Customer Reviews: Samsung Moment, Black (Sprint)
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on November 9, 2009
Form Factor: thick, heavy, dense feeling, giving it a high quality look and feel. Mostly plastic, it's built of high quality shiny and soft touch rubbery matte plastic as well. Full QWERTY makes the phone thicker than most, but having both is like having your cake and eating it, too. Is it the most beatiful cell phone in America? Probably not. Is is one of the best built and most solid high quality feeling phones you can pretty much count on to stick around for your 2 year contract? Absolutely. When it comes to cellphones, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and HTC are, hands down, the best there is at what they do: make solid long lasting phones.
Touch screen: brilliant AMOLED screen displays brilliant colors, doesn't need much battery life, and just produces eye popping visuals. Many reviews are constantly talking up how amazing the screen is on the new Moto Droid on VZW, but this screen is as good with color and touch response as the Droid's and iPhone's, if not better. The touch sensitive home, back, and menu keys could be more sensitive, but with the nature of Android, that could be addressed.
QWERTY: one of the best out there. Reviewers on line complain about its "odd button locations," but listen to them carefully, and then listen to their other reviews on other fully QWERTY keyboard having cell phones... they'll say the exact same thing about them. That's because they got it in the mail that day from the carrier for a quick review, they've got a day or two to spend with it, and then they have to ship it back so it can go to another reviewer. And most video reviews are like 10 minutes long tops, so NO REVIEWER would really ever get to spend time using the keyboard long enough to get a feel for any full QWERTY, let alone the Moment's. Its keys are spaced a little differently than a lot of other ones, but if you'll be owning the phone, or any other full QWERTY keyboarded phone, you'll get the hang of it. The keys, to me, while different, are pretty logically spaced. Also, you'll have full access to a full virtual QWERTY both in landscape and in portrait modes, as the phone has an accelerometer, which means that even with the keyboard closed, you'll be able to flip the phone on its side in landscape and type on the screen instead. Very, very, very convient for having to type out a long email or fill in lots of fields if you're filling out a form on line or something.
PROCESSOR: it's faster than an iPhone 3GS in my opinion, which is, one of the fastest responding cellphones ever available in America. If you've had any other Android phone running on the classic Android phone having 528MHz processors in the Hero, G1 (Dream), MyTouch 3G (Magic), Droid Eris (pretty much just a different bodied CDMA Hero for VZW), you'll notice a significant difference when it comes to response time, web page rendering, texting, screen response, app downloads, up loads... you name it. It's really fast, like crazy fast.
OS: great! Android is easy to use, very logically programmed, and very powerful with its open source platform. Eventually it will be the #1 smartphone OS. Although it doesn't have as many apps as iPhone, it didn't have the luxury of coming out almost 2 & 1/2 years ago, either. Plus, being open sourced, the apps available actually do things, and can be run at the same time. For instance, you can be streaming a song in Pandora while surfing the web; all of a sudden, your IM app, which is running in the background alerts you, you switch to it without losing your space on line on the webpage to respond; suddenly a song you've never heard of comes on in Pandora; you can immediately switch to Shazaam or Midomi and identify it, get info on it, and download it within seconds. Although all that is possible on an iPhone, as well as other phones already on the market, the way the Android OS handles it can't be matched. On the iPhone you'd never be able to Shazaam or Midomi any track streaming from Pandora or your iTunes playlists. While IM apps on iPhone can now just recently alert you, you have to close whatever you're doing if you're in another app to answer, close the IM app after responding, and re-open whatever you're doing before you got the IM, all while not being able to stream any music streaming app because it can't be open while using any other app. That gets old, and while the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world, people who have it either have another real smartphone with multitasking capabilities, or don't know what a real smartphone is and should do. Period.
Battery life: average.
Bottom Line: Sprint/Nextel has the most dependable 3G EV-DO network in the country. Speeds are awesome and you're rarely gonna drop a call within the network. Getting the Simply Everything plan for $99.99 a month is a steal; you can do everything the phone can do unlimited, and know that at the end of the month when you get your bill, you'll only pay $100 plus taxes and other fees.
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on November 8, 2009
*updated review at bottom*

original review:
So I bought this phone via sprint when it came out, should've waited for amazon, would've saved me about 75 dollars. ANYHOO! I love this phone!

-All the apps, music capabilities, etc that the iphone has
-Decent sound quality (I hear everyone crystal clear)
-Touchscreen everything but you can use the optical mouse and slide out keyboard (which I love)
-Extremely intuitive. I only had to refer to the manual once so far (had it about a week now) and that was to take the battery cover off (which I never ended up getting to in the book because I slid it off).
-Decent battery life
-regular headphones work with it

- it's supposed to be 5.5 hours of talk time, but if you talk on it for 2 hours straight while playing games online (on the phone), it tends to be a bit shorter! So battery life took a star. Also regular usage gets it only 9 or 10 hours before you want to charge to be on the safe side.
- If you put a pattern lock (have to draw a specific design/connect dots) on the phone to prevent it from doing things by accident via touch screen, it has a one-touch EMERGENCY DIAL button always present when you unlock the phone to use it. Which routes directly to your county 911. And if you realize it too late and hang up quickly the 911 operator calls you back to make sure you're ok. Which is a good idea but horrible if you're half asleep and grab the phone to check a text message.

I'll update if I find anything new awesome and or horribly bad with it.

But it's perfect for me. So I definately recommend.

**update November 27, 2009**

So I've had this phone almost a month now and still in love with it. I did have a problem with the speaker phone not working (I could hear everyone crystal clear, but I was fading in and out even if I was not moving in a silent room with no background noise. Yes, I made someone help me test this before I officially concluded it WAS my phone afterall). I took it back to the Sprint Store I got it from (a few blocks from me) and they replaced it that day no charge at all (it has a 30 day unlimited warranty. This was about a week after I got the phone).

I've come to terms with the battery life issue after consulting with someone who has a g1 and has the same low battery problems. So it lasts me about 5-8 hours a day (usually tons of texting involved and applications being played) before it gives me the low battery (15% remaining) warning. Then I come home and stick it on the charger or just let it be until I know I can dedicate 3-4 hours to charging this baby up. (It did however last me from 1pm yesterday afternoon to 8am this morning with moderate texting and phone usage only before dying. Was able to make a phone call immediately once it was attached to the charger though).

I still believe is the perfect phone for me of all out there on the market (and yes, I played with the Droid but hate the keyboard). It is sluggish to touch sometimes, double tapping the screen to "wake it up" during a phone call can inadvertantly lead to hanging up sometimes, and when you're typing very fast it doesn't always imput it right away or will get backed up on a few letters. I've been using it as an mp3 player and hooking it to my car speakers while driving. It can charge AND play music at the same time. Some applications and games ARE more draining then others though, but you can generally figure out which ones.

It's still, in my opionion, an all around wonderful phone.

***UPDATE *JULY 15, 2010* ***
So still have the same actual phone as I did last time update, it's gone through 2 sprint updates needed to be done in store. So some changes to original review needed! The updates have fixed the issues of super short battery life (extremely high android/internet usage for a 16 hour period before needing a charge and otherwise normal usage (frequent but not high texting, somewhat high internet usage) will last the day (8am to 3am, so 29 hours roughly). Updates also fixed (apparently) the speakerphone issue and the mute button issue and the issue of hanging up accidently while trying to wake screen up during phone call.

The android has been updated to 2.2 (or 2.1, double check on that. HAS BEEN UPDATED TO ONE OF THOSE THOUGH!).

Touch screen occasionally will be taken over by ghosts (not really often, but enough to be mentioned), but I think that has more to do with the screen covers I put on there.

The camera and video features now have zoom! Not a very BIG zoom, but a zoom nonetheless.

Still love the phone, still recommend! :-)
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on December 4, 2009
I have to say I was a big hesitant about purchasing this phone after owning the Instinct, but after owning this phone have no regrets at all.

Calls are crystal clear. You have the ability to multitask while on a call (surf web, check/send email or test messages). Speaker phone was also clear. No stock call reminder, but found an app that works well.

Android OS is very easy to use and you can make it your own with many free apps.

Calander works well--much, much better than the Instinct. You can link it to a gmail account or outlook.

Web browsing is much the same as using a home pc, especially when using Wifi. You can send links, copy/paste, etc.

SMS/MMS--I've downloaded a few free apps but have the stock messaging works much better. I wasn't thrilled there are no reminders when you receive a text, but downloaded an app that works great on the Moment.

There aren't many stock ringtones, but here are quite a few apps you can download free ringtones.

The touch screen works very well. The slide out keyboard was the selling point for me over the Hero. After having only a touch screen on the Instinct I knew one thing a phone had to have with a full physical keyboard. The keys are set up nicely on the keyboard and you can also navigate by using the keyboard.

Camera/video--not overly thrilled, but I don't rely on a phone for good pics. It's just an added bonus for me. There are no editing options or zoom--there may be apps but I haven't checked as of yet. The only option is the quality of video and flash on/off.

Battery life is about what I expect with everything the phone does. If you purchase this phone I recommend an app such as ATK (Advanced task killer) to save on the battery as you can see what apps are running and opt to stop them.

The phone seems to be made well and the slide function is smooth.

If you're looking for a fully featured phone I'd recommend the Moment. If it doesn't have what you want in the stock OS most likely you will be able to download an app to work with rhe phone.
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on June 24, 2011
Samsung Moment started as a really great phone, but after a few weeks began having minor technical glitches. Ok, no problem. I've had this experience before with a previous cellphone. Even after having Sprint take a look at the phone, offer me a new replacement, and having to RESET the replacement (due to so many technical errors), I still can not get the phone to operate as consistently and efficiently as it should. It constantly freezes, crashes, dials/hangs up when IT decides it wants to. If the phone is rebooted, it takes WAAY longer than a phone should- four to twenty minutes AND more. Once, it took several hours to get the phone past its opening "Samsung" credit!!! This included taking out the battery, letting it have it's moment, putting the battery back in, restart and still...(time passes)...nothing. Repeat.

I've talked to other owners of this phone type and they've had the same issues. This phone is FULL of Drama and I would NOT trust it if needed in an emergency. I can only hope that Samsung gets better and never produces another piece-of-crap phone like this.
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on February 12, 2010
I snatched this phone up pretty early, against my better judgement. I like how it feels in my hand, and apps run smoothly and quickly. Internet is pretty fast as well. The screen is nice and bright, and responds well to touch input. Physically the phone is well built,especially the keyborad (dont let the people who are complaining about the placing of the space bar scare you, the keyboard is great and you get used the keys quickly) but there are some MAJOR problems.

-First and foremost of my gripes is the crappy GPS. I cannot use my 180$ cell phone to acces Sprint Nav or Google maps unless I am outside. Not in the car, not next to a window, I must be outside. This is because Samsung, unlike HTC with the Hero, did not take the time to work around the fact that Android does not support CMDA AGPS. So most of the time my phone thinks I am in some far off place, like Brazil, or Spain. This is incredibly frustrating since I use Google maps A LOT, or used to. This is supposedly going to be fixed by the Android 2.1 update, but a)who knows if it is true b)when that update is going to happen. This is a known issue with the Moment, not a problem with my unit.

-The battery, yeah I dont expect to go for days on one charge, thats not my issue. My issue is that randomly my battery will insist I only have 5% or 15% left, even if I have charged the phone for hours. The phone will stay on all day, but keep nagging me to charge it, and the screen will dim to conserve power. This is a known issue with this phone, also supposedly will be fixed with the Android update.

-The voice command key takes about 30 seconds to actually prompt me to say something, and then is slow to respond to commands. However, when it does it is pretty accurate.

-The camera SUCKS! the colors are always off, the autofocus is slow, and takes FOREVER for the camera to actually start once you have pushed the button.

-Speaker phone is nice and loud, but no one can hear me because the mic sucks.

I have owned this phone for about three months, I had to take the first one back because if i tried to turn on the camera it froze the phone. I have had a lot of time to use it and make my decisions. I would not buy this phone again. The apps are great, and generally work well, the internet is good, the phone is pretty solid. But the lack of attention to some details in very important features in this type of phone makes me feel like this thing was thrown together and pushed out the door. If i could go back I would buy the Hero.
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on November 3, 2009
I got the Moment via WireFly because they were offering pre-orders. They ended up shipping it early, so I had mine on the 30th, 2 days before the official release.

I'm really loving this phone for a variety of reasons. The web browsing, e-mail, calling functions, etc. just blow my old Treo out of the water and it's even *slightly* smaller and lighter than my old Treo (755p). I love the big slide-out keyboard. The accelerometer functions are neat and I'm enjoying a couple of games that take advantage of them.

The one problem I had was that when I hooked it up to the MacBook Pro via the included USB cable, it would start charging, but the two would not connect. I would get no USB connected indicator on the phone. I found, through the System Profiler app, that the Mac was seeing the phone, but the phone was not completing the handshake. I also found, through posts on my blog and a Sprint forum that people had connected it to Windows and Linux running in virtual machines on their Macs. So it was something in the phone's Mac support.

I hunted through every settings menu until I found Settings - Applications - Development. In it there's a "USB debugging" option. When I turned that on, the phone saw my Mac, let me mount the SD card, and I was able to transfer music and other files.

There is some disappointment/consternation that it's now two generations of the Android OS behind the times with the Droid boasting 2.0 while the Moment only has 1.5. That said, upgrades are in the works, and if you look at the pricing of other carriers' smartphone voice + data plans vs. the Sprint Everything Data plan, you're going to save hundreds on your contract over the next two years.

It's a good phone for geeks like me who are interested in having a strong, functional brick that feels solid in their hands and offers good performance.
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on November 11, 2009
For the life of me I can not figure out the bad reviews on this phone. I realize it is not as sleek as most of the droid phones, but that's where the complaints should stop. If you're stuck between a Hero and a Moment like I was, make sure to check the reviews on Sprint's own website. You will find that a lot of people have switched to the Moment after using the Hero for a few months. $79.99 is a steal!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon March 17, 2010
After 4 years with "the network," I said good riddance to Verizon's monolithic mentality and dumped them in favor of MORE for LE$$ with Sprint!

Verizon has a great network, I'll give them that. But their corporate mentality is arrogant and aloof, to put it mildly. No matter the customer grievance, their retort is always, "yeah, but were the best." Okay, good for you. But a little humility and genuine customer appreciation is what keeps businesses going strong, as opposed to just being headstrong.

Being the best means more than just having the most cell towers, it also means having genuine -- I repeat -- genuine -- customer care and offering quality service. Verizon's reps do a great job of reading from their scripts, but whenever they don't know what to say, they revert to those standard go-to lines, like, "it's the network." When I called to cancel my service, Verizon didn't disappoint and arrogantly said, "We find that customers often realize they've made a mistake and come back to us." I mean, I admire their confidence, but seriously?? Is every other wireless carrier using CB radios and walky-talkies?? Verizon just doesn't get it -- monthly cell phone bills that rival most car payments simply isn't realistic for most people. Verizon would charge us to breathe air if they could. They're just too invasive and big brotherish for me; someone needs to sit them down and break the news that they're not protecting national secrets, they're just selling cell phones. So after 4 years of that stuff, I say "goodbye and good riddance!"

Hello Sprint & Samsung Moment!

Most times, I do a lot of research when it comes to making any purchase. But every so often, a product comes along that I make an instant connection with and I just go for it. Last time, it was a new laptop, this time, it's The Moment! And when I saw this phone on Sprint's website, I instantly knew it was the right phone for me. I'd spent months, since last summer actually, looking for a reason to stay with Verizon or for a reason to leave. I was genuinely on the fence with it and didn't know which way I'd go. Then I saw The Moment and knew it was MY moment!

After buying this phone and using it a couple weeks now, I really do love it more and more. I've since read about problems others were having with it, but thankfully, that hasn't been the case for me. My phone came with a new software update installed that apparently fixed the problems people were having prior, and Android 2.1 is due out by the end of the month, so it would seem this phone is just getting better and better.

Sprint's Now Network

For all Verizon's scare tactics, Sprint's service has been just fine thus far. No dropped calls. No dead zones. Just good call quality. In fact, people I talk to say I sound better on this new phone than I did on my old one. Is it just the new phone, or is it the Now Network?? Either way, I'm happy!

More For LE$$

Ironically, the thing that pushed me away from Verizon is that they started making data plans mandatory. I say "ironically" because I never wanted internet or data on my phone, but Verizon forced me to look at the issue. At the time, they only offered 2 phones with a qwerty keyboard that didn't require a data plan. So I sat down and did the math -- how much for my same calling plan with Verizon plus a data package, vs., how much for something similar with Sprint. Well, frankly, there is no comparison. With Sprint I'm getting unlimited everything for one price -- unlimited mobile to mobile on ANY network, unlimited text messages, unlimited pic and video messages, unlimited data, no roaming, visual voice mail, GPS navigation, Sprint TV, complete Google integration and double the monthly minute allowance -- ALL included. The same plan with Verizon would cost a lot more, with no discernable advantage -- well, unless you count the great V's frosty attitude as a selling point.

Battery Life

Aside from battery life, there's nothing I don't like about this phone! But poor battery life seems to plague most smartphones, including the iphone, so it isn't fair to hang that on this Samsung alone. Having said that, my battery life has improved over the two weeks that I've had the phone thus far. But just to be safe, I did buy an Imax Power IMP500 external battery pack which gives almost 4x the capacity of the standard battery that came with my phone. The iMax Power will charge my Moment in a pinch and keep me connected while it charges. The iMax is a 'must have' for any smartphone user!

LED Touch Screen

The Moment has an AMOLED touch screen, which means it's bright, vibrant and eco-friendly. Pictures look stunning, as do all the menus and screens on the phone. I saw an online review that did a side-by-side comparison of the Moment's screen compared to Verizon's enV Touch and the difference is stark. The Moment's display is nothing short of amazing. And better still, I can see the Moment's screen even when outdoors. The touch screen is responsive and never glitchy like my old phone was. Going from one menu to the next is lightening fast and pinpoint accurate.

QWERTY keyboard, oh how I love thee

I know everyone's into touch screens now, and they're definitely cool. But once you're spoiled with a full qwerty keyboard, there's just no going back -- and I don't mean a virtual touch screen keyboard -- I mean real, live buttons. And with the Moment, you get the best of both. I've had a qwerty keyboard for over 4 years now, so it was important to me that I have one on my new phone too. Actually, it's one of the key issues I had with getting an iPhone. So when I saw the Moment looked similar to an iPhone but slid open to reveal a qwerty keyboard, I was sold. The keys are responsive and tactile. It took me a few days to transition from the feel of my last phone, but now I'm thumbing my way through text messages faster than ever. The keys are well spaced out, easy to use and backlit, though sometimes I wish they'd stay lit a bit longer.

Optical Mouse

I'm not sure why they call it an optical mouse, but there's a little touch pad for your thumb that helps navigate through web pages with links crammed together too tightly. Rather than trying to pinpoint my touch on the screen, the touch pad easily navigates from one link to the next similar to arrow keys or the track ball on a blackberry. The touch pad can also be pushed like a button to click on anything highlighted. And flicking your thumb on the pad easily navigates the cursor from one spot to the next -- it's functionally intuitive and feels natural to use.


Finally!!! A phone that multitasks!! I can listen to music, surf the web, send a text message and check my email all at the same time!! And yes -- take calls too! My old phone couldn't even tell me the time if I was listening to music, but not this Moment; it's awesome to finally have a phone that can do more than one thing at a time!

Android OS

What can I say -- it's pretty darn great. If this in any way foreshadows the operating system Google is planning to release for personal computers, then Microsoft Windows may well have something to worry about! I can't wait to see what Android 2.1 looks like, and since it's developed by Google, I know I've got a great company standing behind this OS.

Apps, apps, galore

I used to look at these apps and wonder what the big deal was. But now that I have this phone, I see how fun it is to look for apps and find things that are actually useful in my daily life. From silly apps that are just fun, to apps that actually make life easier, there's a breadth of free gizmos and gadgets I can add to this new pimped out gizmo gadget! And again, since this is all built on Google's Android OS, one can feel assured that this platform will be around for a while and there'll be plenty of developers supporting new apps.

Bottom Line:

The Moment is a great phone, and thus far, I'm very happy with Sprint's service and reception. If you're on the fence like I was -- afraid to leave Verizon but tempted by all that Sprint is offering at a much lower price -- fear not!! Make the leap; you'll be happy you did! And get this Samsung Moment; it's awesome!
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on January 4, 2010
My wife and I had been with US Cellular for about 9 years. We both felt like smart phones were to the point of being very useful but US Cellular has crappy smart phones. A co worker got the Droid though Verizon and I liked it. I decided I wanted some Android based phone. Verizon's service plans were going to cost over $40 more a month (with a discount no less) as compared to Sprint. I like the Droid, but not $40 more a month worth (works out to $1000 over the 2 year contact with taxes figured in).

So, HTC Hero or Samsung Moment. For my wife, she liked the option of the slide out keyboard. I liked the fact it has a faster possessor than the Hero. We are still figuring out all the details of the phones, but so far are very pleased with them. The quality of making a phone call is very good, easy to hear the person on the other end.

Some people have whined that the phone "looks dated" or "too plain looking", each to his own. Personally, I don't care, chrome plating doesn't make your car go faster, or a phone work better. I have big hands, wife has small hands and we find the phone easy to hold and use, so for us, the body design of the phone is very good.

The slide out keyboard on the Moment is way better than the Droid. The issue with the Droid is the keys are jammed together and are all flat. The Moment's keyboard is spaced apart just a little and the keys are convex every so slightly for an improved feel. Between the Droid and Moment, the touch screen keyboards are the same to me, both work just as good (or bad).

The phone has a good heft to is, it doesn't feel cheap or like it is about to snap in half when you slide out the keyboard. One review video I saw on the Moment mentioned that the touch screen took too much finger pressure to respond. As compared to what? A very light touch won't cause anything to happen, but I don't feel like I'm having to press hard on the screen to get a response. The touch screen works very good IMHO, I really like it.

Battery life... compared to our old phones, LG UX830 (also called the Glimmer), the battery life on the Moment is pretty bad. However, it seems battery life improves with a couple of charges, and I also keep the wifi off and have the screen brightness all the way down. I've seen an improvement mostly with the screen brightness being turned down, and it is still pretty bright. I am now in the habit of plugging the phone up at the night stand when I go to bed. With my usage so far, 1 day still has over 50%. Shorter battery life is a trade off I'm willing to deal with for the benefits of having the phone.

The camera sucks. My Canon camera makes crappy phone calls. The fact the Moment has a camera is nice, but EVERY cell phone camera sucks. If you want good photos, get a Canon camera. Having said that, the camera is good enough to snap photos for quick reference purposes. The real usefulness of the built in camera is for reading bar codes then being able to compare prices for said product on the spot. Video quality is..... again, it is a phone, NOT a camera.

Wifi, I'm finding, is not as important as I thought. With an unlimited data plan, what do I care how much I download over the Sprint network? So I keep the wifi turned off now for improved battery life. However, if I'm in an area without any cell phone coverage, wifi can become a very handy back plan, so always good to have.

I've not used the Bluetooth for anything, so no comment on how good it might be and how quickly it will drain the battery.

Also note that the phone is easy to root. Why would you want to do this... because you can turn it into a MiFi spot for your laptop. Nothing like having "free wifi" when sitting at the airport. You already are paying for unlimited data, so make use of it.

Bottom line, the phone itself is great in terms of hardware. Of course, the real magic with this phone is Android.
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on December 1, 2009
OK after 8 yrs with Verizon and suffering through a year of the BB Storm and paying almost $200 a month for 4 phones one having unlimited data, I have gotten myself off of the Verizon-go-round. I had a Sprint wireless data card (which blows Verizon's network out of the water, at least where I am located, plus Verizon was too restrictive in their GB usage) and went in to up-grade and was met by a very friendly and helpful sales person who suggested I look at Sprint for the rest of my wireless services. She presented me with a plan that would save me nearly $60 a month. I even added my ex-wife to my plan. I looked at the Moment and was taken by its look and feel. But after I got a taste for its download speed and slick interface I was sold. This is what I thought the Storm was going to be. No lag when loading web pages, a wonderful touch screen QWERTY and the option of a slide out keyboard. Apps through the Andriod Market that are quick and seamless and free for the most part. I can actually watch a video on this smartphone and get through with out it taking 5 minuets to buffer, not to mention the gorgeous screen. So in a few words I love the Moment. The Motorola "Droid" feels like cheap plastic compared to the Moment, and even Droid on the Verizon network seemed to crawl and sputter to load a page. This all synced easily with my Google calender and contacts. One worry here; has Google now completely entered my entire life, they must know every move, word, search, and purchase I make. Scary!

There are a few cons though, battery life is very poor as mentioned elsewhere, I will see if a new battery improves the situation. It would be great if they would update the Moment to Android 2.0 sooner rather than later. The little covers for the USB port and the headphone jack are a bit annoying especially if you have to charge it often. If the keys on the slide out where just a bit bigger it would be nice. I would also like to delete any unused apps such as Nascar and NFL. The interface could be a bit easier to customize but this is minor compared to the ugliness of the BB Storm and yes I had updated to 5.0. I also miss some of the BB ring tones, like the alarm, but I will get over that I am sure.

So over all very pleased and I am happy to leave Verizon, they are getting a bit to big for their britches and when approached about what Sprint was offering, my 8 yrs. of loyalty seemed worthless. The response i got, the price you have is the one in the book there is no way to modify. I said very well, thank you, and good-bye Verizon.
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