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on November 30, 2009
I bought this notebook (Black LT2032u) at Best Buy a few days before Black Friday, and so far, I'm rather impressed. Bought this more my wife, since she can never seem to get on my computer (I'm always on it). Plus, it's so small and light, we can leave it downstairs on the entertainment center, instead of her having to go upstairs to the computer room to use a computer.

It's form factor is just about the perfect size. My only complaints are:
1. The keyboard is a bit cramped for my bigger hands (but it's a netbook, so I can't really fault it for that, as I knew what we were buying)
2. The fact that the edges of the lid don't have any lips or hold points, so opening the cover when it's closed can be a bit tricky. A lot of times, I have to use my fingernail to start prying the lid from the base. Overall, not a deal breaker by any means, but can be annoying sometimes.
3. It comes with a Gateway Backup Utility for backing up your PC, but since the Netbooks don't come with a writable DVD drive (or any for that matter), the utility says no drive is available, and won't do a backup. Personally, I think this a flaw that Gateway should have considered, and modified the program to let you write to a DVD drive if you have one, or write an image to the Hard Drive, so you can move it to another PC on the network, and burn it to a DVD there.

The pc itself runs good. It came with the standard Atom 270, 1 GB RAM, built in Video Card, built in webcam, etc, except, this had a 250 GB HDD instead of a 160 GB HDD, and it came with Windows 7 Starter. While I don't care for how scaled down Win 7 starter is, again, I can't fault Gateway for that (blame Microsoft). I immediately upgraded the RAM to a 2 GB chip (replacing the 1 GB), and it is rather quick with this addition. Plus, I installed Google Chrome (which is much quicker than IE, and even Firefox by a bit), and it cruises the web with ease. I also uninstalled all the Norton bloat ware, and installed Windows Security Essentials Antivirus, which, believe it or not, is really very good and light (great for a Netbook). Oh, and it's free! Also pulled of the Microsoft Office Trial, and installed OpenOffice (also good and light, and great for a Netbook).

After two weeks of playing with it (yeah, I know, I supposedly bought it for my wife!!), I find myself not going upstairs to the computer room to use my main PC (a 6 month old new Toshiba Laptop) as much, and instead, I can do most of what I need on this one.

Really haven't run into to any other issues (other than those mentioned above), and I have to say, we're very glad we got it. Plus, when it was on sale at Best Buy for $279, it was a great price, considering all the other netbooks with Win 7 and a 250GB HDD were at least $350. I was originally considering the Toshiba NB205-N330, but that was $399+. Yeah, it may have had a N280 instead of the Gateway's N270, and a little bit fast BUS speed, and Bluetooth (I can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter for $4 if I need one), but, to save over $120, it was worth it. I don't think I would have really noticed the difference too much (at least not when I was playing with both at Best Buy side by side).

I'm very glad I purchased it, and I highly recommend it. Even a few of my friends who've come over, and I showed it to them, were very impressed. Save yourself a few bucks, and go with this over the higher priced Toshiba, Asus, etc. You won't be disappointed!
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on October 30, 2009
Have enjoyed my Gateway LT2030 netbook for about a week now.
Keyboard - pretty good, can touch type immediately without difficulty. Multitouch is fun, espec for photos.
Display - excellent, albeit locked into 1280x600 on the book, you can go larger with an external monitor
Win 7 Starter - I like it. setup took about 4 minutes. Saw a lot of posts about only being able to open 3 apps, but this hasn't been an issue. I have Chrome (you can have as many web pages as you want), word, paint, Win Media player, and a chess game open right now. No crashes so far. The "Do you want to let this program make changes?" on installs is more tolerable for some reason. Cloud apps are the plan. Haven't installed a lot yet.
Software - lots of gateway junk games, but Chess Titans is not included. ???? This is a miss. Can watch netflix wirelessly without lags. Basic Works, MS offerings otherwise.
I can carry this thing around the house, throw it in the car, feed my attention deficit in many new settings. Great basic tool. [...]
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on November 16, 2009
Easy setup out of the box. Found the wireless connection and was hooked up in about 5 min. Used battery for about 2 hours after full charge and still says over 4 hours left. Keyboard is easy to use as well.

Windows 7 is easy to use, waited for it to be installed on some netbooks before purchase, as I heard it was nice. Camera works great.

Flash player and Adobe work perfectly, watched tons of HULU and no problems at all.

If you just want the internet and portability at a good price this appears to be the one.
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on November 28, 2009
This Gateway LT2032u Black Netbook has turned out to be a great deal. I've had it for less than a week now and so far I'm loving it.

If you're getting a case for it, be aware that the 6-cell battery makes it too big for most slim cases (the battery ads about an inch to the size when closed). I have mine in a slim case, but the battery sticks out the zipper (and thus can't be fully closed. I just wanted something so that it would be protected in whatever bag I put it in and it serves that purpose ok for now.

Speaking of batteries - the life on the six cell is amazing. In power-saving mode and with the screen brightness dimmed to 10%, Windows has estimated 9 hours of battery life. Even in normal mode you'll get at least 6 hours of of it. It's great to be able to leave the house without a power adapter and not worry about running out of juice! I do occasionally use a Clear WiMax broadband USB adapter and that sucks a LOT of power (the machine estimates 3 hours of battery life with it running). I've tethered with my iPhone and that set up doesn't eat the battery nearly as fast (I think I can get 4-5 hours with that set up).

One challenge on netbook screens in general is software that assumes your monitor is taller than 600 pixels - so every now and then you'll find a fixed size window with an "ok" button that is below the edge of the screen. You might have to hit Tab and Enter until you "select" the right button to continue. This is only an occasional issue when installing software or on setup / preferences screens (like the one on Adobe Reader 9 which comes pre-installed)

Windows Starter 7 won't let you customize the desktop or colors, but you can legally install the free "Window Blinds" application from Stardock to let you do some customizations including colors and background images.

I'm hunting around for a good price on the 2GB ram upgrade. I'm thinking about getting 800Mhz gaming memory - but I don't yet know if this machine will support the higher speed. I notice that web based flash games (like Farm Ville and Cafe World on Facebook) can be quite unresponsive, so I'm hoping the added RAM will solve that.

Netflix runs just fine at full-screen. NBC online videos are choppy at full screen but run just fine in the regular size view (which still fills up a good portion of the screen. I haven't tested out HD YouTube videos on it yet.

The speakers don't get very loud, but I wouldn't want a bigger machine just for louder speakers. The headphone and microphone jacks are conveniently located on the side so they are out of the way.

The brightness of the LED display is REALLY BRIGHT. I find that most of the time, I run it at a reduced brightness (70%) and don't loose any detail in the images.

The track-pad is tiny, but very functional. Lots of great customizing options for it as well. The Multi-touch gestures are handy too, I'm glad they are included on the gateway machines.

The video on the webcam is nice - not stellar, but very nice - better than the cam built into my larger laptop. The built in microphone was decent as well. This is great for Skype calls while sitting at my desktop or full-size laptop working. I can run Skype full screen and still be productive on my other computer!

The keyboard buttons are sized nicely. I don't have too much trouble with typing -- the exception being the undersized backspace key. I would have liked that to be larger and sacrificed the size of the - and = keys instead. I occasionally find myself hitting = instead of backspace. Also, the keys don't have any traction / friction so you never quite feel like your fingers are in the right spots. Also, the "fn" Functions are in a deep red - which can be a little difficult to read on the black keys.

I've read elsewhere about the fan being loud - haven't experienced that (and don't expect to). The machine doesn't run hot either.

The hinges open and close smoothly through the full range of motion. The machine feels solid yet not too heavy.

Overall this computer is one of the best values out there for this kind of product and I'm happy with my purchase.
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on November 26, 2009
I bought the LT2030 about 1-2 months ago. While shopping in Best Buy, I was looking for a small unit with good battery life, a little more ram/hard drive space, and the capability to do low level gaming if it interested me. I had several choices which had decent prices, including an ASUS, Dell, Toshiba, and Gateway. In the end, the Gateway won me over. Firstly, it looks GREAT! It's a really awesome Candy Apple red. Secondly, the battery power can run as much as 7 hours long. The Asus ran a little bit longer, but the Hard Drive space was the major factor. The LT2030u was the only model with 250GB HD space. The other 3 models had about 100GB. For the same price as the other three ($349), the Gateway was obviously the best value.

Now, I've read some complaint over the internet about the system running "hot" but I have yet to encounter that problem. I upgraded from Starter 7 to a fully working version of the OS and I added 1GB Ram to the system. I carry my Netbook EVERYWHERE with me and have even been playing World of Warcraft on the system. Now obviously the graphics aren't meant for highly intensive graphics with games, but I find that it works just fine for me.

I'd definitely recommend the system. Granted, there aren't any back up disks, but there is a hidden folder on the system for taking your system back to it's factory settings, which is a great feature if you think you screwed up the system. I read some complaints about the lack of disks, but these people obviously never took the time to really read the information on the computer or look deeper into what they were buying.

By the way, Logitech has a Wireless Laser Mouse which is the same Candy Apple Red and looks great with the netbook. The USB part is super tiny and easy to forget about and pack up in whatever case you end up using. It's definitely a great edition to have!
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on November 27, 2009
I've had the Gateway LT2030u for three weeks and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have a full sized computer with all its bells and whistles in a home office and now use it only to update several web sites I maintain and to type and/or print lengthy documents. The Gateway LT2030u had allowed me to go "green" in that it consumes very little energy as compared to my full sized computer and peripherals, plus office heating and lighting. I can use the Gateway anywhere in the house, or for that matter, anywhere on my property.

The Gateway LT2030u is very easy to set up. From opening the box to going online took me about 15 minutes, taking my time. It quickly identified my wireless network and locked on quickly. It is a sharp looking computer with a logically organized keyboard that is easy to use. The battery life is impressive. It kind of reminds me of the Energizer bunny in that it just keeps going!

I added a wireless mouse that required no installation at all. The Gateway recognizes it immediately each time on booting and it certainly simplifies my web browsing. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and it was exceptionally easy to download, install, and use. Same with OpenOffice for creating and reading documents and spreadsheets.

I highly recommend the Gateway LT2030u!
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on November 19, 2009
Exactly what i expected. small, lightweight, and cheap enough that i will take it with me. i intend to use it for travel and internet access. the keyboard is small, but easy to get used to. still need to reset my hotmail accounts, etc so that the small screen doesn't bug me - but again, exactly what i expected. i might end up wishing it had a cd drive, but external hard drive and flash drives should take care of that. for the price, you can't go wrong.
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on November 29, 2009
I can easily say this is one of the best netbooks I have ever used. I purchased this on a black friday sale from bestbuy for $279.00 and it is worth every penny. Windows 7 is very snappy on this machine and boots to the desktop from being completley powered off in about 15-20 seconds. So far the experience is very positive. Shockingly, this little machine runs World of Warcraft (On low video settings ofcourse) absolutley flawlessly. Great buy, I would suggest this to anybody!
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on January 20, 2010
My wife gave me a red LT2030u for Christmas. It's small, it's light and in runs most apps as well as my bigger notebooks.
I liked the computer straight out of the box. It processing speed is good, Windows 7 standard ran every thing I wanted and the screen looks great with a clear bright picture.
Me being me, couldn't leave well enough alone so I added a 2G memory chip (SODIMM Memory module, MN2048SD2-667 - sold by Amazon, an ASUS USB 2.0 8x DVD Writer External Optical Drive SDRW-08D1S-U also sold by Amazon and bought a nifty Targus Sport Netbook Case TNC101US also sold by Amazon.
I had an extra license for Windows 7 Home Premium so I installed it on the netbook.
The netbook immediately found my network and streams HULU movies really well. The only application I have tried that would not run was "Tiger Woods Golf 2008". In all fairness, netbooks are not really built to play games and it is possible it could be a Win 7 issue with a somewhat older game.

Good to know stuff: - There is only one slot for memory, so to upgrade from 1 to 2G you must buy a 2G memory module and replace the existing 1G module. Most external DVD drives which use the USB ports for power require two USB ports to plug into (they have a Y cable), should be no problem as this netbook has three USB ports.
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VINE VOICEon December 31, 2009
****UPDATE- There is now a way to change the wallpaper on this unit (and any other pc running Windows 7 Starter) without having to purchase any apps. I'm sure it's against Amazon policy for me to post the link, but just Google "Windows 7 starter wallpaper changer". It works great and is very easy to use.

I bought this to replace my aging Asus eeePC 900HDB(Well actually I originally bought the Asus 1005HAB, but returned it in favor of this one) and am more than satisfied. Even straight out of the box (minus cleaning up the startup crapware, of course), this netbook was peppy and more than capable. I quickly installed Firefox with 6'ish plugins, Office 2007, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and a few more programs and am happy to say all work wonderfully. It started to slow down a bit if I had a bunch of processor/memory intensive apps running simultaneously, but that's to be expected and I really had to push it's limits to get it to slow down.

I then swapped the 1gb memory chip out for a 2gb 677 module and after cloning with Acronis, swapped the 250gb 5400RPM Western Digital Blue out for a 320gb 7200 RPM Western Digital Black drive and now this thing absolutely flies! I highly suggest both upgrades for anyone that might be a bit more of a "power user" and at least the memory upgrade for the rest.

I really have no cons to list. Some might be put off by the smaller keys or the smaller trackpad vs the eeePCs, but I have no problems with the keyboard (I'm a pretty big-boned guy) and I actually like the sunken in(but smaller) trackpad better than the flush one on the eeePCs. Also it has a shiny finish and is of course, a fingerprint magnet, but this doesn't bother me in the least. I love the looks of this unit and a matte finish wouldn't look as good in my opinion.

Others might also be hesitant by the inclusion of Windows 7 Starter. You shouldn't be. The only "real" thing it doesn't allow you to do that the other versions do is allow you to change your background. Big deal. There are programs one can get from Stardock that re-enables this feature if you must have it. There are other features left out, but none really matter for the target buyer of this type of device. You CAN, however, run unlimited programs up to the limit of your RAM. Microsoft, at first, limited Win 7 Starter to running 3 simultaneous programs, but have since lifted that restriction.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better netbook in this price range. Highly recommended!
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