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on May 26, 2014
I had been taking an anti-anxiety medication for 20 years. Unfortunately, it made my hair fall out, affected my vision (could not read fine print if I increased my dosage), and left me in a stupor some days.

Just like some of the other reviewers here, my naturopath suggested L-theanine. I was shocked to find out how effective L-Theanine was. It works just as well as my medications ever did, and I have no side effects that I can notice. Taking 800 mg per day for five months, still working.

Update: I found myself waking up after 4-5 hours sleep every night. I switched to a sustained release version (Natures Life) of L-theanine before bed and that allows me to sleep a full 8 hours. I now take 400 mg Source Naturals at lunch and 400 mg Natures Life sustained release before bed. The source naturals acts faster, so it's great to have when I need a quick acting L-theanine during the day.
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on October 20, 2013
200–400mg combined with a coffee, tea, or soda 1-2 hours before an exam is an amazing combination. I feel relaxed but clear and alert when I take theanine. It has a good safety profile, too. Highly recommended for anyone who feels too jittery with caffeine or wants a safe and gentle alternative to anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals.
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on May 23, 2009
I used to take prescription meds for my anxiety. After all the nightmares, I tried natural remedies on my own without luck and with some unfavorable side effects. At the advice of my naturopath, I started taking these L-Theanine pills. At lower doses I don't feel much other than a slight elevation of calm about an hour later. But at 400-800 mg a day, I can curb my horrible anxiety. The biggest bonus is there are no risks, no side effects! It doesn't get rid of my anxiety completely, but it makes it so much more manageable! It brings it to a point where I can reason with myself and talk myself out of it - something anyone with real anxiety disorder knows is pretty much impossible to do!
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on February 27, 2012
For many years, I've had issues with stress and anxiety. Additionally, I had possessed a quick temper, a lack of patience, and a moderately anti-social attitude. I was aware of all of this, but generally unable to control it. My attitude was "I'm an A-hole and I'm comfortable with that". I often wondered what it would be like not to be a slave to my social anxiety and temper.

Thanks to L-Theanine, now I know.

A coworker had recommended L-Theanine to me because we are both on a highly stressful project together. Within a day or two of taking 400mg, I found that my attitude had changed dramatically. Not only did I no longer feel stressed about work, things that would have formally made me go ballistic no longer phased me. Crowds don't bother me anymore. I've become far more patient and understanding of other people. I've become a lot more social. And the great thing is, I feel like people are reflecting that positivity back to me.

I've dialed in my daily dose to 600mg. How's it working? Well this weekend, my water heater sprung a leak. Replacing it and having the water damage taken care of set me back about $2000. My thought was, "It could have been a lot worse." It feels so good to see the glass as half full.
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on November 20, 2012
I've suffered from General Anxiety Disorder/Agoraphobia/Panic Disorder/etc since I was 17 and depression since early childhood. It got bad enough to where I stopped going to high school for the last half of my senior year, and had to drop out of two different colleges, one 3 months before graduation, because of the panic attacks. In the past 10 years I've tried everything from alcohol (which unfortunately works well), valerian root, st. john's wort, passion flower, kava kava, and various other "herbal" remedies. Some did work to a varying degree, but nothing to make me want to purchase them again.

After having terrible experiences in my teens with different SSRIs and benzodiazepines, I've refused to take brain-altering prescription medication for anxiety or depression. I feel this way because after years of researching the FDA, AMA, and major Pharmaceutical companies, one can only come to one conclusion: They only care about profiting from prolonging your sickness as long as possible, and do not have your best interest at heart. Which is the reason there will never be a medically acknowledged cure for cancer, AIDS, or any other terminal illness. There is little to no money in cures. Lifelong prolonged treatment is where the big bucks are. The need you alive, but just sick enough to require their products like you require oxygen.

Medical professionals get lucrative "treats" from pharmaceutical drug peddlers to sell their wares. I'm sure you've been in your doctors office, and saw the very well dressed person with Merck/GSK/Pfizer paraphernalia walk in, and then suddenly wonder why your Dr. rabidly insists on "prescribing" you their products while drinking from a Pfizer mug, writing notes with his AstraZeneca pen, on his GSK notepad, rather than the $7 OTC herbal remedy that has shown in established studies to work as well or better than placebo, or the prescription drug. In fact, doctors are forbidden by the AMA/FDA to say that ANY 'nutraceuticals' or herbal remedies are effective for treating anything. They would simply lose their medical license. If you want to treat something as an M.D. you had better do it with your prescription pad, or else.

However, I digress...

I recently had a horrible flare up of panic attacks in addition to just being overall uneasy, nervous, and on edge. I rashly ordered 3 different products I had yet to try before to soothe my nerves. A bottle of Ashwagandha, a powdered magnesium drink, and this product. At the point I got the bottle from the UPS guy, I had been unable to eat, and was terribly nauseous with intense hunger pangs despite inhaling other "herbs" trying to relax. I can tell you within 30 minutes of taking one pill of this brand of L-Theanine on an empty stomach (works best empty), I regained my hunger, my anxiety went from an 11 down to a 5, and proceeded to order a pizza in my haste because I was so excited to have a taste for food again, and so quickly. I don't think any other review I've read mention this, but it definitely has that effect on me as my body again proved to me over the next several days, to present.

As far as settling my anxiety went, it works better than anything I've tried OTC. The best I can do to explain its effect ON ME is to relate it on previous experiences with other medications. FOR ME, it has the physical calming and stomach settling qualities of 2-3 beers in that it reduces the intense internal "ball of stress" feeling I get in my diaphragm, and the all-over sensation of extreme tenseness I tend to have. It's effect mentally for me was most similar to Vicodin in terms of turning down the volume/intensity of racing or panicky thoughts. It doesn't make me groggy, or foggy, or anything negative at all. It's only real downside is that I have to now purchase this product for as long as I have anxiety management issues because nothing else works as good as this for me.

I don't want to oversell this damn thing, but it is honestly the closest thing next to narcotic pain killers to a "quick fix" miracle pill I've found. Although its effects do wear off within some hours so you have to take them as often needed. I've needed as little as 1 a day, and as most as 8-10. Honestly for what it does, it could last only 30 minutes and I'd still buy it. After only two days of taking these pills, I purchased a small bottle for my two best friends, and recommended it to five others including my parents. Everyone so far has raved about its surprising efficacy. Maybe Source Naturals can hire me as a walking-proof salesman lol.

As always your mileage may vary. BUT if you can honestly say that anxiety has affected your life enough for you to need to look on Amazon for help, you ought to try this product once.

BUUUTTT if you can get a hold of a cannabis patient card, or if it's legal in your area, research more into it for yourself. Because for em, and others I know, cannabis is the holy grail for anxiety/social phobia sufferers. BARNONE.
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on March 12, 2007
A friend recommended this to me for anxiety and it has been a goddess-send. You feel markedly less anxiety within 30-45 minutes, without feeling drowsy or any other side effects, or feeling like you have been medicated. If you are like me and your head just starts to spin when you lay down at night with stressful thoughts, this helped tremendously with that. Great stuff.
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on November 17, 2010
I've been taking benzo's to sleep for years now. Benzo's mixed with everything under the sun including melatonin and almost every sleeping pill there is out there. I've tried it all. A friend mentioned this and I did a little research to see what it was about. I bought the 200mg dose bottle and slept like a baby for the first night in years. Still, I was skeptical, maybe I had just wished it to work well I tricked myself into making it work. Well, I'm two weeks in and I've been sleeping great at night. I take it about 30mins before I go to sleep and I wake up feeling great! I've started taking it during the day to see if it'll impact my every day life. I notice that I'm much more relaxed and able to concentrate better. I don't know if that's an effect of me sleeping better or the pills, but either way it's a positive thing. I have no idea how the other reviewers said they couldn't notice any effects. That being said, it isn't a chemical/forced feeling like with sleeping pills - you're just _relaxed_. A truly wonderful product!

Update: Just thought I'd update since it's been about a month of using L-theanine almost every day. If I stop taking it for one day my sleeping problems occur again that same night. I find I get better sleep and feel better during the day if I take a pill during the day and night rather than just when I'm going to bed. Completely worth the money - this is something I would recommend to anyone who has sleeping problems related to anxiety (or just for anxiety in general!).
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on May 24, 2013
This didn't work for me at all. I started taking it a few days ago, 400 mg. the first day, throughout the day, and 450 the next, for anxiety and as a natural way, in the future, to keep my blood pressure low (besides my daily Resperate sessions) without having to take any more bp pills. Anxiety has been a major problem for me from a very young age. There may have been a negative interaction between the pills and L-Theanine. I did find a post yesterday about Zoloft and L-Theanine together causing high blood pressure and fast heart rate, which is what happened to me.

Initially I felt more relaxed throughout the day, but yesterday morning I woke up at 1:45 a.m. with a high pulse and a loud, pounding heartbeat. It was difficult for me to go back to sleep as my anxiety skyrocketed. It was quite frightening. I was too afraid to take my blood pressure. I ended up taking an Ativan to calm down, thus defeating the purpose of taking the L-Theanine in the first place. Yesterday I didn't take any L-Theanine, and this morning, after having nightmares last night (which I rarely have), my blood pressure was very high, even after a Resperate session, which probably meant that my blood pressure had been even higher before the session. My pulse was also up. I'm hoping the L-Theanine will be completely out of my system soon.

If there's some other brand someone can refer me to, that would actually lessen anxiety and not cause a spike in blood pressure and pulse, I would be grateful to know! However, I will not take another L-Theanine pill from Source Naturals. I actually bought it from Vitamin Shoppe but would like to tell of my experience here also. (Not sure if this is appropriate to do, but it might help someone.)
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on October 22, 2013
This product is quality. The 200 mg 60 capsule 2 pack was a good buy as well. Source naturals seems to be a good company from my experience and the Theanine allows me to wind down before sleep time, so I can fall asleep.
I will order this product again because it does work for me. If I was to use this during the daytime it does not make me drowsy, I am alert and relaxed.
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on September 17, 2010
I am very skeptical of supplements, but I actually have a significant and noticeable change in my attitude when I take this. Trouble with anger over the slightest thing, like dropping something or taking a wrong turn or a slow computer...just gone. Great!
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