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on July 4, 2009
My previous review stated my first machine was dead on arrival. I took it back and they tested it and agreed it was dead. "Something must have come loose" the tech said! I asked if they had gotten many back-- he said 'no' that I was the first that he knew of.

Second machine booted up without a problem. After using it solid for over a day I think it's a fast machine at a good price point-- but has several issues and I'm slightly concerned about its longevity. Here's my list:


- Fast boot-up: Wow-- the machine is off-to-on quicker than I have ever seen.

- Great HD Playback: this is the reason I got the machine and I would have been disappointed if not the case, however, it's still great to see full 1920x1080 video playback w/o skipping a beat. I'm used to editing with proxy video, but now I can use the source directly. Great!

- Case and Connections: The case is much nicer than earlier Acer models. It also has a nice array of connections.


- Documentation. Very sparse documents in the box. The quick-start page was so generic it would be very little help to the un-initiated (showed a PS/2 mouse and keyboard.) I wouldn't want my parents trying to assemble the pieces of this machine. The electronic manual on the machine is also pretty generic.

- The speakers look cool, but are cheap and pick up a LOT of noise. Unusable.

- The keyboard also seems cheap and I'm concerned about its longevity. I like the volume wheel, but wish it triggered an on-screen display.

- Back-up Disc failed. This process was very frustrating. First, it did not let me use DL DVDs. Then the first disc took 20 minutes to burn and then began verifying. It was going to take 2hrs to verify! I was going to have to do this for 3 discs! There was no cancel button so I had to force quit and decided to come back to this at night. When I did, every subsequent attempt stated that I did not have a blank DVD in the drive-- though I did (tried two different brands.) I assumed the problem was because I had updated Vista and added programs between the attempts, but why say my media was invalid?

- McAffe. Registration software states I get an extra 60 days plus my original 60. However, when activated with registration it says I only get 90 days total (30 original, not 60)

- Blinking Power Light: When in Sleep Mode, the top power light blinks like a strobe light! It is incredibly bright and annoying in a dark room. Since my machine is in my bedroom I cannot use it this way. I have to cover-up the power button or put the machine in Off mode.

- HDD size. Ok-- this drive is big enough I shouldn't quibble, but it makes me mad that is not 750Gigs. I know there a difference between true Gigs and what manufacturers report as "1000 Megs", but this one comes up short either way. Vista reports two 341G drives, but properties show two 367.5 drives-- thus 735 Gigs total. Where's the other 15Gigs?

The machine also has ad-supported Works and a lot of crap-ware. I really don't think of this as a huge negative because I realize they are what help keep the price down. After about 15 minutes of un-installing they are gone.

All-in-all I'm happy. Bottom line is the above issues don't offset the fact that it is a really fast machine at a good price.

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on March 23, 2016
Here it is 2016 and I'm still ..for a few more days.. using it as my main system.
Sure, I had to beef up the PSU and add in some higher-power Nvidia graphics but, this computer has lasted and kept performing admirably for all these years. Lots of nay-sayers about it I see from the days when it came out but, it's stood the test of time for me. And, that says a lot. Anyway, I've pushed mine to the limit with 3D rendering, always running multiple tasks, etc. I'm surprised it has held up this well and, really not hating the case it's in, thinking of putting a new motherboard in it and giving it a 2nd life as something else than my main system.
So, there you have it from someone who's used theirs every day, stays on 24/7 since it also acts as a call-screener from all those trash calls...
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on September 4, 2009
My first desktop i ever owned back in 98 was from Sears and i got the tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard and an epson printer for a whooping 2500 bucks. Well that computer lasted me nearly seven years, it was obsolete but still did the trick even in 2005. I should'nt neglect to mention i had upgraded to a gateway in 2003 that was crap computer to the Acer which i had set out in a room that was exposed to the elements, cat hair, dush, dampness etc. Never the less i wanted to tinker with it so i brought it in expecting it to do nothing and it booted right UP!! Well after all the abuse and use the power supply finally went bad in it, but the case was in such good shape i had someone rebuild it and then sold it for 500 bucks on ebay. Afterwards in 2005 i purchased another Acer that i put through hell, and just recently got rid of it for this model. The old acer was in great shape but the ole celeron processor had become way obsolete. Well on to this beauty.

After lots of searching and actually having some other desktops i found this one on Newegg for 799, with the 8 gigs or ram, Duo 2 Quad Processor and 750 hard drive i knew i couldnt go wrong, and i didnt. If you bought and HP (which i hate) the tower alone, you would pay around or even more than 1000 bucks for it. Well i got this and a nice 24 inch Acer monitor, and ATI 4850 graphics card for right around 990 bucks, which is remarkable. This thing flies through anything you through at it, and now with the new card it games as well as anything out there, the 4850 card i choose because you can play anything out there without any problems although it was a little difficult to install because its a huge BRICK of a card. Well the acer case was just right for fitting it it, no problems, no heat, and very little noise. Before i purchased this one, a few months before i made the mistake of buying the Asus Essentia or whatever its called, and man what a joke, it had no HDMI, was ugly as sin, crashed all the time, and the overall build was cheap and it didnt even have half the ports this thing has including a build in HDMI, 2 actually including one on the motherboard. Also this has built in wireless, what more could you ask for?!! So even though i had various laptops through the years when it comes to a desktop, i will buy nothing but acer, its just the best. So do yourself a favor and get one. Even if not this, a cheaper model will last for years and years, even with abuse. So cheaper is good, as long as its an ACER. Now if you want a great laptop that will last forever i recommend Toshiba, them and Acer are the only 2 computers i even bother with. So enjoy.

NOTE: By the way dont be mislead by the new i7 processor and how great people say it is, you will not notice a bit of difference in performance, compared to this, AMD bites, so yeah stay away from that chipset. I'm a CITT, i used the i7 and i know.
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on August 21, 2009
I decided to purchase this after reading a CNET review. From a computer stand point this unit is great. Very fast, can't hear a single noise from the CPU. Most programs installed 2x faster than any system I have owned. I had purchased a Gateway sx2800, but returned it as it seemed to hang too many times. Lots of room for expansion. Great computer if you're the type not afraid to open the case and replace components. I added a second DVD burner before installing the system. It has a metal plate where the drive would fit, and it was a little difficult to remove (it's connected on each side to the frame and has to be punched out) without taking the whole case apart. Once I removed that, the burned installed easily with ready connections. (It's set up for a sata drive, so not sure if an IDE would work) Also room and connections available for a second hard drive. I purchased this computer from Beach Camera, who provided excellent service. I needed the computer for my business and with a phone call they made sure it shipped that day 2nd day FedEx.

Pro's: great design with inputs on the top with easy accessibility for USB, headsets, and a pop up media card reader. Very fast and quiet, runs flawlessly. very easy to multitask with almost no loss in performance. Transferring files from a portable HD through USB was like lightning. Very expandable for internal components, except PCI. (2 of the three slots are occupied by a modem (who uses one of these anymore?) and a wireless network card. Abundance of USB inputs. A lot of computer for the money. Memory enclosed is outstanding.

Cons: Wireless network card (supposed to be draft N) would only connect to my Linksys router at 24 mbps. I switched to my Linksys USB connection and was connected at 130 mbps. Buttons to open dvd drives a bit awkward, and I will most like use whatever program I am using to open and close when possible.
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on December 12, 2009
Indeed, as per many reviews, this is a nicely appointed machine for the price. The case, while panned in some reviews, is very sturdy and fairly roomy with nice detail. The HD and other equipment are arranged well, though the location of usb ports on the top of the case along with the memory card slots takes some getting used to. I really want to love this machine.

That being said, my first unit had to be returned after BSOD errors occurred on a daily basis after setting up. Frustrating... but I simply returned it as it was less than 3-4 days. I was able to get another unit, though I was a bit leery (fool me once, shame on me, ...) . However, the next machine ran flawlessly for about two months, and was as expected. Now, however, it appears that the video card (appears to be a GeForce 9600GT rebadge) has gone kaput. Acer will not send out a new video card, so to get warranty service I will need to mail the whole box to Texas. The video card is where there money is being saved in this system as it appears to be an nvidia rebrand of some sort with little in the way of information anywhere (as previous reviewers have also noted).

Now very frustrated. Basically, I think there are too many shortcuts on this machine to make this a long lasting partner - unless you need a giant doorstop.

Buyer beware... you may just want to take $800 and burn it then go buy from any other manufacturer.

PS: I will update review once I receive the computer back and it is either stable or not after another 90 days.
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on December 28, 2009
I throw everything and the kitchen sink at this unit with movie and video editing and I like it. Here are a couple points:

The good:
- Looks nice,
- Lots of power,
- Inexpensive (great value),
- Better with the Windows 7 upgrade,
- I was able to get support over some common driver issues,
- A good power supply let me add in additional cards and a 2nd hard drive,

The Bad
Maxed out with 8 GB Ram; I wish I could put in more ram. I knew this when I bought the machine.

The skinny:
These guys crying about the product: give it up. Every so often a lemon will occur. If you need a powerful good value machine, purchase this box.

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on October 6, 2009
My ACER 5802 was basically DOA. My nearly new Dell monitor would not work with it, nor would the mouse and keyboard that came with it. Called ACER customer service and support and got none, nor was the computer's documentation any help in this regard. Oh wait... there was NO documentation. Seriously... don't get this computer, or any ACER computer for that matter. They simply aren't worth the fristration.
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