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on July 23, 2010
I had tried different phones. What I liked about this phone is the wired base unit so that I never have to worry about battery . The unit has red light showing Answering Machine is on as well as blinking red light showing new messages . The keys are large. The display screen is very conveniently located, size and clarity are very good. I ordred two hand sets and going to order more. The hand-set intercome feature is very useful. I have two story yhouse and I am moving a lot. This feature makes it easier to communicate with other members of the house.

The Amazon service has remained consistently good. I am glad to have this unit.
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on March 27, 2011
I will confess up front that I don't like AT&T and their monopolistic ways, and would happily have paid $50 more for somebody else's cordless phone. But Consumer Reports said the audio quality on this one was better than any of the others they tested. That was important to me; our previous cordless (from GE) sounded worse than a cheap cellphone, and we were forever saying, "What?"

So I bought it, secretly hoping I would find some reason to hate it and send it back. Alas, it's a really good product. Sound quality is excellent, battery life is great, the user interface is clear, and the features are smartly done. So I will be keeping it, and disliking AT&T a smidgen less.
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on December 2, 2010
I'm a long time AT&T customer, and I'm going waaaaaay back when the only phone company in America was AT&T.

My first phone was from Illinois Bell and it was a solid piece of construction, weighed a ton too. However, it lasted for over 30 years before it finally died out. What a phone! It had just TWO functions, receive and make calls...that's it.

Now this new DECT 6.0 phone is light years ahead of the old and now defunct Illinois Bell phone. The weight of the HANDSET & BASE are light but solid construction. The sound clarity is absolutely outstanding. The BASE is laid out just right with a nice LARGE and brightly lit screen. The large buttons are very easy to see because of the silver background. The HANDSET is laid out just right with a nice SMALL and brightly lit screen. The HANDSET was ready to use in under 30 minutes and fully charged in less than 60 minutes. The buttons on the HANDSET have a nice orange glow for easy viewing. However, I think the orange glow could be a little more ORANGE but no big deal...I'm not complaining.

The answer machine is ready to go with an outgoing announcement already recorded, which you can change with your own announcement. No more tape machines, everything is recorded on a about futuristic. Setting the time and date was a snap. In fact, all of the settings are a snap to configure. This is a very "user friendly" phone.

You can have different ring tones for both the BASE & HANDSET. There's an equalizer for two types of Treble, one Bass, and one Natural, and a six level volume control.

Using Your Phone During a Power Failure:
In a power failure the HANDSET will not work but that's OK since the BASE is functional. Some features in the BASE will not function in a black-out but you can still send and receive phone calls. During a black-out, the phone is capable of getting its power/electricity directly through the telephone cord.

With the advent of LED lighting, why not "backlit" ALL the keys/buttons on the system, (i.e., MENU/SELECT, the UP & DOWN buttons, the FLASH & CLEAR buttons, and the 7 non-illuminated buttons on the BASE)??

Dump the "orange" backlight on the HANDSET and replace it with white LED lights!

Also, add a function that allows the user to control how long the BASE/HANDSET light(s) stay on before going into power-saving mode.

Highly Recommended
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 2, 2011
There are many good things about this phone that have been mentioned in other reviews, and it was because of these that I decided to have a friend order the CL84100 for me. I have a home-based business and I wanted a combined phone/answering system to replace a 15 year old Sony TAM-100 answering machine that I had been using along with a newer AT&T CL2909 corded phone. Being able to record a good quality outgoing message was my first priority. The 84100 answering system would have been adequate, no worse than my old Sony, but not much better. However, it was other things that I discovered that made me decide to return the phone.

1) It has no HOLD button. This is a necessity in my business. I primarily rely on corded phones throughout my home/workplace because they function when the electricity is out. This system only has an INTERCOM button that limits placing the caller on hold and moving calls through it's own system of cordless units.

2) Turning the Ringer OFF requires a minimum of 8 clicks through menu buttons. With my present phone I simply slide the OFF/ON ringer switch, located on the side of the phone, and the task is done.

3) Even when the Ringer has been turned off, and Call Screening is off (which silences the outgoing and incoming messages as the phone is in use) the phone still sounds a tone after the outgoing message plays, so making the phone completely quiet isn't possible.

For these reasons I have decided that I am better off keeping my old system in place for now.

Something I did like about this system that I hadn't seen mentioned before is the male voice that speaks to you whenever you do anything with the system. He's pleasant to listen to when he's giving the time, number of calls, etc. when you play back messages or use other features.

I think this would be an okay phone for people who don't have need for the things I found lacking.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thanks for your helpful review. Your AT&T CL84100 has the MUTE feature, which is similar to hold, except that you can continue to hear your call, but the caller cannot hear you. As for the ringer, the CL84100 lets you adjust the base and handset ringers independently. On the base, just press Volume Down when the phone is idle to lower the ringer volume or turn it off completely. The cordless handset ringer is adjusted by entering the MENU when the handset is not in use. Your comments will be shared with product management.
on February 22, 2011
I chose the AT&T DECT 6.0 AT&T DECT 6.0 Digital Corded/Cordless Answering System (84100) phone because it was designed to operate on a designated frequency to prevent interference from other electronic devices to address the poor sound quality issues I was experiencing with my VoIP provider. I soon realized the issue was really the fault of the provider and not the phone. My previous phone was also a corded base/cordless phone set but operates on the 2.5 Ghz frequency. I have since switched providers and have noticed a great improvement in sound quality which may be attributed to both provider and phone.

The feature I especially like is the large well-lit Caller ID display that makes it possible to see who is calling from across the room. I also have the call waiting ID feature (from my provider)that gives me the option to interrupt the current call to answer the incoming one if I so choose. In addition, I feel more secure having a corded base phone in addition to a cordless handset, and it is expandable up to 12 handsets. Another neat feature is that all call information is available on the cordless handset display.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a feature I didn't know I had: it even lets me know when I have voice mail.

In a perfect world this phone would accommodate a noise cancelling headset, a much needed feature for making business calls free from background noise -- unfortunately it does not, unless there is a way to connect the headset that I have not yet discovered. However, all things considered, the AT&T DECT 6.0 phone AT&T DECT 6.0 Digital Corded/Cordless Answering System (84100) is feature-rich and a great value for the price.
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on January 10, 2011
We like the phone and the speaker feature is awesome. The combination of having a cordless phone and a handset phone package purchase was a good deal. The handset is very light and we have found that it is very touchy to place correctly on the phone. It doesn't set in deep so it can easily be bumped of the holder. All in all we are happy with our purchase.
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on August 5, 2011
The most important aspect of a telephone system (for me anyway) is sound quality, both for myself and for my callers. I specifically purchased this telephone system for my home office because I thought it would allow me to adjust sound quality as well as boost the volume. Although the cordless handset does, in fact, permit both of these adjustments (and does both well), the desk phone simply has volume control. Unfortunately, the volume control on the desk phone isn't loud enough for me to hear callers clearly. In fact, due to the relatively low volume, I am forced to turn off a nearby air conditioner to hear, which definitely is a negative point for me. Also, callers who were accustomed to my previous telephone system have complained that my voice now sounds hollow to them.

The desk phone is easy to use and feels pretty sturdy. The speaker phone and various menu options are what you'd expect, although I have yet to figure out how to reduce the number of times the phone rings when someone calls. Seems like a silly point, but it should be an option and it shouldn't be that difficult!

The buttons on the desk phone are large and the backlit screen is quite bright - both big pluses. The small, shallow, lightweight base for the cordless handset could have been designed better. I would have preferred a heavier and deeper base. I purchased a second cordless phone for my living room, which works very well (although it seems that it's always about to topple over).

I do not use the answering machine aspect of this equipment, so I cannot comment on it. Perhaps I'm expecting too much from an inexpensive phone system. Overall, I'd say this phone system is okay but not great.
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on March 5, 2011
Can't think of a single negative about this quality phone system. This set includes the best cordless phone that AT&T has ever produced! Reception is crystal clear, range is far reaching. The entire system has lots and lots of useful features. Big value for the price.

After we purchased the system, we added an additional cordless handset (AT&T DECT 6.0 Digital Accessory Handset 80100). The system's integrated intercom feature allows you to communicate internally among all the cordless phones and with the corded phone. Your first cordless phone is automatically labeled as HANDSET 1. If you add a second cordless phone it is automatically labeled as HANDSET 2, etc. The cordless handset screen provides you with the same information that is available on the base phone's screen-- including missed calls and unheard messages. And each cordless phone's screen constantly provides the name of the phone, ie. HANDSET 1, HANDSET 2, etc.-- so you don't mix them up if you have different settings on the phones.
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on March 19, 2011
I absolutely only wanted a corded/cordless combination phone system with an answering machine. Tho my phone service offers voicemail, i prefer NOT having to make a phone call to find out who called me and I can screen the phone calls as they come in if I don't recognize the #.
Love this phone--easy to set up, learn the functions, and use. The base is not too big, has a great big screen and the call quality is crisp & clear from both the handset and the cordless. At this point (new), the battery seems endless but time will tell. No complaints after about a month o constant use.
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on May 27, 2011
If you still have a landline, this is one of the better phones to plug into it. The corded base station phone works in a power cut; the cordless handset's reception and sound quality are good (both better than the Uniden CEZAI 998 DECT system I had before); the answering machine in the base station is pretty easy to use; the small wall wart power supplies consume very little power.

My complaints are minor. The cordless extension handset's screen can only show two menu items at a time, and it has two separated buttons instead of a d-pad or up-down button; together these make it harder to set up. Also its battery drops to one bar in one day if you don't leave it in the charging cradle, and unlike the reviewer who fully charged in 60 minutes mine takes hours to recharge (but even when charging the cradle consumes less than 3 watts, so there's no harm in leaving it in the cradle). I wish the cordless handset used two ordinary rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries instead of an overpriced NiMH pack. I wish all electric products standardized on micro USB wall warts, as mobile phones have, instead of model-specific power supplies that you throw away when the phone breaks.
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