Customer Reviews: The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce
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on February 4, 2009
The 2 most important things for me were reducing air swallowed and easy transition between breast and bottle. I tried Adiri and Avent bottles, but the both, even with slowest flow nipples, choked my son with too much milk. With the Breast flow he controls how much or how little he gets in his mouth. Also my son would grasp the tip of my nipple instead of my whole areola following use of either the Avent or the Adiri...ouch, which he does not do with the Breast flow bottles! The Avent would be my second choice, they are a slower flow than the Adiri and because the Adiri bottles have no lip around the nipple so when my son released the nipple milk spills all over the bottle and you have a sticky mess! plus if you don't get the bottom on just right it ends up everywhere and the valve doesn't work correctly...there are 3 pieces but it really is not that much trouble...and we don't have a dish washer...
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VINE VOICEon March 19, 2009
My baby had to supplement almost from the start due to breastfeeding supply problems. We started using a bottle at about 3 wks of age. I bought about 10 different types of bottles trying to find one that he could successfully draw milk from. Most, including this one, were too hard for him to get anything out of. I finally had some success with the cheapy-cheap-cheap Gerber bottle and nipple I found at the supermarket.

Now that he's older, approaching 10 wks of age, the Gerber bottle and nipple is much too easy for him and he glugs and crushes the nipple with the strength of his suck. The same is true for his Green to Grow, Medela, and Evenflo Purely Comfi nipples. So my quest now is to find bottles that have firm enough nipples that he doesn't squish them with his suck and also to find bottles/nipples with appropriate flow rates.

I have revisited some of the bottles that were inappropriate when he was 3 wks old. This bottle has turned out to be the winner of the group.

- Good flow speed, not too fast, not too slow.
- Broad nipple base is hard for the boy to flatten with his strong suck
- Broad nipple base helps the boy retain some of his breastfeeding chops, as we continue to try and nurse the few times a day my supply will allow for.

- Frequent leaks. This bottle's nipple-within-a-nipple design means the chamber between the outer and inner nipple fills with milk, which is fine. But when you set the bottle down, that milk drains back downward, ideally back into the bottle. Often (but not always), unfortunately, on its way back down into the bottle, the formula leaks out thru the threads where you screw the nipple collar onto the bottle. If that makes any sense. This is true even if you carefully align the two nipples properly.

My main comment about this bottle is that it's a good aid in maintaining breastfeeding skills but if you find your baby doesn't like it at first, hang onto it. He/she may grow into it like my baby has. As with so many things, what's in favor one week is never the same the following week.
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on April 5, 2012
I really hope those of you that rated this bottle one star or even two stars due to the bottle leaking and/or the milk getting "trapped" in the nipple reservoir would learn to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS that came with the bottles!! My daughter is 10 months old now and mostly breastfed but we use these bottles and have NEVER had a problem with the bottle leaking. It's very easy to screw the blue "ring" on crooked so make sure it is done properly and matches up with the "threads" on the top of the bottle. And for those of you that say milk gets trapped inbetween the two nipples and is wasted....there are little tabs that you squeeze together that will allow ALL of the milk in the nipple area to deposit BACK INTO THE BOTTLE. It just annoyed me to read about wasted milk, when it is obvious no one read the directions. We LOVE these and so does our daughter! I highly recommend!
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on July 12, 2009
I have been very happy with the performance of the BreastFlow bottles. I too had started out using Avent bottles after hearing rave reviews of them when I was still pregnant. However, I found that the Avent nipples basically poured and dumped the milk into my daughter's mouth; she would go through 4 ounces in 4 minutes, wearing about half an ounce on her bib. Then when she returned to breastfeed later, she'd have a very disorganized suck from nipple confusion.
These BreastFlow bottles and their unique (though uncomplicated) nipples mimic breastfeeding so much better that she'll even take a bottle from me. We have no more problems alternating between breast and bottle. It now takes her about 10-12 minutes to finish a 4 oz bottle, sometimes up to 15 minutes, which is about the same duration she spends breastfeeding. She doesn't end up wearing most of her meal, either.
Overall, I would recommend this to any breastfeeding mother who has to offer her baby a bottle. Even the caregivers at my daughter's daycare were impressed with the performance of the BreastFlow system.
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on August 10, 2014
Great suck training for efficient milk removal. If you have trouble with it leaking out the sides of your baby's mouth, it is not far enough into the baby's mouth. The outer nipple acts like a human breast and collapses to fill the oral cavity encouraging a good suck swallow just like the human areola. I have successfully used this bottle for years and highly recommend it for suck training and/or going back and forth from breast to bottle.
It can take some practice but well worth your time.
Helps build a strong oral foundation for your baby's health.
Agate Annie IBCLC
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on January 22, 2016
We had a very difficult time trying to get our breastfed daughter to take a bottle. After literally trying 10 to 15 different types of bottles, she finally took to the Breastflow and has never looked back. I think the fact that it mimics compression and suction motions of the breast made it seem more natural for her. Also, with other bottles, even the slowest flow ones, she would choke or put her tongue back to prevent the drips of milk from going down her throat. This also meant that she was not latching on the bottle nipple to suck. Starting out I had to lay her in a breast feeding position on her side to get her to take a bottle, and with other bottles that meant that they would either drip or the milk would not fill the nipple for her to get to it. With the breastflow, it worked just great! The shape of the nipple also helped her, because I could kind of squeeze it and shape it to get her to latch, just like at the breast. Now she has no trouble switching back and forth from breast to bottle between home and daycare.

Initially when I used the bottle it leaked terribly, but after reading other reviews, I found that the blue inner nipple had a slight gap and was not sealing properly. Once we pushed it in and sealed it correctly and tightened the lid tight, we have not had any more issues. I would highly recommend this bottle for breastfed babies, particularly those having difficulty getting used to a bottle.
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on May 1, 2015
I purchased these a couple of weeks ago. I used these for my son in the NICU and now that he's home. He does great with them. They are very similar to a natural breast. So I recommend if you are exclusively breastfeeding and have to use a bottle pick these. My reason for saying that is that if you are breastfeeding Doctors recommend You not use bottles in the beginning because it can be very confusing for a baby that is learning leading to them not latching on to your breast so well. So with that said why not choose something that is closest to your breast. Very awesome, fast shipping, easy to use and no bottle on the market like these. Extremely pleased
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on August 16, 2015
We were not happy and got a refund. The breastmilk leaked from the bottle, our newborn had to try way to hard to get the milk out, and the milk became trapped between the special designed nipples and you couldn't get it out so you lost it. This was very disheartening for someone with a low milk supply :(
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on October 28, 2015
omg these bottles were a lifesaver!! i tried 3 different bottles and nipples before i found these and none of them worked. my son was in the nicu for trouble breathing and feeding issues when he was born, so feeding time has always been tough. either i would use the stage one nipples and he would get frustrated after a few minutes of feeding and shake his head trying to root around and his cheeks would suck in too far and he'd make real loud sucking/smacking sounds, or i would use stage two nipples and at least an ounce of formula would wind up all over the burp rag and his clothes, not from spitting up, just from leaking. my pediatrician said to just keep trying new nipples. when he started burping more and having gas i got desperate and searched and searched baby sites and amazon trying to find a good solution. when i saw these they seemed too good to be true so i was skeptical, but there was no down side so i tried them. not only does he not not get frustrated with feeding anymore, but he also doesnt get formula all over him, he eats more in less time, his excessive burping and gas have pretty much gone away, and he seems much more content while feeding and is less fussy in general. since i didnt really know any better, i thought it was normal for babies to take 30 minutes to eat and only take two ounces at a time and get frustrated. my pediatrician told me it wasn't normal, but it didn't really sink in until i found these nipples and all his issues went away. i have a much happier baby now thanks to these!
review image
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on February 5, 2016
Not every baby will like every bottle... Unfortunately I got these for my Neice while my sister was weaning her and she simply wouldn't drink from in. Theproducr itself is good just wasn't a good fit for my Neice.
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