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115 of 123 people found the following review helpful
on August 13, 2014
I purchased one pair each of 3 of the top brands of boxer brief ~5 months ago to do some user testing. I am a 5'8", 190lb male competing in amateur Strongman. I lift and carry a decent amount of muscle in my hips, ass, and legs. I work at a gym and coach lacrosse and was looking for something that would keep me reasonably cool, dry, and comfortable during my day of moving around and sweating.

The worst of the group. It looks like they left room for an athletic cup in there, but it holds my package really weirdly and is uncomfortable beyond about 10 minutes. Fits nicely on the legs and waist, doesn't tend to ride up, but the package-mashing effect drops it way down my list. The material is also rougher than the other two reviewed. Wicking and dryness was adequate.

Slightly better than the UA brief, material is softer, but they run small. More comfortable overall, but there still isn't enough room for the package. One thing that I noticed with the boxer briefs as well as with compressions shorts is that the comfortable brands have a square stitched in to the taint area. Without this extra patch, the material pulls around the taint like a thong. While some may find this strapping-down effect beneficial, I like to have a bit more room and prefer the square patch.

This was the best of the 3 and the only one that I bought more of. They fit nicely, the material is comfortable, the wicking is excellent, and my package is secure but comfortable all day. They are a little more expensive than the other two, but well worth the money. They ride up a bit because they are less compressive than the UA and Adidas, but never to the wedgie point of discomfort. I generally wear these for a day and then hand wash them in my sink at night, and they're dry by the next day. Supremely efficient and comfortable as well.

If you want compression shorts for working out, go buy some actual compression shorts. I prefer the ones made by Under Armor with the square taint patch because it keeps the material from tugging on my Johnson. If you want an every-day boxer brief with excellent wicking and overall comfort of both legs, ass, and Johnson, buy the Ex-Officios. UA and Adidas both tried to create a combination compression short and boxer brief and ended up not doing either very well.
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98 of 106 people found the following review helpful
on August 4, 2010
I have worn every type of underwear. this includes briefs, boxers, boxer breifs, or bikini to nothing at all. So far i rate this underwear high because it helps with all the sweat on a hard day if you work outside like me. it fits like a boxer brief but breathes much better than cotton underwear. i live in florida and cotton underwear just turns into a soaked mess. these keep your boys happy as well with support, although i wish the little ball pouch was a little bigger. if you ask me socks and underwear are something you are supposed to buy quality, so the price doesnt bother me. shipment arrived super fast. amazon does play games.
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78 of 89 people found the following review helpful
on August 8, 2012
I am in the military and deployed to the middle east. The humidity where I am at is a lot like the gulf coast in the states. I wish I knew about these before. I was recommemnd them by a friend because he said they breathed more in humid climates. So I looked at them and was blown away that on base the go for $16 a pair and some department stores sell them for as high as $28 a pair. So I bought a pair of the 9 inch and was so amazed that I bought a second pair of 9 inch and order 4 pair of the six inch from amazon. Supply in deployed location is very limited. I perfer the 9 inch more because they dont ride up as much. how ever especially if your in humid enviorments these are worth the money and like it says on the box "you will never where normal underwear again" very true I have thrown away almost all my other cotton boxeres by hanes, hand will be buy at least 4 more pair of these!
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37 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on August 7, 2011
I bought 12 pairs of their brown boxer briefs in 2002 for deployment. I still wear them today. I rotate through these boxer briefs everday, only occasionally wearing white cotton when wearing my white uniforms (dress whites...)

These underwear are the same shape, size, no rips no tears and they are almost 10 years old. Although seemingly expensive, these are practically free in the long run. I will never wear any other underwear again.

My one recommendation, don't get the ones without the flap in the front, not sure why you would ever make underwear without em, but in uniform, its a horrible idea to not have the flap.
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81 of 98 people found the following review helpful
Every body is different, so you may have a different experience with these, but here is what I found. I have a 38 waist; lots of garments sized that way fit me fine. These were allegedly Extra-Large, 38-40. Yet, they were tight around the waist and butt. On my thighs, they also tended to ride up and leave a red mark where they settled. If they fit properly, they would be wonderful--very soft, comfortable fabric, best design I have ever used for the private parts, very comfortable there. Very well made. They just don't fit. I'm going to try the next size, I like the other features so much.
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45 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2013

Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Build: Lean and muscular from lifting weights regularly
Weight: 180 lbs
Waist: 34" at the belly button
Pant height preference: I prefer to wear my clothes with the waistband around my hips, which measure ...
Hip line: 35"
Thigh curcumference: 22"
Thigh length (if I'm kneeling on the ground, the distance from my groin to the ground): 16"

The underpants trials:

Tightey-whiteys: Cotton doesn't feel good to me and holds wetness. The shape of the cut I did not care for, it did not feel comfortable.

Boxers: Don't care for the bunching in material, lack of sweat wicking due to the material not being against my skin, and the amount that my circumcised (non-consensual) head would drag against the material all day causing irritation.

Non-athletic boxer-briefs: I often find the material to be unpleasant and the thighs to ride up annoyingly.

Bikini briefs: When running, my shaft ventures slightly outside of the brief, rubbing on the edge of the material - very unpleasant. If I go with a smaller size to prevent this, it is very tight fitting. Sweat that is outside of the narrow area of coverage gets transmitted to my pants and does not wick away like the athletic materials, which wick better than bare skin in open air, it seems

Athletic boxer-briefs: Now, I'm getting close to my objective. The materials used here are great at sweat wicking and the fit is better. Let's get into the details.

Attempt #1: Men's The Original 9" Boxerjock Boxer Briefs Bottoms by Under Armour. The cheap boxer briefs from the mall were 6" inseam and rode up immediately. These, at 9", lasted a bit longer before riding, but still rode up my thighs uncomfortably. The material in the crotch is a bit different than the rest of the pant. The material is only slightly uncomfortable from my head rubbing against it. The main discomfort, though slight, is from the head rubbing against the seam in the center of the crotch. The crotch section protrudes from the rest of the pant, which might be a welcome relief for the most well-endowed among us, but I am statistically average there and I feel the fitment to be a little loose for athletic purposes, though fine for leisurely activities.

Attempt #2: Men's UA HeatGear® Long Compression Short Bottoms by Under Armour. These have slightly longer thighs, but still ride up my thighs. The crotch section on these is identical to the rest of the pant, which I like. This also makes for a tighter fit to keep things in place when moving. The material here causes no discomfort.

Attempt #3: Nike 269605 Pro-Core Men's Long Compression Shorts 9". I've struck gold. These underpants are fantastic. The material is even better than the Under Armour pants I tried - the best I've ever felt for comfort and sweat wicking. Zero irritation from my head both because of the nice material and because of the snug fit in the crotch. The length is wonderful - what I had been searching for all along. It goes all the way down to the top of my kneecaps. Even when squatting full depth, the thighs only ride up maybe 2 inches at the most, then they stay in place. I was so happy with my pair of these pants, I bought 12 more pairs. I have since retired all other underwear. More expensive than your average underwear, but this is something that you wear all day every day, it's worth the expense. Also, most suppliers will work with you on a bulk discount if you buy this many pairs. In a few months, I may order 12 more, as I can see me wearing these for decades and the last time I found a good piece of clothing that I loved, the manufacturer stopped production the very next year. These did have tags on the inside back that needed cutting off. BE CAREFUL when cutting these. On my first pair, I was a bit overzealous with the scissors and nicked some of the material just behind the tag. This created a hole that sadly will likely make for the demise of this pair as they are worn more, but they still wear well for the time being.

Waistband height: Because I like wearing the waistband around my hips and all of these athletic pants are designed to wear around the waist, all 3 pants detailed here involved rolling the waistband over once. In that respect, they all fit with uniform height of the waistband unfolded and they all fold over to the same height.

Conclusion: Nike Pro Combat Core > Under Armour > Everything Else
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33 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2010
It's essentially the same as the Men's O Series Boxerjock 3" but slightly longer yet costs the same!

The problem is the size as it runs SMALL >:(
This sizing problem is very typical of Under Armour!
I had to buy an XL instead of a Large.

It fits well once you get the proper size and doesn't seem to ride up but it's still too early to tell as it's new.
The boxerjock's material breathes, which is very good in hot weather.
It also provides good support but not too restrictive or snug.

If you're skinny, then buy your normal size.
If you're the "average" male, then buy UP one size!

The 6" version is meant for people who like boxer shorts.
I prefer briefs so I'll stick with the 3" version!

Lastly, it's relatively PRICEY as cotton briefs or boxer shorts cost 2/3 LESS!!
Stock up whenever it's on sale at various clothing merchants!
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18 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on October 7, 2012
Does what it's supposed to do and keeps everything where it's supposed to be. The sizing runs very small, though. I'm 5'6", 150# and first ordered size medium, which turned out to be far too small. I then ordered size large, which was better, but still a little too tight a fit to be comfortable.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2013
I have tried quite a few boxer briefs lately, including the ExOfficio, Dockers performance, and Jockey microfiber boxer briefs. Also , I had been wearing about a dozen pairs of Dockers 100% cotton boxer briefs for about the past 9 months.

These Under Armour BoxerJock 6" boxer briefs are long enough (contrary to what others have said about needing the 9"). They stretch and do not ride up. When you get sweaty you get dry pretty quickly. The more breatheable material on the fly is a nice touch as well. The negative is that these run small. I normally wear an XL very comfortably and these I ordered the 2XL as recommended by other users, and while they fit decent they are still tighter than other brands' XL size. 3XL would be way too big however. Lastly, the material makes me sweat in my sleep, so i've found a use for my old cotton underwear (sleeping). I'd give 5 stars if these did not make me sweat in sleep and did not require me to order a size larger.

The Dockers 100% cotton boxer briefs (~$25 for 3) I've had for monthsare the most comfortable 100% cotton boxer briefs i've ever had. However, I had no idea these performance boxer briefs were so much better. Cotton gets swamp butt, rides up, and stretches out throughout the day. The Dockers avoid it the most and are way better than Hanes, etc. but didn't do the job well enough for me.

The ExOfficio (~$16) were really comfortable in terms of but a little too baggy in the frontal area and the material (Nylon) started pilling on the back side after one wash. They did not ride up and they stayed very cool. However, I could not justify $16 per pair for this inferior material and premature wear. I exchanged them for a new pair which are on the way, because I didn't want my already-spent $16 to go to waste. If they pill again I will return for refund.

The Jockey boxer briefs (~$20 for 2) were very comparable to the Under Armour except they fit true to size and feel like a slightly cheaper material. Not as stylish either, if you care about that. Also, the fly does not use a more breatheable material. While I do not use it, the fly is uncomfortable on your private area because it is not the traditional vertical opening but instead is horizontal across the area whereas the vertical kind are off to the side out of the way.

The Dockers performance ($9 per pair) are a Cotton blend and stay much cooler than the Dockers 100% cotton. They are very soft and in that regard are the most comfortable of all these I have mentioned. There is no fly, which I prefer since I do not use the fly, but the area is a little baggy. These ride up a little and get warmer than the polyester and nylon boxer briefs but they retain their shape throughout the day and do dry out after sweating, albeit slower. The waistband on the Dockers performance is the most comfortable and they are pretty stylish.

I would recommend the Dockers performance for cooler weather and the Under Armour for warmer weather and/or exercise(I live in FL).
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2012
I originally bought one pair, but they are so comfortable I had to buy more. Great for running, working out, and everyday use. No chaffing at all and they won't ride up and cause discomfort.
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