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on October 15, 2010
I chose this MP3 player due to the price. I knew that there was a chance that it could just stop working, or some weird malfunction may happen, but I did not want to bring my new Ipod on a rugged camping trip. I was truly in for a nice surprise, because not only does this MP3 player work great but it has lasted me for several months already. The sound quality is good, it fits in my pocket, and I actually enjoy taking it around more than my Ipod because of it's simplicity. Overall, sometimes you really don't need all the "jazz" and a simplistic product like this works fine!
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on February 14, 2011
I wanted something small & simple (and with at least 4GB of memory) to listen to music at work. This fit the bill and the price was right. The reviews were fairly good as well, so I gave it a shot. I've only had the player a couple days, but I'm very pleased so far. Here's what I've noticed:

The player arrived packaged well; the contents included the player, USB connector, earbud headphones, AAA battery and manual. The player seems sturdy and sleek. Though I can see why another reviewer stated the battery cover was flimsy, I feel it's fine. The buttons are a bit hard to push but I adjusted to it pretty fast. At least they feel sturdy. I did notice that after a little bit of inactivity you will need to hit the button twice - the first time seems to 're-activate' the player. That may be while some people felt they don't work... The buttons from left to right are Mode, Volume down, Volume up, Back, Play/Pause, Forward. The Play/Pause button is also the Off/On button. You have to hold the button for about five seconds to get it to turn on (you'll know it's on once the COBY sign comes up on the screen). Turning it off also takes five seconds and you'll get a little countdown on the player letting you know it's about to turn off.

The LCD display is very SMALL, which I knew from the pictures but they cram a lot of info onto that screen so what's there is tiny! The display lists: Song Number (out of total songs on the player), song length, battery meter, song album & title, song bitrate, play mode, and volume.

I plugged the player into my laptop and it came right up as a flash drive. There is software that comes on the player that you can load and use to transfer files. I ignored that and just used Windows Media Player which worked just fine. I removed all the other documentation (various PDF files, etc.) from the player and put them onto laptop in case I need them later. This gave me another 40MB or so for songs. All my files are .mp3 so I can't comment on whether or not there's an issue with wma files as another reviewer pointed out.

I think the sound is great. Fortunately no clicking on mine as another reviewer indicated. The ear buds that come with the player aren't any good but I had a nice pair from my previous mp3 player so no worries.

The fact the player uses an AAA battery is a plus for me. I have several rechargeable of these batteries and just drop an extra one in my purse in case I need it. No need to tote around a bigger battery, cords or a charger. [Note - The battery that came with the player was really cheap looking, peeling and all so I got rid of it.]

I can see that there might be a problem with the USB adapter after awhile - when I plugged it into my laptop, the player is so small that it didn't rest on the table. The adapter was supporting its weight, making the USB end of the adapter bend down a bit. I'm guessing after awhile that strain might cause problems. I just set a book underneath it. Solved.

No idea about battery length time yet, I've been listening to it for 3 hours and the battery charge shows 2/3 full. I will try to post an update on the current charge runs out.

So.... Pros: Small, inexpensive, sleek design, good amount of memory for the price, nice sound, AAA battery. Cons: Hard-to-read display, you have to hold the On/Off button for several seconds before it turns on. The batteries and ear buds are also iffy but can be easily replaced.

3/23/11 Update: There is a shuffle feature on the player. I also got almost 2 full days out of the battery the first time around(I keep a couple on my recharger and just switch them out as needed). One thing that kind of bugs me about the player now that I've been using it awhile is moving through the menu. It's hard to read the small screen and you can only see limited info so it takes awhile to go through the list to find the album or song you want. It's still a good player for the price and I love the small size. Now that I've used it more and because of the limitations due to the small screen, I'd probably lower my rating to a 3.5 instead of 4 (if possible). I don't regret the purchase however.
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on June 22, 2011
I loaded this one up with two levels of directories and 1425 WMAs. I just used the normal explorer software to transfer the files from my notebook. Sound is very good for an inexpensive player. I had no trouble using the buttons once I found out that it normally locks after a delay between uses and you have hit a button to unlock the buttons before proceeding. It also takes a little bit to figure out how to use the folder mode. When you enter the folder mode, it does not display the directory tree as the manual says. It displays the title of the last song played. You the have to go up, or down, until you get to a folder icon. The icon is a folder with an up or down arrow in it. At this point, pressing the >= (play) button will bring up the directory tree.

The only real con that I have found is that the display is hard to read because it is so small, however it does have a surprising amount of information on it.

I highly recommend this product.
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on November 25, 2010
I wanted something simple without many frills. Having the title display was about the level I needed. I normally use the unit when I am sitting at a desk doing some other work. I thought it was a good idea that this used AAA battery, so that I could replace battery easily (I have recharger). Note, it does not recharge the batteries. I am still on the first battery so it has adequate lifetimes for me.

It is cute and has fairly intuitive controls. A variety of built-in equalizer settings and a few other settings that are easy to access.

I have a some trouble with controls and the sound, which just could be my particular unit it a bit of a lemon. The earphone jack is not quite arranged right, and so if I plug in the jack all the way, it doesn't connect, and I have to back it out a bit in order for the connectors to line up right. That seemed weird. Luckily, it stays OK in that position so that I don't have to keep fiddling with it to keep connected.

The thing that really bothers me, however, is that I also get a faint but unmistakable 'clicking/electronic click' noise in the sound output. It is fairly annoying during soft music when it is really obvious. Of course, with louder music, it isn't as obvious. It does not change volume with the music volume or the output volume. I've tried rotating and using different positions of the earphone jack, and different equalizer, but haven't been able to identify its source.
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on March 14, 2012
I have owned one of these products for 5 months. I was looking for a MP3 player that would have incredibly long battery life (for long drives when listening to audio books). This product definitely fits the bill. The small lcd screen means the device will not be sipping a lot of current for the display, increasing the overall battery life. The company's estimate on battery playtime is also quite conservative. With rechargeable 1000MaH AAA batteries (not the highest capacity on the market), I can get over 26 hours of playtime on a single charge. As some other reviewers have noted, there is a clicking noise that becomes audible when the volume is very low or the device is paused. Since I use this for audio books over songs, this isn't an issue for me. The clicking sound also gets drowned out after you turn up the volume settings past 1/3rd of its max output.

A recommendation I would give to future products would be to integrate a charger within the device, while retaining the AAA battery. Swapping files with your computer via USB (even if plugged in for only 5 minutes) would translate to hours of playtime if a charger were included. A miniature switch could be included within the battery compartment to deactivate the charger when using non-rechargeable batteries.

Overall, if you want durability, duration, and simplicity, this is the device for you.
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on May 27, 2013
To begin, heretofore I listened to all of my music from my LG cell phone while on my daily 12 mile bike ride. Recently, the phone plug entry connection became loosened, shorted, and uncertain when plugging in my headphones. I knew it was just a matter of time before no amount of twirling the inserted plug would yield no sound at all regardless of any amount of fidgeting adjustments. I ordered this Colby MP3 player, a result of Amazon positive reviews, as a replacement of my phone music library. The difference in sound fidelity, totally surprising to me, turned out to be significant. After using my cell phone for my riding music for the last 4 years, then switching literally overnight to to this device left no doubt as to how much more accurate the sound reproduction of this device was able to achieve. I was hearing background nuances in instrumentation that I hardly knew were there before. Frankly, all I wanted was a device replacement for music playing on my daily ride. Little did I know the dramatic difference that could be created in devices like this.

Now for my provisos. I am simple man with simple needs. On my ride all I require is that all of my music library be shuffled. I love all of my music selections and I treat my whole library as pretty much of a radio station playing any random selection it wishes. Many of you may not have that amorphous requirement of their music order of play. In spite of the fact that this device boasts the ability to separate music into certain folders, I could not figure it out. When I called the ever so friendly and helpful 800 number for Colby help included in the shipment for help on any problem, all I got was a busy signal. There was no voice-mail. there was no announcement that you were even talking to the Colby Corporation. In other words, the "please call us with any problems flyer" inside the box was completely useless. Nobody was home!!! I set my unit to "shuffle" It shuffles my entire library. For those of you that may be more discerning...forget it. Separating your music into the vague and confusing "folders" is not adequately explained. Otherwise, this device could have achieved 5 stars.
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on June 10, 2013
Okay, I think we all know that cell phones make the greatest mp3 players, but if you need something light and ready for action, such as jogging, hiking, exercising and what not, then this is the device for you. For starters, this player isn't as advanced for menus and browsing music, basically you want to just put the songs you really like and be prepared to let them play at random, because you can't really choose folders or playlists because of the simplicity of the menu controls and this little buddy holds 4GB of music so even if you wanted to scroll the list, its going to feel like you are going through all the channels of your dish network guide, look, just let it play random, for best convenience. And due to the small size of the screen, this isn't the mp3 player you want to hook up to your car reciever and browse tunes, because there is no fast or easy way to browse and get to the songs you like on this player. For what it does, its great and affordable. Battery life is spectacular and less costly, since you only need one AAA battery to power it. Sound quality isn't great, but isn't bad either, I mean, your cellular phone is going to sound better then this, but like I said, if you are working out, you're not concerned with precise sound quality. Also, this isn't the mp3 player for children under 12, becuase it's not very intuitive, but older kids will find it just fine. And its much easier to just use it like a flash drive when adding songs, instead of installing the software that comes with this player, trust me.
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on November 22, 2011
This is the first pocket MP3 player I have owned. I am so impressed! I have been using it for about two weeks now for 1 hour every other day when i go to the gym. battery still strong, easy to use, easy to load songs, easy to play songs, great sound quality. Perfect for me to take to the gym. If this little low priced player is this good, I can only imagine what a high priced one would sound like.
PROS: Great price, good sound, easy to operate, very small.
CONS: Only thing I have had a minor issue with is choosing a folder to play. I just have two folders and trying to choose one of the two to play has been a challenge. It may just be I have not figured how to do it yet.

Definitely recommend this inexpensive player.
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on June 9, 2012
My original review is below. This is an update to say the unit stopped working within 2 months, and the replacement has now also stopped working (it still functions as a USB storage device, but will not play music).

Original review:

I wanted something small and inexpensive with decent sound to take the beach/pool (ideally with a AAA battery that could be removed/replaced, rather than being a rechargeable unit). For about $16, this met my needs.

The actual device is roughly 2.5" long, 1" wide, 0.5" thick, and very light. The product I received included a battery and ear buds, but there is no case or clip of any kind (the keyring type clip shown in the product photo is attached to the USB interface plug, not to the player device), so listening to this while moving around doing any kind of activity means putting it in your pocket.

As others have noted, the buttons are very small and can be stubborn to operate, but seem to function properly.

The sound is very good for the price. Although I have experienced some clicking and hissing like others reported, it was only on a few songs, and those tracks have questionable origins. MP3 songs that I purchased/downloaded, or ripped myself from an audio CD, sound much better on this than I expected (even with the included ear buds). Songs that someone may have extracted from a web video or a compressed audio source, and that sounded okay when one was using the same software and computer, may not play as clearly on this device. [Note: I'm not suggesting that other reviewers didn't have defective players, just offering another possible explanation based on the array of music files I have and the way this player handles them.]

If the device had a clip/case to carry it and if the buttons worked a little more smoothly, I'd give it 5 stars. Even so, if it continues to function as it does now, it's worth the price.

[Update: It did NOT continue to function -- failed within two months. So I've revised this review from 4 stars to 1 star.]
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on August 3, 2012
Take a look at the pic I uploaded!
I'm really impressed with this MP3 player. ...It has a TON of features that I didn't even realize it supported, it's also very affordable, and seems reliable! I should note that I accidentally forgot I put it in my running shorts' pocket, and then jumped into the pool for a good solid 10 seconds before I realized it was in my pocket; it was off, and worked fine after I let it dry for 2 days.

+ Very lightweight.
+ Thin design.
+ Small, efficient, and easy to see display.
+ Lots of Settings to adjust to make the player perform to your preference.
+ Comes with a battery, and is ready to use right out of the package (just upload some music first).
+ Transfer speed from PC -> Coby MP3 player is acceptably swift, it took less than 10 mins to transfer 600 Megs!
+ Large spectrum of volume control.
+ VERY snug fit between the Coby and my attached headphones!
+ Ran in a rain storm, and it still works.
+ Left it in my running shorts when I jumped into the pool with it for 10 seconds, still works.
+ EQ adjustment options: "normal, pop, rock, jazz, classical, bass."
+ Has a "shuffle all folders" option, so you can hear any song (in any Folder).
+ Songs load almost instantly when changing tracks.
+ Has a safety mode that prevents accidental button presses: "press any button" to take off the safety, and THEN perform your desired action.
+ Automatic screen illumination timer: Off (never illuminates), 3 seconds till off, 5s, 10s, Always On.

- No carrying strap to attach the MP3 to your arm while running.
- Changing "albums" requires a few too many button presses, but it's still manageable - just not optimal (thus I recommend enabling the "shuffle all folders" option in the Settings Menu).

I strongly recommend this MP3 player above any other MP3 player I have ever used in the past. It doesn't require any silly software (like iTunes) to transfer songs from PC -> player. This is truly a good classic style MP3 player!
review image
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