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on July 31, 2009
we took this on a recent cruise and it worked great for our needs..was pleased by the ample length of the cord, which made it easy to use without an extension cord on most occasions..had a little trouble getting the steam function to work evenly.. design fits in hand well and allows cord to wtap around conveniently..did not need it, but like the dual voltage a great product; small, easy to use, and works great!
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on February 24, 2010
I bought this cute little iron to take on a trip to Europe, since some of the clothing I brought would need a light press. I was going to be there for a month I had rented a furnished apartment, and I wasn't sure that they'd have all the cords and gadgets that I'd need, or that their iron would be suitable (clean and work well). I don't know if there are dry cleaners in Italy, and alough I've been there four times, I've never passed one. Anyway, this little iron heats up fast and it doesn't drip, which is amazing to me. I use it at home instead of a large iron to press small sewing jobs and clothes that need a fast press before work. I can use it on my bed without dragging out an ironing board, although as an avid crafts person I have two of them: large and small. I perceived that because it is inexpensive, that it would also be junk. I was prepared to order it, try it out, and return it. Wow, was I surprised! It's just the opposite. It's absolutely wonderful!! Give it a try. I think you'll be as pleased as I am.
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on March 31, 2009
What an amazing little iron. This iron has all the features of a full size Iron. I love it for my crafting projects, but also find it useful for small ironing jobs when I don't want to drag out my big iron. It's great to be able to get steam from such a small and lightweight iron. With a dual voltage selector, I look forward to using it for travel.
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on September 6, 2009
i bought this iron prior to a 2 week trip to europe. this iron is a little champ, lightweight, easy to use and performs as well as any full size iron.
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on October 21, 2012
I purchasesed this Steamfast Home and Away Iron because of the apparent bonus features: convenient cord storage, "heat resistant" storage pouch, measuring cup, and reportedly ergonomic handle. What I found was disappointing.

The convenient cord storage is a pain in the neck. It takes a significant amount of time to wrap the cord correctly Around the handle because of its length (albeit a positive feature) and the small circumference of the iron handle. There is also a problem with the cord clip--the cord is difficult to position correctly in the clip, and even then it will not stay put. Soon after finally getting it into the clip it wiggles loose and the cord begins to unwind--annoying.

The "heat resistant pouch turned out to be a simple nylon drawstring bag. In the instructions it says to cool the iron for 30 minutes before placing in the pouch and never mentions heat resistance although, in the product description on Amazon, the company touts "heat resistant" storage pouch.

Next, I found that the measuring cup is required to avoid unwanted hassle when filling the unit to use the steam feature. You must hold/place the iron in a horizontal position to fill it; however, the fill window indicators can only be read with the iron in the vertical position. So either you would have to pour in water, close the reservoir cap, sit the iron up and check the water level, adjust and repeat or use the included measuring cup. So if you want to use the steam feature without that hassle, you are forced to carry the measuring cup with you during travel and use it to fill your iron--inconvenient.

Other items worth mentioning: there are only 4 steam vents at the top of the sole plate. Competing irons have more. The sole plate coating also creates a lot of friction. It doesn't glide as smoothly and easily as one would expect over fabric. It also DOES NOT have a burst of steam feature present in other travel irons, and it has a smaller water reservoir. (Perhaps due to the body of this iron being a lot smaller than other travel irons.) Probably the most annoying thing about this iron is the temperature selection dial. It is recessed, small, and has a tiny, short raised slot that you have to try and fit your fingers around to turn--a major annoyance. (Sticking the egde of a dime into the slot makes it easy ;-) BTW, I am a woman with medium sized fingers. Finally, this travel iron simply does not have the quality appearance or feel I have come to expect from a twenty-something dollar iron. For example, cheap plastic tabs are used for the foot rest as well as the cord clip, the sole plate was not completely smooth and blemish free, and I peeped spilled glue on the rubberized collar that surrounds the handle.

Some reviewers found that the iron leaked. In the instructions there are specific detailed instructions for filling the iron, using the steam on/off button and the steam feature. I suspect most people would not read and follow all of these instructions faithfully.

The one redeeming feature about this iron is that it does heat up in about 15 seconds. I have NEVER used an iron before that heated up nearly as quickly.

Despite this, I would not recommend the Stemfast Home and Away Iron because of a lack in quality, and the presence of features that either do not work as they were intended to or are necessary only because of convoluted design elements. Conversely the Sunbeam Hot2Trot Iron is about 1/2 the price of this item, meets expectations regarding quality, holds more water, has a burst of steam button (that works very well) and glides smoothly and quickly over fabric. It also heats up comparatively fast to most other irons. The Sunbeam has an easy to reach/turn dial for temperature selection. However, A storage bag is NOT offered with this iron, but a measuring cup is not needed because the water in the see through reservoir and the fill mark are clearly visible making the iron a cinch to fill correctly and easily. One caveat: with the water reservoir filled and the steam button off, or the iron turned off, it WILL leak. This happens because the plug that sits down into the mouth of the water tank is made of hard plastic and doesn't seal completely. With the reservoir only 1/3 full the iron won't leak because the water level is lower than the fill neck. (BTW, I have no affilliation with Senbeam; I am simply a consumer who purchased one of their products.)

This review reflects my experience and opinions--your mileage may vary. ;-)
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on November 14, 2009
I bought this iron recently for a trip overseas. Not only did I find it to be light & versitile, it actually is a pretty good iron. The nonstick plate makes for easy ironing, too. I found that bascially it does everything that my big Rowenta iron at home does... just a bit slower because it's compact.
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on March 31, 2009
This is a great travel iron as well as a home touch up iron. My wife uses it all the time for her quilting and sewing needs... the cord is seems extra long but I'm not complaining.
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on June 15, 2010
What I liked about this product: size! perfect size for traveling, but on the down side you will take longer to iron large clothes.

What I did not like about this product: steam only works when you hold it down, it will not steam suits and the steam is not that powerful.

This iron works great for kids and touch ups! Other than that plan on being there for a while....
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on February 4, 2012
Just packed up the replacement Iron as I was sure the first one was just defective. Wanted to use for small sewing items such as hems etc. All it did was get luke warm and dribble water all over, both failed to heat up enough to actually make steam.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
I was looking for a small iron just like this, so I was delighted to find one at twenty-two dollars and change--until I got charged almost twenty-seven dollars for this one. That should have clued me in. When the iron arrived, I opened the box and thought "How cute!" But as other reviewers have mentioned, this "nonstick" iron has worse drag than one with no nonstick coating at all. It's like ironing with a brick. I didn't have any trouble with the iron spitting water as some reviewers have had. I used distilled water and waited for the light to go out as the instructions suggested, and that has worked fine for me. I get good steam too, considering the iron only has 4 steam holes on the bottom. And of course I love the size; it's truly tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I got out a ceramic trivet I rarely use in the kitchen and am using it as an iron rest for the mini iron. The lack of nonstick was the biggest problem, and I tried rubbing the bottom of the iron with wax paper, which did not help at all. There used to be a spray-on nonstick coating you could get, but that is no longer available. Finally I thought of a solution. It's klunky but it works. You get nonstick aluminum foil and wrap it around the iron's baseplate with the nonstick side facing down toward the cloth you're ironing. I doubled the foil for greater durability. Punch four holes over the steam holes so you can get the steam too. This works amazingly well; the iron glides easily. However, you have to wrap it in such a way that the light shows, and you have to press it onto the iron securely. I thought about just sending the iron back, but now that I found a solution to the main problem I will probably just keep it. If you decide to order, though, watch the price. This iron was the same price for several weeks while I was thinking about buying it and apparently changed only for the day I ordered it and then went back down to the previous price. Somehow I bought it on the only day it was so expensive. It's not really worth what I paid for it. At twenty-two dollars and change, it's reasonable. I still can't figure out how I was charged so much for it. I would not have ordered at that price.
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