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VINE VOICEon May 2, 2008
Amy, Amy, Amy.....(to quote a song from this album)
FRANK, the debut by the wildly talented Amy Winehouse, released five years ago, is a fusion of 1940s and 1950s jazz/blues and contemporary soul. These songs were released when Ms. Winehouse was nineteen and filled with worldly insight. Yes, most of it's pretty bitter and uncensored accounts of her bad experiences with men, the infamous subjects of her song "F-Me Pumps," who are aging golddiggers, and frank observances about substance abuse and sex.

The band is tight and seamless here. The combination of a soaring horn section, soulful percussion and Amy's sultry vocals make the album as technically brilliant as it is entertaining. I found myself giggling, because her lyrics are just so honest and real! Amy doesn't pull any punches. I particularly love "Amy, Amy, Amy" which is a grand nod to the great jazz and soul bands of the 1930s and 1940s. Damn, that horn is seductive. Also, she penned all of the tunes on this album herself, with the exception of her beautiful, reggae-inspired cover of "Moody's In the Mood For Love." You really can't compare her to anyone! One of a kind.......Brilliant, wonderful and bitingly intelligent..........
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on July 6, 2007
I stumbled upon Amy Winehouse through a music profile on a friend's myspace page. The song was "Back To Black" from the same-titled recent release.

I was completely blown away by the sound. Her voice is like silk over the tripped up beats and rehash of the 1960's.

I looked deeper into her book of work and picked up "Frank". While "Back to Black" is a flawless piece of work... "Frank" is simply perfection. It's much simplier but in it's simplicity lies it's beauty. She allows the beats to remain scarce so that her voice is the anchor to each song.

This album is definitely worth hunting for.
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on July 4, 2007
If you think Back to Black is brilliant, wait until you hear Frank! Soul and Jazz stylings meet together here and the end result is magnificent.
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on June 18, 2008
The FRANK DELUXE EDITION two-cd set from Amy Winehouse is a treasure. Jazzier than Back to Black, FRANK is a call back to another place and time. Winehouse is pure talent and it's a shame that her personal life is so out of control that it might bring the end to such a force of nature.

The first cd in FRANK must be the original cd and begins with an intro of Winehouse scatting. It goes on with songs that have a funky jazz & soul beat and Winehouse sounds like a cross between Billie Holliday and Shirley Bassey, with a little Barbra Streisand thrown in for good measure. I love her remake of "Moody's Mood For Love." There are also a couple of hidden tracks that start after the "Outro."

But the real treat is the second cd. This bonus disc has Winehouse covering classics like "Someone To Watch Over Me," "Teach Me Tonight," and "'Round Midnight" and she makes them all her own. Also included on cd 2 are live versions of the songs "Stronger Than Me," "I Heard Love Is Blind," "Take The Box," and "In My Bed" and other mixes of songs from cd 1.

Also included is a small booklet with liner notes by Paul Flynn and the lyrics to the songs on cd 1.

Hopefully Ms. Winehouse will get her self together. But even if she doesn't, FRANK DELUXE ED. is an enjoyable cd set.
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on June 4, 2008
You have to acknowledge the TALENT that Amy Winehouse has....This is an excellent album with an entire disc of unreleased material. She has a very unique , throwback style that is completely modern , yet pays homage to the female artists that came before her. Although I don't agree with her much publicized antics , she is one VERY talented artist...I just hopes she stays around for many future releases
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on April 9, 2008
I was introduced to Amy Winehouse when I finally purchased Back to Black months after the CD had been released. After hearing "You Know I'm No Good" and "Rehab", I still didn't know what to expect from the entire CD, so I decided to wait until a friend of mine finally convinced me to buy it. The CD had an old school feel to it and my favorite tracks ended up being "Back To Black", "Tears Dry On Their Own", "Me & Mrs. Jones", "Love Is A Losing Game" and "Rehab". I was seacrhing for music one day on amazon and I found out that she was
re-relasing a CD that she had previously released overseas in 2003 entitled "Frank".

The CD gets off to a nice start with the track "Stronger Than Me". Amy speaks about a courtship where while she is 7 years younger, she seems to be the wiser of the 2 and she wants a man that is being just that, a man. She doesn't feel that she should be the one telling him or advising him to be a man. She expects him to already know those requirements. It also seems that he wants a relationship and she just wants him to satisfy her in the bedroom only. Things get even better with "You Sent Me Flying". The track starts off as a piano led slow jam and midway through the track it becomes an uptempo track. Amy talks about being caught off guard by the man that she was involved with kicking her to the curb. This track sounds different than anything Amy did on "Back To Black". There is no old school 60s or 70s track in the background. The beat will remind you of a more up to date r&b track. "Know You Now" has Amy wanting to get to know the man that she has just met. Sometimes in relationships people want to take things slow and get to know the person. In this instance, it seems as if Amy is on the fast track. "F____ Me Pumps" is a funny but true tale about a particular type of woman. This woman wants to achieve a certain type of status by dating and being seen with famous celebrities and/or athletes. She also has no concept of commitment because they are so eager to live the fast life while they still have their physical attributes to get them what they want. "I Heard Love Is Blind", "Moody's Mood For Love" and "There Is No Greater Love" are all ballads that you heard and have come to love from Amy. These tracks sound as if they were the blueprint to the ballads that are found on "Back To Black". "I Heard Love Is Blind" is hialrious in some aspects because she is trying to find excuses for why she cheated on the man that she was with by saying since she was left alone for a particular time she had to "be" with someone. She says that while she was with the other man, she wasn't cheating because she was thinking of her #1 man. If you say so, My favorite track ends up being "In My Bed". Amy uses the beat from Nas' "Made U Look" from his
God's Son CD. Amy uses the track to create her own anthem about not wanting to catch any serious feelings for any particular man. She still wants the benefits of "relations" but she doesn't want to be tied down to any 1 man. The combination of the Nas track and Amy's lyrics and voice blend well together on this song. "Take The Box" has Amy frustrated because while she doesn't have to lay her eyes on a man that she broke up with, she doesn't want to be reminded of anything that has to do with him. She is coming to collect her belongings and in my opinion she is mad because she had to come by his place & doesn't want to deal with the situation anymore after today. "October Song" is an upbeat, midtempo track that is clearly different than anything that I have heard from her. I am not use to any positive vibes coming from any Amy Winehouse track. "What Is It About Men" has Amy questioning her ways when dealing with men in general. She is trying to understand why she is weak when it comes to certain aspects about men. "Amy Amy Amy" has Amy back to her devious ways when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. After listening to "Amy, Amy, Amy" and the Outro, which are both on Track 12, you will find yourself treated to 2 nice bonus tracks that are just as nice as the rest of the tracks on "Frank". Track 12 clocks in at over 13 minutes long.

Overall, I feel that "Frank" is just as nice as Back to Black. "Frank" is the perfect introduction to "Back To Black". Once you listen to "Frank" you will notice certain aspects on "Frank" that made "Back To Black" the CD that it was. The production is different on "Frank" in some instances because of the traditional r&b sound on some tracks, but the quality is still A+ in my opinion. If you are a fan of Amy Winehouse then you should have both CDs in your collection. Let's just hope that she gets her personal life together so we can continue to hear these great CDs.

James' Top 6

1) In My Bed
2) You Sent Me Flying
3) Know You Now
4) There Is No Greater Love
5) Moody's Mood For Love
6) F___ Me Pumps

Honorable Mention:

The rest of the CD (All of the tracks are nice)
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on October 20, 2004
Frank, the new album by jazz singer Amy Winehouse, is outstanding. This piece of work is a unique twist that combines jazz, blues, dub, funk, and in some mild ways (specifically the beats) dare I say: hip-hop. She has a natural and incredible voice, and she uses it to convey honest heartfelt, and very juicy lyrical content. The production value is also top-notch, and you will enjoy bumping-up this one. I can't help but to think of Lauren Hill when I listen to this: there's something about Amy's pure voice cutting over those beats. The lack of availability of this album in the USA surprises me since its obvious she is going to blow up and sell multi-platinum. First industry exec to market this thing in the USA wins! Support this fantastic new talent by buying Frank, even at import prices. Here are 5 tasty and diverse picks for your 5-disc CD changer: Frank, The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill, Do You Want More?, Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi, Pure Ella: The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald.
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on March 18, 2004
If your buying this thinking your going to get a normal R&B/Soul album then you might be a bit dissapointed.
None of the songs on here will have chart success simply due to the fact that the tracks on here are much to mature for today's pop charts.
Amy's Voice is superb. Sounding like a 50's Jazz singer, her voice is hypnotic.
The content of her songs are very real, although very feminine which makes a male listener like myself respect her but at the same time there is a slight annoyance with what she is saying (what is it about men).
Track 1
Intro / Stronger Than Me
A storming start. Stronger than Me is a fantastic song and one of (if not the) best song on the album. This is as much soul as your going to get. The beat is heavy and her words are honest and real. 9
Track 2
You Sent Me Flying / Cherry
Another storming track. My favourite in terms of her vocal ability. Its quite a chilled track, and once again her lyrics are very real. Simply about a woman being dumped and being a bit shocked about it.
After this track ends it goes into another track called "Cherry". Amy shows her funny side. You've got to read the words to this one, fun stuff. 9
Track 3
Know You Now
It seems as though Amy is talking about a one night stand here. "I've gotta know you now, we may never meet again".
Bit more upbeat here and once again her voice is in fine working order. 7
Track 4
F**k Me Pumps
Yep thats what it says! Another track with humorus content. Basically her issues turn to women who are just looking for a one night stand and have no life!
Her voice is a tiny bit drony on this one, but the lyrics are clever. 7
Track 5
I Heard Love Is Blind
Its only 2 minutes 10 seconds long, but if your thinking about buying this album, just buy it for this! Its hilarious. She is defending herself cheating by saying "he looked like you".
Unmissible. 9
Track 6
Mood's Mood For Love
A reggae style track. Her voice here is what shes about. Soft and has some real soul to it. Amy shows her different style of vocal range and style of music on this one. 7
Track 7
There Is No Greater Love
She really sounds like someone like Nina Simone on this one. Its some deep jazz stuff. Best Song for her voice. 8
Track 8
In My Bed
If you are familar with Rap star 'Nas' then you will notice that the backing track on here is the same backing track on 'Made you Look' from the album 'God's Son' by Nas.
Once again the voice goes a little bit into the annoying catogary. But its still a track that musically i'm feeling. 7
Track 9
Take The Box
Now this is fantastic. The best track on the album by a country mile. The atomosphere surrounding this song is only something you can understand by listening to it. Its cool, calm but she makes her point. Its a very powerful track. 10
Track 10
October Song
Bit more upbeat. Which I felt this album need more of.
October song is an average track though. In my opinion a 'filler'. Not the best. 5
Track 11
What Is It About men
Another cool track. With the addition of this song it really goes to show that the title of this album is fitting. She is frank and honest. 7
Track 12
Help Yourself
I Like this one. Bit more postive in terms of its tune. Catchy chorus, and a nice song to chill out too. 7
Track 13
Amy Amy Amy
I can't seem to get into this one. As an r&b/soul boy its difficult for me to say much about this song but its long, and very boring. 4
Shes a talent, and there are tracks on here for lots of music lovers.
As a rnb/soul artist, there are some tracks she does so very well. Others simply are not my thing.
He voice is very different and this album is not the same old thing. Its a very impressive debut although I don't like all the songs. That is testement to the great tracks on here that really are great.
I reccommend you check this out.
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on August 9, 2008
I was recently turned on to this amazing and talented young woman. I purchased her "Back to Black" album earlier this year and instantly fell in love with her music. I was visiting a friend in Wash DC a few months ago and he had a few of her songs from A.W. "Frank" on his computer. He told me that she would have a deluxe edition coming out. Of course, when returned home to ATL I searched and found the "Deluxe edition" of her "Frank Album" and ordered it. I have truly listened to this CD ever since I received it in the mail. You will not be disappointed. SUPER SUPER SUPER Vocalist. I love her despite the fact that she has a serious problem with her life on drugs right now. BUY this album now and Get hooked on A.W.
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on September 6, 2008
I first heard of Amy Winehouse like a lot of people in the US did. In the news with nothing but negative comments about her personal life. But when it came to the music I always heard praise on the album. I first heard the single "Rehab" and did not think to much of the song at first. After watching the VMA in Las Vegas I decided to give the album a chance. I was hooked instantly by the soulful sound of Amy Winehouse. It was a voice that I have not heard since the Motown days of music. It seemed like I listened to that album like everyday. Than I actually heard that Frank was her best and debut album. It took me a while to make the choice to purchase the album but when I finally did I could not believe what I was listening to. This was the Amy Winehouse that I felt was missing from the Back to Black album. Eveything worked for her in this album her soulful voice, the classic Motown/lounge style music and mixed with some great lyrics. Back to Black had everything just the music headed more pop than Frank. Her voice did not have as much control as Frank, but the music stuck to it's true form. I say if you listen to Back to Black and liked/loved the album. Frank will blow your socks off...
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