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on November 11, 2009
Motorola and Verizon have a winner in this phone. I have had it a few days and can report that it is a much better phone than my Blackberry Curve and more fun to use. The touch screen is great and crystal clear. Even the touch screen keyboard is nice. I do prefer an actual keyboard but this one does just fine for short messages. For the longer messages, I use the slide out keyboard. I have downloaded a few apps( ie weather, AP News and an Altimeter) and all of them run flawlessly with great graphics. A really fun feature is the Google Voice search. Push the search icon, press the microphone icon and say what it is you want to find ( grocery store, McDonalds, whatever...) and it finds the nearest ones to your location. Press " Get Directions" and it will give you turn by turn instructions. Very cool. I also setup my email, through AOL, to be picked up on this phone and it was very easy to do so I have only had this phone a few days but so far, I am in love. I really think this phone will give the iPhone a good run for the money.
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on June 25, 2010
Upgraded to Verizon & the Droid from T-Mobile & the Wing (thus the gushing over the Droid).

After a lot of research and hands-on playing, my wife and I purchased two Droids. We considered iPhones, but didn't want to be locked into ATT or iTunes. The Droid was easiest to use, had a better on-screen keyboard (plus the physical keyboard), and was far more customizable than the other phones we looked at (including the iPhone).

The droid is a fast, easy to use, beast with absoutely fantastic apps. Makes sharp calls on a great network.
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on April 13, 2010
This is by FAR the best phone I have ever owned. I am a loyal Verizon customer, since I know service from other carriers (cough::ATT::cough) is no where near as good.. atleast in my location in the Northeast. Which is why I refused to dig in for the notorious iPhone. Although I do not have an iPhone.. I do have a iPod Touch 2G 32GB, which is almost its equal (minus the texting, calling, etc.) And you may ask why I talk rubbish against competitors' services; it is because my family/close friends have ATT/Sprint/T-Mobile/Boost.. all of which they have complained about numerously with their dropped calls and lack of service in areas.
So, as for the phone itself, it is everything I could possibly want in a phone.
-The display is BEAUTIFUL.. (more pixels than the iPhone)
-The Android OS is wonderful.. very easy to customize and to use.
-The Browser is fast and the best I have seen on a phone. (Yes, better than the iPhone's.. especially since the 2.1 update has multitouch to zoom, and still has the zoom in/out buttons on screen, which by the way, allows you to read text much better since it perfectly aligns the text on screen so you do not have to scroll left/right.)
-The 3G on this phone is almost as fast as WiFi.. and yes, I use both constantly.
-The GPS is the best GPS I've ever used, thanks to Google Maps. Better than Garmin and TomTom.. hands down.
-The App Store (Marketplace) is just as good, if not better than Apple's. I have an app that has every major TV show, every season, every episode. (app is called JetFlicks) I use it everyday at work.. Shhh! My boss hasn't caught on yet. (I'm watching Lost right now at work as I write this.) I also have atleast 50 other apps, most of them are free.
-The physical keyboard is a major plus.. at first I didn't like it or use it much.. now that I am use to it, I use it ALL the time. Very convenient.
-The camera is the best I've used on a phone.. the video recorder as well. Isn't a replacement for a real digital camera, but it definitely works for those times you don't have one in hand. 5MP is very good for a phone, in my opinion.
-Speakerphone and the regular listening to in-calls is superior to any other phone I've had.
Many other PROS.. but can't think of them right now.
-Battery Life is a little low.. which is obvious since of the great display. I offset some of this using the Advanced Task Killer (free on the mktplace) and such.. but still burns pretty well. I bought another battery on Amazon for $10 to carry with me at times. Can't do that with the infamous iPhone..
-The phone is a bit heavy.. heaviest phone I have ever had, but this is most likely since it seems so sturdy. Its made of all metal and glass.
-Sometimes the phone lags when too many apps are running. It also needs to reboot sometimes by taking the battery in and out (this happens about once every 2wks.) Not a major problem in my opinion.
-The volume rocker can easily be touched, which is noted in many reviews I've seen.
To be honest, I can't think of any other Cons at the moment. I'm sure there might be a couple more, but nothing serious.

So what are you waiting for?! Go get the MOTO DROID!!!! DROID DOES (more than you think)!!!!!
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on March 30, 2010
I got the Motorola Android about 2 weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it.

I came from a BB storm that was fairly dependable, but sluggish and basically good for emails and phone calls. I had hoped the iPhone was coming to Verizon but since it didn't, I checked out the Droid, and I think I got a fair amount of the things that I wanted from an iPhone, and some things that aren't currently available on an iPhone.

I'm not saying it is better than an iPhone, or even as polished. But it definitely works for me.

I now have a phone that runs lots of useful apps (most of which cost nothing), integrates well with Google services, and is something I'd be unhappy to leave at home.

I use Gmail for my primary email account (and forward other email to my Gmail account), and checking, navigating, searching, categorizing, etc. my email from my phone is convenient and easy.

Google Voice integrates very well with this phone, even if you just want to use it to transcribe your voice mail and send the text to your email. I rarely have to sit and listen to dozens of voice mails anymore, just read through them and play the audio only when necessary (yay!).

Maps for navigation is outstanding, at least as long as you have a connection. I've used it several times on trips and gotten great results. While streaming music through Pandora, the turn by turn navigation would pop in and give the next set of directions, then go immediately back to the music :)

Voice recognition is usually amazingly good. I downloaded an app that made voice input available anywhere, but I understand that the upcoming 2.1 OS update is supposed to take care of this anyway.

Using the browser (I actually use the third party Dolphin browser, with multi touch support), is something I do many times a day. It is fast and quite usable - on my old phone I avoided using the browser except in rare circumstances.

Video is beautiful and performance makes viewing vids in hi def a feasible choice - I usually do this unless I'm somewhere with a weak signal (and that happens pretty rarely in my area luckily).

Recorded video looks and sounds pretty darn good for a smart phone, in my opinion. The camera interface is pretty basic, but I'm hoping for an update soon to take better advantage of the hardware.

I sometimes use the physical keyboard, but I find the on-screen keyboard more convenient usually, in landscape mode that is. In portrait mode I just can't hit the little on-screen keys reliably enough.

Apps - this is the one thing I missed the most on my old phone, and there are enough available for the Droid to soothe my iPhone envy. The ones like Shazam, barcode scanners, keyrings, that sort of thing that my iPhone bearing friends constantly showed off - there are versions of many of those apps for the Droid. With a nice bookreader app, a few games, fast browser etc. , I'm much less impatient waiting for the Dentist and such these days.

I mostly listen to Pandora for music, so I can't specifically speak to the complaints about the music player - it really does seem pretty basic though. I haven't really looked for a third party app for that yet, which is the first thing I would do if I started playing a lot of purchased music.

Battery - yeah, if I use the phone heavily without charging I will find myself low on power before the day is done. Usually it isn't a problem because when I'm at my desk or in my car I just plug in. But at some point I might consider an extended life battery or maybe just a backup.

Another point in favor of this phone is that my wife, who is kind of impatient with technology and really insisted that she just wanted to stay with her basic phone, is pretty hooked on her Droid too (I got her one at the same time that I got mine).

Bottom line is, if in a year Verizon gets the iPhone I'll actually have a decision to make - that is pretty surprising for me considering how badly I'd been hoping for that to happen.
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on March 17, 2010
This is a spectacular phone... out of the box for new users it may initially underwhelm or intimidate, especially if you are not really "needing" the extra features it has. For simple people, but a non-smartphone, and for business users who don't want extra features, buy a blackberry.

I have had the phone for 3 weeks. It has spectacular battery life, especially if you tweak it right: Add the power widget, turn off wifi when not needed, and get an overclock manager to downgrade the cpu speed when not in use.

I highly recommend putting some time into this phone before judging it. Whereas I found the touch screen a bit difficult at first, I am now much faster and more precise with it. The keyboard is fine for long typing, but the blackberry curve I upgraded from was easier (the curve's only true advantage).

If you want to do something that you initially can't, just find the right apps and ways to modify.

I suggest rooting with the various instructions out there--it's worth the time, and will make your phone MUCH faster and more flexible. But that's not for the casual user. Bugless beast rom is a great place to start... I am already running the 2.1 rom weeks before it's actually released, with pinch-zoom maps/browser.

Navigation is great--we used it for a trip and ended up going to places we wouldn't have bothered to visit otherwise.

The browsing experience is good, but requires a bit of tweaking and learning to get slick. Speed is great. Pinch to zoom with 2.1 rom is great, or try dolphin if you don't want to root--though 2.1 will roll out officially soon for non-root users.

Very little about the phone is flat-out intuitive, but it's not hard either.

I am much happier to have this on verizon, and like it much better than my brother's iphone. iphone is fine, but if you want to do something that apple doesn't "prefer", you're pretty much SOL unless you jailbreak, whereas you can do a crazy amount with a droid even without rooting.

The phone quality is great, as is the screen, in agreement with what everybody else says.

blah, blah, just buy it unless you don't like phones, then buy something wimpier.
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on March 5, 2010
Tired of getting my phone calls dropped and the "iCan't" mentality of the iPhone OS, I cancelled my contract with AT&T and stopped by a local Verizon Wireless store to pick one of these bad boys up after being completely enamored by my friend's shiny new Droid. (shamefully, I was too impatient to order it through Amazon for a much cheaper price).

I'm impressed, Google & Motorola. Options, Options, Options! So many options! You left nothing to the imagination. Some might say you went overboard! And this is only the Droid OS 2.0!


-Doesn't drop my calls (thanks Verizon)
-The screen is big & beautiful. Hands down: the best on the market
-Fast, multi-tasking capable, processor and OS
-5MP camera, with flash. Video mode shoots 720x480
-Removable SDcard, and capable of utilizing SDcards up to 32GB in size.
-Syncs with Google account (push). Native "Google-Maps" application with embedded GPS and "Street View"
-Well built, sturdy case. Thinnest "slider" phone on the market?
-In terms of my typical daily use, the battery lasts longer than my previous iPhone 3G.
-Droid's "app-store" is growing rapidly.

-I prefer physical keyboards over virtual, but the physical keyboard on the droid is a bit too cramped. I was hoping it would grow on me, but typing can still be a struggle, sometimes. I find myself reverting to the on-screen (virtual) keyboard, for lengthier emails, as it is just as effective as the iPhone's. The jogger dial is a nice convenience, but unnecessary with a touch-screen and I have a feeling that Motorola is going to get rid of it in the next generation of the droid to free up more space for the keyboard. The keys aren't "raised" either, which limits the width of the phone, but contributes to too many typos.

-It hasn't happened to me, but I can see why people are having problems with the battery door. It's too easy to remove. I bought a nice case (see below) to remedy this.


-I wish there were quality headsets available for the Droid, that allowed you to do more than just play/pause/answer/hang-up. I hate pulling the phone out just to skip a song.

-I highly recommend the Seidio Innocase case for the Droid. I personally bought the case/holster combo and couldn't be more pleased. It's thin, doesn't add much weight/bulk and it's, IMO, the most attractive case for the droid right now.

Seidio Innocase Surface Case for Motorola Droid (Black)
Seidio Innocase Holster Case Combo for Motorola Droid (Black)
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on March 4, 2010
I had been dying to get my hands on the Motorola Droid since I first saw it. In fact, I was practically counting down the days until the date of my phone upgrade. And let me just say, now that I have the phone, I have not been disappointed one bit.

The Droid is my first smartphone. Prior to this, I had a Samsung Glyde, so it was quite a change moving to the Droid. After reading about people having difficulties learning their way around it, I was a bit apprehensive. However, I soon found out I had no need to be. The phone was incredibly easy to figure out. Always a plus.

I text a lot, so having a good keyboard is very important. The virtual keyboard works great in both portrait and landscape. I type with my thumbs and have not had any difficulties. I didn't expect the physical keyboard to be that great considering the buttons are so flat and close together. But after a few tries, I have really gotten used to the keyboard and can now use it just fine, without any mistakes.

My phone doesn't get a tremendous amount of use during the day so I have no complaints about battery life. Usually I'm just texting, reading emails, occasionally surfing the web, and checking Twidroid (for Twitter) every now and then. I do charge my phone every day to ensure that I always have good battery life. (I used to charge my Samsung Glyde every other day.) However, this has not been a problem at all thanks to being able to charge my phone through my Macbook Pro with the USB connector.

Call quality has been perfect for me. I can hear people clearly. They hear me clearly. No dropped calls. The Droid does a great job at being a phone, in my opinion. Plus, one of my favorite features is the proximity sensor. This makes the screen black out whenever you put the phone up to your ear while on a call. The second I take the phone away from my ear, the display lights back up. It works great every time.

The camera on this phone might not be spectacular compared to an actual camera, but it does take good pictures. Everything always comes out nice and clear.

Overall the Droid is a fantastic phone. It's great for messaging, Gmail, surfing the web, apps, and just being a phone. I'm so glad I purchased the Droid over a BlackBerry. I couldn't be happier!

- big screen
- physical keyboard
- good battery life
- nice camera and video camera
- App Market
- Gmail sync
- threaded messaging
- WiFi capability

- USB cable is very short
- screen is automatically unlocked when stock alarm goes off (I don't want to accidentally turn an alarm off while it's in my handbag or something.)
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on February 18, 2010
First off I want to say I had the Iphone for about three years so I'm not a hater, was the best phone I ever had. Till now. Switched to Virgin Mobile for a few months when my contract expired trying to decide what carrier to go with, and what phone. After a lot of research about all the carriers I went with Verizon cause their the best in my area of Nor Cal. Next thing was to decide on a phone. My friend recently got a Droid and after spending a few mins messing around with his and the one at the store I was sold. Especially since I was able to get it for $[...] at the store with a $[...] mail in rebate. Well no to the actual phone review:

The Screen:
First thing you'll notice is the screen. It is by far the best screen out there I think. Even better than my 3GS I use to have. It's also a little bigger, 3.7in vs. the 3.5in of the 3GS. Not only is it a little bigger the resolution is better as well. Again, Im not hating on the Iphone. Just my opinion. But the droid is perfect for watching videos, slideshows on the go, or pretty much whatever else you can think of. That's what makes all the Android phones so great. The openness and freedom to explore.

The Build:
Now every phone does have some down sides to it. The actual weight and size isn't a problem for me, bought the sam size as the Iphone maybe a little more bulky. It might be a problem for others. It doesn't have a sleek design as most phones. It as a more modern and rugged design. Which is what attracted me to it in the first place over the Eris. They also implemented a full physical Qwerty keyboard. Others have complained about this keyboard but I find it easier to use then the touch screen one. Sure the buttons are flat but after having to enter my Virgin contacts I got use to it rather quickly and now its all I use.

Everything Else I Can Think Of Right Now:
First off it comes with the new Android 2.0. Which for some it might be a problem. Unlike Iphones easy user friendly UI Android 2.0 doesn't compare. When I bought my phone the Verizon wireless rep suggested me to take a class that they had available the following week. I chuckled at first cause I do know my way around computer programs. But for some one who is not expierenced they might have a hardtime with the UI. Guess it depends on knowledge level and the ability to google what you want to do to find out how to do it.

Another nice add-on included it the Facebook App. As others have said you have the option to import all your contacts into your phone. So whatever is in your friends information will be imported on to you phone. Email address, phone number, IM Id, everything. Plus the Facebook profile pic will be what shows up on under their profile on your phone. Another added bonus.

There's an App for that! There really is. I've barely started to scratch the service on all that the Android apps have to offer. For example ther is an app, Shazam, which if a song is playing your Droid will tell you the artist, name of the song, album title, and sometimes even include album cover. There are many fun apps out there and most are free. Course there are by far a lot more apps on the itunes store. But Android is just now starting to catch on.

All this is just barely scratching the service of what is possible on the Android 2.0 phones. Customization is what it's all about. Of course some might like the more user friendly OS, then your best bet is Iphone. The second best phone out there. But right now I would recommend this phone to anyone who can find their way around a new OS or can google their way to learning. I would buy again. Sorry for the long review and if I think of anyone else over the next couple of days I'll be sure to update the review.
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on February 9, 2010
Since the iPhone launched nearly three years ago, I have to admit my flip phone and later Blackberry Curve have seemed a little behind the curve. But two things kept me from making the switch. First and foremost, I was not happy with AT&T service when I had it a while back, and I've never met a single iPhone user who didn't say something negative about AT&T. Secondly, while Apple does make truly revolutionary products, I hate the way the company is so controlling. Some would argue that is to enable the revolutionary products, but their policies clearly go beyond that and are focused on controlling content, apps, etc to maximize profits. If I'm going to spend $1,000 per year on phone and data service, I want to be able to do what I want on the phone.

Below is a summary of my findings:

OPERATING SYSTEM - Android is pretty amazing compared to most of the phone OS out there. It is just so flexible and capable and a joy to use compared to Blackberry in my opinion. The touch controls are much more intuitive and don't feel slapped on like the Strom models do. IPhone is a bit more polished but likewise, the end user can't do some things. An example is the great built in navigation. First thing after receiving I sold my personal GPS navigator on Ebay. Now my wife and I always have GPS with us wherever we go. We also can see each other on maps via the Latitude feature.

MARKET - While the sheer number of apps may be quite a bit lower than iPhone's, there are tons of options out there that will meet most end users needs. I've read stats that something like 80% of downloaded iPhone apps are never used after the first couple weeks and I believe it. Both on iPhone and Droid, many are "wow" apps that are fun but not something one needs day in and out. I would like to see a bit more content apps such as a Wall Street Journal and New York Times app. All in all I believe it will be the exception to the rule when a user can't find the app they need in the Android marketplace. And best of all, there are tons of free options out there.

SOUND QUALITY AND SPEAKER - SO MUCH BETTER THAN BLACKBERRY!! No more do callers ask me to repeat myself. Calls are loud and clear. The speaker is also great whether listening to podcasts, making calls, or navigating.

BUILD QUALITY - If you're familiar with Moto's higher end products such as the RAZR 2, you know that they tend to be well built with more metal than plastic. The phone feels substantial, but in a good way and not the least bit flimsy like so many phones out there now. The slide is very smooth and solid. And the screen, which I've read is glass, seems very scratch resistant. I keep the phone in my pocket and do not find the size or weight to be an issue.

BATTERY LIFE - At first I was very frustrated with the battery life and the "battery use" meter wasn't helping identify the culprit. After about a month, I realized that it was Yahoo Mail. The Droid just doesn't efficiently do Yahoo mail. It killed the battery inside of 14 hours, not to mention duplicated sent items among other problems. I switched to using Gmail via POP access to my Yahoo account and voila, 2+ days on a single charge. I wish Google would address the Yahoo mail shortcoming since they sell it saying it supports it, but nevertheless there is a workaround.

SCREEN - The screen on the Droid is beautiful and second only to the Nexus One from what I have seen. The high resolution really shines on both text and photos.

PHYSICAL / VIRTUAL KEYBOARD - I won't dwell on this as so many reviewers have covered this topic. The virtual keyboard is very nice and easy to use as virtual keyboards go. The slideout keyboard serves its purpose, for longer writing such as emails or IM sessions. I like the spacing much better than my old Curve but the flat keys make typing a bit harder. Moreover, at least in the current version of Android there is no suggestive spelling when using the physical keyboard.

MEDIA PLAYER - I love being able to play WMA files, since that's what my collection is based on. But the media player is very rudimentary and I'm surprised Google hasn't invested more in what many consider a key component of a high-end smartphone. The sound quality is very good but the features, interface, etc all leave a lot to be desired. For example, there are no suggested playlists, only those you create. You can sync playlists with Windows Media Player, despite what some people say.

CONCLUSION - I'm somewhat of a techie myself and I love all the advanced functionality and flexibility. At the same time, my wife is not and she was skeptical when I suggested the Droid for her as well. Three months later, she loves her phone too and uses it in a different way than I do but it works well for her. The OS is not as polished as the iPhone and occasionally you will get some bugs or need to reboot (2x a month I would say). However, the phone works as advertised and continues to receive meaningful updates and features from Google. We get great coverage, speed, and service with Verizon. So if you're looking for an alternative to AT&T / Apple, I definitely recommend this phone and would also suggest checking out the Nexus One. I believe Android has a bright future in smartphones and am happy I went with the Droid.
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on December 26, 2009
I have been trying several smartphones over the last 2 years (including iPhone, Treos, and Nokia N900 and this is simply an amazing one. Excellent software from Google plus nice hardware from Motorola makes it a winner. So far, iPhone and Droid are two clear leaders and picking one over another is a matter of prerefences. iPhone is a great one too, I had it for a while, but I do not like all restrictions associated with it - for both apps and media. I like to be in control and for iPhone, however great is it, in control is Apple and you are only permitted to do what they allow. It could be actually good for less technical savvy users, but I like to change memory cards, load software and data files on card and memory wherever I wish etc. Droid (more exactly Android) allows all that. Also, Droid has great multi-tasking, gorgeous high resolution screen matched only by Nokia N900, and a few great free apps like navigation, skymap etc. Droid also has an external keyboard, but I rarely use it. I like on-screen keyboard a lot in horizontal mode - which works (unlike for iPhone) with all applications. My iPhone-using friends claim that iPhone has many more apps. This is true, but in fact Android platform has now huge number of apps as well. This was a breaking point for choosing between N900, which is also great, but has too few apps so far and Droid. All I need is available and for each category there are at least 5-10 to choose from. The only one I miss is LifeBalance.

I am certain that I will not go back to the "small screen" phones like Treo's 320x320 or new standard 320x480. My wishlist for hi-res smartphones is longer battery life (so far, all of them except miserable Pre, will last for a day if used as a phone and occasionally as smartphone, but using it as a a computer, especially with GPS or WiFi enabled drains a battery in 4-6 hours. And I would like a larger screen. Not just more pixels, but larger in inches. When reading books or watching movies I like to have more screen real estate. Droid is actually very small. It feels more phone-like then iPhone or Blackberry. While screen is hi-res, it is actually even more narrow then iPhone. As a result, when used as a book reader (and this is how I read all my books now) it does not fit more text than iPhone and less than N800. Although, it is still easier on the eyes due to brilliant screen, I still want more text. At least, volume control buttons can be used as forward-back, the feature, which most iPhone readers can't use. And letterboxed or standard 320x480 movies look a bit smaller than on iPhone or N900. Well, standard wide-screen hires looks just great. I guess, this is what it was designed for.
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