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on November 22, 2008
I specifically looked at this model because of the Bluetooth capability and the initial pairing and the call quality are great. Here are my two gripes that ultimately lead me to take the unit back after trying it for a couple of weeks:

1) You can only have 1 active bluetooth phone paired at a time. Most phones that support this allow for at least 2 paired devices.

2) The auto-pair technology. This was the deal breaker. The idea is the unit will reconnect with your phone should you take it away and bring it back. That works only under one condition - that you don't actually use a bluetooth headset with the cell phone in the meantime. Because I use a bluetooth headset when I am in the car, everytime I would return home there would be no connection and I would have to go through and manually pair the unit again. This became highly annoying after a few days and finally did me in.

So, the phone itself worked great and had clear reception both in cordless mode as well as in cell mode, but if you are shopping specifically for the bluetooth feature, then you might need to keep looking.
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on October 29, 2008
Easy to set up. Great quality. BLUETOOTH WORKS AWESOME. I pd 90 for my set. 3 phones 2 chargers 1 base. My only complaint is that the back lighting on the keys is not all that bright. During daytime usage it is hard to see if the speaker phone light is actually lit (but you can look at the screen, and hear it as well). The Call log is a bit hard to navigate though at first, but you get used to it. Setting up the bluetooth was as easy as it could have been. The whole thing was set up (bluetooth, outgoing message, time and date) in less than 5 min. Battery life is great as well. Making calls from your cell is super easy, just tap the "celluar" button and it is ready. The range for the base to pick up your cell phone is crazy. I can go across the street and the base will pick it up still. (I tested it with my cell in one hand and a phone in the other AND was able to make a call) So, I highly recommend this set.
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on November 9, 2008
Overall, this is a nicely done phone system. Setup was a breeze. You can actually do it without the manual. Best of all the Bluetooth link feature works perfectly (with my Moto Razr V3c). It's worth it for that feature alone. The Dect 6.0 won't interfere with your WiFi network. Handset volume is very good, unlike the competing Panasonic Bluetooth enabled phones. Keys have a nice tactile click when pressed and I find the blue backlighting very cool.

I'd give it a solid 5 except for:

1. Handsets have no belt clips.
2. Handsets have no jacks for an external headset.
3. No provision for naming handsets. Ie. you can't change "Handset 1" to "Kitchen" for example. Uniden has all these features.
4. Made in China - but then is *anything* still made in the US?
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on February 23, 2009
Bought this phone a month ago and have been more than happy with it. Actually set the clock without even looking at the manual... No problem with the bluetooth reconnecting when I return home - I can hear it beep when I am in the driveway. The speaker phone is great and easy to hear - also has volume control. You can set a different ring for the cell so you know before looking at the phone it is a cell call. Making a cell call is sooooo easy and much better than holding a cell phone. The best part is you can be talking on one handset using the home line and someone else can answer a cell call on another handset. Or you can place the first call on hold. I highly recommand this phone. For those who don't like the features BUY A PHONE THAT HAS WHAT YOU WANT!!!
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on March 25, 2009
Setup was easy with my Nokia 6102i phone. As stated by others, you can only have 1 bluetooth pairing to this phone. I use a number of wireless devices and none seem to be affected thanks to the DECT 6.0 technology. The sound quality is clear and the range is good. In lieu of the missing headphone jack, I use the handset's speakerphone which works great for me. Best of all, I have not experieced the dreaded "Searching For Base" error, at least not yet.
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on February 12, 2009
I have a system comprising the base and a total of five handsets. Several times a week the base drops its connection with all five handsets, which all display "searching for base". The condition lasts until the base unit power is recycled, during which time there is no phone service. Isolating the phone from my wireless network and Bluetooth equipment doesn't help.

Additional problems are that the base can be paired with only one cell phone at a time, and it is cumbersome reconnecting the cell phone upon return to the house. I gave up and installed a bluetooth gateway on my phone service (Comcast VOIP)

The handsets lack a headphone jack, an inconvenience.

Quality and range are excellent when the phone is working, but intermittent loss of service is unacceptable.
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on September 23, 2012
I bought one of these systems for a reasonable price from BJ's with 4 hand sets. I pair it with my cell phone which hangs on the top floor for optimal reception, and the phone system is capable of working simultaneously with both my cell phone and my land line, which is great, and let's met get best cell reception but use cell connection from anywhere in house.

Now for the problems. All hand set related.
Of the four hand sets:
One hand set developed a problem where any attempt to use the speaker phone made it hang up the connection.
Two hand sets have an annoying buzz, seemingly at any charge level of the battery, but perhaps the age of the batteries is a factor.
And at least two of the hand sets now (after close to 3 years) manage their charge poorly. While they'll give me an hour and a half
of talk time, or more, the go from reporting a half full or better charge status to empty with no warning whatsoever. Maybe this is just
the nature of Ni-MH battery chemistry.

Anyway, the upshot is that my handsets are almost unusable now.
I'd consider new batteries for them but the buzzes and speaker phone problems make me think I should just replace
the whole hand set ... set.

The base unit has been flawless. My only complaint there is that it doesn't take a battery to preserve clock settings
on power outtages.

So I'm going to get something to replace the hand sets, and maybe the whole AT&T base unit + hand set collection.
The idea of connecting to land line by wire and cell phone by bluetooth works well in practice and is critical
where I live for getting good cell reception (since I can hang it on the top floor and use it from anywhere).
But there are days this era of shoddy cheap electronics really grates on me, like when I can't find the hand sets
that won't buzz on my conference call or when the call cuts out unexpectedly in the middle of the meeting.
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on February 19, 2009
This phone caught my eye because of the "bluetooth enabled" sticker on the display. My initial thought was it would be nice to get more use from my $100 jawbone headset! Wrong.. The salesmen at Best Buy are only capable of reading the box, any information beyond that is suspect. You can NOT use a bluetooth headset.

Setting all that aside, I do like the phones. I found the instructions a little complicated, not real intuitive. I am a techno geek (I was learning about bluetooth back when all the salesmen were still referring customers to a dentist) so this would concern me if i were recommending this phone to my parents for example, actually I am a little concerned that my wife might not figure it out, but time will tell. Reading other reviews, maybe my mistake was to read the manual? We have very touchy cell phone reception so it works very well to put the cell on a charger in a window and connect with this phone system, a feature I honestly didn't care much about but am quickly seeing the value.
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on January 14, 2009
All three phones constantly display "SEARCHING FOR BASE" and won't turn on. I've unplugged and replugged the battery in but to no avail. This has happened at least 5 times in the past month.

I use Tmobile's HotSpot@Home (VOIP technology, like Vonage), which I have one issue after another (static, frequent disconnections, no connections, etc.) so I'm not sure if it's related. The phone can easily be confused with your remote control (which about the same size).

I tried to pair it with my BlueAnt bluetooth, but the phone wouldn't allow it.

I'm surprised that a company like AT&T would produce such a poor performing product. I realize that Dect 6.0 is still fairly new technology, but these bugs have to worked out before a product is made available to consumers.
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on July 10, 2009
I could not reach anyone for help at AT&T to help me resolve problems with this product, just redialed 5 typed to re enter all issues etc...

PROBLEM: after entering all my diectory phone numbers it dumped {erases} them . Happened 3 times! Would not buy another AT&T product! I rate this product & support for it very poor!
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