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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 15, 2011
This is a great tool to save time at the range. My wife and I have difficulty fully loading magazines by hand and this is our solution on maximizing range time instead of struggling to load the last few bullets. However, we continue to practice hand loading magazines as well to ensure we are not overly reliant on this tool in case of an emergency. The instructions indicate oiling the spring (located at underside) to prevent corrosion or any noise.

Steps for loading magazine:

1) Align tool and magazine so that the bullet indicator on the top of the device is facing the correct way you would load the bullet into the magazine.
2) Place tool over magazine
3) Squeeze/fully compress tool
4) Press tool down over magazine (feed ramp will compress magazine plate)
5) Insert bullet in correct direction
6) Raise tool up while releasing the tool
7) Repeat until magazine is fully loaded

Fits 9mm, .357, 10mm, .40, and .45 cal magazines to suit future handgun purchases

Compact - can be locked in compressed state
Relatively inexpensive
High quality - fit and finish indicate this device should last a long time
Accepts wide range of ammunition 9mm to .45ACP


Bottom line: Highly recommended

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll respond when available.
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on February 6, 2009
This loader takes all of the pain out of loading modern pistol magazines. Using the left hand (for right handers), the loader is placed lightly over the magazine and it self centers on the magazine. Depressing the front panel with the left thumb places a tongue over the magazine follower. Holding the front panel depressed, the left index finger over the loader top strap and gripping with the remaining fingers, the left arm is used to press down, depressing the magazine follower enough that the first round can be placed on the tongue with no trouble or force. Relaxing the vertical pressure on the loader captures the round in the magazine, and the front panel is then released causing the tongue to exit from under the first round. This is repeated all the way to the last round, no matter how many rounds the magazine will hold or how strong the magazine spring is. I was able to use the loader from .45 down to include .32 caliber magazines, both single and double stack. Instead of using your fingers to depress the magazine spring, the arm muscles are used, making it much more efficient.
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on October 15, 2008
This is one of the greatest inventions in firearms technology ... EVER. My wife and I use this when we hit the shooting range and she has trouble loading the last couple rounds in our 1911. With this, she has no problems. Also when we try out another semi-automatic pistols this thing works for them as well. You will save time and you won't PERMANENTLY leave indentations in your thumbs from having to push rounds into your clips. Squeeze, push down, drop in round, release, and repeat. For any semi-auto pistol enthusiast, this is a great buy or gift.
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on June 1, 2010
I am a brand new pistol owner. At 60 years old I finally purchased my first pistol for home protection and peace-of-mind. I excitedly took my new 9mm Smith & Wesson to a target range and fired away with abandon. It did not take long before I realized that all was not sunshine and lollipops. I live in California where the legal maximum mag for any gun sold in this state is 10 rounds even though the mags are originally designed to hold 16 rounds each for most other states. I pre-loaded the two mags that came with my new protection before leaving for the range from home and didn't think too much of it. Twenty rounds, big deal. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to guess how long it takes to fire twenty rounds from a semi-automatic pistol, right? Just a single standard box of ammo is 50 rounds. I had two boxes. By the end of the 1st box I was tired and annoyed by re-loading. By the middle of the 2nd box, my fingertips had become sensitive and sore loading those two mags. Geez, I thought, what a downer to the shooting experience. Do all shooters do this? Today, a kindly gentleman shooting about 10 feet from me introduced himself and engaged me not only in pleasant conversation, but decided that I looked like the neophyte I was, and offered some shooting tips. He was great. He also owned the Lula mag loader for his various pistols and told me it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Boy was he right! He showed me how to use it, and it was heaven. I'm a new shooter and didn't even know that something like this even existed. Thank goodness I found out only my 2nd time out. As soon as I got home I hopped on the computer and lo and behold found this item on $7 cheaper than my local gun shop (which was sold out) or any place else on the web. I love Amazon! I am so looking forward to my little gadgets' arrival within the week.

I had forgotten I never 'finished' this review. My loader arrived months ago. As of this writing I've loaded at least a thousand or more rounds with it. Makes filling my California 10 round clips a snap at about fifteen seconds each, ten if you're racing anybody. Would never be without it.
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on November 11, 2011
This is a very well made and well designed product that probably is about as good as it gets in terms of doing what it is supposed to do. My main gripe is with the very minimal instructions. After reading what was on the package and watching a video from the company that makes the loader, I immediately went about loading one of my mags as instructed. The problem is that when using this on a mag that has a plastic follower, the steel tab that pushes down the round in the mag can (and did) damage the plastic follower. However, if one just inserts the first round and THEN uses the loader, then there is no problem. Nowhere in the written instructions does it make this clear. As a matter of fact, in the video it is clear that that the first round is NOT loaded in the mag so that damage to the follower does not occur. I suppose that it could be argued that I should have been more careful and anticipated that the tab might damage the plastic follower, but I would counter that the instructions should have been more clear about this possibility and emphasized it more. Certainly, the video from the company should have demonstrated it and in fact it did quite the opposite.
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on June 30, 2012
My wife was having a difficult time loading the 16 round mag for her 9mm. It gets tougher as the mag sping gets compressed. After the first 4 rounds her thumbs couldn't do any more. Okay, I'll admit it hurt my thumbs too but being the man I didn't let on around her. I found this Butler Creek LULA Universal Pistol Loader on Amazon and "wow" what a difference. My wifes thumbs and my thumbs thank you Butler Creek for such a great idea. I also claimed some brownie points with the wife for being so kind and thoughtful concerning her thumbs. (Still didn't tell her about how it also helped my thumbs too). I'm a hero thanks to this LULA Universal Loader. It's simple to use and speeds up reloading time a lot and makes shooting more enjoyable. Oh and now the wife likes to load the mag for my .45 as well. Life is good! I can't say enough about this devise, just buy one!
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on June 18, 2008
This is a miracle for hand loading. Take it to the range and it becomes a joy instead of a chore. Load approx 1 round a second once you are used to it. If you don't have one, you don't know what you are missing!
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on January 26, 2011
Loading any pistol magazine is tedious and painful, so any 'loader' will help. They all push the top bullet down into the magazine far enough to be able to slip the next round in. On every other loader I've seen, the vertical part that pushes the bullet down is still there at the back of the magazine, in the way of the round you're loading. You have to retract the device which lets the spring press against the bullet that's still only half way in. Then you have to push the bullet the rest of the way into the magazine against the spring pressure. It's better than doing it without a loader, but you still get a sore thumb.
This is where the LULA LOADER is different. You slip the loader over the magazine until it rests on the top of it. When you squeeze the spring loaded pivoting front section, a horizonal arm comes in from the front side of the magazine and rests on top of the magazine's spring follower. Continuing to squeeze, you then push down on the whole device and the arm pushes the follower down far enough that you can slip a bullet into the magazine with room to spare. Since there's no vertical part in your way, you can slide the round all the way in with ease. While you're still holding the loader down, you relax your grip so the spring loaded front section can retract the arm out from under the bullet. There is another spring loaded device inside the loader at the back, that will push the loader back up to its starting position as you relax your arm. You start the cycle again, this time with the arm pushing the first bullet down, making room for the next one. It takes a little coordination at first but soon becomes second nature.
You want to make sure you're using a stable work surface. Because of the angled shape of the bottom of pistol magazines, you should have a raised edge to push back against while you're pushing the loader down so it can't slip away from you. You should round over the slightly sharp edges, especially where your middle finger rests while you're pushing down.
There is a sliding lock that tends to get pressed down from time to time, locking the front section in its compessed position. I found that a little CAREFULLY applied crazy glue keeps that from happening, although you may want it to remain functional. This loader also has a little dawg on the back side, that strips rounds from the magazine, too. Just like loading, it's easy to use when you get the knack.
The loader seems well built and sturdy, although it's made mostly of plastic. But then, no one had faith in Glock at first, either.
So...., who would spend $35 for this thing? Everyone who tries it who has loaded even one magazine without it! Considering the ease of use and the speed of loading, it's a no-brainer and worth every cent. In fact, you had better get two of them in case you leave one sit out in plain sight for too long.
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on May 13, 2013
I used this on my Beretta 96 double stack .40 S&W 11 round magazines and it was more than easy. I then used it on my ProMag BER-A7 20 round double stack magazines for .40 S&W and it worked flawlessly. I loaded the ProMag magazines in now time. The spring will want to "hang" on you when loading the high capacity magazines but if you push down evenly it works every time. You can use one hand on the upLula and the other to load the rounds. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to speed load a few hundred rounds. Check out my pictures!
review image
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on July 23, 2009
I turned to this device because I had 4 .40cal. double-stack magazines with springs so stiff it was impossible to load more than 7 rounds of a 14 round capacity. Out of the box, the Uplula worked as advertised. I loaded all mags to full capacity in a few minutes. I'm very fussy and I endorse this product. Careful on the range-when other shooters see it in action. You can wind up reloading everyones magazines.
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