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on October 27, 2009
I bought the Bose around-ear headphones for traveling and light home use and they did sound great but I wasn't happy with spending well over a $100 for a pair of headphones. Searched around, found the JVC HA-S700 and tried these out. I compared these side by side with the Bose and to my ears, they sounded nearly identical while priced far below their true worth at a little over $30. They share similar design characteristics as they are both around the ear style head phones. The foams surround on the ears are very soft and comfortable and they doing a great job of blocking out most of the ambient noise around you. Listening to Live music is very enjoyable as they reproduce the various audio subtleties that make up live recordings. Bass response is solid and distortion free while mids and high frequencies ring out crystal clear.

In the end, I returned the Bose and kept the JVC and I couldn't be happier. Excellent product at a very competitive price.
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on December 7, 2010
I decided on these from Amazon in May 2009 after trying on a pair of Bose Triports at a store and after reading numerous reviews that these appear to be in the same ballpark as the Bose (style) at a tenth of the price. Sounded good to me. Nice build and finish on all details--have had no scuffing or breakage on the physical top of the cans and they fold up well. I enjoyed them for a year for computer use and movies, but unfortunately started having problems with the wires where they split off into the Y junction (possibly like another reviewer). Eventually lost one side of the sound--tried to resplice but unsuccessful as the wires are painfully thin--very disappointed. My usage was shared at home between my 12 year old son and myself in multiple venues and in transit only minimally. I would say, if usage is in a controlled environment (pick em up--use them--put them back down), these are a great pair of phones and a great deal and should last. If traveling, and flexing the cords alot, I would keep looking further.
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on April 14, 2012
Ownership Period: Four months.
Consumer Type: Audiophile, Rivethead & Student.
Primary Use: Commuter Bus.
Hardware: Yamaha MC-1N2 (Epic 4G Touch, Smartphone)

* Leather cups fit around the ears comfortably, even with large ears.
* No sound leak.
* Cord is the perfect length.
* Extension cord (approx 30") included for free.
* Collapses easily, and then folds inward, for a very compact form.
* Easily mistaken at a distance for a Bose counterpart.

* Cord feels fragile.
* Drivers require power to move, which many portable devices barely provide ("normal volume at 100%").
* Generally average to poor sound quality.

* Lows/Bass (0-31 Hz) is severely underwhelming, even with adjusted EQ settings. Distortion and crackle at high volume levels.
* Mids/Voice (125-2000 Hz) perform relatively well for this class/price. Classical music sounds great at normal volumes.
* Highs/Snare (2000-18000 Hz) excel, overpowering the mids and lows. You'll need to actually turn them down in EQ.

Despite many people claiming how these headphones made a "world of difference", I personally feel that it is the brand-name rivalry that is driving those subjective comments. They DO look like a pair of Bose headphones, and perhaps that is enough to psychologically say that they "sound the same", which is "good enough".

The comfort of the pair however tears me between the sound quality of the superior Sennheiser HD 202s, which I bought to replace, which were on-ear, and these. For travelling comfort, the HAS700 are hard to beat, because your ears don't hurt after hours of use.
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on November 29, 2011
These are fantastic headphones and a great value--far superior cost/reward value versus Beats by Dre Solo HD and Bose Triports (have tested both).

-highs are sharp, bright, wonderful
-mids are clear and defined, they certainly do not take the back seat
-lows are productive. not overly powerful, but I think just enough to complement songs (even rap)
-good sound isolation. not magic, but when something is playing I hear nothing else. plain and simple.

-highs can be a bit too sharp, but hardly takes away from enjoyment
-lows are not super booming
-can have a slight, sometimes noticeable echo sound

-these are AROUND the ear headphones: I have rather large ears and these fit completely over (unlike Bose Triports, which rest on top)
-Beats by Dre have more powerful lows, but compromise elsewhere. JVC wins on overall balance. (personal opinion)
-Burn-in effect is obvious. I thought they were magnificent brand new, but after week or so they really began to shine.

Price per performance, these are the best headphones I have ever purchased.

I would recommend them to anyone.
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on July 25, 2012
These very comfortable headphones sound quite nice. I used them in an office environment for about three months. I read other reviews which suggested that the cord was fragile, so I was careful with it. Despite its pampered life alternating between my head and a little hook at the top of my cubicle wall, my cord developed a short or gap inside.
One minor nuisance is that these have very low impedance, which makes them much louder than other headphones. My PC sound output was often within two or three "notches" of the minimum, which made minor volume adjustments impossible. (If you're set on these, consider an inline volume control such as Sennheiser HZR-62. You can use it with other headphones, forever, and it will not have the left-right imbalance at low volumes that a cheaper one-dial volume control would have.)

While these headphones lasted, they were nearly perfect; they do shield against outside sounds, but not enough to prevent you from hearing things if you stop the music. They are not so big as to invite comment, and they're not fatiguing nor do they fall off of the head.
But the cable doesn't last for very long, even with very careful use. I'm going to try another JVC next, the HARX700 Precision, which should be a lot sturdier, and still comfortable.
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on March 16, 2009
I was looking for some over-ear headphones for long wear comfort and mild to moderate outside noise blocking. These are extremely comfortable, and do a great job blocking outside noise (not perfect, but dramatically reduce external noises). I am mostly pleased with the look - they remind me of Bose and are not too bulky!
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on January 4, 2012
As of this review I've owned and used this product for close to 5 months. I'm a student and find the portability of these headphones to be terrific. Fold them up, throw 'em in my crowded bag and I'm good to go! I tend to pack my backpack pretty tight and I've been impressed with how these headphones have held up. Obviously one will need to use some common sense: piling your textbooks on top of these would be a rather dumb idea but if you put them on top of the heavier stuff they should be able to put up with being jostled and squeezed in transit. I think the flexibility of the joints really helps in keeping these things from breaking.

I'm not a big music listener, so my review may not be much help in that area. However, I can say that when re-watching videos and/or listening to nature sounds (helps me focus) I've noticed things which I hadn't heard previously when using cheaper headphones and/or speakers. I'm no audiophile but I've been very impressed with the sound quality thus far.

There's no noise cancellation on these bad boys but I find them to be quiet enough. If you're in a small room with a few chatty people, having these on your ears without anything playing will dampen their words quite a bit. Play something and you'll have a hard time hearing much of what they're saying. I wish I'd brought these with me on my recent flight to see if they do anything against engine noise but alas, they were left at home.

Lastly the cords seem to have held up very well, again even in a crowded bag. I haven't noticed any major problems with the areas where the cord enters the headphone or device becoming damaged.
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on July 8, 2011
[Also see pissy comment exchange following review.]

The range of opinion relating to how audio equipment sounds is astonishing. I read these reviews like everyone else. Sometimes I'll purchase the item and think "Man! What's up with these other reviewers?" Like now. I bought this item. It was relatively inexpensive, and seemingly well-reviewed. I can only suggest most people, apparently, have *NO* informed basis for their opinions. Don't get me wrong; everyone's entitled to an opinion, and those people aren't "wrong." I do suspect they don't have anything "actually good" to compare to. When I first fired these babies up, I immediately thought "Wow... These are *really* not good. Not much bass, and what's there is pretty muddy." I wrote it off on bad on-board sound. However, I just plugged them into my snooty new 24-bit DAC/headphone pre-amp. Then I compared them to my electro/dynamic AKG K145s, and industry-standard Sony MDR-7506. In short: anyone who thinks these phones sound good needs a serious ear-flushing. They're entitled to feel otherwise. However, I'm entitled to feel they need an ear-flushing. Maybe you should just disregard everyone's opinion on the matter of good sound (including mine) and audition a few pair for yourself.

So you know my taste, I feel these:
...are nicely-balanced but very bass-weak. I also have $600 Shures that sound comparable. ("Triple drivers?" In-ear "subwoofer"? Give me a break!) The MDR-7506 sound great. Want to know a secret? For $18, the Sennheiser CX200s also sound great. Do they sound as good as the MDR-7506? Of course not. But they're still much, much better than these lousy HAS700s, and ten bucks less to boot!
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on May 11, 2011
I am quite a bit of an audiophile, I already own a Shure SE 115K noise isolating earphones for almost a year. I was never a fan of "HEADPHONES" I first purchased the JVC RX 300 for mere $13 from Amazon,its for everyday use for watching youtube vidoes. I was pretty convinced about the kind of headphones JVC makes and went in for HA S700. Its actually worth more then what you pay for.

Build quality:
Sturdy, its not made from cheap plastic or no complaints of poor finish.

Fits a little tightly over my normal sized head, might cause a slight discomfort for people with large heads. The head band is made of metal and this could be the reason for its high elasticity. May be after repeated use it could loosen a little. It fits completely over the ears causing "NO" discomfort for the ears. My ears never gets to bend inside the earpieces, so its very comfortable in this respect.

Comes with an extension cord

Sound quality:
Bass: A little on the heavy side.
Highs and lows: crisp and clear.
Balance of bass,highs and lows: At high volume it seems all components get louder, the near to perfect balance could be achieved only in high end headsets (I could notice this difference since I have a Shure)

However, at low or medium volumes, the quality of sound is excellent (bass is not very overpowering in low-medium volume range), I can compare it close to Shure SE 115K (I do not know about BOSE tri-port since many have compared this with Bose)


Design flaws: The model says its foldable but its not easy for the earpieces to fold into the arch of the headband, this is due to the space constraint inside the arch. You can get to somehow fit both the earpieces somehow.

Sound quality flaws: At high volume, bass overpowers. The highs and lows too are quite loud (again you cannot get this balance in a $30 headphone/earphone)

If you are willing to listen in medium range volume, well this is worth more than $30. An excellent product to own. I can blindly give it 5 stars but since I am a bit of an audiophile, I have given it 4 starts from a very critical standpoint. If your budget is for less than $50, this is a blind buy.
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on June 23, 2008
I just bought these headphone for a trip to China. I wanted something lightweight that sounded great and the JVC hits on both items.
They fold flat to make storage easy and come with a pouch.
They compare very well to Bose Tri-port at half the price.
Don't buy in to Bose hype !!
Buy the JVC !
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