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on February 20, 2009
Color Name: BlueVerified Purchase
Good Stuff:

- I type thirty or so pages a week between three different computers. The keyboard on this little guy works great for my purposes. I'm 6'3", 280 lb. and yeah, I have big hands. - Minimal bloatware. Took just a couple minutes to remove the stuff I didn't want.
- Attractive and practical design.
- It has a good display and decent sound... for a netbook.

[Edit] As far as sound goes, it depends on what you're listening to. My Baroque Classical and Russian Chant sounds great, as does anything spoken word. My Swedish Death Metal (and anything similar) sounds tinny and weak.

- While it was no use to me, it came with some basic office programs already loaded. Just one of many things Asus did to try and make this netbook ready to use straight out of the box.
- At least so far... the battery life is pretty close to what's advertised.

[Edit] I'm able to get just under eight hours of operation out of it, without turning the screen brightness all the way down or wireless/bluetooth options off.

[Edit] Swapping out the 1GB Memory stick for a 2 GB Memory stick was easy.

Bad Stuff:

- It attracts finger prints like bees to flowers. Get skins/decals/stickers for the outside cover if you're really OCD.
- Doesn't make coffee.
- Bulky. The wife has a 1002HA with a 2 cell battery and it is soo slim and strim looking compared to mine. Hers is a half pound lighter too. She still gets 4-5 hours of battery life out of hers even with the smaller battery.


For the money, it's one of the best netbooks out there. I looked at almost every netbook available and read over 500 reviews before deciding on this one. I bought the 1002HA (brushed aluminized) for my wife because she didn't need the battery life and wanted something more professional looking.

[Edit] I spent the weekend passing it around to people I know and letting them type on it, and everyone (big or small) pretty much agreed that it was an easy keyboard to adjust to and comfortable. My father ordered the Blue 1000HE (from Amazon!) he liked it so much.

Update [Feb 24th, 2010]

I used this device for almost a year before selling it on the cheap to my friend. His wife quickly laid claim to it however, leaving him sad and bereft. After a year of heavy use my Asus 1000HE held up perfectly. No dead pixels. 200+ recharges later, the battery still held the same charge as the day I laid hands on it. Within my circle of friends and family, two other folks bought the same device and continue to use them as I write this. One friend in particular has dropped hers several times, and while the rattling of small broken pieces emanates from within, the device still continues to function perfectly in spite of its wounds. I've had the opportunity to use and examine other Netbooks and I can say with some confidence, no one has made a better model than this one.

Even the Netbooks Asus put out in the last year have been disappointing in both their manufacturing and composition. The keyboard on this model was unbeatable, as was the power and flexibility it provided, balanced with a lengthy battery life. Had Microsoft not so woefully bungled the transition from XP to Windows 7 (among other things), and Apple's new OS X not been so appealing, I might never have relinquished my Asus Netbook.
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Color Name: Blue
I've had my 1000HE for a week now. I bought it with the 2gb of ram and installed the new ram in under 10 minutes, having never done such a thing in my life before. With the new ram, my 1000HE ran both Windows XP and then the Windows 7 beta with ease. I can run iTunes version 8 and Firefox and Microsoft Word at the same time without any problems.

The blue surface does attract fingerprints, but it's not so noticeable that it bothers me, and I've been consistent (so far) about wiping it clean after every other use.

The webcam works very well, even for a cheap laptop, and I was able to take reasonably defined pics with it.

The battery life with my "normal usage" runs about 8 hours, though I haven't put it on power-saving mode to see if that's much longer.

I use this netbook on the train and haven't had trouble with the volume control in my headphones.

The trackpad buttons are a tad stiff at first, but mine have loosened just in the past week and are now very comfortable to use.

I've found that the 1000HE picks up my home's network very easily and the internet speeds transfer very well.

As for the keyboard, I'm a "proper typist" and was used to the 92 percent size within the first day. The chiclit style is much better, in my opinion, than the old 1000H model or the Acer keyboard.

I transfer all of my programs and games and movies with a usb flash-drive, so I haven't had any need for an external dvd drive

All in all a great investment at under 400 dollars, and I'm a college student who scrimps and saves her every penny.
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on February 26, 2009
Color Name: Black
I have had the Eee PC 1000HE for about a week now, and it has fulfilled my every expectation. Because I hadn't started up the Eee without installing the 2 GB RAM I'd purchased, this review is relevant to those who plan to upgrade, or have already upgraded the RAM in the unit. For those who don't, I will add that it is extremely easy and inexpensive to double the RAM of this netbook. I had never opened a laptop chassis before, and it took all of 5 minutes.

*Up front, the package is inexpensive. You definitely get the bang for your buck
*Bright, brilliant screen with an excellent viewing angle.
*Large, more comfortable keyboard; touch typing is incredibly easy to get used to.
*Long battery life; I've had mine unplugged for over seven hours without a recharge.
*Exactly the amount of power and speed that I need from a computer, I'm able to run some of my favorite games (GTA: San Andreas, UT2004, and Neverwinter Nights) without breaking a sweat, edit photos and stream videos through the wireless card.
*The power-saving hotkeys are really useful. Most of the time I don't notice the difference between 'Power-Saving' mode and 'Super Performace' mode, which means for normal usage I'm saving a lot of battery life.


*The volume is a bit too low on the speakers, AND when I'm wearing headphones. I've opened up all of the volume adjusters at one point or another, and I can't increase the volume past a certain point. I could imagine this being very irritating on a long bus ride or a plane ride.
*As really helpful the multi-touch pad is (and it truly is helpful), some of the presets are too closely linked to "scroll up and down". For example, I find myself opening a 'magnifying glass' one moment, and 'zooming out' of a webpage the next. I couldn't figure out why all my webpages were tiny. So disabling most of the multi-touch functions is probably a smart idea when you get started.
*This is just a quibble, but the resolution of 1024 x 600 is so specific to a very small number of machines.

Overall, the Eee PC 1000HE is something I will be using consistently. It is exactly what I need.
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on March 4, 2009
Color Name: BlueVerified Purchase
See 3/17 update for memory installation instructions and further impressions....

My Asus blue 1000HE arrived today,a day early. I have never owned a laptop so this is a new experience although I have owned and built computers since the days of the TI 99.

I bought this as a travelling companion instead of an I-Touch. I thought the cost to value ratio worked out pretty well. I took a trip to Turkey last summer and wanted to write on the fly so I figured that this would work out.

This is the first attempt at typing on this keyboard. As I looked at the other netbooks out there I found that the deal breaker was usually the action on the keyboard. No sense in buying something to write on if you can't write on it. My first impression is that this keyboard is a big improvement on the seamlless flat chicklet-style boards on earlier Asus models. The spacing between the keys works but I think that having a concave key would have been an improvement. The HP keyboard felt a little more conmfortable but, again this is a first impresson. This is at least the second best netbook keyoboard I've used. I have big hands but I am findiing that even as I type this, I seem to be getting more accurate fairly quickly.

Set-up for the 1000HE was incredibly easy. Had windows configured and my wireless network recognized in no-time. I have not added the 2 Gig memory stick as I wanted to see what difference this actually made.

I was surprised att the color of this blue book when it came out of the box. The actual color is closer to a metalic navy rather than the bright lighter blue shown in the pictures.

I did the research and got my hands on most of the well-regarded netbooks before making this purchase. Without repeating what others have said and what can be read in the specs, my first impression is that this computer will fill the bill as traveling companion. It won't play Crysis but it will keep me connected, play my music, and keep me from looking for computers that I can use on the road. The 1000HE seems to be suitably quick at getting on-line content and keeping up with what I''ve wanted to do so far. The display is bright and clean.

Long story short, I am, out of the box, pleased and think that dollar for dollar, today, it would be hard to find a better fit in a netbook. There are a nummber of small feautres that add to the value of this unit, not the least of which is the easily upgradeable memory and the Bluetooth built-in.

The 10 inch screen makes the 1000HE a bit larger/heavier that the 8.9 inch netbooks but of course what you get is a better view and the larger keyboard. For me, a good trade but maybe not for you....

That's it, a very early impression that I will add to if there is more to say. Four Stars because I haven't used the 10000HElong enough to make such praise responsible.

The box contains: the 1000he, Battery, Powere cable, A soft sleeve for the computer, 2 manuals and a recoverry disk.

3/17 update

I have used the 100he for a couple of weeks and remain very pleased.The 1000HE easily picks up wireless. The Star Office (open office) seems intuitive and does create office-compatible files. Far better option than Works which will just cause headaches when you want to view files in Office. Skype virtually set itself up. Really, this netbook does not leave you with a lot to puzzle over. It pretty much just works out of the box. The keyboard felt familiar in no time and I can touch-type on it. For a hundred dollars more, you can get into a full-sized laptop which might be worth considering if you are using the machine as your main computer. For me, the mix of portability and function were ideal. I see using this as a traveling companion, an internet and e-mail platform that can also hold some music.

Do get a wireless mouse. It eliminates the need to use the trackpad. I find it to be a much better interface. Definitely worth $30.

I would HIGHLY recommend the 2 GB memory upgrade. There is no better way to improve performance and for $25 you would be crazy not to upgrade.

Installing the memory is easy-takes 5 minutes. As always, work in an area that does not generate a lot of static electricity. Don't touch the gold pins on the memory stick and don't strip the screws on the case. Work gently.

Remove the battery from the base of the 1000HE. Using a jeweler's Phillips screwdriver, gently unscrew the 2 screws that hold the access panel in place. Slide off the panel. Touch something metal to ground out any static electricity that you might be carrying. Gently remove the existing memory stick from its slot by sliding it back. Replace the stick with the 2 GB stick-make sure that the gold pins at the base of the memory are firmly seated in the slot. Replace the panel and screws-DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN the screws-Close up the case. That's it!

Check that the computer is seeing the new memory: Settings>Control Panel>
System>General Information-the memory should should show as 2 GB or slightly less.

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on February 23, 2009
Color Name: Black
I have a Dell Mini 9. The Dell keyboard is TERRIBLE. The ASUS 1000HE chicklet style keyboard is great, is better laid out and the keys have some feedback. Also, the ASUS runs much faster, windows pop and web pages load fast, much faster than the DELL. (You can really feel the faster processor, higher buss speed and the Intel graphics acceleration) The bigger screen is much more comfortable to use. Using the DELL is a chore. Using the ASUS is a pleasure.
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on March 26, 2009
Color Name: Blue
I've had this more than a month now. I use it all the time, so my review is based on fairly extensive, everyday use.

Overall, I love it! I would definitely feel deprived without it. And I definitely recommend it! But it does have areas for mostly easy improvement.


(1) Even though a little heavy (3.2 lbs) it's nothing compared to my laptops. I carry it around easily in one hand.

I put it in my pack and take it to work with me everyday so I can study Spanish with it at some lunch place and on my commute. No, I don't drive to work.

(2) The huge battery life is terrific. Turning off bluetooth, the webcam, and the wireless when I'm commuting saves further.

I can take it around to different rooms in the house (including my favorite reading spot--guess where) without having to worry about its running out of battery. I often just plug it in at night to recharge.

(3) The built-in webcam is more than adequate at 1.3mp.

(4) The keyboard (except for the right-shift key) is fine, and I type fast.

Here are the downsides as I see it. But remember, I really like it! But everything can use improvement. Even me. (Probably.)

Areas for improvement:

(1) the processor is underpowered. Yes, no one offers a better one now, but you should know. It's decent, but if you have a modern desktop or laptop you'll notice it.

Note: you can overclock the processor (the eee pc control panel provides performance options). This improves performance but cuts into the battery life. Not an issue for me.

(2) You need to upgrade to 2GB memory. Ran much faster when I did.

(3) It weighs in a little heavy at 3.2 lbs. I was really hoping for no more than 2.75 lbs.

(4) The right shift key is way too small. This can impede my ability to type fast, a frustration. Why they didn't cut down the generally useless CapsLock instead I'll never understand.

(5) The screen is challenged vertically. It's annoying to have to continually scroll down.

What's really needed is the ability to rotate the screen (the actual screen) to a vertical position. Yeah, yeah, mucho more dollars and a point of physical failure... (I'm not holding my breath on this.)

(6) The right/left clickers surrounding the touch pad are too stiff.

(7) The touch pad is too sensitive. For me, anyway. I need to look for how to adjust the sensitivity. I turned off the magnification right away.

With respect to (5), (6), and (7) when scrolling up/down, say a newspaper article, I have found that using the arrow up/down keys makes things easier.

(8) The speaker is really tinny. Come on, $5 more and there could have been some real improvement.

(9) There's some issue with the wireless N. Others describe it here. The BIOS upgrade didn't fix it.

Please understand that I really like the 1000HE, use it everyday, take it to work with me, and that these are mostly MINOR annoyances. I just want to give an overall assessment.

You can't have everything. When the next generation or two comes out (read: better processor, less weight, adequately sized/priced solid state drive) I'll probably upgrade and give this to one of my sons. I'm GLAD I DIDN'T wait!!

Meanwhile, I use it everyday. And we have four other computers in the house, including two laptops.

I definitely recommend the 1000HE.
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on February 24, 2009
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
Just a heads up about the 802.11n for this netbook. If you're like me you have an 802.11n wireless network at home and your new 1000he can't see it. Why? I run 802.11n using the 5ghz spectrum. The radio in the 1000he will only see/connect to 802.11n on the 2.4ghz spectrum.

This is a let down because all the speed and range advantages of 802.11n is when you use the 5ghz spectrum NOT the 2.4ghz spectrum. Making 802.11n more of a buzz word for this product, and not anything useful.

It doesn't matter much to me because I wasn't planning on doing anything with this netbook that required the speed or range advantage that wireless-N offers, but I felt a bit deceived by the advertisements and promos that feature 802.11n as a selling point.

Other than that, this product is excellent. A great upgrade from my non-atom eee 900

[edit] I wanted to clarify what the difference is between 802.11n via 2.4ghz, 802.11n via 5.0ghz, 802.11g w/o MIMO via 2.4ghz, and 802.11g w/ MIMO via 2.4ghz:

- 802.11g without MIMO = 54mbps @ 100m range
- 802.11g with MIMO = 108mbps @ 100m range
- 802.11n via 2.4ghz = 108mbps @ 100m range
- 802.11n via 5.0ghz = 300mbps @ 300m range

So while you do see a great improvement when you compare 802.11g w/o MIMO to 802.11n via 2.4ghz you are still missing out on the full potential of the N-spec.
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on February 26, 2009
Color Name: Black
Let me preface this by saying upon receiving the eee pc, I immediately replaced the 1 gb stock ram with a 2gb stick and installed windows 7 on a separate partition. It works flawlessly.

My first impressions from the the minute Ups handed me the packaging box was how light the shipment was. When I opened the actual eee box, I thought the computer itself was just the lcd and the rest of it was below! Imagine my surprise at how small and light it actually was,weighing a mere 3.2lbs really defines portability. This should auger well for college students and business men alike. The build is sturdy with a strong hinge support.

With my upgraded ram, both windows xp and 7 work snappy and efficiently. I am currently dual booting both OS's and they handle multi-tasking like a dream. I have installed MS Office, Picasa, The Google chrome web browser and itunes. I am able to listen to music, surf the net and edit documents at the same time,with no problems at all.

The keyboard is wonderfully easy to type on. The chiclet stle of thee keys allow more spacing and easy typing in long documents. The 1.3 mega pixel webcam works well with both picasa and messenger. The 10 inch screen is very easy to see and its brightness is easily controlled using the function keys (as is volume control and wifi/bluetooth toggle on/off).

The battery life is amazing. I am so used to taking my charger with me with my previous laptops and trying to find an outlet at the starbucks so I can get work done. That is no longer necessary! With wifi turned on in battery saving mode, I was able to get 7hours of battery life! If you use the power saver (in windows 7) it increased to 8hours! Just grab your fully charged laptop and head out easily for a day of computing.

The 1000he isn't perfect. The touch pad is a bit glitchy, though it offers multi touch and two finger scrolling. The design is glossy so if you're finger print phobic, invest in a skin. I am using the black he, and it barely bothers me. Asus included a micro fiber cleaning cloth and a suede padded slip case to keep your eee clean and protected. I tried playing HD video on youtube, and the eee pc did not handle it very well. The regular youtube videos however work fine. I am also disappointed with the volume of the speakers. It certainly does not fill up the room, or offer loud headphones response. Maybe that can be fixed with some minor hacking.

All in all, I love this netbook. It certainly is the best in its category and is very good for its price. The extended battery life is a huge plus for a mobile person as well as the sturdy build of the machine and easy upgrade ability.
review image review image
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on March 1, 2009
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I received this machine (Asus Eee PC 1000HE) on Friday, installed the 2 GB stick and after charging it, took off for a day's work. Now it is Saturday night and I have yet to plug it back in. This is real life; I have stepped away, closed it up for a few hours and come back, but the unit still says I have an hour so left. Very happy.

Some of the reviews have been disappointed with the Wi-Fi connection. I have gotten 11 mbps in the hotel lobby. I was able to get 54 at Panera and I regularly get 103 or so here at home, so I guess I don't understand the problem. Works for me.

My wife's Acer One gets choppy when I view You Tube videos and such. This unit is smooth as silk. Very Happy.

I like the keyboard: the spacing seems to give a better target for your fingers. But I may be the wrong guy for this comparison as I never had an issue with the Acer. Works for me.

I definitely enjoy the larger screen and like the matte finish on the screen far better than the Acer. The Acer had a wicked glare when sitting at the window at Panera. This screen is definitely better on that account. Very Happy.

The Bluetooth leaves the USB slots open for other things. I am getting a mouse now. Works for me.

My wife is very happy I am not stealing her Acer anymore: Priceless!

But of course; "I know nothing"

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on April 5, 2009
Color Name: BlueVerified Purchase
While this is my first "netbook" I've owned many small laptops (old Toshiba Portege's, Sony Picturebook, Lenovo X60T). None of these laptops had a CD or DVD drive so I didn't care that netbooks don't have one. These prior experiences also told me that I wouldn't mind a smaller screen, a smaller keyboard and a compact overall size (these elements might take more adjustment for someone accustomed to full-sized laptops).

I looked at all the top contenders among 10" screen netbooks and found most of them to be nearly indistinguishable from one another based on specs and equipment. I settled on the ASUS EeePC 1000HE for a series of reasons. I don't like the mouse buttons on the side configuration that some netbooks used so I eliminated those. I wanted built-in Bluetooth, which eliminated some more. I wanted to try a multi-touch trackpad, which only a few of the newest netbooks offer. I finally settled on the 1000HE because it offers the longest battery life of any netbook currently available.

Now that I've had the unit for a few weeks I can say that having 7-8 "real world" hours of battery life is a luxury I never thought I'd have. Around the house I unplug the ASUS in the morning and use it every time I need it for as long as I need it, simply closing the lid to put it into sleep between uses. I never bother to plug it in during the day, I don't need to go find the power cord to use it, it comes out of Sleep Mode in seconds and finds my wireless almost instantly and I'm back in business. On the road I don't even power it down between events; I just put it into sleep and head out. At the end of the day I plug it in again. Wonderful!

The keyboard is well-designed and the "chiclet-style" keys make it easy to type on even for a touch-typist. The build quality seems first rate and the packaging is solid as well. The power supply is quite small too, which is nice, and the unit comes with a decent lightly padded zippered slip cover that is good enough to keep the unit protected (the slip cover is slightly too large for the netbook itself but not large enough to include the power supply, but hey -- most others didn't come with one at all).

Some have pointed out that this battery life is because there's a bigger battery, which makes it heavier than other netbooks and bulky at the back. Both true. But really, if your netbook is 2.8 lbs vs. 3.2 or so, how much does this matter compared to the difference between these featherweights and regular laptops? And as for the bulk, I find that the bulge of the battery underneath the 1000HE is shaped perfectly to curl my fingers around so as to carry it comfortably and firmly. I wouldn't be surprised if it was designed for just this purpose. Plus, a little extra weight in the base of the netbook makes it sit more stably on my lap even if the lid/screen is tipped well back so I can read it more easily.

The user can upgrade either RAM or the HDD merely by removing the power cord and battery, flipping over the unit, unscrewing two Phillips head screws and popping off the cover. I bought a 2GB RAM stick (the unit comes with 1GB that fills the only RAM slot so it must be replaced to increase the RAM unfortunately) and swapped out the standard 1GB for the 2GB max in less than 5 minutes. I didn't even bother going into BIOS to get the RAM increase recognized, it happened automatically on the second cold boot. Since the hard drive is just as easily accessed I assume upgrading the HDD would be as easy although why you'd need more than 160GB in a netbook I don't know.

Dislikes? I don't like the gloss finish much. Yes, it's a fingerprint magnet, but I don't really care about that. I just would have preferred the option of a matte finish. And the mouse button "clicks" are a little loud.

I bought an ASUS 1000HE for my own use and loved it. I bought two more for my adult children and they too are in constant use. My daughter's 1000HE has a slightly finicky touch pad but I believe we'd adjusted the settings to offset those problems. It'd be nice if there was a setting to adjust how light or heavy the touch was that was needed to activate the touchpad. Maybe in the next firmware or touchpad driver update.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this purchase.
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