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on September 22, 2009
We bought this machine from Williams-Sonoma and liked it so much that we stuck with the coffee through four separate units, each of which failed within three weeks for a different reason. My wife and I each drink 2-3 shots of espresso per day, for a total of 6-8 cycles of the machine (including self rinsing): this is within their warranty rate of 10 cycles per day. We use non-greasy beans and reverse-osmosis water, both of which are recommended by the manufacturer. At first I thought we just got unlucky -- every factory makes a few lemons -- but after four machines and four independent failure modes I'm convinced they're just poorly built.

For coffee : 4-5 stars. When they work, these machines are just adjustable enough for us - you can adjust the grind, the water temperature, and the water volume independently to "sight in" your ideal shot. For reliability: -4 stars. I would give this product just a single star, but the titanium fronted one comes with a terrific milk-frothing assembly that makes great, silky foam every time. That alone is worth a second star.

Machine #1: worked for three weeks, then mysteriously failed with an error code "DE" on the screen. Krups support was baffled.

Machine #2: worked for 1.5 weeks, then the burr grinder broke - motor would turn but wouldn't grind coffee.

Machine #3: DOA - on initial plug-in, entered an infinite loop of "calibrating machine" cycles. (I think an internal sensor was jammed).

Machine #4: worked for 3 weeks, then mysteriously started spewing acrid, electrical-insulator smoke.

I suggest a Delonghi Magnifica - they can be found for under $1k and are actually designed to be maintainable - or a semi-auto with built-in burr grinder (Breville makes one).
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on October 17, 2009
Loved it for the four weeks it actually worked. Krups had us send it to their service center. It came back after a month, still leaking out the bottom. Called Krups again and they wanted us to send it back to the service center once more-- when it just came back from there with no change?! I said I didn't want to do that again, that the unit is clearly defective (hey, we tried) and now it's time for a replacement or a refund. The customer service agent said no, that my only option was to send it back to their service center.

If you are selling a defective product, and you know it, at least try to keep your company's reputation intact by taking responsibility for it, you know?

Finally, amazon agreed to take it back and refund our money. Anybody recommend a good DeLonghi?
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Today I received my Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine after doing hours and hours of research. I liked the things I read about it- small size, some control over output, flavor, crema, dependability compared to other models of interest.

I have to admit that I don't usually drink espresso. I prefer to add milk to my coffee. I like to enjoy a latte or cappuccinno. I do not add syrups or sweeteners- no flavors- no sugar.

So, I really need to bring out the sweetness of the milk, and to do that I need to get the milk to at least 140 degrees. When the milk hits 140 degrees the natural sweetness of milk bursts through, and you can enjoy a reasonably sweet and creamy beverage without using sugar, and fend off osteoporosis at the same time. I learned from a barista in Rome that lattes and cappuccinos do not have to be loaded with chocolate or caramel to taste sweet and delicious. You just have to know how to produce proper steamed milk! I had fun learning how to do make a great espresso drinks in Italy, and I long for the quality I enjoyed there. (or at least as close to it as I can come in the U.S. midwest)

Unfortunately, the Krups 7225 does not have enough staying power to heat the milk properly before or after brewing a shot of espresso. I wish it had an additional heating element! I followed the set up, rinsed the machine, did the initial run through, prepared 2 cups of espresso, and as directed, threw them out and began to make my first latte.

My initial attempt produced lovely foam, but the milk was much too cool to sweeten the milk. Not a good product. I returned to the manual (which is WONDERFULLY instructive) and adjusted steamer's automatic timer. Better, but still the milk was not heated well.

Third time I let the steamer use the full cycle, then started the steamer again. It was a short wait, but my espresso was cooling on the cup warmer while I waited to generate steam again. Finally I got the milk to 140, added it to the espresso shot, and enjoyed a creamy, sweet latte. The foam was absolutely lovely, dense, creamy, sweet- perfect. I just wish the machine would provide an adequate amount of steam.

In fairness, I am going to go tonight to get some mineral water and see if I can produce more steam. Today I used distilled water, hoping to avoid calcium buildup to keep the machine clean and running for years to come. I hope I can report that it makes a difference.

It is regrettable to spend so much for a machine that cannot produce sweet, frothy milk for one latte or cappucino. I feel disappointed. However, if you prefer to drink espresso or use just a little milk, this could be the machine for you.

Very compact size
Easy to set up
Easy to adjust and customize for your particular taste
Easy to use- except when steaming milk
Easy to understand manual
No more stops at the coffee shop on the way to work!

Steam does not last long enough to produce a sweet, frothy large latte.
Less metal, more plastic than I expected.
Price seems a lot for the construction of the machine

Overall Impression:
If you don't have a lot of space for your espresso machine, drink straight espresso or drinks with just a little milk, then stop looking and buy the Krups XP7225. However, if you're like me and enjoy a large latte or cappuccino with sweet, creamy milk and dense, fluffy froth, this may not be the machine for you.
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on December 19, 2009
I've been using my XP7225 for a couple of months now, and I think I can provide some insight into this machine.
Executive Summary: Great machine if you like pressure-brewed coffee or straight espresso shots. Not so great for cappuccinos as the steamer doesn't get the milk hot enough fast enough. Bargains available online and in stores. I bought mine for $320 at BBB (with the 20 percent coupon).
Some observations:
-The Claris filter is optional. I don't use it as it appears to cause problems for users and the troubleshooting guide mentions to remove it if you have problems. I have never had any problems going filterless. Instead, I use a Brita faucet filter to fill the machine. Also, the Claris filter costs $18 and must be changed every 2 months!
-Some users have complained about leaking. Note that the drip tray fills up from within the machine as the machine heats up. You need to empty the drip tray after each one or two uses. I am sure this is where the leaks come from. If you empty the tray often, no leaks.
-Although the milk steamer is effective to froth, the end-product is not hot enough after a one minute cycle. If you have the patience to run it for a second time, that solves the problem. However, cleaning the attachment is a pain (requires running steam through it but should also be removed and washed). I prefer to heat the milk in my cup for one minute in the microwave. This also heats up the cup nicely. I realize this is not steamed milk but rather heated milk. I really don't have a big attachment to milk froth, but, if you do, this is not the machine for you.
-The pressure-brewed coffee is so delicious and non-bitter that I can drink it black without sugar. This is from someone who usually takes three teaspoons and lots of milk per 8 oz cup. The difference between this and a drip coffee machine is like night and day.
-I always run a rinse cycle (about 2 oz of water) after I am done with the machine and when I start it up.
-The standard size coffee is adjustable up to 4 oz. The long coffee (8 oz) is a double cycle. I mix 4 oz of steamed milk (from the microwave) with 4 oz of coffee. The result is very good and requires little or no sugar.
-The machine hates oily beans. Use a medium roast, dry bean for best results. I prefer the finest setting on the grinder. It produces lots of crema on the coffee.
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on October 14, 2009
I ordered this machine after review numerous others. 2 week after I received the machine it started showing error message 06 and instructed me to call customer service. I was told to remove the filter. A few more cups of coffee later I got the same error message and called again. This time I was told to use mineral water. Customer service is very friendly and I haven't had to wait long. Now - I am waiting for a shipping label and box so I can send it in for repair.
I am very disappointed.

Krups finally replaced the unit after 2 trips to the repair center. It works for 3 months. i thought maybe we finally had working product. No such luck, It gave us the same error message again. Again I was instructed to send it to the service center for repair. I got it back 1 week ago. Today the same error again. I figure by the time my warrenty is up it will have been to the repair center 8 times. Hopefully, only replaced 1 more time.

The sad part - when it does make coffee, the coffee is great.

Don't buy this machine. There is a very good reason the price is discounted.

Well, the waranty is up and we have technical error again. The machine tortured us for a year and that is enough. Replaced the machine with a Jura S9.
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on July 8, 2010
I thought I loved this machine. I have the xp7260 version, which is the exact same machine with a frothing device.

But, alas, just walk away. Better... Run.

I figured out the problem. The strainer at the base of the "portafilter" slowly gets clogged with unfortunately sized coffee bits getting jammed into the small holes - and cannot be easily cleaned. Rinsing cycle doesn't clean it. Cleaning cycle, with Krups own tablets doesn't clean it. You simply cannot remove the plate from the device for any sort of proper cleaning.

As the holes slowly start to plug up with coffee grounds, the pressure in the brew head builds up. Then pressure from the water shotting through the grounds starts pushing the plunger up. The more the plate clogs, the higher up the plunger gets pushed - until the first of the two gaskets finally rises above the seal mid-brew. Coffee sprays all over the inside, out the bottom, and sometimes a "Technical error" that will only clear after the inside of the machine dries.

If you ignore this warning, or already own this POS, here's the best I've found...

1. You can remove the stainless cover and "pill shoot" to get access to the brew head from the top. A stiff paint brush can clear some of the holes - alas this is how I now get my morning coffee most days.

2. You have to watch the brew cycle. If you see the top seal rising to the top of the brew chamber push "OK" to abort the cycle BEFORE the seal breaks loose. After the system clears, clean out some holes in the plate (using the brush) and try again.

3. Don't "abort" and walk away. The plunger is under pressure and will "seat" again after the water stops, this will cause coffee stuck in the brew head to flow back into the clean water system, a bacterial issue. You have to run 2 rinse cycles to clear the pipes.

I feel defrauded. This is a serious design issue.
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on November 7, 2009
I reviewed semi-automatic machines like this one along with many others. My brother-in-law had introduced me to the concept of single-brew coffee and I had the opportunity to use similar machines while over in Austria.

It took me over a year before I made the purchase and I decided on this Krups machine.

I had experienced and read reviews that the temperature on other machines was not where it needed to be. In some cases, manufacturers suggested that you warm up the coffee mug to help with that issue. I didn't want that to be a problem so this was top on my list of important features.

All in all, I would say:
1) Hot coffee - 3 settings and I have dialed it down to setting 2. Very happy
2) Reliability - I am seeing a few individuals suggest that they are having issues. I specifically chose this manufacturer since I have an older manual espresso that will probably last another 20 years. Their customer service is outstanding and the warranty was respectable. Reading the reviews where there were issues sounds like someone may have had some electrical issues in their house??? Also, I could see where someone could think the machine leaks since there will be water on the counter if you don't empty the drip tray. I have had my machine for 8 months with zero problems.
3) Selectable options including temperature, grind setting (3), Amount of coffee/espresso per serving
4) Space - this is a smaller unit than some of the other brands
5) Frother - Works well as long as you use skim or a lower fat milk. The milk should also be cold when starting
6) Cost - other machines like this are $1,000+ (new)
7) Convenience - Excellent... wife would buy another one if this one should ever need replacing
8) Ease of use - I think Krups did an excellent job with the user interface and controls. This is very simple to use.

1) Selectable options do not include brew strength. This can be controlled through a combination of grind setting and serving size since the amount of coffee can not change. This should be an option
2) Plastic controls - The titanium look is a plastic look. Dials could be heavier metal but nothing has broken. This is a function of cost so you get what you pay for.
3) Serving size - The machine will only dispense 4 oz of coffee as a single serving. If you want a full cup, you select the Long Coffee setting which will then run through 2-cycles of the 4 ounce option. It doesn't take long to complete but it would be nice if 1-cycle could make 8 ounces. I am not sure why I say that other than the fact that it is different than what you would expect.... Don't put a lot of weight on this comment
4) Noise - I believe most machines are loud since they are grinding beans and using pressure to make the coffee/espresso but it will be nice when the machine is as quiet as a Miele Dishwasher.

In summary, I believe most of my purchases and satisfaction are a direct correlation between the price. I think this is an excellent choice at the price point. There are machines that are made out of heavier materials and provide some options that I talk about above. They are more expensive and I had concern over reliability.

*** update on 3/4/10 (8 months from purchase) - machine started leaking and I had to return for a new one. I have to say that the idea of not having this was not an option. I thought about buying one of the other more expensive versions but then came to grips with everything that I liked about this one to begin with. I guess reliability may not be one of the strengths though... I can say that we use this way too much! ****

*** update on 10/2011 - I had received a new machine back in March and it is now leaking all over the counter. I called Krups and they said that this is no longer under warranty and I would need to have it repaired. If it was the first occurrence, I would pay for it but this has proven to be a defect with the unit as evidenced by others and comments. I asked Krups to honor the product given the extenuating circumstances and they would not replace the machine. I have chosen to purchase a new Delonghi Magnificia and so far it is much better given the features and functionality. It also comes with 2 years of warranty and a white glove service line which I hope I do not have to use.
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on April 15, 2009
We like the small footprint and it looks great on the counter, and very easy to set up and use. Easy to refill beans and water and clean- though we fill the water more frequently then I would have thought. There is a temperature adjustment which impressed my dad who has an older Jura machine which doesn't get as hot. (and is somewhat more involved to use). My husband and my dad both agree it makes great coffee and espresso with nice crema on top.

The disadvantages: it is pretty loud (probably the grinding), and second there is not enough room to place a tall travel mug under the nozzle. We tried to remove the drip tray and the cup did fit but at the end of the cycle we were greeted by a pool of water coming out the front which would normally collect in the drip tray. (Of the machines I looked at I didn't find any that would fit a travel mug.)

we have had it about 2-3 months now and I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Of note we have not used the milk frothing mech. We did buy a Nespresso Aeroccino machine and after 2 machines, neither lasted more then 10 uses before they stopped frothing.
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on February 10, 2010
Bed Bath and Beyond had this machines on sale for 399. I was able to apply a 20% bb&b coupon making the final price 320. When you add in bb&b's lifetime, no questions asked return policy, this was an easy purchase. In the past 4 months we've produced over 800 shots with no issues what so ever. I typically make 4 shot lattes. The machine makes what I consider pretty good coffee using costco's house blend coffee roasted by starbucks. I wish the turnaround time on making shots where faster. The machine does have a feature to make two shots back to back though, which helps. I wish they extended that feature to automatically chain 4 shots together. I tried the steam a couple of times but I don't bother with it anymore. The time it takes for the steam to come on line, and having to clean the steam wand isn't worth it. Simply microwaving the milk does the trick for me.

Very small footprint
Quick startup
Very easy to setup and use
Makes excellent espresso with good crema
Very reliable ( so far..)
No mess

Steam - Not that powerful. Can't steam while making coffee
Slow - The espresso cycles have a somewhat slow turn round time.
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on March 10, 2012
Bought this unit a a year and a half ago and used it sparingly (5-6 cups a week typically), however after about 6 months the machine sprung a tiny leak, unnoticeable at first, at least until the amount of coffee in the cup began to drop after each use, until I spotted a water patch on the counter. Sent it back for servicing (luckily under warranty) and got it back a couple of months later, seemingly fixed. Used it without issue for almost a year when it sprang another leak, this time a serious one - all the water destined for the coffee cup ended up on the counter. This time however, it is no longer under warranty and would likely cost a small fortune to repair, so it's now an expensive paperweight.

Was never really impressed with this machine - the grinder burns the coffee as it goes about its business (grinds much too quickly), resulting in a very bitter tasting coffee, even at its coarsest setting. The wand makes poor cappuccino at best. And its compact size, while saving counter space, means you have to empty the drip tray and grounds holder constantly. Not one of my better purchases.

Ironically I used to have a Krups Orchestro espresso machine which worked flawlessly for 11 years before giving up the ghost, so I'm beginning to think their workmanship isn't what it used to next machine will be a Jura.
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