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on October 12, 2008
Received this last week and so far couldn't be happier.
I'm using this as a HDTV only hooked up by HDMI to my cable box.

Great hi def picture and pretty good sound.
SD pictures are not as good but plenty watchable.

I have it sitting on my desk next to my Dell 2407 (1920 by 1200) computer monitor and from about 3 feet, the TOC is the perfect size and the HD picture looks great.

As someone reviewing the 22 in. TOC said, it is a 16:10 screen so you get about .6 in. of black screen on the top and bottom when viewing a 16:9 hdmi input, but it doesn't bother me.
Someone also said that not filling the screen will cause burn-in.
I have hundreds of hours playing games on my 24 in. 1080p LCD with an un-filled screen and have not had a problem, so I'm not worried.
Some shows on my cable fill the screen so it's not as if that part of the screen is always black.

Oh yeah, 3 year warranty for monitors instead of 1 yr for TVs

As usual, fast, free shipping (super saver- 7 days for me) and good service from Amazon.
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on October 12, 2008
I have this Momitor/HDTV wired to my OTA. All the local digital signals come in great. If I had one complaint, the Monitor does not come with mounting holes on the back to use a under cabinet or wall mount.
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on October 20, 2008
I have had this item for 2 weeks now We use "over the air" antennae and have since 1991. We compare paid vs "OTA" and "OTA" still wins for us.

The reception is superb. I get a few more channels than on our 42", 1080P Sharp, which I also love. The sound is very good and the remote is user friendly and easy to set up. We have it over our refrigerator and the picture is like a negative standing underneath, but I have an articulating arm on order which should solve this problem. (1 week later - after attempting to install my mounting arm I re-read the previous review to see what they wrote about no mounting holes. Bummer. I wouldn't let it stop me from this purchase though, unless this is an absolute requirement).

I got it for $300 and have not seen a better deal anywhere before and since. I am now looking for a 32" for our bedroom.

I would recommend this unit to anyone.
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on November 14, 2008
Have used the Samsung T200HD for one week now in our kitchen. We wanted an HDTV primarily, with the ability for connectivity to other items such as a video camera and computer laptop. The out-of-box setup was easy. The menu interface for TV setup was also easy to use. It too the T200HD about 4 minutes to completely tune itself to all cable stations. HD stations are awesome and standard definition are completely acceptable. The speakers are located on the back of the unit and the sound is also very acceptable for use in our mid-large sized kitchen. If I were using the unit in a large living room, I might consider some external speakers although the sound may still be suitable for many people. For a great HDTV and monitor all built in one unit, I would highly recommend this Samsung. I will be purchasing another larger HD TV soon for another room and I will definitely be buying another Samsung. By the way, this unit comes with a 3-year warranty and not the standard 1-year that most HD TV's have!
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on November 17, 2008
I have owned this TV for over a week and couldn't be more pleased. It arrived after about 3 days using Saver Shipping, and there are no dead pixels that I can see. I use this as a primary monitor in a dual monitor setup and as an HDTV through a HD Cable Box. It is excellent on both counts.

As a monitor using the DVI hookup, this monitor has amazing graphics with my ATI 4850 gfx card. My old monitor was a 17' flat screen, and with the two of them sitting next to each other, the difference is very noticeable. Viewing text and pictures are both very clear, and I notice no lag or delays with the image. Setup was very easy, and after using plug-and-play for a while, I installed the drivers for the monitor. Both worked very well.

As an HDTV, the picture quality is also amazing. I watched a few sports games, a few regular HD channels, and some HD movie channels, and was pleased with them all. This is my first HDTV at home, and I couldn't be more impressed with the difference it makes. I do want to note that the SD channels are not very good. As a widescreen TV, you get black bars on the sides and/or the top, and it seems the picture quality is not as good as my older TV. I only plan on watching HD channels with this TV for the most part, but this is annoying when I want to watch a non-HD channel.

I find the sound to be satisfactory. This TV is not designed for large rooms, and I personally do not need the sound any louder than it is for my bedroom. There are audio outputs and other ways to easily hook up speakers if you want better sound, and I would assume people that want to complain about sound quality would have speakers anyways.

The screen size is just right for me. I have a couch about 6-8 feet away, and the picture is plenty big. I wouldn't mind having a 22' or 24', but it was not worth the price for the extra size. When I purchased this TV, it was around $280, while the next size up (22') was around $390. Two inches is not worth $110 to me (140%), and I am glad I stuck to this size.

The things I do not like about this TV are minor. When you have this TV muted, there is a small box that does not disappear with the word "Muted" in the corner. If you dont plan on muting this TV, obviously this is not important. Also, as I have my TV hooked up to my cable box through HDMI, I wish that while cycling through sources the OTA/Cable source was not there. It's just a small annoyance, and I would think a lot of people would be doing this similarly. Lastly, I wish that there was a PIP option for watching TV while using the monitor, as there are for higher end Samsungs, but it is not that big of a deal for me as I use dual monitors.

Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to have a Monitor/HDTV in their office/bedroom. I do not use the tuner inside this TV, so I cannot review its quality.
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VINE VOICEon November 5, 2008
I just received the Samsung TOC 20" monitor and I also own a Samsung TOC HDTV 19" which we love. So, buying this monitor is a decision built on the reputation of both Samsung and the TOC we have owned for about 2 months. The 20" Samsung monitor is quite similar in design and the picture is beautiful BUT the power cord does not work! It's not snug enough in the socket and falls out easily. Also, you hear little spark-like sounds as you plug it into the back of the monitor so, it's not connecting and therefore, no power. To make sure this was the problem before calling customer service, I used my Samsung HDTV plug since it matched the monitor's connection and the TV plug worked and provided power to the monitor. But calling Samsung customer service was a nightmare. I don't understand how Samsung can create such great products and yet run a customer service dept. with people who are completely untrained? It took 30 minutes for her to find the parts number for the power cord and she kept putting me on hold! Also it takes up to two weeks to ship a new cord. I asked them to ship it overnight or 2 day since I am sitting here with a brand new product without power and she said they won't comply with that request. I called them twice, both times I spoke with two different customer service people and I found them to be defensive, unhelpful, and really not even familiar with the Samsung product. That should be embarrassing to Samsung. Also, they should be able to respond to supplying a power cord to a customer who just bought one of their products faster than 2 weeks. The Samsung line is a quality product so, they need to beef up their customer service department to match that quality instead of using untrained people who irritate their customers. You would think, that future sales of Samsung proudcts would be influenced by how the customer is treated after they own the product and so far, I am not impressed.
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on December 6, 2008
Great color. Easy setup. Only had to adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness controls just a little to optimize the display. The colors were excellent without adjustment. Didn't give it a 5 star because:
1. Can't be wall mounted - no mounting holes.
2. No PIP - would be nice to have the TV playing while using the computer.
3. Audio jack on the side rather than the back - no functional problem but it does detract from the otherwise beautiful appearance of the unit. One really needs to use the audio out because the internal speakers are not that great.
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on November 15, 2008
Well, when I thought about buying this particular monitor I looked around for a better bargain. When I could not find one I decided to go ahead and buy this one. And Let me tell you for $279, it's been the best tv/monitor I've ever owned. Gaming is fantastic on this beauty. I read on another review that you have .6 inches of blackness while watching tv, or playing games. Not for me, I just put it on "Just Scan" video mode, and while gaming it fills the whole screen. It stretches things out just a tiny bit, but it works, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Woot.
For OTA signals it's alright, I need a more powerful antenna to pick up all the channels. But the high-def OTA signals are amazing. SDTV signals aren't great though.
My only real complaints are that the sound through the headphone jack isn't all that great, and the fact that I'll have to buy a Surround sound system, to compensate for the poor speakers on the system. Oh, well. 5 Stars Anyway!
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on December 2, 2008
Great specs but I was shocked that it can't be hung on a wall!!!!!! thats a real messup for me I took it for granted that it could be wall hung.
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on April 3, 2009
Okay, you are saying, what is so good about this LCD computer monitor/TV? Well, I guess that's it.

First of all, don't buy a 19 inch monitor for your computer since it only has a 1440 x 900 resolution and don't buy the 22 inch since it has the same resolution as the 20 inch Samsung T200. Why? You lose resolution from the 19 inch and you have the same resolution on the 20 inch verses the 22 inch but spread over a smaller area, hence, greater pixels per square inch. And you can set your video card to any resolution that supports a 16 x 10 screen which has a 62.5% ratio.

The Samsung T200HD not only is a wondeful computer monitor (I've had several in the past 2 months) but the TV is fantastic. You really can't go wrong. Go ahead and compare the computer monitors out there and you will find that the T200HD not only is as good, but it has the HD TV to boot. And it works on rabbit ears.

Trust me, with the $50 rebate, the right resolution for maximum pixels per square inch and a HD TV that has wonderful colors and good sound, you simply cannot go wrong.
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