Customer Reviews: Whirlpool GH7208XRS Gold 2.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave
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on May 5, 2009
It's OK, does the job well . . .for a couple of years. Just made it past warranty and the infamous F7 HV SMPS Feedback error occurred. This problem with Whirlpool ovens is all over the web. I dread the cost of the repair. I'd avoid it. I've had great luck with Sharp microwaves in the past, and I regretfully got stuck with this dog with a new condo purchase. I'll probably switch back to Sharp. Addendum: had it repaired. The magnetron and 2 circuit boards had to be replaced. The magnetron has no moving parts- a solid state item that should last decades. If whirlpool can't get this right on a high end product, what can one say about anything they make? Again- not only this, but it seems one should avoid all whirlpool products. However, when I contacted whirlpool with my concerns, they did provide the parts (not labor) even though it was just out of warranty (ONE YEAR? For a high end product like this?). Then a year later, it was totally dead. WHIRLPOOL STINKS!!
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on February 23, 2010
This microwave has more features than ANY other on the market...and aesthetically it is a work of art! When it works, it is fabulous, unfortunately that just isn't often enough. We had this microwave for @ 3½ years and if we were lucky, we got 2½ years of use our of it. Sadly, the sophistication of this appliance seems to be its Achilles heel. There are so many feature to break and they do!

I could accept the fact that our unit was a lemon, however this was the second unit I purchased...the first died in two days and it was decided that the retailer would just take it back. Also, a good friend of ours purchased the same model and has had numerous issues of their own...with their door components (LCD panel, etc) replaced multiple times.

We love the microwave, but just can't handle the constant breakdowns and huge delays in repair...typically down for a month due to delays in service calls, all parts having to be ordered, then waiting for tech to come back...and in many cases, waiting for them to order more parts. When the unit is down, not only don't you have a microwave, you don't have an exhaust fan, so there's an impact to all of your cooking!

Below is a recap (of the items I could remember) of our Whirlpool "adventure":

Microwave Purchased - 9/7/07
Warranty Issues:
6/23/08 - Glass turntable shattered when sizzle pan was heating, LCD display issues
7/1/08 -- Service Call - Parts ordered
7/17/08 - Replaced several parts, issue not resolved - Parts ordered
8/11/08 - Replaced several parts, issue not resolved - Parts ordered
8/18/08 - Replaced several parts, issue not resolved - Parts ordered
9/4/08 - Replaced 17 parts - Issue resolved

Extended (3rd party) Warranty:
1/29/2009 - No display on LCD, unit non-functional
2/?/2009 - Replaced Control board, connector
12/14/2009 - Magnetron not heating/cooling fan not running. Tech was onsite for approx 5 min, did little/no testing and decided to order AC Filter board (along with previously broken plastic components from earlier repairs)
12/24/2009 - Tech determined incorrect part (AC filter board) ordered, so placed order for 19 additional parts and left with no further action.
1/7/2010 - Replaced 19 parts - didn't fix original issue (Magnetron not heating/cooling fan not running) and caused a new issue - exhaust fan not functioning - this was a 6 hour service call. Six additional parts ordered - microwave left in pieces and not re-installed on wall.
1/14/10 - Tech replaced 6 additional parts (3 hr call), (LCD control board, upper front plastic frame, magnetron cooling fan, wiring harnesses). Issue with exhaust fan was determined to be bad new relay control board (replaced on last call). Tech installed original board (which had a visible "burn mark" on it and unit worked. Tech order new relay control board.
- Unit worked when tech's left, however by the end of the day, the display was flashing and non-functional.
1/20/10 - Control board arrived and installed and the exhaust fan did not work, and issue with the LCD was not resolved. Re-installed "original" relay control board and exhaust fan worked, LCD issue still occuring.
1/21/10 - Tech attempted to address issues and after having signifigant problems, escalated to advance support. It ws determined that the unit was not repairable.
2/5/10 - 3rd party warranty company issued a check for the full purchase price of the unit.
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on December 18, 2009
We bought this, from Amazon, in July. No issues. Installed it and it worked great--for less than 4 months. The microwave stopped working 3 days before Thanksgiving. Called factory service, 2 weeks. The appointment is scheduled for 8-12. They show up at 11:55. They stay until 2:00--yup it's broke, but we need parts and 2 people. 2 more weeks, parts are shipped to our house and service calls to confirm they are here. (Factory service that doesn't have parts--interesting way to do business!) They show up at 11:58--seriously. Two hours (and another vacation day burned) and the replacement parts are defective. (Warm fuzzy--not!) Two more weeks--and they canceled their appointment. Seems it takes two people to install it and the wonderful factory service only scheduled one.

So the top of the line microwave with convection oven will spend Christmas in the garage. My newly remodeled kitchen a gaping hole with metal mounting plate for all my guests to admire.

I have e-mailed Whirlpool--will update if and when we get this very frustrating and disappointing mess resolved.

Thinking of buying this brand/item--save yourself--don't!

Update 12-28-09:
Well they canceled their appointment to fix it again. They now have us waiting another 2 weeks before they can get someone to try and fix it. Whirlpool customer service contacted us and said the only option we have is to get it fixed, they will not replace their defective equipment. So it is still sitting in my garage waiting for someone to show up.

The great news is Santa did bring me a microwave to sit on my counter just in case my hopes that the repairmen soon will be here wouldn't happen. It is a Sharp. Bare bones model but it works! Santa is a wise man!

Oh--and where will my Whirlpool microwave be spending New Year's? The garage.

February 28--after 5 more appointments--2 of which they failed to show Whirlpool agreed to replace the microwave. We have the new one 3 days. I do enjoy this microwave, I have my fingers crossed it will be reliable.

If you have problems, keep good records, stay with factory authorized service and be persistent.
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on May 9, 2008
After considerable research online, we chose this model of convection/microwave vent hood for our kitchen remodel.
Let me reiterate.
Being a 'car guy' automove similies seem to fit here, so I'll just say that this oven is like a balanced, blueprinted race motor in your kitchen. Sleek, powerful, responsive. We researched several vendors, and believe me, reviews and feedback are VERY important;and when ordered, the unit was delivered within 4 days. Packaging was secure and unit arrived without incident. Documentation was excellent, installation was straightforward and took less time than expected. Performance has been flawless, just as advertised. The controls are well thought out and logically placed. We really appreciate the multiple levels of lighting and fan speeds, and the accessories packaged with the unit all work well. Large interior volume makes for LOTS of options, touch screen menus are simple to navigate. The styling is both contemporary
and reminiscent of streamline moderne esthetics. The unit is quite heavy and will require at least two strong people to install, and the price is rather hefty, also. We feel, however,that we have gotten great value with this unit.
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on October 20, 2011
I've owned this unit (model gh7208xrs)since May of 2007. I have to have it repaired every 6 months or so. Called Whirlpool and they don't care. Diamond Factory Repair service, who is authorized to repair these units by Whirlpool said it it a flaw in the design. What happens is that the unit will just start to beeb and not turn on. It continues to beep every 30 seconds or so. You need to keep opening and closing the door until it eventually will start. Very disappointed in this unit. Will never purchase a Whirlpool product again!
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on April 15, 2010
I bought this microwave a few years back. Broke a year ago, waited a year to get it fix. This morning technician replaced inverter, worked......than he noticed it was on and off heating. Didn't warm up a cup of water. Told me the magnetron would need to be replaced. All about $500. STAY AWAY! Can't believe I spent $1,000 on this and 3 years later it's near the curb.......damn.....what an idiot I am....thanks Whirlpool...
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on December 23, 2009
In April 2007, I had done days worth of research, matching the Whirlpool Velos and the GE Advantium. It was a difficult choice, but after one of our appliance stores had the Velos in the "scratch 'n' dent", we picked it up for around $650. This, admittedly, is still high, since a regular (one oven, no warming drawer) Whirlpool Gold stove sells for about $850.

First, I'd just like to say that we love our Velos. It is incredibly versatile and does just so absolutely much. In fact, except for some holidays (and even then), I just use the Velos, especially since the convection oven does so absolutely wonderful, especially for meats. And, yes, you CAN put a turkey in this oven, it's that big!

It makes great cookies, even in the sizzle pan mode (purely microwave with some grill action thrown in toward the end). Since it has a big interior, I can even make a huge pan of lasagna (although then I have to turn the carousel off) and choose to bake it or microwave it or a combination of both. The sizzle pan function is also very good - bacon is as good as frying it and eggs turn out good even when using little or no oil! The steam basket is also good, yet does tend to overcook frozen veggies. (And it works amazingly well with heating frozen tamales to perfection.) As I mentioned before, most times, I could have just bought a cooktop for all that I use the regular oven.

So why only three stars? We've had quite a bit of difficulty with it, although some very minor. Our first problem came when the oven would take about an hour to heat up to 375 or 400. Sometimes, even if I was actually paying attention to it, it would take about an hour to heat up, never to make the temperature, and then turn itself off! After numerous service calls, that problem was fixed, even though it seemed to take a really long time to heat and still never seemed to make it to 400. (Note: However, because the Velos is on a 120 volt, it can never heat up as fast as the regular oven which is on a 240 volt. I wish I would have known that!) I can't remember what the other problem was, but they never could get the parts order right and, after three tries, installed a brand new Velos (manufactured July 2008). We've had that for about 5 months and, cross the fingers, haven't any problems whatsoever with it.

My other problem is that, although the new Velos came with a cookbook, there isn't a user group - and there seems to be no effort by Whirlpool to address the portion of its consumer audience who really can cook but don't have the time to figure out the best ways to make this baby go through its tricks. Then a great combo oven like this could easily become a superstar!
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on January 2, 2010
I have an earlier model of this, and I have to say that except for the occasional, scary crackling noise when microwaving (which I rarely do), it works quite well. I use the grill feature A LOT and it hasn't disappointed me once.

On the other hand, the exterior, which is incredibly cheap plastic, has been a joke. Imagine my surprise when cleaning the stainless "steel" and discovering that there was white plastic underneath! In addition, the handle is plastic, and I've had to replace it twice. The unit - part of an extensive kitchen remodel - is just a little over four years old. The last time the handle broke, I used Gorilla Glue to put it back on because this thing is going to be replaced as soon as I can find something similar to replace it. The handle is $60.

Part of the problem is that it's located over my KitchenAid Architect series range, which has a very hot burner. I love the stove, but I can't for the life of me figure out why Whirlpool would put so much exterior plastic on an item that is designed to live over a hot stove, especially at such a premium price.

Just like a couple of other reviewers, trying to get anything out of Whirlpool is like trying to pull teeth. They don't care, are in denial, and have absolutely sucky customer support. I'm going to make sure that I do everything I can to avoid having any dealings with them again ... I guess that means another appliance company will be receiving my money when I replace this turkey.
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on January 28, 2012
0 Stars because they would not replace it. It caught on fire after one year! It melted the glass turntable!!! Unsafe and they want to replace it with another one just like it!!! NO THANKS!!! Don't buy WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS. Same stuff with refrigerators. When they said this was the hottest microwave on the market they realllllllyyyy meant it!
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on December 29, 2011
We owned this unit over 3 years. The electronics went bad after a year. It took 6 tries to get it working. As reported elsewhere in these reviews, the machine would turn on all by itself. Scary and dangerous. Whirlpool would not replace the unit. I wonder why these units weren't recalled.
The plastic parts (not a stainless steel unit) distorted and cracked in several places. Those parts were replaced (under a separate warranty contract) 3 times! The unit again has cracks and no warranty. Last week, the bottom part of the door handle pulled out of the unit; it's held in by a small rubber flange that is sandwiched between the outer glass and an inner flat plastic piece. Websites tell me that the glass must be disassembled to get a new handle inserted! Gad! It's outta here.

And the real shame is that the cooking functions are excellent. But the next one will not be a Whirlpool, nor any other of Whirlpool brands. (Whirlpool makes/owns Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Admiral, Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, and Maytag.)
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