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on September 13, 2010
cool phone, love the aps and memory but doesn't stay charged a full 12 hours!
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on June 6, 2011
I loved this phone at first, until I loaded the programs I wanted onto it. Severe lag meant the phone could be unusable for up to 5 minutes at a time, not to mention the battery life was less than a full day which means if I were not a college kid and up at weird hours of day anyways, most of the time it would have been dead.. It also lacks the feature to send applications to the SD Card which is insane. Another feature that I found severely lacking was the messaging application. The phone doesn't delete your texts after a certain amount like any other phone available on the market, which can exasperate the lag problem. It got to the point that I would set it down, go get a bowl of cereal, eat it, come back and the phone was still frozen. When I cut down the applications to the minimal amount along with manually deleting texts which made it somewhat serviceable, but I would not wish this on an enemy.
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on August 1, 2010
I got this phone through Sprint last November. At first, I was completely taken by all that it could do, which is essentially everything that one could want: make calls, take pictures, keep track of contacts, surf the web, complete Gmail integration and the list goes on and on and on. I am now on my THIRD phone, and they all have the same essential problem - this phone is woefully underpowered when you are multitasking. You have to keep using the "TaskKiller" app in order to shut off the programs that take up RAM space. Otherwise, (and even sometimes even despite the use of the task killer) the keys stick constantly, so that you end up waiting what seems like forever for the processor to "process" your command - sometimes I count off "six one thousand" before it responds. This is especially annoying when, as is a regular occurrence, I am typing an email, a call comes in, and I cannot answer it because the phone doesn't exit the email program in time for me to say "hello". There are times when I get so frustrated at this thing that I want to throw it against the nearest brick wall and take pleasure in watching it break into a gazillion pieces. Sprint is undoubtedly aware of this issue, but refuses to allow me to purchase, at the discount, the new EVO phone, which has a 1Ghz processor and which from what I have read, is, unlike this piece of crap, ready for prime-time, as is reflected in the fact that Sprint can't keep them in stock, and neither can Amazon. To go on eBay to find one will cost $600. So as a nearly 20 year Sprint customer, I am left with this piece of frustration-inducing technology until September of 2011, or I decide to ditch Sprint altogether and get another Android phone with another carrier. Which is a tough call since Sprint has a really great network that I would hate to leave. But boy, this phone has so much potential - but it's really underpowered and as a result, the whole Android and Sprint experience is too often just pathetic. What should be a pleasure, has turned into something that too often raises my blood pressure.
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on January 17, 2011
This phone was fun when I first brought it. What really disappoint me was it was not out for very long when it was replaced by better models out of no where the same year. To some people it does not matter too much but for people like me who pays the full sprint package every month and the phone can not perform that great for the price I paid, it really blows. The phone is full of feathers but there are no point in having them if they always lag. First few days it ran fine but after awhile it will require you to restart your phone weekly for it to stay quick. I get MANY miss calls because they phone takes for ever to pick up when I hit the pick up button. The phone came with android 1.5 and you had to take it to the sprint store to get it updated to out of dated 2.1. The newest Android firmware does not exist for this phone currently. EVERYTHING about this phone just lags and lags. Sometime it has to think if I am trying to pull up the phone book or pull up even sprint navigation. Every since the firmware upgrade battery life is about half a day. I do not do much with the phone most of the day and it still drains yet I need all my internet, email, and daily expected features of my phone I paid for to run. Screen is not sensitive. Sometime when I press on the screen it even after calibration it still is OFF!!! I live in a not so rich area and reception sucks. I have to be in the rich area to get 3G service. My phone is not damage. It just sucks period. I do not even install apps into my phone other then GPS speedometer which I do not leave running and angry birds which lags so badly that I just do not even play it.

Once my contract is up I am going back to Iphone. Hero is OK but for the price it is not worth it. On top of that you have to pay another 50 bucks to get the EVO 4G which is not even that much faster unless your in the richer area!!!
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on June 15, 2011
we've had this phone for a little under a year and i've had to take it in twice for repair. It freezes up all the time. The control are just impossible. It's heavy as hell. Sprint offers TV on this device but it might as well not have any because it almost never works. The camera is good and so it's the camcorder but the rest is not worth the money. Save your money and invest it on a device that will last longer than 9 months.
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on February 18, 2011
I first started Sprint service with a red LG Rumor Touch and it was stolen so I purchased an HTC Hero. This is the best phone that I have ever owned. It is fast, has a lot of apps, and is overall a great phone. GREAT PHONE AND I CAN NOT SAY THAT ENOUGH. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GREAT PHONE FOR SPRINT, PURCHASE THIS ONE BECAUSE THE RETAIL ON IT IS HIGHER THAN A SLEW OF HTC PHONES. THANK YOU!
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on July 5, 2011
I had this phone over a year half. it sucks. The battery life is okay for less than a 8 hours with texts, and internet. The internet is okay, but sometimes slow. Text is good. I recommend you, Don't buy it. And I am looking around for Evo 4G and Evo 3D.
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on July 8, 2010
This phone has a LOT of potential, unfortunately the software is TERRIBLE and it is either extremely underpowered or just poorly designed software. When the phone is new it is responsive to your touch, has a little bit of a lag when moving around but that's normal.

Once you load apps on it and start attempting to use it towards it's potential the phone becomes crippled and in my opinion is the worst phone I've had it 10 yrs. I often wait 3-5 sec after clicking on pretty much any button for my input to be acknowledged. When dialing a call I will hit the person's name and it will actually not start the call for 35+ seconds. I've timed it with a stopwatch. It is so bad that in the beginning I thought it didn't take my input so I'd retouch the screen. Fortunately, this phone is so smart that it would recognize both inputs with the huge lag so it would connect my call with person A, and then when i was on the call with person A it would dial person A again at the same time so I'd be talking to them and we'd both hear the phone ringing. They'd ask me, why are you calling again when we're on the phone and I'd have to explain how ridiculously slow the phone is to respond and the problems. Only way to remedy this situtation is to hang up and retry.

The phone drops calls in areas where my old phone never dropped calls, so i'd rate reception as worse.

The battery life is awful. I use it fairly heavily, but after owning it for 6 months my phone battery is usually done after about 6hrs of being unplugged.

I upgraded to the new Android OS 2.1 but this makes things even worse. Seems to have some nice newer features but that just makes the phone hog the internet more and be less responsive.

Terrible lag when typing messages.

Why can't the software developers figure out that this is a SINGLE CORE processor and it CANNOT multi-task. If the user is actively using the phone, background tasks need to be halted so that the phone can be responsive. I'm tired of waiting 5 seconds between each click, and actually set the phone down when navigating through screens (e.g. like adding a new contact, seriously!!)
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on October 9, 2014
It lasted years and years and years because I took care of it - but it was a piece of junk.
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on February 17, 2011
Before you buy this phone, you need to ask yourself if you will ever really want to, or need to, use a Bluetooth keyboard to do "power" emails, blogging or wordprocessing. If you think you will be frustrated by not being able to find a Bluetooth keyboard that works with the HTC Hero, then turn around, and walk away... and don't waste your time on wondering why something so simple has been left out. It is part of it's "Idiot-Savant" nature. The phone does some things very well, but when it comes to pairing & connecting with a wireless keyboard, "it can't tie it's shoelaces."

| Bluetooth Keyboard -- Bluetooth Keyboard -- Bluetooth Keyboard -- Bluetooth Keyboard |

Now, the Sprint Navigation app works very well most times. Now and again, you drive around in a circle because it goes nuts, but that is rare. Barcode Scanner works well with this phone, reading QR codes with ease and allowing you to view related web pages, send email, call or use the Sprint Navigation to get "there".
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