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on November 24, 2008
I have both the omron 720it (computer downloadable) and hj 112...both are extremely accurate and easy to use...this revision of the pedometer concept is terrific...small size is convenient for pocket but large numbers are easy to see...easy to set and really does work in any position...the display blanks out to save power so it is inconvenient to constantly look at it...still not much of a problem...i checked it against my other omrons and it's within keeps better track of aerobic activity than the others (they only record after 10 min of activity...the hj 303 after 4 seconds)...overall, the size (small) and accuracy and ease of use make this pedometer an outstanding device for walking or running.
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on May 4, 2009
This pocket pedometer is smooth & slim and easily fits in a pocket for use. The leash has a good clasp and using it makes me comfortable that the pedometer isn't going to slip out of my pocket. It also has an adjustable clip, to use on a waist band or belt.

Tracks moderate pace walking in addition to the overall steps for the day. I never need to reset it, unless I want to track the overall total for a specified event (the TRIP function). It doesn't lose the data for the week, and the counter starts fresh after midnight each day.
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2009
I really like this little pedometer. I've had so many pedometers you would think I collect them (hmmmm...maybe I do now!) This one is easy to set. It has a removable beltclip that is easy to install and holds comfortably on my waistband. With other pedometers I've had problems with them popping off if I bend over or sit down. This one is small so doesn't get that same upwards pressure on it when I move that way. It is easy to slip in a front pants pocket and small enough to work well in a shirt pocket as well (although I haven't used it that way). I haven't tried it in my purse, but I suspect it would work that way as well since it handles being carried in my pocket just fine and I've also tried carrying it in my hand to test the accuracy there. I think I've bought my last pedometer...I love this one. I really like being able to see just how many steps I've taken and that it encourages me to keep moving toward my 10,000 steps a day. And, it's small and light enough that I often forget I'm even wearing it!
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on October 3, 2009
This pedometer is the best one we have ever had and we have had lots of them. We bought ours in June 2009. I got two of them to track our daily walking activity. We walk a miniumum of 10K steps per day and the Omron tracks it very accurately. It is small, about 3 by 1 1/4 inches, weighs 31 grams with the lanyard and clip attached, is easy to carry in our pocket or attach to our clothing or belt, and automatically goes into battery saving mode by turning off the display after a couple of minutes. The display is reactivated when touching one of the three buttons, memo-up arrow, mode-single dot, and CLR-down arrow. There is a recessed reset button on the back that is used to change or reset any of the options or the time. It can easily be pressed with a paper clip or the tip of a lead pencil.

We use ours every day. The only time we really take them off is at night. We compare our steps every once in a while to see who is ahead for the day. It is silly but fun and keeps us motivated to walk more. I used ride a bike but not so much lately because the Omron does not register steps when biking :-).

Accuracy - we found it to be very accurate in measuring steps and distance. I confirmed it with my iPhone app that measures and tracks distance and speed using the built-in iPhone GPS. In a 2 mile walk there was very little difference in the distance or number of steps walked. The Omron needed to be calibrated with the length of our stride and then it accurately measured distance traveled. It was also very accurate at determining when we had taken a step no matter how we were holding the Omron. It does not track non-steps because it knows that steps are rhythmic and will not even consider any steps taken until at least 4 "steps" are recognized by the device and these 4 steps are then added to the step count in addition to current steps that are being taken. It does not continuously update the display with each step; instead it only updates the screen periodically to conserve battery life.

Medium steps - It counts the number of steps we take between about 2.5 and 3.5 mph, which is always smaller than the total number of steps. This is very useful because my wife's Weight Watcher charts only count medium steps. We try to get at least 10k steps each day and usually about 7-8k of them are medium steps.

Multiple displays and history - It provides 7 days of history for each of the displays except the trip display. The displays are: Step count, current time, moderate step count, moderate minutes, calories used, distance traveled, trip steps, trip days. We can see the current day values for all of these displays as well as yesterday, 2 days ago, etc., up to 7 days back. The trip steps and trip days is used for tracking total number of steps and the number of days it took to get those steps. This last display can be reset at anytime if we want to keep track our total steps taken or use it to track the steps on a specific trip. The counter only goes to 999,999 so it is not good for tracking total steps over a long period. The display values reset to zero each night at midnight to count the steps taken on the new day. The trip displays do not reset until we do it manually.

Customizable - There are several values we can change to get accurate information out of the displays. These values can be changed by pressing the recessed reset button on the back. It first asks for the current time, weight, height, and stride length. Instructions are provided to easily determine our stride. If any of these values ever need updated pressing reset again will take us through the screens with the current value of the particular option displayed first.

Multiple attachment methods - It comes with a belt clip, lanyard, and clip that goes on the end of the lanyard. The belt clip is small and the Omron slides in and out of the clip vertically and is quite snug. The other clip is very unique. I had never seen one like it and when I learned how it worked I wondered why all clips are not made this way.

Excellent customer support - I had a problem with mine. The time kept resetting without my intervention. I opened an online ticket and received a quick response and fix for the problem. Turns out I had my pedometer and Blackberry Pearl in the same pocket and the RF from the phone reset the time on the Omron once in a while. They fixed it in a heartbeat after I have been experiencing this problem for several weeks.

Low cost - This was a very low cost item for the functions it provides and the 3-axis capability, which we found very helpful. I actually bought a 3rd one to have just in case one of the other two goes bad.


Separate out trip from total steps - Right now you must pick between total steps walked by simply never resetting this value and trip steps. Although the display says trip steps it can be used for total steps walked for any duration until it reaches 999,999 steps. The total steps display should have an additional digit so that 10m steps could register. We reach 999,999 in about 3 months so an additional digit on the step counter would allow almost 3 years of total steps walked.

Add more days in the memory - There are currently only 7 days of memory. Increasing this to at least a month would be very helpful. If we could also just hold down the up/down arrow keys to scroll it would make it easier to scroll through more days.

Add total moderate steps and days display - trip steps counts all steps taken since the value was last reset. Adding another display for total moderate would be helpful for those who want to achieve an average number of moderate steps over time.

Date setting - It would be helful to provide a date setting so that you could see the date and day of week for any prior period that was saved in the history.

Make it smaller - there is unneeded space between the display, the buttons, and the outer edge of the device. Although it's pretty small and light now, a smaller device would be even better, The battery compartment can be shifted to the middle rather than on the bottom of the back.
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on August 5, 2009
I also own the HJ-112. The HJ-303, unlike the HJ-112 does not have a reset button to clear all the data on the fly, rather you must wait until midnite for it to automatically reset all data. Very annoying. Also, the distance is given as XX.X, as opposed to the HJ-112 which will give you XX.XX. Having said that, the HJ-303 does have a sleep mode after 5 minutes that the HJ-112 does not, which will give better battery life. HJ-303 has aerobic movement starting after 4 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes with the HJ-112. The HJ-303 claims tri-axis but I find it stops counting while holding it horizontally in my hand to occasionally look at the data while walking. All things considered, I like the HJ-112 better and it sells for much less than the HJ-303.
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on September 4, 2009
I bought the HJ-303 from Amazon in June, 2009. I've logged over 300000 steps with it since then. Today, I pulled my shorts from the washer and found the HJ-303 diligently clipped to the pocket. It had gone through the heavy duty cycle in my Whirlpool Duet front loader! It logged 304 moderate steps in there. That's somewhat interesting but, what's even more interesting is that it came out of the washer squeaky clean and ready for my next walk!
I'm very satisfied with this pedometer. I've compared it to the odometer on my car and with other manual pedometers that I own and it is very consistent. Now that it has survived the punish-er, I'm really happy with it. I'm just pleased that I caught it before it went to the dryer. Somehow though, I think it would have been just fine in there too.
I recommend this pedometer.
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on August 9, 2009
This pedometer works great for my casual use, while I can see where it may not meet everyone's specialized needs. I field tested this during a week at Disneyworld where it was fun to see how miles and calories were burned after a week of intense walking. 33 miles, go figure!

Positives: Slim design makes it a no-brainer for throwing in your pocket or bag so I'm more apt to take it with me; very transparent to just have on you. It works in any position, so again, transparent to use. I also don't care about lap timing, so if your only concern is about daily results, the automatic reset at 12am is nice. There is a "trip" feature if you want it, though. I was a little confused by one reviewer who said it "shuts off" but that's not entirely true--just the display times out. This thing works as long as you're moving, which is fine for me (save batteries), as I don't care to micromanage my hourly progress, personally. Just click a button to bring up the display again.

Cons: Again, for my purposes, not many, so check the other reviewers. Biggest pain was cutting through the blister packaging. I hate that stuff with a passion; dangerous with a knife or scissors to open. It would also be nice to have downloading of stats to software like Omron's high-end device, but it only takes a few seconds to put my daily results in a spreadsheet once every few days (7-day history is stored).

Bottom line: If you want a device that is accurate and small enough where you can just throw it in a pocket and forget about it, this is for you. The nice design and simple, versatile operation means I'm carrying it every day. High accuracy, nice usability, and low-hassle take-anywhere design make this perfect.
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on May 3, 2010
I bought this pedometer after reading many reviews of this and similar pedometers. After using it for about 100 days (Jan 19, 2010-May 2, 2010) it suddenly stopped recording steps accurately. Luckily I was quickly able to put my hands on the paperwork as I remembered there was a 1 year warranty on it. Well, well, well. When I called today to get the specifics on where and how to return it, I was told I had to send a check for $8.00 to cover return postage. Paying what I believe is a excessive fee for postage return for a 1-oz item really hit me the wrong way.

I probably would have kept my thoughts to myself as I rarely review products I buy on Amazon except for the fact that I ran to Walmart this morning to make sure the battery wasn't the problem. It wasn't. However, the lady who checked the battery for me said, "That's the third one of this model I've seen in a week." She also said replacing the battery didn't fix those pedometers either.

I thought "planned obsolescence" meant the product was supposed to tear up the day AFTER the warranty expired.
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on April 29, 2010
I have been a real fan of Omron products and own several varieties of pedometers and a blood pressure device - I have been very happy. I purchased this item and started using it at the first of 2010 and loved it - five stars. I walk 10k steps a day and am pretty anal about tracking my progress so...I was upset when all the sudden the time changed. I called the company and they were not very responsive. To me this was a grave problem - it should not do that and should have been replaced. I did not push hard with them, but maybe I am silly and have an expectation that a company will stand behind their products. It has since done it three more times and I will replace it with a pedometer not made by Omron. I went from being a raving fan to being an unhappy customer. I believe I did what I should have done but their product and customer service failed. I cannot recommend this product or the customer service of this company. Good luck and keep walking!!
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on March 4, 2010
I bought this for my husband a few weeks ago & he loved it; until the time started randomly changing. Instead of 1:00pm it would be 10:33am and so forth. Has anyone else had this problem? I returned it but he wants to try another one.
Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer
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