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on January 27, 2009
After reading about the Callpod Dragon V2 on Engadget or Gizmodo (I forget which one), it seemed like the right headset to get. It offered very long range, excellent noise reduction, and walkie-talkie calling to another BT headset using optional Callpod software.

Alas, the thing didn't work for me at all. It wasn't comfortable. It wouldn't stay on my ear. It bounced around when I was the least bit active (e.g. when walking up or down stairs). The people I called on it said that the voice quality was "adequate". I expected better. What's worse, I couldn't hear my callers when I used it in the car. My Mazda Miata is noisy but I can hear just fine most of the time using the cheap, wired earbud that came with my Motorola phone or the Jabra BT set before I broke it :-( . I expected the fancy Callpod Dragon V2 to do better than that. Instead, it was an exercise in frustration.

I returned it to for a refund. Amazon made it easy. All I had to do was to print the shipping label and manifest that they created for me, box up the headset in its original container, and drop it at the Post Office. It took a little over a week for to credit my account.
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on July 14, 2009
I purchased the DragonV2 principally to try the walkie talkie function.
We have a situation where two headsets in relatively close proximity that
are duplexed is what is needed. I was very surprised by the results. The sound quality was good even with lots of wind on one of the units. Pairing the two headsets still seems odd since they do not connect quickly but over all I am happy with software.
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on January 26, 2010
I had such hope for this product. Looked nice, compact, advertised to work well with both skype and mobile phones. The connection to the mobile worked ok, though took 2-3 times in reconnecting and connecting it to the mobile phone to get it work. Had many problems on reconnecting though to other phones.

Never did get it to work on skype. I'm quite good technically and though the computer recognized the headset (the directions and guides on the company website are well out of date and wrong, so they were no help) skype never did recognize the headset despite tweaking and changing settings that had worked on other headsets I have owned.

I finally broke down and called help. Actually the on-line chat help. Not very good support, basically told me to do the things I was doing over and over again.

It did work with a couple of cell-phones in the house though. This is what was most annoying. The call quality for us was good, but we had to talk very loud to the person on the other end of the line for them to hear us clearly. The microphones are up on device and pretty good distance away from your mouth so I guess this isn't a surprise but still disappointing.

This is a very poor product, particularly given its claims of clear calls, multi-functionality with different products.
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on September 19, 2010
First off, I'm sure you'll notice I wrote "was great"... we'll get to that in a moment.

The Callpod was the first BT headset I've ever purchased. I was drawn to it for the cool tech aspects (ie the walkie talkie, skype) which I then never used. So my review is based solely on what it was ACTUALLY created for, and that was phone calls. I paired it with my LG Dare. I was worried about how difficult that might be since the Dare is not a smart phone (even though it tries to be). It literally took seconds to get it paired and working.

As someone else here said, I have a big head, but it fit in and on my ear perfectly. It wiggled a bit a first, but I was able to get it pretty snug just by pushing the clip against my ear. It was a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be, considering it's size, and I like the fact that there was nothing hanging on my cheek or in my face. For the first few days I obsessed over lining up the mics up properly, since that seemed to be a big concerned in the reviews I read. It wasn't. After a while I gave up all together. I'd stick on my ear, make sure it was pointed towards the front of my head, and I was off. I never once had someone complain about call quality. No one even knew I was on a head set! Sound quality was good as well. My hearing isn't the best, especially on the low end, so I tend to turn things up very loud. Wasn't necessary here.

I'm not a huge talker, so maybe this had something to do with it, but I hardly ever had to charge it. It held a charge for a few days at a time before I would even think about plugging it into the wall. When the warning beep went off, I never had to worry about it dying right away. Ample notice.

Sounds perfect, you say? It was. It really was. I wanted to give this 5 stars. But it's broken. And it's all my fault, but it points out the only real flaw I could find; build quality. I dropped my Callpod from my lap while getting out of my car. A height of maybe 3 feet. The Pod cracked open, right around the edge, and it's guts fell out. Everything looked intact though, so I stuffed everything back in and stuck it back together. It hasn't worked since. Not a peep, not a beep, not a light, nothing. Of course, I didn't have the packaging to return it, nor the inclination to get it fixed. Ennui is like that sometimes. But, for $15 !!!? I'd buy two, just in case it happens again. I just might...
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on December 19, 2009
I bought the dragon v2 about two weeks ago payed for 2 day shipping i got two because of the walkie talkie feature and range i got them in and charged them over night got up and only one was charged the other one would turn on while pluged in but was dead if i un pluged it it was dead i contacted tiger direct (the seller) had to buy a replacement that was sent right out they payed for 2 day shipping got it same thing its been on the charger all night and wont hold a charge im going to send all three back and get a better headset no use having one walkie talkie im very disapointed not with amazon or tiger direct but with the product they should not sell them on here
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on January 7, 2010
I bought the CallPod Dragon V2 a few weeks ago and have been very pleased with it. I mainly bought it because it was cheap ($35), touted good range, and had a standard mini-usb charge port (i didn't want to have to carry another charger or buy another igo tip like i did with the jawbone. I am sick of proprietary chargers!).

- Pairing was a snap, and the buttons are very intuitive and easy to use.
- Charges via mini usb
- Range is VERY good. My previous headsets would get staticy the second i put my phone (BB Pearl 8120) into my pocket.
- Call Quality is actually very good. People have told me it doesn't sound like i'm using a headset at all. I have seen complaints on here about it. You have to make sure that you line up the 2 mic holes with your mouth. You can look in a mirror the first few times, but you will soon get used to the feel, as well as be able to trace the line from mic to mouth without a mirror after a few uses.

As for size, I really don't mind the size at all. I'm a big guy, so it's not an issue. Plus, if you think of it in terms that it doesn't jut out onto your face like a standard BT headset, the size/surface area is very similar to the original jawbone and other headsets.


Only reason it gets a 4 out of 5 is because of the following con - It just doesn't feel super secure on my ear. It doesn't feel like it's going to fall off at any moment, but there is definitely the feel of some movement when you move your head fast.

Overall, a GREAT headset and i would definitely recommend it.
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on August 12, 2009
I have used several headsets over the years and I find the dragon to have very good sound with its dual mic system. It pairs easily with phone or computer. I have used it with Skype and also listen to music with it. Combined with the Callpod drone, I am able to easily walk throughout my house without static or fade. I have addressed the issue of fitting the ear by bending the loop once I have figured the angle that I need to have the clearest sound with the mics. I have had one headset on one ear for cell phone calls, and one on the other listening to music from my computer. I look a little bit like Princess Leah but I figure any bluetooth headset that is functional will not make the highest fashion statement.
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on July 8, 2011
When I got the headset it worked great! Everything was working fine, to my knowledge. However, after charging it a second time, it would no longer turn on. I blame the parts manufacturers. I contacted the retailer, and I'm goin to get a new replacement here very soon. Back to my experience before it failed:
The sound is not good enough quality for listening to Music, but that's not what its made for, using it for the phone was great. I was driving uphill in a loud car, at around 60 mph, with a couple windows down, and the person I was talking to had no idea, and could hear me perfectly!! I have a class 2 smartphone, so I didnt expect any range increase, however, I was able to maintain a connection during a conversation over 30 yards a way, in a building! The long battery life was great. The parts for the earloop are stiff and move slowly when you apply enough force, which is a REALLY GOOD thing and keeps the headset on and not flopping around.

I do wish that it was capable of pairing to any bluetooth headset... the software is no longer available through Callpod's site :(

Update: Alright, so I Finally received the replacement.... and it won't charge. Its as if there is no battery at all!!!! What a waste of my time! and I had to pay for shipping of the return And the replacement!!! This is sad...
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on April 13, 2009
I would not recommend this product to anyone. I lost connection with my desktop, laptop and cell frequently (each independently linked). My range was lucky to be 10 ft not 300 ft advertised. Should have trusted my fellow buyers and stayed away.

I did not use the walkie talkie feature, as I do not know anyone else who owns one of these.
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on October 3, 2011
I bought one of these a couple of years ago with about an $80 price tag, but I recently lost it. I found it on Amazon for $14.99, so for that price, I ordered 3; one for me, one for my girlfriend and a spare. 2 out of 3 were OK, the 3rd was defective and wouldn't charge. TigerDirect is the seller, and they emailed a shipping label, and to do a cross ship, I paid for the replacement, and they refunded my original purchase when they received the defective one. Yes, some of them are bad, but for $15, you can't beat it and TigerDirect will take care of it. In fact, I ordered a 4th to be sent with my replacement.

As a side note, I have discovered that the reason that many of these are DOA and will not charge is because they have been sitting on a shelf for too long and the battery is dead. If you contact CallPod, they will replace the battery under warranty. If your BT is out of warranty, you can buy a replacement battery, "Power Disc 3048". The BT can be easily opened by carefully prying it open. Pay attention to how the battery is oriented, and put the new battery in the same way. A battery costs about $10 + shipping.

The 8 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby is unequaled by any other BT headset. A full charge will complete in 3 hours. There are only two buttons that control all of the functions. One button at the rear controls power and volume, and the multifunction button on the side is conveniently located for answering calls. You can also initiate a 3-way call from the headset.

When this BT is coupled with the Cirago BTA-6210 Class 1 USB adapter, you'll have the whole 100m setup. It won't work at 100m with your phone, because your phone isn't a Class 1 device, so don't expect to get that kind of range when pairing with your phone. You are only limited in range by the range of the device you are pairing with. Also, walls will cut down on the range, but I've been able to walk away from my phone and not realize I had left it in another part of the house until I wanted to make another call and didn't have my phone.

There is a second tip that comes with the unit that looks like the head of a mushroom. With this tip in place, the unit will stay secure. I can shake my head without it flying off. The standard tip that comes on it, just doesn't work for me, but it might for you. The more I wear it, the more comfortable it becomes. The loop would hurt my ear after I wore it for several hours, but, the more I wore it, the less discomfort there was. I guess I needed to toughen up my ear a little, but I have the same problem with sunglasses irritating my ears.

Sound quality is good for voice, but lets face it, it's not stereo, and it isn't made for music. It does deliver good voice.

I haven't had any issue with the noise cancelling. The people on the other end of the calls say that it sounds fine, and don't know that I'm on a BT if I don't tell them.

The walkie talkie function is a bonus if you have more than one. It's great out shopping with a spouse. When we go in different directions in the store, I only need to push the multifunction button and ask her where she is at.
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