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on March 5, 2009
Third Update (2013):
- Both radio's have completely locked up now and won't even turn on. I submitted multiple requests to Grace support online and they never responded. That being the case I would never purchase a Grace product again.
*I'm usually very sceptical of reviews who rate products low and will always look around to see if this was just a one off product problem or someone who dislikes a company. As noted I had two radios that both died with the same problem with absolutely no support from Grace.

Second Update(2012):
- I originally rated this radio a 5 star and now have lowered it to a 2 star.
Issues: BOTH radios over a few days or a few weeks start and develop weird characters all over the small screen that makes the unit unusable without removing the power at the back and resetting the unit. Once that's done the unit is back to normal. This happens randomly all the time now. I've tried firmware updates and nothing has changed. I will update the review with a screen shot shortly.
- A few radio stations changed their format online and still stream audio that works on other devices and PCs. I go to the Grace Reciva website and the stations all check out normal and show functioning normal. I bring them up on both radios and neither radio works on these stations now. They both get caught in a loop saying "Connecting", "Retrying", "Connecting", "Retrying" and so on and so on. Most of the time I now find it easier to get an old IPHONE, set it to Wifi and sit it in speaker docking station. That works with all radio stations and I know every time I touch the screen it's on and ready to go.

*If Grace fixed the 2 problems above I would rate the unit a 5 star but right now the units just sit gathering dust. I would high recommend not purchasing any version of this radio until Grace figures out the problems. I'm sure both are software related. *

UPDATE(2010): I was so happy with my first IR2000 I purchaced another one for home.

Original Review(2009): I originally rated this radio a 5 star
This is a great radio. I've owned it for nearly a week now and it's worked flawlessly. I was looking for a radio for my desk at work and I couldn't have made a better choice. Over the past few weeks I read every review I could find about every internet radio on the market. I finally decided on this one. I really love it. The sound is great but don't expect to be using it on full volume to cover your entire house. Here is my list of likes and dislikes and I hope it helps.
- The size was perfect for my desk
- It looks very stylish
- I fired up the radio and had it working within minutes without reading the manual
- It was very easy to register at [...] and automatically download my radio stations and streams.
- I added some personal streams and they appeared on the screen of the radio within minutes.
- It was very easy to browse stations around the world without the use of my [...] account.
- The Audio sounded really good. Especially for the size of the radio
- WIFI setup was very simple. I moved it from one network to another and it remembered both password keys (WEP & WPA)
- The signal strength was really good especially with an internal antenna
- Navigation on the screen was very simple.
- When available it scrolled song or audio information across the screen. E.g. I tuned into aircraft traffic control after I added it to own streams after finding in on a website and within minutes weather information was scrolling across the screen.
- The remote is simple to use
- External input for an MP3 player, etc is a great addition
- It can stream audio from just about anywhere.....Radio Station Streams, Pandora, Sirius, Your PC, any MP3/REAL Audio/WMA stream off the net....

- The headphone jack is on the back. I use my headphone a lot and it's a pain having to pull the radio forward each time I want to plug them in. Some people may find it useful to plug other input devices in the front and others may find it useful to leave their stero plugged into the rear headphone port. Their should be an Aux (External) input on the front and back, and there should also be a headphone output jack on the front and back. That would accommodate every possible scenario.
- Although it's good that the radio is light, it tends to slide a little when I press the select button at times.
- I looked at the manual after I got everything working and it's laid out OK. They could lay it out just a little better.


The radio is well worth the money. It's very easy to use and setup. The sound is great. The menus are easy to use. It's built well. In all it's a fantastic radio. If I were purchase another radio for my desk, beside my bed or on a table in the lounge room, I would buy another one of these for sure. In fact, I'm thinking about it right now. I give this one 5/5.
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on March 13, 2009
This review is for the Grace GDI-IR1000 or GDI-IR2000 internet radio. This product is an updated version of the ITC-IR1000. The only difference between toe 1000 and 2000 is that the 2000 has a remote control.

Network setup was relatively straightforward. I don't normally broadcast my SSID, and I use MAC address filtering, so before scanning for my network I turned SSID broadcast on and disabled MAC filtering. Once I acquired the network I found the radio's MAC address and added it to my allowed devices and turned off SSID broadcast again.

The manual has you connect to[...] where you can register your radio, add stations to your list or set up Pandora. Once you've registered you'll have access to your stations and Pandora directly from the radio. It usually takes about 15 minutes for your radio to be recognized and access your lists. You can also directly access all 15,000 plus radio stations directly from the radio.

Pandora is the icing on the cake for this radio. Once you're registered you can add artists or songs and get customized playlists of similar material. You can select an individual artist to create a playlist from or you can choose QuickMix, which will play selections from everything you choose from your list.

The radio now has 10 presets, using 5 preset buttons plus a shift button for the second 5. This is enough for my needs, but you can always access your favorite stations from the <My Stuff> <My Stations> menu if you need more presets.

One surprise I got early on is that if the Reciva website is down, you won't receive any radio broadcasts. The clock also won't function. The upside is that once you configure your time zone the radio clock will synchronize with a network time server.

Audio quality is very good for a tabletop radio. It's certainly not hi fi quality, but nice for what the product is.

Labels on this radio are no longer a problem. They peel off easily in one piece.

Clock size, as mentioned by others is very small. It would be nice if there was a way to make the clock display larger when the radio isn't playing.

When I received my radio, as configured it took about a minute to connect to my network every time I turned it on, plus several seconds to acquire a station after one was selected. It also didn't remember the last station selected. I never found it in the manual, but under <Settings> <Network Config> <Wireless Standby Power Mode>, Stay connected to wireless in standby needs to be set to yes. Now the radio only takes a couple seconds to acquire a station and it remembers the last station selected.

I'm very happy with this purchase.
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on March 11, 2009
This is a fantastic radio, I've owned it for just over a week, with no
issues. I was very positively surprised with the audio quality
produced by the Grace GDI-IR2000. After going into
"Equalization", in the Settings Menu, adjusting the Treble and
Bass, the sound is amazing. Registering my Grace GDI-IR2000 at was quick and easy. After setting up an account, I put
in the S/N and radio ID numbers of my radio, that are found in the
settings menu of the radio.

- Fantastic sound quality.
- Had zero issues with connection to Internet
-Ten preset station buttons
- Easy to use menus

- Clock too small, as a clock radio the numbers are only 1/4 the size of the full screen making it difficult to read at night, without my glasses. It would be better if the clock numbers filled the full screen area when in an inactive mode.
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on June 2, 2009
I was very disappointed with this device, would not connect to the Internet (on my network, or even another separate network I tried for troubleshooting), and Grace support is really just terrible.

Right out of the box I was able to connect to my router, but no matter what I tried the radio would not connect to the Internet/reciva servers. My first instinct was to check the manual, but there are absolutely no descriptions of any of the error messages or what they mean.

I then tried checking their support website. No knowledge base of any kind, just a forum (which isn't search-able by the way) with many issues and very few answers. In fact, many of the requests for support posted on the forum were unanswered for weeks.

I eventually found some firmware related fixes for the connection error I was getting, apparently there are quite a few known firmware bugs, but of course you can't update firmware if you can't connect to the Internet. This is where an Ethernet port would come in handy. Also, many users report that there are issues with WPA encryption and that they have better luck switching to WEP or turning off encryption. But really you shouldn't have to change your entire wireless network set-up just to get a silly radio to work as it should have to begin with. After exhausting all of the solutions I could find (that were reasonable), I emailed Grace support.

Their support line determined the radio would need to be sent in for repair... and that I would need to pay to ship my brand new radio to them for this to occur. Meh, the hassle just isn't worth it, and I returned to to Amazon for a refund.

I was looking for a web-based replacement for my Sirius home receiver, but I think I'll wait another year with hopes there are some better quality options in the future.
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on May 25, 2009
This is my second Internet Radio. They have been popular in Europe for years and finally seem to be catching on in the U.S.A. The Grace radios are really sweet. Not only can they receive over 13,000 stations from across the world, but Grace supports Pandora, Aupeo and even Sirius (you have to pay for Sirius, but all others are free). The set-up is easy and the sound is incredible. We even connected it from the headphone jack to the input of our stereo and it really works great. Although I wish they have an aux output so we could use that instead of the headphone jack. Once you go Internet radio, you'll never go back to AM/FM or even sat. Even if you still want to listen to your favorite AM/FM station, you can probably still receive it since most stations have an Internet feed. Also, this radio uses the Reciva technology and they support the Clear Channel stations in the U.S.A.
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on September 12, 2009
I just bought this radio several days ago and absolutely love it! Very, very simple to operate, and took literally 15 minutes to set up (and I employ both 128 bit WEP and MAC filtering). In addition to the myriad stations available, I've linked my Internet Radio to my Pandora account; this allows the unit to play music directly from my Pandora radio stations. I can even create new Pandora radio stations directly from the Grace IR (although it is quicker and easier to do this from a computer). The sound quality from the onboard speakers is excellent. I have my unit connected to my home stereo system via the Grace IR's Headphone output into L-R inputs on my receiver. This is an excellent, excellent buy! I am considering purchasing a second unit for my bedroom. I highly recommend this unit.
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on March 2, 2009
This is a fantastic Internet radio. I spent days comparing every model I could find and reading all of the reviews and the Grace Wifi Radio had the best combination of price, features, sound and looks. I have had it for three weeks now and I haven't had any issues. The setup was simple and it connects to the stations must faster than my old Acoustic Energy WiFi Radio. The remote control is my favorite feature even though I listen to it when I go to bed I don't have to reach over to the nightstand I just use the remote. (I know, I'm lazy) I also love that I can search for the stations that I like on the website and then add them to a list and the radio loads them when I turn it on. The only radio that is even close to this is the CC WiFi Radio. It has the same price, has a remote, and is a little smaller but I saw lots of reviews that said the sound quality is terrible compared to the Grace.

You will love this radio!
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on February 22, 2010
I have owned this GRACE GDI-IR1000 radio for a little over a week. When it works, it works well. It appears that almost ALL music, regardless of its source on the Internet, is funneled through the Reciva servers The problem that I have found is that the Reciva servers intermittently have bandwidth problems. I have not experienced any bandwidth problems sourcing music from Pandora. The issue manifests itself with the music stopping while the queue buffers in more of the song. While this is occurring I can switch to Pandora and there is no problem - switch back to Reciva and the problem is back. At times Reciva works without problem so, as I said, the problem is intermittent but present more than absent.

When it works (which is 100% of the time with Pandora) I LIKE it!

I just got it to work serving music from my desktop computer. I shared my music folder but the Grace radio would abort while scanning the files. I figured out that the problem was the length of the filename. Reciva expects the short filenames of Windows (real not pseudo) and my desktop is Linux, which supports long (real) filenames. I truncated the filenames to eight characters and the Grace radio accepted and played my MP3 songs without problem.
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on September 24, 2009
Having lived in large cities much of my life, I missed the variety of music programing in the mid-sized city we chose for retirement. This was a compromise we willingly accepted because the overall quality of life was much improved. Time-Warner broadband and the Grace GDI IR1000 has now given me the equivalent of a larger media market plus the rest of the world: symphonic music direct from London, Vienna, Moscow, etc. Gaelic And other Celtic music from the British Isles, authentic Chinese works from Beijing. It is all free and available 24/7. This little radio produces strong and steady sound even without a stereo hook-up which is available with RCA adapter included. The radio is a compact and attractive table model which is very easy to set up with your existing wireless router. Overall you can expect to spend 2+ hours exploring the choice of stations using the accompanying software to seek the music genres you prefer. Once setup with your selections, you have a lifetime to simply enjoy the music. I love to read another Hamish McBeth mystery book while listening to Celtic music from Radio Scotland. This one of the best purchases I have ever made from Amazon. While this is not a high end 7.1 sound system, it does produce excellent enjoyable sound. With new stations coming on line weekly, you can always add new music sources.
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on November 7, 2009
This internet radio worked well right out of the box. I had no trouble connecting it to my home wireless network. Selecting my 10 preset stations was fast & fun. In addition to the presets, this radio also allows one to store a much larger number of internet radio stations using a scrolling list. The manufacturer provides an excellent website which interfaces the radio to the vast universe of online stations around the world.

One minor drawback is that the built-in speaker is not the greatest audio quality, which is easily solved by connecting the radio's audio output to your stereo or to a good pair of external powered speakers. It should also be noted that the Pandora interface only supports the basic free Pandora bitrate (56 Kbps), not the higher-quality Pandora One bitrate (192 Kbps). I call on fellow Pandora One subscribers to petition Pandora and Grace to develop an interface for the faster bitstream! Of course, this radio does interface with many hundreds of other internet stations with bitrates of 128 Kbps and up.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this Grace internet radio, and I give it my highest recommendation.
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