancient and unfriendly.

However, there are a couple of issues that new GPS owners should be aware of. First, although the TomTom One 3rd edition is simple, it's almost too simple. It gives very few spoken instructions. "Right Turn Ahead" doesn't tell you much at all when it's given a couple of miles from a turn. The next warning is "Turn right in 800 yards."

800 yards?? When's the last time you measured anything in yards? My old Garmin i5 says "In 3 tenths of a mile, turn right." Much better -- car odometers are in tenths of a mile, not yards! But then the TomTom waits until the last 100 feet or so to tell you "Turn right." I found this warning to come too late on the 2-3 lane state roads in busy south Florida while on a trip.

There are no options to change the measurement from yards to tenths or feet, only meters. I can understand not having text to speech (although I'm sure every GPS will have it probably within a year, even the cheap ones), but how about some more instructions to help us get around?

I found that I have to look at the TomTom GPS much more than any other GPS I own, which is dangerous. It just doesn't give me enough verbal information. Although the map is clear (3D is a gimmick, use 2D instead) and it has a neat feature to zoom in as you approach an intersection, it doesn't give enough information on the upcoming roads. Mine seems to always display the road I'm on, both on the bottom of the screen and the top. It should display the street name of the next upcoming turn on top, but it doesn't.

All in all, it's an ok device, but as an experienced GPS owner, I can't recommend it for first-time GPS owners. My 3 year old Garmin i5 provides more information, although Garmin's upgrade policies, awful software that crashes every computer I try it on and their unfriendly website forced me away from the company.

My advice? Spend the extra money and get something with text to speech that provides more verbal info. You don't really need to look at a gimmicky map and instructions on a tiny screen -- you should be watching the road. Verbal instructions are way more important, but this fact is hardly emphasized in any GPS reviews. Take it from me...
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on November 28, 2007
In comparison to Harmon/Kardon GPS500, this TomTom blows H/K away. I thought I would be losing some coolness factor going down to a smaller screen but the display on this looks just as great and I get the same feel as the slightly larger screen units, happy to save the cash.

The HK in comparison would lead you with bad directions, in the same instance the TomTom also fails in locating some address (HK has more instances) BUT at least the TomTom does not attempt to misguide you. These newer editions, TomTom give you the ability to correct the database!

The unit is much faster in response to commands, and recalculates routes in a split second. The only gripe one can have is no AC charger, and no case. However if you are one of the lucky ones, get the special addition which includes those items in a package, I purchased that during black friday sale from Amazon for $159. You just can NOT be unhappy with a deal like that.

FYI in comparison to MSN maps, Google mags, they all have the same inconsistances for the same "trouble" addresses. I feel the TomTOM has an edge over coming these situations, i.e. use of cross streets.
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on December 23, 2007
I got this item for christmas gifts as I work for direct sales company and do many numerous "cooking parties" and needed to find a way to get to the hosts homes without getting lost. I have not had any previous experience with gps prior to my purchase but the first time I used it I fell in love with it. My first destination was to a business that was on a four way divided hwy and the tom tom told me I had to make a u-turn at the break in the island to get to where I needed to. Once at my destination others who also were there said that their gps does not do that and that it will let them pass and then tell them to basically go around the block to get to where they need to go. Just this week I went out of state and rented a car with a gps. They gave me the Garmin Nuvi and I would not purchase that at all. The darn thing ran us around in circles numerous times. I have read some reviews prior to my purchase and the biggest complaint I have read was that it does not give street names but instead will tell you your turns in distances which is something I prefer because street names change. I would definitely buy the tom tom one third edition again.
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on February 11, 2008
Tom Tom ONE 3rd Edition Special-Edition Bundle with Leather Carrrying Case and Home Charger Nice bundle and priced low enough. I found the TOMTOM 3rd edition to be a very basic GPS as compared to my old Street Pilot 2710. The biggest draw back was outdated maps and no way to save trips for later use. The use of yards instead of miles to next turn and not naming the streets to turn on was not a good feature. The package arrived by USPS and you cannot for the most part track a postal package. The web site for TOMTOM is rather confusing at times. You must consider price and for the price you got a fairly nice GPS.
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on December 26, 2007
My husband is a volunteer fireman and I got this for him to use on calls as he looses too much time looking it up in the mapbook he has. It has been great!! it quickly adjusts the route if you miss a turn. easy to put the address or just crossroads in, easy to update maps, easy to customize and get around the TOMTOM website. only a few small side street glitches noted and believe me its been put to the test for the last 30 days. he just loves it! especially when he beats the fire engine to the scene! GO TOM TOM!
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on July 17, 2008
I've had it for a day, with the price I paid, I am very pleased with the unit so far. I am yet to try it with a longer trip to see how well it does the job.

So far, on local roads, the device seems to suggest routes that are somewhat counter-intuitive. In one instance, it directs me to my school in the opposite direction. I had to make a left to enter the campus, while it directed me to turn right, and stop in the middle of a major local road. It seems that it does not locate the address well, it made the destination a little off. I typed the address on Google maps and Mapquest, both locate the address more accurately than this GPS. But it's strange, because, it seems that Mapquest shares the same map that TomTom has.

I ordered two of these, one for my friend, another one for myself. I compared the two. one seems to pick up the signal faster most of the time, and with more satellites captured. the other one seems to be much louder when turned to the loudest volume. They are the exact same units, i do not know why they would perform differently. weird. I guess every gps is different even for the same brand and model.

I am primarily using this device when I travel to new places I never been to, for familiar places, i'd prefer not to use it. More reviews later.
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on April 14, 2008
My TomTom is great!!! Plus, I received the bundle package for as much as some places were selling the unit only!!! Being a CS Nerd, I love the TomTom since you can actually program your own custom menus if you're not satisfied with TomTom's default menu structure. TomTom actually supports this and gives a list of menu options in their SDK documentation. Plus, if you are really a geek like me, you can figure out how to put your own car icon on the TT to match your car [this is supported in higher end models through TT software but you have to use a third party application to do it in this economical model]. Also, I have found my TT to be quite accurate, even when some internet maps are not. The only thing it is lacking is a good battery, but what can you expect from something so cute, tiny, and graphics-oriented --> just keep it plugged in while you are driving and you will be fine. The third edition bundle package comes with a leather case with strap, car charger, interchangeable wall charger, and a windshield/dash suction cup mount. The suction cup works pretty well, though I did have the TT fall off one time because I didnt press it on good enough and I went over a large, unexpected bump --> I went through TT support for a repair [the internal lcd screen cracked] and received a new unit within a week or 2.
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on March 26, 2008
We just got our TomTom before a trip. It is inexpensive but does the job. Screen was easy to see in all driving conditions we encountered - bright sun, rain, snow, nighttime. I am easily distracted by dash lights in nighttime driving but the colors on the nighttime default were easy enough to see but not too distracting. Speed is displayed so we were able to see our car speedometer reads 4mph low... adjustments in driving were immediately made! Would have been better to not have heard 'Keep left, stay in the left lane' every time we went by an exit in Denver but guess it could save a person from getting caught on an exit only lane. It was quick to recalculate our route when we took an earlier exit in Colorado Springs than it had planned. The only time we encountered a glitch was for some odd reason once it directed us to take an exit & then shot us right back onto the highway. The other small disappointment was rest areas were not displayed along I-70. We added a few but it does take several steps & something that should probably be done by passengers rather than the driver.
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on December 28, 2007
Love the product but went to update and found I couldn't do a backup nor could it update maps. Called TomTom Service, gentleman was very polite but all methods would not work (including clearing the flash memory). He put me on hold and found out from others that TomTom One 3rd Edition cannot be updated from a Mac, could not make backup, could not use MapShare function. Recommended using a Windows XP computer with TomTomHome version 2 installed or if that was not an option to return the item. Used a Windows XP computer and had to reload all software. TomTom does not let Macintosh users know that there are few functions that can be done from their machine. Service Rep did not know when an update to TomTomHome would be available for Mac users. Once all software was reloaded using a XP computer, it appears to work very well.
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on March 23, 2008
This is the third GPS I've owned and I'm happy with it's performance. It locks on very quickly and has a very readable display with good voice quality. It has a massive POI file. It's freeway exit instructions are detailed to instructing early to change lanes, eases you onto the exit ramp at the correct point, and then finishes with the correct exit turn. It didn't always do well finding street addresses, for example telling me I had 80 yards to go when reaching my destination. I was disappointed it didn't give altitudes because it reads enough satellites to be able to do so. Its manual is nearly useless and the tiny white on green print is unreadable. But its on screen menus are easy to follow and understand, so no great loss.
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