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on March 28, 2011
In a nut shell, your not going to find a pair of more accurate and lively pair of top tier iem's for for a better price. I own a slew of other earphones(e-Q5, MTPC, RE0, CK10, PFE, C710, Custom 3...etc.) And for the price selling on amazon (nearly half the retail), these are a no-brainer.

With the exception of bassheads I think that Phiaton has produced a truly unique pair of phones having tight and accurate bass comparable to the PFE. Slightly forward extremely clear mid range that isn't too thick and certainly not thin or dull (see RE0). High end treble is well extended and forward showing the capable abilities of a well built armature driver. And last but not least the soundstage on these phones is really remarkable, not overly exaggerated (see sm3) but very wide. I only used these amped out of my 7G Classic> Mundorf Gold LOD>P3+ BUF 634's so your mileage may vary when it comes to how well these perform for you out of your DAP of choice. Again these are bright sounding phones that may tend to sound cold to anyone used to an excessive amount of bass and give them time to burn in. I understand allot of people don't believe in burn-in on armature based phones but I heard a small increase in detail and smoothing of treble amount about 20hrs in...nothing after that.

Build quality and accessories are of what is to be expected for a premium iem, have no problems with cable noise and strain reliefs are sufficient. I use either the Comply foamies that come with the PFE, they have a wide nozzle compared to the T-100's(you can buy them separately from Phonaks website) and the included rubber's. Prefer the comply foams, they help with inceasing bass response and tame treble a bit.

Overall great buy for the price and highly recommended purchase for someone looking to upgrade to a top tier iem for CHEAP!
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on June 9, 2011
For the Amazon price, these are a good buy. The sound quality is excellent. I hear more detail than other high quality headphones I have tried. Bass is subjective. There is more than enough for me, but I don't like a subwoofer type heavy bass.

I would buy them again if lost and I got a good price, under $150. I like earphones, have several different ones. I have slowly worked my way up to better quality ones. These make the sound of different instruments very distinctive, they don't muddle together. The result is a great sound stage which makes you feel inside the band making the music. Extremely immersive.
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on February 13, 2013
Pros: Natural soundstage & imaging, good treble extension, smooth midrange, great for jazz & classical
Cons: Light bass and fatiguing treble with stock tips, poor cord strain reliefs, finicky ergonomics. One strain relief failed after 2 years.

Disclosure: my hearing is not the greatest. I find myself tweaking equalization to around +3 dB starting at 8 kHz, and up to +8 dB at 10 kHz. I still have somewhat critical tastes, but not what I'd consider "audiophile-level". That said, I'm looking for realism, and a good match with my ears, spectrally and ergonomically, for long listening sessions. I listen to a wide range of music, but wanted a new set of IEMs for jazz/classical critical use, without spending too far into diminishing returns, considering my short-bus audiometric deficits.

Other IEMs in my possession: Shure E2c, Jays d-JAYS. Those two did a passable job, and got me through many a trans-Pacific flight, but I found that neither had the kind of transient response in the mid-bass and treble to get me anywhere close to a "live", or truly involving, sound.

Thus, I was looking for something for portable or home use, with good instrument separation, and enough treble emphasis and to keep me from having to fiddle with a lot of eq for every amplifier source in my current rotation (Penguin Caffeine, FiiO E10, Schiit Magni, iPhone 4S, iPad 3). And relatively cheap. I think I found all that with the Phiaton PS 200.

Got these on sale for $126 on, after spotting a deal curated by the forum; I couldn't resist, with a fresh gift card in hand. I took Amazon reviewer Ravi Dondapati's advice, and purchased the Comply TX-100 tips (S, M, and L kit), as well. $158.37 out the door, all new.

Build quality/design: It took some effort to get these to seal properly. The ear phone bodies do not have much in the way of self-alignment or ear retention features, and they lack, as many do, anything to physically differentiate left from right; I have to read the tiny letters near the strain reliefs to get that sorted. Also, the strain relief design quality and cord durability are way below what you'd expect at this price level. Even my Yuin PK3 cord is far superior to this one in that regard. After 1 month, I've noticed a few severe kinks in the left/right cords at the strain relief interfaces that are worrisome -- the worst performance I've seen in an earphone cord jacket to date. I may attempt a warranty replacement, before it's too late. Luckily, I've heard that these are serviceable, if I'd want to solder on a new cord in the warranty-less future. The lightness and flexibility of the cord are an advantage, as you want to avoid stiff cord stresses from pulling the phones out of alignment or contributing to microphonics, but it could use more graduated strain reliefs (like those perforated/ribbed molded-on designs) to protect them from those nasty deflections.

For my ears, the small and medium "isolation plus" Comply tips helped quite a bit to smooth out the treble, which did seem almost Sony-dynamic-harsh. It wasn't until I donned the large TX-100 tips that any lower bass extension showed up to the party. Isolation is average, and you have to insert the tips pretty deeply, but I'll trade that in a hot second for the wide soundstage these cans possess.

[Update 2014-10-11]: The right earphone shield braid failed at the strain relief/cord junction (-1 star). I attribute the failure to the non-molded cord jacket, which was loose and wrinkled soon after purchase, and the poor strain relief design. Still, they managed to last just under two years. Whomever said these were serviceable was most likely mistaken; I see no way to open these up to re-cable them. I'm going to try the OM Audio INEARPEACE hybrid IEMs.
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on April 17, 2012
I've had a pair of these for about a year. I bought them after the right bud on a pair of Klipsch earbuds I had suddenly went out for no reason. I hang them up usually when I'm done with them, and I haven't submerged them or stomped on them, but they have seen daily use for about a year now. I've snagged the cord on things and had them ripped out of my ears, worn them in a drizzle, jogged and cycled with them and never put them back in their case once. Point is: They're still working.

The actual buds look very cool, but the cords between the split in the main cable and the buds themselves are jacketed in a some sort of loose, soft plastic material. It hasn't ripped or anything, but it's very wrinkly and doesn't look that great.

The sound quality is good. The bass isn't overly strong like the Klipsches I had, but I prefer it this way anyway.

The day these stop working I'm going to come back and edit this review.
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on November 6, 2011
Out of the box they sound a bit harsh, but we can feel its pleasant soundstage. After 20 hrs of burn-in (driver) harshness reduced significantly but it bothered in quite a few recordings. Before returning them back I want to try them with Comply foam Tx100 tips (Comply Tx-100 Foam Tips (Black) 3-Pair Pack, Medium) which might increase the base and reduce high peaks to certain extent. Once I replaced with comply TX100 foam tips these headphones began to SING...REALLY TRUST ME. Typical sonic character: decent bass, excellent mids and excellent highs all together clubbed with BEAUTIFUL SOUNDSTAGE. You should listen to them to believe me. No mid bass hump...beautiful sound. It might not suit for people who require thumbing bass or cannot bear crisp highs. It has nice bass which flows with the music but nothing on your face bass. Try might fell in love.

sound (with TX100 comply foam tips):
* good bass (will be lacking for some)
* excellent mids
* excellent highs (might be too much for some but I enjoy them)
* beautiful soundstage (very in your head sound anymore)

with Ultimate Ears Triple-fi10: property's has more pronounced base especially mid-base and mids are clearly recessed in comparison. Both these earphones has top notch clarity. I prefer PS200.

with Monster turbine pro copper: if you like a bassy sound with crisp treble then choose coppers. But if you prefer more balance than bass then go for PS200. You don't get the low rumble in PS200.

with Sony Ex1000: Ex1000 has beautiful sound (music). Everything sounds as it should be. No traces of harshness which you might feel sometimes with PS200. I prefer ex1000. But be aware initially out of the box ex1000 sounded amazing. But after few hours of listening (burn-in) like 60hours I did miss something in the sound that was present out of the box (sparkling highs I suppose). But ex1000 sound very natural. I prefer ex1000 (if cost comparison is ignored).

* excellent sound with loads of sparkle (with TX100 tips)
* beautiful soundstage.
* very light. Fit is alright with TX100 foam tips.
* good carrying case.

* with default tips provided, sound feels dull in bass and sharp highs. tips should be deeply inserted to really feel the base, otherwise everything will sound lifeless and baseless, harsh.
* highs can be bothersome at high volumes to a few who like less emphasis on treble.
* not for bassheads. It definitely has decent amount of bass but some people might needs more.
* with default tips fit can be an issue for people with medium to medium large sized ears. TX100 comply ear tips will be decent. Intact to enjoy the sound of these earphones TX100 comply foam tips are mandatory not even t100. Tx100 has extra ear wax guard layer which will remove slight harshness.
* no Mic or volume control buttons.

I really enjoy the sound coming out of these PS200 earphones. For people who like interesting treble with sparkle (like
CK10, Triplefi10, dba02's) will be definitely on this list for recommendation. At times highs can peak. But don't worry you will be rewarded with excellent sound quality with beautiful soundstage (pleasing). Hear it to believe it. But mind you these earphones are not without any cons. I would recommend TX100 comply foam tips to get the best out of these PS200 earphones.

My collection: Ultimate Ears triplefi10, Monster turbine pro copper/gold, Sony Ex1000, Sennheiser ocx880, AKG Q701, Grado SR60i.
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on June 9, 2011
I was hesitant at first to buy this, but no regret after using them. I used these often when I study at Starbucks, B&N or library (yes, even in the library there is chatter that can be annoying). I put them on and background noise is nearly at ZERO. Then, I sit and study happily. :D
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on October 22, 2012
Total waste of money. The most appalling earphones I have ever used. Almost no bass!!!! And I mean, NO BASS. Dont waste your money on these, go for the monster turbines, they're cheaper too.
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