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VINE VOICEon February 2, 2009
Are you afraid to fly? You will be after taking a ride on NWA. Because you may die of non-stop laughter.

"Soul Plane" has stereotypical, obnoxious characters; raunchy, offensive humor; and an outlandish, unrealistic plot - everything that a comedy should have. If you loved the disaster spoofs of the seventies and eighties such a "Airplane" and "Big Bus," then you will love this African-American version of the disaster epic "Airport."

"Soul Plane" has a racially diverse cast of very talented actors and rappers. Among my favorites are Snoop Dogg, MoNique, and Tom Arnold. Kevin Hart ("The Fifth Element") is Nashawn who is awarded 100 million in a lawsuit. (He got his buttocks stuck on a toilet seat while his plane was lifting off and saw his beloved dog get sucked into an engine.) He buys his own airline, NWA, which caters to African Americans. The plane is painted purple, its wheels have large silver chromed hub caps, and it bounces up and down on the runway. A disco and strip bar are on board. Also, the passengers are segregated into either a plush high class or a subway-like, no thrills low class. However, everyone is having fun until the pilot (Snoop Dogg) overdoses on drugs and dies.

I laughed from beginning to end. I laughed until my ribs hurt. Despite the laughter, my heart was warmed by the romantic story that unfolded in the background when Nashawn has a chance encounter with his ex-girlfriend Giselle. He realizes that love is more important than money.

However, for a few dollars, you can buy "Soul Plane" and have a few hours of non-stop laughter. This film is highly recommended for those who love hilarious spoofs, especially spoofs of disaster movies. "Soul Plane" is guaranteed to lift your spirits until you are soaring through the sky, leaving your problems on the ground.
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on January 18, 2012
For me, this is the MOST FUNNIEST movie EVER. You can tell me that I have a low taste of comedy. I don't care. Of course, I do not expect this movie win an oscar. But I have never liked any winning oscar movie anyway. Do not judge... Do not over-analyze... Do not try to follow your logic. Just watch, enjoy and laugh!
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on February 21, 2015
Ok... so some of the acting is not that great. And the story is a bit far-fetched. BUT DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU! This movie is a TRIP. Every few minutes there's a laugh-out-loud scene! And it has some really great stars. Even Sophia Vergara has a little part, before her Modern Family days.
This movie is FUN.
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on May 12, 2014
Wow. Okay, years after this came out I managed to not see it. I dodged this movie on purpose because I knew it was horrible. A few months ago I got duped into watching it because I was bored and nothing else was on TV. So I turned through and saw it on Encore and was like, "How bad can it be?" It's THAT bad and then some. I've seen some horrible, stereotypical black comedies but this one took the cake. Don't get me wrong. I'm no prude and I know these movies are supposed to be offensive in a funny way, but my problem with Soul Plane is that it wasn't even funny! You'd think with comedians like Kevin Hart, D.L. Hughley, Sommore, Mo' Nique, Lonie Love, and John Witherspoon the movie would at least be funny! Open heart surgery would be funnier than this movie.

I love comedies and I am the type where it if it's funny I don't care if it's offensive. But this was just pathetic and what's really bad is I think I heard they are making a part 2!!!!

For those who haven't seen this one yet, stick to your guns and avoid it as much as possible. I wish I'd listened to that voice in my head that told me not to watch this movie all these years! That's two hours of my life I'll never get back!
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on November 19, 2015
Great, funny movie but beware; it's CENSORED. Yep, really. Kind of unbelievable especially without any kind of notice or warning before you rent or buy it. If you haven't seen it before will it ruin your experience? Probably not. But, for those of us who have seen it and/or prefer our media uncensored, not so great. In fact, it sucks and pisses us off every time we watch it. We also found it - censorship - on Charlie's Angels (Full Throttle Video) in a scene with Drew Barrymore.
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on August 17, 2004
Soul Plane does not make any sense. It's an Airplane wannabe with a ghetto twist and half the laughs. It's stirred controversy in the black community by being called 'racist' and an insult to black people. But it's still a pretty fun ride, and not very racist at all. While the humor is crass and edgy, I think it was all played for laughs and not meant to be taken seriously. And while the film was stupid and idiotic, it managed to entertain. It's 90 minutes of silly entertainment, not to be given much thought to. Rather, it's a chance to suspend disbelief, relax, and escape into the zaniness. People are taking this film a little too seriously. It's not meant for that, it's meant to be a light, fluffy, and zany comedy with some crude homor thrown in. For that, it succeeds. I won't remember this film tomorrow, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.
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on January 30, 2015
This movie starts out strong. But then the dialogue gets a bit lazy (until the suspenseful climax of the film). It is almost like the film makers just became bored with it. I believe it could have and should have been better. However it is not a bad movie. Kevin Hart is definately funny. He is the only individual that keeps it interesting (other than the fine stewardesses!). Typical of this genre is the cameo appearances. Which is something that might keep you interested, depending on your personal entertainment preferences Also I enjoyed the roles of rapper's Snoop Dogg and Method Man. If you are a fan of these guys, you will want to check this movie out. Just mentioning those hip hop icons should tell you that there is plenty of "D-'N-A" in the movie. The pilot of the soul plane is played by Snoop Dogg. And right before they take off on their first flight, captain Snoop Doggy Dogg hits them hydraulic switches and almost causes an earthquake. I got to tell you though, I would be scared at an altitude of thirty thousand feet, if I knew that Snoop was the captain of the cockpit. Especially when he started eating mushrooms. WHAT! Scary thought, huh? I was actually disappointed that Method Man didn't get much screen time. He was the bomb-diggy in "How High". However "Meth" DID impress me with the little bit of screen time he had. Tom Arnold actually played an impressive role too. In the movie, his son transforms into Malibu's most wanted. Sounds hilarious? That's because it is. While a great majority of the movie IS funny, it just felt like it was missing something. It doesn't have much replay value to it, but it is definitely worth checking out at least once.
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on April 19, 2015
Worst "blackslpoitation" movie ever. Every black stereotype imaginable, mixed with a stupid plot line, and terrible acting. Oh and a few laughs. All in all an incredible waste of time and money. The black community should be outraged yet again.
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on November 22, 2014
Let me start this review by saying that if you're going into this movie and you're taking it seriously, you probably won't enjoy it. With that said, I usually can't stand Kevin Hart as a comedian but in this movie he does well by playing the straight guy who balances out everyone elses over the top antics. He starts an all Black airline and Tom Arnold and his family play the token white people on the plane. There really isn't a plot to this movie. It's really the character's that shine like Snoop, Meth, Terry Crews, John Witherspoon, D.L. Hughley, actually pretty much all the supporting characters have something to add to the movie. There are alot of funny moments but the weak storyline is what keeps this movie from really elevating to anything but a really good B-movie that will probably end up a cult classic. It's a movie that all races can enjoy even though it's centered around black people but that's what makes the movie good. It embraces it's roots and isn't afraid to stick to it's guns and that's why it's enjoyable. If you like hip hop culture, you'll probably enjoy this movie. If you like goofy movies like Scary Movie or Naked Gun, same type of thing. I would recommend watching this movie or buying it at a cheap price but I don't think it's worth the standard $16. I think with what the actors had to work with, they did a pretty good job. C+
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on August 1, 2013
It is exactly as advertised.
It is a silly story taken to extremes.
The production value was not great, probably produced on a shoe string.
Still, it ranks up there with a National Lampoon Vacation movie and the like.
You will either laugh all the way through or quit ten minutes in.
If you shy away from raunchy humor or racial stereotypes of any sort, this is likely not for you.
If you enjoy total absurdity, you will likely be laughing through the whole thing.
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