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on September 9, 2009
I bought this radio and did not know what to think. I am shocked. I have 10 other short wave radios and this one gets one of the best receptions. (With the exception of my Sony ICF-SW77 which is $700 radio).

I am able to pick up stations that I wasn't picking up before with my other smaller radios. It is very easy to use and it comes with outdoor SW antenna. It comes with a great looking case and back light is very useful in the dark.

Eton E100 used to be my favorite portable SW radio but I think I have a new favorite now.

Well worth the price.
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on September 12, 2015
I have had this radio for 3 years now. I have been an avid SW listener for going on 30 yrs. I am not a ham but I was a MURS and Hurricane NET operator in the military so I know a little about HF. I am not going to compare this to a ICOM or Drake ham rig. I will review it on its merit for what is is compared to other consumer grade receivers. I own or have owned Sangean 803A, 818, Grundig S750, S350, DEGEN 1102, 1103, WRX911. First off If you want to listen to utility signals skip this because its SW segments only cover the SW broadcast bands with exception of 120, 90 and 11 meter bands. That being said it covers most of them. This is hands down in my opinion one of the best portable SW travel radios made. This is the reason I purchased it. It controls are extremely simple. It as nice dial that lights up the dial. It is auto shut-off after 20 seconds but has a switch that bypasses that and allows you to leave it on constantly. its has a music news tone switch and an ext ant jack nd a DX local switch which is an attenuator in the local position. This pads the whip as well as the ext ant attached. It has a nice speaker that kinda raises your eyebrows when you 1st hear it because it lacks the tinny, tiring sound most portable this size have. It has a fuller, richer sound. The radio takes 4 AA batteries and they last what seems like 4-ever due to the miserly analog circuitry of this radio. Volume is a slide switch and tuning is a thumb wheel on the right hanf side of the radio. Supposedly you can charge the batteries in the radio and it slow charges the 4 Nmih batteries that come with it even though there are no details in the manual or the box on how it does it. I take the radio with me only when I travel with the exceptions when I get it out to compare to other radios. The FM on this radio is excellent and the stereo thru the headphones is superb, especially when you use a better grade of music headphones. The selectivity and sensitivity on FM are outstanding. The AM portion of this radio is where the people will find it lacking or so it seems. Its AM selectivity is good but sensitivity is mediocre. This not a lost cause though because like a lot of new portable SW radios that don't have a lot of room for a large proper AM antenna you can place an AN100, 200 MW loop antenna near this and the AM band comes alive with signals seeming to leap from the noise floor. I have never a portable SW receiver AM section benefit from this type of AM loop antenna as much as the R9700DX. While packing an AN200 along with isn't in the travel recipe if you have this on your office,study desk or kitchen table with an AN200 loop antenna this is an AM performer. SW selectivity and sensitivity are excellent. It hears signals off the whip that any of my other portables her as long as the R9700DX. The provided long wire should be able to bring in a signal if enough of it is there to bring in. If prefer to use the long wire because it lowers the noise floor so much. On the stronger signals I just use it in the LOCAL position and the pad tames any overload. A roll up long wire is the perfect travel companion. I have a long wire and a multi band long wire in the attic that I run my S750 and 803A on and with the DX/LOCAL switch in local postion this radio pulls any signal pulls any signal the others can as long as it is on the tuning dial with no overload and a super low noise floor. This radio has none of the synthesizer noise that a PLL radio has even though it is dual conversion. I have read reviews on this radio where people try to force the tuning wheel to tune a signal. Don't do this! This will break it. I it can't be tuned it can't be tuned. This radio dial is relative in that with the AC power adapter, Alkaline batteries or Re-chargeables plugged into its analog circuitry the dial will tune in slightly different positions per the the different DC levels fed to its analog circuitry. 1.5VDC AA alkalines vs. 1.2VDC Nimh AA's. With that in mind the radio radio will require about 10-15 minutes for the internals to stabilize but will require a slight nudge from time to time to peak your tuning, not nowhere near the amount an S350 requires. If you are as old as I am and remember the audio that came from the old higher end stereo receivers this radios audio has the same purer sound to it that the pre digitally processed audio use to have. My ears can tell the difference. This radio (or some of the other SW portables) connected to a decent attic antenna and the headphone/line audio piped thru a decent set of powered bookshelf or computer speakers you have a very decent analog SW BCB listening station that will make an S350 green with envy. An AN200 MW antenna completes it. This is a Great BCB radio and hats-off to the engineers who designed it. This is one of the best travel radios made for someone that has no need to receive utility signals. It also has a very, very nice travel case. It's analog tuning is perfect for band scanning in a new area you may be visiting or over staying over-night in. I highly recommend this radio. I am not going to take away from it due to no SSB and the things it doesn't do. You buy it for what is supposed to do and that it does extremely well. This radio is a keeper. If Tecsun reads these reviews it would be nice to see an 803A size radio, analog tuner and dial with fine tuning with S350 speaker audio depth/quality with 120/90 and 11 meters using this technology would be a winner. I don't think SW is going to die and see it as resurgant into the future. A portatop radio with out the hissy digital signal processing and grate audio would be nice. Hopefully they have the engineers who designed this are coraborating on other projects.
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on October 24, 2012
A great radio! For its price, works wonders and you can safely take it anywere. Very sensitive in shortwave, FM and AM also good. Tecsun is doing great shortwave radios!
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on March 16, 2014
Has decent reception on all but the AM broadcast band. AM seems less sensitive than the SW bands and FM. The dial seems to run high on SW bands. On 10 MHz, for example, time station WWV doesn't come in.10MHz, which is on the dial, should have WWV there(Checked with another SW receiver) The dial goes way past where it should be. Doesn't come in anywhere on the SW5 band. The same for 5 and 15 MHz WWV frequencies.(These do come in on other bands but past where they should) These are good reference points to check how accurate calibration is. Not a big deal but could be calibrated better.
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on April 6, 2013
I have owned this radio for about 3 months now. I tell you this is a very good radio.The sound quality is very good. Reception on all bands is excellent. Radio tunes very easily guided by the tuning light. If you are not bothered by the frills on a digital radio, this radio is an excellent buy. It build is strong and sturdy.
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on February 22, 2015
The Tecsun R-9700DX is an amazing radio. Just got it and am impressed by the performance. The audio quality thru the speaker is very good for a midsized radio (even some bass sound). Overall a mellow sound, not tinny. A quick check of the AM band makes me think it will perform well. Have not checked out the SW bands yet. The FM reception on this radio is great. Buy it for the FM alone. The pass/fail test for FM is I can receive 100.7 clear as a bell. This station is sandwiched between two giant local FM stations (100.3 and 101). Something I like is the external antenna jack supports SW and FM with the supplied longwire antenna. Has a DX/Local and mono/stereo switch. It comes with a 6V adapter and mini headphones (which are pretty decent). Something unique is a vertical stand at the base of the radio that helps support the radio in an upright position. The dial light illumination could be more even but OK. Build quality appears to be solid. Tecsun has a winner here. If you want a great performing FM radio with AM/SW at a very decent price, buy the R9700DX.
And last, this is an old school analog receiver. Pretty cool.
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on February 27, 2015
My main intention of purchasing the R9700DX was to possibly replace an aging Sony SW-20 that I've owned for nearly 30 years. As with the R9700DX, the Sony is also dual conversion analog and the R9700DX is about the only choice in this day and age that offers dual conversion with analog tuning. There are distinct advantages of having these features over digital units, primarily low noise floors and better dynamic range due to little or no internally generated noise from flashy digital read-outs or CPU chips. Battery consumption is also very low not having to power many components other than the radio function itself. The SW-20 excels at both of these in addition to its superior sensitivity and selectivity on MW, SW and FM using just the tiny telescopic whip and internal ferrite bar. Truly a marvel of miniaturization and Japanese engineering.

The R9700DX is nearly 3 times the size of the SW-20 and shares the same case and dimensions of the Tecsun PL-600. I knew this at the outset and the paperback book size of the R9700DX is still plenty small and portable enough. Construction is high quality and solid. Tuning is smooth from the top to the bottom of the dial with no backlash but the dial calibration is grossly inaccurate compared to the SW-20. The supplied case is very durable. Dial lighting, while primarily a novelty, is superb and brings back memories of tuning tube radios from years ago. The R9700DX covers considerably more of the SW spectrum that was omitted on the SW-20, most notably the 75, 60 and 22 meter bands. Sensitivity on SW is above average and using anything more than the telescopic whip tends to overload the R9700DX including the supplied longwire. Strong signals bleed up and down frequencies on SW, the SW-20 suffers from this as well but not nearly as much as the R9700DX. Being dual conversion selectivity is very good but the tuning slopes are much narrower on the R9700DX which can make zeroing in on a station tricky sometimes. FM sensitivity is great, on par with the Tecsun PL-380 with much fuller audio fidelity from the internal speaker. Although not as warm sounding as the PL-600, the R9700DX falls somewhere between it and the PL-380. Certainly not unpleasant for both music and voice.

So why the 3 star rating? MW sensitivity is well below average. Only the strongest of stations can be received during daylight hours and in the evening/night when the band is open the R9700DX needs the help of a passive loop to grab decent signals of powerhouse broadcasters that can be picked up on much lesser and inferior radios like the Sony ICF-S10MK2. It's really disappointing, the selectivity is there but having to use an external loop to bring the R9700DX up to the level of a $12 pocket portable in terms of sensitivity on MW is just unacceptable. And I need to add that MW performance was the primary criteria of purchasing this radio, SW second, FM dead last.

With all the other offerings available the R9700DX is still a strong contender among them if your interests only include SW and FM. I challenge you to find another analog multi-band dual conversion receiver without having to buy something used that's 20+ years old or at a hamfest...because you won't. For this the R9700DX is the only game in town that I'm aware of. I really had high hopes for the R9700DX giving the SW-20 a run for its money, but it falls incredibly short in MW performance when it obviously shouldn't.
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on March 31, 2013
I'm not a short waver or a radio expert, but we bought this for my husband's aunt who lives I. South America, so she could listen to I tear national bands. We haven't tried it out down there yet (I'll try to do a follow up in a couple of months after we've had a chance to do so), but the purchase was easy, the seller easy to work with, the price was right and as far as I can tell, it's a really neat little radio for the money. More to come...
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on September 28, 2015
Great analog receiver. Like the sound from speaker and the capability of leaving the dial light lit constantly. Comes with all accesories and a very sturdy case. works great. Nice build quality.
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on April 17, 2016
Great little radio. Very powerful. Awesome sound. Great reception. Highly recommended.
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