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on September 29, 2010
I received this game from Amazon yesterday. Last night my buddy and I were playing this in co-op mode and it is really fun. I have heard all over ther internet about how the xbox version is far superior blah blah blah.....whatever, it's a great game and it's great on the PS3 as well. So far I haven't seen a single issue with this game for the PS3. Don't let someone's opinion of what they read from uncle Fred's obscure website deter you from buying this for the PS3. Form an opinion of your own from actually playing it on the PS3.

If you love smashing some zombie faces in then you will love this game. The only annoying thing is having to get the Zombrex to your daughter by a certain time but I guess you have to have a story in it too.
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on September 28, 2010
I never usually review a game before completing it, but I will do it for this title. Why I hear you ask? well it's simple, really. This game is just too awesome not to talk about! Seriously if you are a fan of Zombie maiming then this is the game for you!

The premise:
You are Chuck Green contestant on the hit game show Terror Is Reality, where you slay thousands of zombies in a coliseum like setting for huge cash prizes. You are framed for a crime you did not commit, unleashing hordes of the undead upon the hapless residents of Fortune City. Chuck Green has 72 hours to clear his name and keep his infected daughter alive with daily doses of the controversial drug "Zombrex". The clock is ticking for Chuck Green, will he make it through the worst 72 hours of his life?

The good:

- Literally hundreds of "Basic" weapons to maul and maim your undead adversaries. Everything is a weapon!

- A whole host of upgradeable weapons that cause mucho devastation to those walking bags of rotting flesh.

- Tongue in cheek story that provides a ton of laughs

- Sandbox environment, go anywhere, do anything.

- Many side quests and mini games like Slot machines, Weapon Creation, Drink Mixing and Strip Poker.

- Graphics are pretty good for the massive amount of Zombies on screen at one time (Over 7,000!)

- Awesome leveling system the more you kill the better you get at killing!

- Great Animation, the zombies look and act like real zombies!

- vehicles. Mow down Zombies with even more efficiency in these motorized death machines.

- Lots of outfits to choose from, You can dress up as a skater dude or daisy duke, the options are endless!

- Extreme Gore, Bathe in the blood of your adversaries!

The Bad:

- Long Loading times when changing areas

- A ton of escort missions, not really that bad because the A.I is ok. It just gets old after a while

- Stuttering graphics/framerate due to the many monsters on screen at once.

- Timed missions, must complete the missions in a set time or you miss out on the story mode until your next play through.

- clumsy controls, many times I accidentally took a survivors weapon or had to run around something I wanted to pick up until the icon would appear.

- Lack of DLC for PS3 users. Xbox 360 is getting all the exclusive stuff right now, pretty disappointing but I am sure that will change with time.


If you love to slay zombies for hours on end then this is the game for you, the carnage you can cause is staggering! (Im talking flying limbs and zombies being cut clean in half). There is so much to see and do but sadly you are rushed through with these silly timed missions. On more than one occasion I would have loved to stay and investigate an area but had to hustle to the next chapter of the story. I understand why this feature was added it does add a sense of urgency to the overall game but it can be pretty irritating and intrusive. Luckily doing these missions are optional, if you miss out on a main story mission the the game "Ends" as in you can no longer participate in the story you can still play out the 72 hours however you like. This I find adds a ton of replayability to an already expansive game, this was a definite day one buy for me and it should be for anyone else who loves zombie slaying action! Add to that the expansive leveling system (There are 50 I beleive) and the online both competative and co-op (Which I have yet to dabble in) and this will be a game that will stay in your system for months to come.

The timed missions coupled with repetativness loses it one star, this is a game that is carried on one great Idea, kill tons of zombies however you like and it does a hell of a job in that department. 4/5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon September 29, 2010
Deadrising 2 is about two things, zombie killing and getting your daughter Zombrex so she doesn't wig out and turn into a zombie. There are other things thrown in like a game show and rescuing people but the real plot line is about finding out who framed you for letting the zombies loose and getting your daughter zombrex.

So what is fun about this game? Killing zombies with all the combo weapons you make! You can combine nails with a bat to make a devastating weapon, combine a bucket with power drills, and on and on. Pretty much anything can be used to kill zombies from a beach umbrella, to a protestors sign, to a's pretty much almost anything. While the zombie killing is fun sometimes when you are in missions and you don't have a mode of transportation (car, bike, etc.) it seems to take forever to get to where you need to go and dodging zombies gets a little boring. You can't just walk and kill all the zombies as that would take a looooong time for you to get where you are going.

The story is interesting and the game has somewhat of a grand theft auto feel at times as you are going on "missions". The online multiplayer is actually more fun to me than the single player game. You hook up with three other people to compete on the gameshow in a set of zombie challenges. Sometimes it's sniping zombies, sometimes it zomboning (crushing zombies on a zamboni then spewing their blood into a target) or it is plowing through zombies using chainsaws on a motorcycle. These games are a blast to play with others and you can cash in your winnings to use the money in the single player game...which can really help. The co-op play is a lot of fun as well since having a partner makes for all kinds of fun zombie slaying.

The only downsides here are that sometimes the zombie killing or running to destinations can be a little monotinous. The story won't win any academy awards but it serves it's purpose. Overall a fun game but not as good as the best PS3 titles that are similar (i.e. uncharted 2, infamous, etc.). If you don't own an xbox 360 and have never played this game I think it would be a fun purchase for most people. The multiplayer along makes it a blast in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon October 31, 2010
When I first saw footage of Dead Rising 2, I immediately noticed it looked identical to the first game in nearly every way, except that you didn't get to take pictures anymore. That was a key feature in the first game, and was actually a lot of fun. Now a few years later, ps3 owners have a chance to try out a Dead Rising game for the first time. Is it worth the wait? Well, it depends on what kind of gameplay you like. If you like straight up action, hack 'n slash or shoot 'em ups, Dead Rising 2 might not be for you. If you like to plan things out and are big on time management, you'll probably have a better time with DR2 than other people. Oddly enough, I'm not in either one of those categories, but I went into this one with a clean slate, and found myself not having a whole lot of fun. Maybe it's because I'm sick of zombies, the current overused game/movie enemy, but I thought I'd be having a bit more fun than I ended up having here.

This time around, you play as Chuck, a motorcyclist who's stuck in a mall with his daughter Katey, who was bitten by a zombie. She hasn't turned into one yet because Chuck's been giving her Zombrex, a drug that fights the infection, but when you start the game, you're all out. You main objective is to run around the mall and other nearby locations, looking for Zombrex, which needs to be given to Katey at a precise time (never before the time frame either), otherwise she's gone. Later as the story progresses (and this is an early story point in the first 30 minutes, so I'm not really spoiling anything), it turns out that the military is on their way to the mall. If they find Katey in her condition, they'll take her away. So now Chuck needs to start fixing up his motorcycle in order to escape. While out and about, you'll find other survivors who you can help save, and you can even have a friend join in for some good drop in/drop out co-op gameplay, which is a HUGE help in getting missions done, and provides a distraction from the seemingly millions of zombies you'll be taking out.

That's one thing the game definitely does right- overwhelms you with zombies. There aren't just a couple hundred in the mall, no, there are tons. Check out the trophy list for DR2 and you'll see that you only get bronze trophies for taking out huge numbers, which takes a while to do. Most of the zombies aren't that tough, and can be taken out with a few hits of your standard melee weapons, but it's the sheer numbers that'll get to you. I found myself dying a few times as soon as I entered the first section of the mall. Chuck's inventory is fairly small at first too, and since you need item slots to hold everything, even healing items, it's a good idea to carry two food/drink items with you whenever you can. As you go through the game, you'll be able to carry more, but it takes time. Leveling up is done via PP, which is earned as you kill zombies, usually with powerful attacks or with customized weapons. This is another good thing about DR2- the number of customizable weapons, and how creative they are. You want a chainsaw on each end of a boat paddle? You got it. Machine guns on the arm rests of a wheelchair? Check. Drill spear? Bingo. Finally, while the story isn't anything special, I did like the father/daughter aspect, where Chuck's top priority is Katey's safety, and showing how much he cares for her. Even in the opening cutscene, someone brings up 'your next of kin' and Chuck tells him, with a bit of attitude, that she has a name.

Alright, it sounds like the game's fine based on that, right? So why give it 2 stars overall? The gameplay is too slow for my tastes, especially in the beginning. Yes, I know your speed gets better as you progress through the game, but there's just no excuse for Chuck to be moving as slow as he does in the first part of the game. I kept trying to figure out if there was a run/sprint action by holding a button down, because his normal run sure doesn't move much faster than say, Kratos walking in God of War 3. A big garbage can hits pretty fast, but some smaller weapons take a while to swing, and the recovery time is horrible. Chuck's movements could've also used some polish, and I was never positive when I'd be able to evade an attack by jumping over a zombie. Evading would've helped the game big time, and is almost standard in most action game these days, but the right thumbstick is set to moving the camera (something you'll be doing a lot of). Also there'll be times when so many items are available for Chuck to grab, that you'll have to be in -just the right spot- in order to get the one you want. Positioning him just right can take a few seconds, and most of the time you won't be wanting to waste time just to get a tomahawk instead of vinyl records when there are 20 zombies 5 feet away. And like I said earlier, time management is very important. There are a good number of times when multiple missions will be open at once, or you'll have a chance to help a survivor before finishing the main mission. An example that comes to mind immediately is when I had Zombrex for Katey, then found another person who was infected and needed Zombrex as well. I could either leave him for dead, or give him the Zombrex, then try to find more for Katey or get enough money to buy some at the pawn shop. Guess what happened to him? Yeah, he was toast. If there was enough time to help him, I would've, but with the time limit on giving Katey her medicine, you just can't afford to help people sometimes. Add to this some frequent loading screens (even after a quick 30 second cutscene) and bathrooms, the game's take on save points, that are usually very far away from one another, and you have a game that is often challenging but not in a good or fun way. And for what it's worth, the visuals look pretty dated too, almost like this could've been done 3 years ago.

If you haven't played a Dead Rising game before, I'd recommend renting DR2 before spending money on it at the current price. Good voice acting, a good main character, smart customization in the weapons, and truly making you feel like it's a zombie apocalypse are all some big selling points to me. But the cons build up to the point where the game frustrated me too much to care about giving it a second play through.
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on October 30, 2010
This game is as boring as hell. When Dead Rising came out, I was excited. When I found out it was only for the 360, I was heartbroken, as I don't have one. I was offered a glimmer of hope when this game was ported to the Wii, figuring that it would finally be ported to the PS3, but my hopes were dashed again. After 4 years of waiting, I find out Dead Rising 2 will be for PS3 as well, so I buy it as soon as it comes out. After all that waiting, I am severely let down.

This game is completely overrated. First, the controls are very unresponsive, getting him to walk in a straight line is a difficult task, then, it takes him forever to attack when I press the button. He is so slow in everything he does. I know he's no superheroe, but he has subhuman speed. Second, because of the first problem, combat is completely unsatisfying. On top of that, he starts out with like 4 health, so if he gets hit only 4 times, he is killed. Those things just make me want to just avoid the zombies completely. Also, the game fails to mention how to switch items without using them or dropping them, nice. Third, the whole "everything is a weapon" thing becomes less innovative since it is a necessity because every item breaks after only a few swings.The forth problem is the whole zombrex deal. Having to get Zombrex every single day is a chore. Since a minute in this game is only a few seconds in real life, 24 hours is really only a few minutes of gameplay. Having to go back and forth from the safehouse is not what I wanted. Everything in this game is a chore, even the part of this game that is most important, the combat. Nothing was as fun as I expected it to be. This was the most disappointing game I have ever played.
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on October 5, 2010
As the title says, I hated Dead Rising. However, Capcom did what a game developer is supposed to do when the make a sequel: take the great and improve upon it while taking the poorly implemented, or not implemented at all, and fix it.

Dead Rising 2 is a very different beast from that of DR. The 3 day time mechanic is still there, the options to roam freely or follow the story or just sit back and play strip poker are all yours for the taking. The death/restart/load system is back, so if you enjoyed that, you'll be happy. If you didn't--like me--then you're in for a shock because, somehow, this game doesn't make it feel like a chore at all. And yet, despite all the similarities to the original, it has none of the frustration built in.

Let's start with the minor things of the game that are vastly improved upon from Dead Rising.

-Save points

They're everywhere in this game! Holy crap, it's a shock. I honestly could not get around the first game's map without dying around midnight every night simply because A) I was inexperienced (not a fault of the game, but I have to be honest if I want to be credible at all), B) Swarms of zombies are hard to run around by yourself with little more than a giant foam finger glove and a camera. So what happened to me? Nothing less than the expected death followed by frustration and a restart of the story.

In Dead Rising 2, I may die here and there, but never have I once felt the irksome bother of frustration building up inside of me. It may simply be the fact that I came into this game knowing how the system works and expected it to be a bother, but the fact that there are restrooms to save in seemingly in every building helped a lot.

-Chuck Greene

Love him or hate him (really? You hate him?) Frank West was the man of the hour, and 71 following it, for Capcom on the 360. West's home is on the 360. It's something that can't be denied. When I think Frank West, I think of a man who's done wars, and now I know that he's done console wars, too. So what does Capcom do in order to give us our fix of a good protagonist? They give us a man who is, literally, fighting against the world to save his daughter. With Heavy Rain (mind you I hated HR...horrible storytelling, but that's for another conversation), Fallout 3, Myst and now Dead Rising 2, it's nice to see father figures being used in video games. It's a small thing to say, but it's a nice touch. So while you can't have West, we PS3 users aren't shafted in still having somebody unique.

As for the big changes in the game, let's just say that the two highlighted tidbits that were promoted are certainly the best parts of this zombie slaughter comedy.

-Combination system

Chainsaws are fun. What's more fun? Taping two of them to a motorcycle and driving it through a horde of zombies. The combination system is a very fun system that leaves you scratching your head as you try to figure out what will and won't work together. I don't want to mention anything that you can make since a lot of the fun is finding the combinations on your own, but as a fair warning, not every item can be used to make something else. What you can combine, though, does leave a lot to the imagination. Oh...and KOTOR fans will be happy with a little something that you can have.


I bought Dead Rising 2 for a friend, thinking that I wouldn't really like it. What'd he do? He bought it for me. The first time we played was around 6 PM that night...we didn't get off until midnight. For me, that's completely unusual. I don't typically play a game for more than 1-2 hours at a time, with Civ 4 and Uncharted being majors exceptions, mind you, but Dead Rising 2 allowed for the two of us to be slaughtering zombies together for many an hour without a single moment's feeling of fatigue. It is fun, it is addicting, and it is hilarious. Smashing through a pit of zombies only to realize you've just hit your friend and knocked him out with your golf club is quite the funny moment...especially since you can hear him yelling at you through the headset in your ear. If you're wondering whether to get this for the PS3 or 360, you have to ask yourself which one your friends would get it on, too.

Sure, the graphics of the game may not be the best, but it's something that doesn't bother you while you play. The load times seem to be a constant mention on these reviews, but I've never had a single problem with them. There may be a few here and there, but they're not long at all. 10 seconds? 8 seconds? When did that become a long time?

Dead Rising 2 is not your Romero film. It is not Night of the Living Dead, it is not 28 Days Later, it is not even They Live! Dead Rising 2 is, especially with a buddy, a contagiously hilarious romp through Shaun of the Dead.
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on October 26, 2010
Dead Rising gets hyped a lot and the gameplay videos may seem fun, but in reality the game is very repetitive and boring. Missions are timed, feel like doing chores and are uninspiring. Doing that over and over gets very boring fast. Dead Rising 2 is not worth $60.
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on October 6, 2010
My first experience with the Dead Rising series was Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for the Nintendo Wii. The game was fun, but it did have more than its fair share of problems. First off, it was on the Wii so graphically it is a very unimpressive looking game. The next problem with the game was the horrendous voice acting, the mediocre story, and painfully bad dialogue. The only thing that kept me coming back over and over again to play the game was the fresh take on the whole zombie genre.

When I heard about DR2 I was excited for the game since I knew that it was being released on both the Xbox and PS3 which meant it would look and perform better than anything on the crappy Wii so I got the game. I must say it does everything the first game did bigger and better.

Let's start with the main character. Immediately Chuck is more likeable than Frank ever was. His voice actor really does a fine job portraying the character. He changes up his voice appropriately per scene and delivers his lines in a convincing manner every time. Then there's Chuck himself. I like the fact that the game creators made him a caring father, a tough guy, and a handy man on par with MacGyver. I could immediately identify with the guy.

Then there's the setting. The game takes place in Fortune City (a newly rebuilt Las Vegas). Being that I've vacationed in Vegas on more than one occasion and it's one of my favorite places to travel I could truly appreciate how much they captured the glitzy atmosphere. They got everything down pack from the hotels, casinos, restaurants, to the show girls, slot machines, casino chips ECT.

Then there are the zombies and psychopaths. I've never played any so called zombie game that made me feel like I was smack dab in the zombie apocalypse like this one. The zombie numbers are impressive. They will maim your character in a second. Also the psychopaths this time around made me go, "Wow that person is crazy." In game 1 when the psychopaths showed up I thought, "Wow this person is cheesy."

This game is definitely worth the price of admission.
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on October 4, 2010
I was shocked on how well the game upgraded from the last dead rising. Here are the pros and cons of the game. Here's my brutally honest review of the game.

Background of the game

Several years has past since the Wilmette incident (DR1). You play as Chuck Greene an ex- motorcross superstar that in a game show called Terror Is Reality. The objective of the show is to kill a certain amount of zombies throughout some events and win money. The thing is, Chuck needs the money. After his daughter (Katey Greene) was bitten by her infected mother, Chuck needs the medicine zombrex. He needs to give it to her every 24 hours. If he doesnt, she will become one of them. An incident occurs in Las Vegas and the zombie outbreak occurs once again. This time, he's framed and everyone is after him. Can he clear his name and find zombrex for his daughter?


- Co-op. Makes things easier to play with a friend then by yourself. Your friend can drop in and drop out anytime.

- You can pretty much go anywhere you want in the game. The boundaries are endless.

- Tons of weapons to make. I have about a page or so of weapons and im still creating weapons that i didnt even think you can make. Paddlechainsaws, nailbat, etc..

- Acting is top notch! Excellent cast of characters in the game. They make you feel that your in the outbreak.

- Terror is Reality Online. If you're short on money, you can go to terror is reality and earn some money online. The best part is that you can easily win up to $60k if your in first place. Win or lose, you still win money and you can transfer the money to your character!

- Tons of case files to do. This game will keep you busy. The best thing about it is that once in awhile, you can roam around the city and do whatever you want to do.

- The villians are better than the first dead rising villians. The villians in the first one were good but CAPCOM step up their game with the villians. No spoilers but they will get to you.

- Different endings. You can get different endings depending on how you play the game.

- Customize your own dirtbike!

- Tons of different male and female clothes!

- New save spots! There are alot of save spots around the map so saving is not a problem.

- Friend can leave and join anytime as pleased. All you have to do is join their session regardless of where your friend is and all he has to do is accept your call. You will spawn next to him and you're all set.


- Laggy. The game tends to get laggy once in awhile even on co-op. It can be mulitple of zombies in a area. The lag dies down though.

- Mic issues. The mic tends to lag once in awhile. It can be because of too many zombies in a area.

- Bugs. There are some bugs in the game that capcom needs to fix. For instance, zombie biting you and you cant get back up. This happen to me once but, it never happen again.

- The villians/ Bosses can be a challenge to kill. The A.I have step up their game and im thankful that the game is tough. This is a pro and a con though.

- Loading screens. They are a pain. It takes about a mintue or so to upload an area.

- No infinite mode. In DR1, there was a mode where you have to survive the outbreak. You pretty much look for food and try not to died. Sadly, DR2 doesnt have this mode.

This game has alot of replay value. You can play single player and the next time around, play the whole story co-op. There are tons of places to discover after you beat the game. The game is worth the buy!
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on January 21, 2011
My friend loved the game, I hated it. I mean hated it. I am a zombie killer. I love zombie games. Dead Nation is one of the best zombie killing games produced to date on the PS3. DR2 was monotonous, boring, controls were awkward. It simply was not fun for me. Others may like it. My friend loves the creativity of combining weapons to kill zombies. I liked it for about 30 minutes then kept asking myself: "Is this it?" I would rent the game before purchase. Oh, I also got the game fairly cheap ($35 new) and still felt like it was a rip off.
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