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Panasonic RP-HTX7 Stereo Headphones (Black)
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on October 9, 2009
Color Name: WhiteProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
I was first attracted to these because of the looks, and that is really why I bought them. If you are looking to spend 30+ dollars to get the best sounding headphones you can, look elsewhere. If you want some decent cans that also have a splash of style so you can wear them in public without feeling dorky, these are for you. Thats what they are designed to do, and they do it very well, which is why I gave them 5 stars. They look great, and they sound as good as any other headphones in this price range. They have great bass response, but all ranges are very clear and precise. Mess with your EQ to suit your tastes. These are very well rounded, so you'll be able to adjust them to get your ideal sound, whatever that may be. They are also very comfortable too. The ear cups fit around my ears, so I dont get the pressure points as I normally would with on the ear or circular headphones. I've worn these several hours at a time, and the only thing I've noticed is the headband. I felt it after a while, but calling it painful would be an exaggeration. If you want a set of stylish headphones, that can also hold their own when it come to sound, get these.
If its sound quality alone you're after,
These sound just as good as these (probably even have the same drivers), but are cheaper:
Panasonic RP-HT227 Monitor Headphones with XBS® Extra Bass System
Panasonic RP-HT360 Monitor Headphones
This one costs just as much, but is a step up in sound quality:
Panasonic RP-HT560 Monitor Headphones
You'll probably also want to check out the Sennheiser models in this price range, such as the HD202.
Don;t read too much into me suggesting other models. These are ana bsolute joy to listen to. They've got great bass and bright highs. I'm just saying, that for the money there are better sounding phones, they just wont be as cool.
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on July 5, 2011
Color Name: WhiteProduct Packaging: Standard Packaging
As a developer, I regularly spend 8-10 hours a day with my head down, music on, coding hard. Having good quality headphones which deliver great sound and great comfort is a must, and surprisingly very hard to find. The Panasonic RP-HTX7, however, meets both requirements, and it does it with style. These headphones fit comfortably around your whole ear, without placing any pressure on the cartilege. The soft leather padding rests against the head, with hardly any noticeable squeeze.

Soundwise, the quality is excellent. I'm the kind of audiophile who has a 7.2 surround system on his TV and a separate one on his computer, just to get the best sound quality. These don't deliver 7.2, but they easily keep up with most 5.1 surround systems. Sometimes the bass is a little weak, but not noticeably for most audio experiences.

All in all, probably the best headphones on the market. We have 2 in our home: mine in white, and my wife's in green. I'd buy another pair "just in case", but we've been going on three years, now, without either even showing so much as a scratch. Built to last. Built for comfort. Built for quality.
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167 of 197 people found the following review helpful
Color Name: Sheckler Ltd. Ed.Product Packaging: Standard Packaging
Panasonic's RP-HTX7-RS Ryan Sheckler Signature Headphones are a very good pair of headphones at the entry level of the market. But once you start getting close to list price they are outclassed by many alternatives. I was lucky enough to buy a pair deeply discounted. While these are OK as an extra pair, they should probably be priced much less than they currently are.

It's important to test out cans like these with a variety of music. It's also important to give them time to adjust with extended play before you judge the sound quality. I spent quite a bit of time with these, and I think that there certainly sound good enough for most users. However, do not expect the type of sound quality that is going to blow you away. The sound is just ok.

The fit of these is part of the appeal. If you like the space cadet look of the extended metal head-bands as well as the simple shapes and clean lines, than you will find these to be attractive. These are definitely a candy apple red, so those who plan on wearing these around town will want to be mindful of just how conservative they like their electronics to look.

I noticed a tight fit on my very average sized head that started to give me a headache after an hour or so. With time, these adjusted somewhat but just be aware that they are tight. On the same token, those with small heads may feel less of a pinch but also have to factor in if they mind the fact that the metal bands swing out from the back of the ear pieces, making your head look bigger and rounder. Once again, that's just a personal preference.

The ear and band cushions definitely could have been beefed up a bit. The cord is definitely long enough for standard use on the go, or even for hooking up to a jack at home.

Many people will want a more conservative look, and some who don't care about looks may simply want slightly better quality sound. To that end, the Sennheiser HD201 Headphones win on both fronts. They are not much more comfortable, but they definitely have a lower profile and slightly better sound. At about half the price, they are pretty much a no-brainer for those looking for budget earphones. The main reason to pay the premium for these would be if you really are after the look, in which case you could certainly do worse. But for everybody else, give the HD201s a try.

Though I was happy to test the HTX7s after getting them on sale, I plan on getting a pair of HD201s right away to have as my extra pair. Those who want to move a little further up the food chain and don't mind spending a little more should try the AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-PRO5MS Stereo Headphones or the Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones.

Hope this helps.

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on November 7, 2008
Color Name: Sheckler Ltd. Ed.Product Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
The people that are saying these headphones are as good as the more expensive ones must be tone deaf or something. They are good headphones but are not worth more than what they cost ~$40. I got mine for around $21 so they are a bargain at that price. Sound quality is good for most people, the headphones do not isolate outside noise as you might imagine, you can easily hear what's going on around you when the volume is low. These do not come with the extension cable so you'll need to buy an extension if you plan to use these with anything other than a portable MP3 player cable is only 4ft enough to go from your head to your waist. These are also very light, which makes them feel cheap but perfect for portable use. They also seem very delicate with the thin metal wires and plastic construction, but I can't judge on that as I've only had them for a few days now. Bottom line if you are looking for audiophile sound quality and something that feels like it's built well spend the money on the expensive stuff. If you want a good set of headphones you won't feel bad about abusing, letting your kids use them or losing them then get these, perfect for work.
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on February 18, 2010
Color Name: PinkProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
For the price these really seem like lovely headphones, attractive, quite good sound once broken in and the phones themselves have a good insulating body. Which explains why I was willing to buy these again once the first ones broke. Yet here I am with two pairs of headphones, broken in the exact same way, neither of which lasted for more than 4 months. The wire connections to the base of the plug are fragile and break over time, leading to a situation where sound fluctuates on and off in one of the speakers as the cord gets moved. Obviously two isn't a large enough sample size for me to suggest that every pair is going to break in the exact same way but it's enough for me to give up on the product.
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26 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on October 22, 2008
Color Name: Sheckler Ltd. Ed.Product Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
I really like these headphones.
I listen to bass-heavy electronic music like trance and these headphones have very sturdy bass and bright highs which are crucially important for the way I listen to this music. I can't really comment on the midrange since I'm not an audiophile.
The sealed headphones, when on your head, do not disturb others. Likewise the outside sound in my loud office environment is attenuated greatly by the sealed circumaural design which was my primary reason for buying these.

I only have two complaints. My glasses rub against the pads with a terrible noise which can be remedied by putting cloth over the pads. The other is probably not specific to these headphones but to all circumaural phones--it presses into my neck slightly below the ear and behind the jaw. It caused a rather weird sensation at first but I've gotten used to it.

Tightness is not a problem with these phones because of the vinyl-wrapped metal headband. This is great because it's impossible to overextend them--you just bend them back into shape with no trouble.

The Sheckler Signature model of these phones is the least expensive by at least 20 dollars when I bought it (maybe his sponsorship contract ended?). The red color had gotten lots of compliments and the skater's signature isn't out of place at all.

Excellent strain-relief, gold-plated 1/8" plug.
The impedence is just right for my portal XM Satellite Radio receiver and other devices. Always make sure your audio device can drive heavy headphones like these.

**EDIT** With any large headphone set like this I highly recommend the Boostaroo headphone amplifier.
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on April 3, 2013
Color Name: PinkProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
I love these headphones. Let me say right away that I opened these up and did a simple mod to improve sound quality a tad. Out of the box, I'd give these a four, they have great sound quality for the price, but the bass is a tad bloated and muddy and distorts the mids and highs a smudge. But there is a well known modification that can be done to clean up the bass, it involves removing the drivers from the ear cups (easier than it sounds, it's only four screws each side, push the corner of the ear cushions outwards to unhook them amend expose the screws) and taping up two holes in the baffle above and below the driver, leave the one on the side uncovered. I used masking tape. Not only did it clean up the bass, making it tighter and more defined, it made the bass hit harder and increased the definitions of the mids and highs. All with only a little time and 1¢ worth of tape. With some break in, the sound quality has increased a bit, too. But the real reason I went with these over other headphones in the same price range is the style. I love the retro look of these, I joke that I went back in time and stole them from the Apollo Mission. I also call them my space cadets. There are other headphones in this price range that have slightly better sound quality, but they either looked like two hockey pucks glued to a headband or were Urban styled. The only other headphones in this range that I liked were the Incipio f38, but I wanted pink, and the pink f38s were too intense, I preferred the understated pink of the rp-htx7, especially with the black accents. Only thing I would change would be a cloth sheathed cable and all metal plug, for more retro goodness, but you could never going those on headphones this cheap. But I just ordered some pink houndstouth 550 cord to sheath the cord. I am by no means an audiophile, but these a basically one of the best sounding sub $50 pair of headphones out there, and one of the best looking pairs period. FYI, I have these being powered by a Fiio E3 headphone amp, it's only $8.99 and really wakes these cans up, without it, the sound seems a tiny bit muted, not quiet, but reduced like through a piece of cloth.
review image
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2011
Color Name: BlackProduct Packaging: Standard Packaging
I work with audio all day in the film and video industry. I am also an amateur musician. These are not the headphones I use for work. My main headphones for work are my Audio Technica ATH M50s. The M50s are so dope that they completely ruined my mid level ear buds (for my iPod) for me. I've gone through a variety of ear buds and none of them have the ability to create rich full sound. It's just the laws of physics, they lack the space to create real depth. Admittedly, I never paid more than $60 for a set of ear buds, but for that money I'd rather buy headphones. Before I purchased the HTX7s I tested more than a dozen headphones (and I travelled to several locations to do it) but ironically these are probably the second pair I tested and I kept coming back to them. Just as a side note: If you live in NYC and want to test headphones at a listening station, then the places that you can hit that will each have the most cans are B and H and AC Gears.

The range of these headphones are pretty wide for this price. The mids are incredibly clear (also for this price; actually just assume that every positive descriptive that I write is followed by the phrase "for this price") which really is where most other cans in this price range suffer. The response level goes down to 7Hz, so you get a lot of low end definition. The large driver creates a decent amount of power too, so anything with a nuanced bottom end gets a strong detailed representation. I will say that if all you listen to is hip hop, then these may not be for you. Don't get me wrong, the bass is great. But these lack that overpowering rumble and crisp pop that I know most benefits what hip hop producers have in mind when they engineer tracks. I tested some Sony MTR XB500s and the bass on those really impressed me. Over all I thought they were much weaker headphones, plus I really didn't like the style of the XB 500. The HTX7s highs are probably where these headphones are most lacking. At 22kHz they have better high frequency response than many of their competitors, but compared to higher end headphones you lose some definition. It is far from a detrimental loss, and depending on what kind of music you are listening to, it doesn't effect the sound very much or very often. I only really notice it when I listen to jazz featuring horns.

Finally, I would say that what separates these headphones (and all headphones in this price range) from their more expensive counterparts, is that they lack the depth and nuance of the higher end phones. They will always sound a little thin in comparison. Also, most of the headphones I tested felt cheap and plasticky. I am sure that these are not as durable as more expensive headphones, but that is okay because they don't cost that much. The upside to the cheap construction, is that they are very lightweight. They are really comfortable too. When I first got them they clamped down a little too tightly on my jaw (bare in mind that I have an enormous head), but after a few days, they loosened up a bit. For portable use, their main drawback is that they don't fold up. This has not been a problem for me yet. They are not too large so, if you tend to cary a bag around with you then you should be fine.

I highly recommend these for casual use with an iPod, listening at home, or as a great alternative for studio use for students (way better than any of those crap Sony's that I used in school and that I see most students using).
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on April 24, 2012
Color Name: GreenProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
I really liked these headphones - they're stylish & fit well, and the sound (to a non-audiophile) is just fine. The cord is long enough and they're easy to adjust.

I bought them in early January 2012. It's now April 23, 2012, and the headphones are pretty much useless. The jack clearly isn't well-reinforced as wiggling the wire just above it causes a loss of sound in one or both headphones. Sometimes if you jiggle it juuuuust right the sound will be fine, but increasingly the sound is just coming from one side. Or not at all.

So disappointing.

I have been careful with the headphones and haven't bent or twisted the cord in any unusual way. It's frustrating that the jack is apparently so flimsy.

I cannot recommend them for anything other than very light, very occasional use.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on February 28, 2012
Color Name: BlackProduct Packaging: Standard PackagingVerified Purchase
The primary reason for my recent search for a new set of headphones was the comfort factor at a bargain. I can't even tell you how many sets of different types of headphones I already have (a drawer full...). However, they all inevitably failed me on hours of wear and left me with painful numb ears. I knew I needed an adjustable headset that would totally enclose my ears with no direct pressures. My painstaking research led to the purchase of both the JVC HARX700 and this Panasonic RP-HTX7. Upon receiving and trying out both sets, I knew right away that the HARX700 won hands down on the sound quality and the comfort.

JVC HARX700 - Superior sound quality and comfort at an amazing price, albeit a bit more expensive than the RP-HTX7. There are wider inner-openings for ears, and the padding is super-soft. The cord length is about 143", obviously more than adequate. However, the headset is humongous and I couldn't imagine wearing it at work at all - that is unless I work in a professional sound studio or look like I'm flying a helicopter. One ear enclosure alone is 2 ¼ inches thick and 4 ¼ wide! I am definitely happy with the purchase, but I'll be using it at home exclusively.

Panasonic RP-HTX7 - Upon the initial try, I was very disappointed and immediately thought to return the item. The headset was too tight and it was hurting the base of my ears within minutes of wear. However, it is a nice looking headset presentable at work, so I bent the heck out of the metal frame to somehow make it usable. The metal guides were malleable enough, and I'm happy to report that they now sit very comfortably on my head with practically no pressures on my ears. I presume that it would be just as easy to make them tighter for someone with a narrower head. The ear openings are smaller (2 1/3" inner space) than the JVC (3 ½" inner space) and the foam is a bit harder, but I was able to fit my average female ears comfortably in while it folds-in my 6' husband's ears. Many seem complain about the cord length, but it'll serve me fine at 51". The sound quality is better than most budget headphones, but it definitely has less bass depth and sound balance than the HARX700.

Overall, I'm very happy with the item quality especially for the price and I'd give it 4 ½ stars if I could. I'll be using it exclusively at work, and I won't be crazily upset even if I somehow lose the set at the bargain of $29 and change.
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