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on April 29, 2010
I've had this phone since April 28th and I'm actually rewriting my original review using my HTC Incredible as my laptop's internet connection via EasyTether Lite (free). I must say I'm really impressed with this phone. It's super fast, good looking, and customizable. It's a treat to finally have a great phone paired with a great network!

Update September 1st 2010: I have the Froyo Update (Android 2.2 Operating System). I personally manually installed it, but it seems that the Over The Air (OTA) Update from Verizon is finally making it out to the masses. This update lagged some of the competition, but the HTC Droid Incredible is right back at number one in my book!
This update has the following:
Faster More Optimized Operating System (some specific tests show better than 300% improvements, i.e. Linpack)
720p Video Camera Capture Supported
Dual LED Flashlight
3G Mobile Hotspot (there are added charges for using this new feature, I believe about $20/month)
Various New Widgets and More!

It's got 7 screens, which can be viewed individually or all at once. I've got mine setup like this:
1. Home/Main Screen - Weather and Top Used Apps (, Skyfire, Gmail, Market, Mail, Mint, Flixster, Camera)
2. Agenda
3. Text Widget from HTC Sense
4. Stock Widget from HTC Sense
5. Favorite Contacts
6. Power Widget and Empty Space
7. FriendStream - HTC Sense seemlessly integrated Facebook/Twitter/Flickr

I don't intend for this review to be the end-all of reviews, so I'll try not to cover things other people did already.

Something others have mentioned and I've noticed as well is that battery life could be better. This is the one thing I would change if I could, and I might just do that. It comes stock with the 1300 mAh battery as you can see in the specs below, which just barely cuts it for me. I'm strongly considering upgrading the the Seidio 1750 mAh slim battery which fits in the same space, and should yield about 30% more charge for somewhere around 40 bucks here on Amazon.

I didn't notice you can drag your finger from the top of your screen to see ongoing applications, and current notifications. Hopefully this helps someone else figure this out too! Someone showed me this a couple days in, and it's very nice. Basically this is a quick link to what's just happened on your phone.

Another thing I didn't see in my brief look through reviews is a list of free apps to get you started with brief descriptions:
Advanced Task Killer Free - Kill any application running
AndroidPoker - Texas Holdem Card Calculator App
Astro File Manager - Manage Files, Backup Applications, Install Applications from Backup
BatteryTime Lite - Keep track of Battery Left, Battery Temperature
EasyTether Lite - Tethering App, free version does not access https sites, pay version does
Engadget - Tech Review Site Application
Flashlight - Simple help when you need it
Fring - Skype, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ, SIP, and MSN Live Client (works on Wi-fi too unlike Skype's basic app)
Google Goggles - Cool app for image based google searches
Google Sky Map - Star Gazer App, based on phone location and phone orientation, shows what stars and planets are out there - Depending on the day I like this streaming music app better than Pandora.
Layar - Imagine Google Sky Map for restaurants, bars, etc.
MaplePaint - Painting App
Mint - A great application for tracking personal finances
Movies/Flixster - Great movie app (theater and dvd) integrated with Netflix/Rotten Tomato, able to watch trailers instantly
My Verizon - Helpful for tracking phone usage
Pandora - Streaming Music
Scanner Radio - Police Scanner
Shazam - Figures out what song is playing
Skyfire - Slick web browser (or maybe you prefer Opera)
ShopSavvy - Barcode Scanner, Web and local price-checker
The Weather Channel - A good alternative to the Sense Weather Widgets

Games I like (I'm a simple minded phone gamer, all free as well, no descriptions):
Action Potato
Angry Birds - Now on Android!
Bonsai Blast
Labyrinth Lite
The 'Papi' Series - PapiCatch, PapiJump, PapiMissile, PapiPole, PapiRiver
Super Tetris
Texas Holdem - Red Poker Club
Toss It

Nerdy Details:
Size/Weight: 4.63 x 2.30 x 0.47 inches / 4.6 ounces
Screen: 480x800 3.7 inch AMOLED
Processor: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (QSD8650) CDMA version of Nexus One Processor (QSD8250)
Wi-fi: 802.11 b/g/n (I've clocked my phone on speed tests over 6 Mbps when connected to Comcast)
microSD: 2 GB included / up to 32 GB supported
Radio: FM using headphone cable as antenna
Operating System: Android 2.1 (Eclair) with HTC Sense
Camera: 8 Megapixels with Dual LED Flash
Bluetooth: 2.1 with A2DP Stereo and EDR
GPS: A-GPS (Assisted GPS, can be used for locating you during a 911 call, or more commonly navigation)
Keyboard: Virtual Only
Speech to Text: Basically can dictate texts, web addresses, and almost anywhere you can type
Text to Speech: Google Navigation can speak directions
Network: Verizon!
RAM: 512 MB
ROM: 768 MB / 512 MB for user
Internal Storage: 8 GB moviNand
Battery: 1300 mAh Lithium Ion (checkout Seidio 1750 mAh slim which fits in same space, if you need more power)
Physical Buttons: Volume Control (up/down), Power/Lock (share same button), Optical Joystick (with click)
Additional Sensors: Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, Ambient Light Sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor
Audio Out: 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
USB: micro-USB (charging and data)
Audio file types supported: AAC, AMR0, OGG, M4A, MID, MP3, WAV, WMA
Video file types supported: 3GP, 3G2, MP4, WMV

Please rate my review up or down as you see fit! Thank you!
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on May 6, 2010
I had an iPhone and recently got the HTC Incredible. I loved the iPhone but hated AT&T. But I love the HTC Incredible even better than I loved my iPhone. Here's why.

HTC Incredible advantages over iPhone ------------------

Verizon - I got rid of my iPhone simply because AT&T is terrible here in New York. My sister and her husband in Washington DC got an iPhone over Christmas and they complain about the crappy service there too. Verizon is blazing fast, the best service in NYC.

Widgets - Surprisingly the iPhone doesn't have widgets. The Incredible has some really cool widgets you can use. Widgets are like icons you can add to home screens, but instead of opening a program, the icon itself will give you info or have some other type of functionality like a a list of contacts or booksmarks you can access directly without opening a program first.

Transfer files without iTunes - Whether you like iTunes or not, you are hamstrung using it with the iPhone. With the Incredible, transfer is simple. You connect the phone to your computer and you can copy over files to it.

Connect it to as many computers as you want - I can connect to my computer both at home and at work, something you can't do with the iPhone. Apple annoyingly limits you to one computer to update your iPhone.

Access the file system - Unlike the iPhone, you can copy, paste and delete files from the internal hard drive. You can also copy files from the hard drive to your computer--or any computer for that matter.

Email - E-mail capabilities on the Incredible are better than the iPhone. In addition to global search, you can sort by conversation, sender, date, etc.

8 megapixel Camera with flash - The 8 megapixel camera takes beautiful detailed shots, even better than the iPhone's camera, which actually takes really nice photos as long as it's not dark. The iPhone doesn't have a flash. The camera on the Incredible did crash a few times, a but I'm hoping they will work out in later versions. The Incredible camera is also really fast loading.

Physical Camera button - The Incredible has a physical camera and video record button that works very well. With the iPhone you need to push a button on the touch screen, kind of annoying sometimes.

Faster - The Incredible is blazing fast. There is rarely any lag in switching or loading programs. Very snappy.

Mp3 player access without unlocking screen - When you're listening to music and you click the button to turn on the screen, you don't need to unlock the screen to see what music is playing. The iPhone has that as well. But unlike the iPhone, it also has usable back, pause and forward buttons on the locked screen.

Editable dictionary - You can see and edit the keyboard dictionary yourself and choose what words you want in it.

Send caller to voice mail - If you edit a user's contact, you have an option to always send that user to voice mail if you want. Minor, but kinda cool.

Weather on calendar - When you flip through upcoming days on your calendar, it also displays the weather for that day. Pretty sweet.

Google maps with layers - Android allows you to add `layers' to your map. For example, you can overlay the NYC MTA subway maps and see the actual subway lines. iPhone can't do that.

Super thin - This phone feels thinner than the iPhone, and I think it is in some ways. It certainly fits in my pocket a lot nicer than the Motorola Droid, which felt about 1/3 thicker than the incredible.

iPhone advantages over HTC Incredible ------------------

Music audio quality - I loaded the same some songs on both the Incredible and the iPhone and listened carefully. The iPhone's music audio quality, without any EQ, is slightly better than the Incredible. It's not bad on the incredible, it just sounds slightly punchier across the audio spectrum on the iPhone. The Incredible does have better sound quality than the Motorola Droid, which I also tested.

Equalizer - The iPhone has different equalizer settings. It's poorly implemented and easy to get low-end distortion but at least they have an EQ. No EQ on Android phones. Lame. (See update below)

Alerts - I like the way alerts and text messages pop up on the iPhone better than the Android. It feels like you need to dig too much to access new messages on the Incredible.

Apps - Of course, the iPhone's app store is far more extensive than the Android's. 95% of the functionality I can still get on the Android, but apps for the Android are almost always made second to iPhone apps if at all.

**UPDATE:** There is a great app on the Droid now called PowerAMP. The EQ is fantastic. It's definitely better than the iPhone's built in EQ. It's much more configurable and you can turn down the amp so there's no low-end distortion that you get when you add bass to normal songs on the iPhone. Now, in terms of music quality, I would say the Incredible is as good as the iPhone.
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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2010
I had been an iPhone/AT&T customer for the past couple of years, since the first 3G release. The iPhone is a great device, but hampered by the poor AT&T voice network, and the spotty 3G coverage. As a former Verizon customer for years prior to that, I knew the voice quality and coverage was superior, but their smartphone selection really didn't rival the iPhone, and I was stuck with the 2 year contract. I'm glad to say that dumping that contract early to jump back to VZW and the Incredible was well worth the penalty!

The Incredible is fast - almost too fast as it responds quickly to short flicks of my thumb. The optical joystick option for navigation works nicely, especially to avoid extra smudges to the touch screen. The seven page HTC Sense display is unique and has unlimited options for customization - the ability to have functional "widgets" vs. just application launch icons vs. the iPhone make this stand out - as well as the several default configurations to help guide you towards customizing your own configuration. The display itself is bright, sharp, and the higher resolution (compared to the 3G) makes everything pop out, making you "wow" when you first look at it. Customization options are abundant, further allowing you to customize to your heart's content. The seamless integration with Google mail/calendar, Facebook and Twitter, and well as the ability to sync Outlook Calendar and contacts provides a novel method of linking various contacts together for streamlined management of your contacts - for example, if I had you in my Outlook contacts, and also as a friend in Facebook, and followed you in Twitter, the HTC allows me to link those together, so your contact info on the phone allows me to interact with you without having to actually go to those various applications. I even like the fit of the phone in my hands - an iPhone (without a case) always feels like it's going to slip right out of my grasp, but the case of the Incredible seems to "stick" to my fingers, and I never feel like it's going to slip through.

The camera is worlds better than that of the iPhone 3G. Photos are clear, and colors are true to life. The led flashes work well. The only drawback is pushing the optical joystick to take a picture - same problem as with the iPhone. A button on the side of the phone would be preferable.

If you are worried about apps, there's no need to. Just about every app I had on the iPhone has a version in the Android Marketplace, or at least another app that is of equal quality/function. The Marketplace is more cumbersome to use as it's only available through the phone interface - a store to browse and shop via the web on my computer, similar to how the iTunes apps store functions, would be a great addition and make finding apps much easier. The phone interface is quite functional, but trying to compare and select between similar apps would work better on the computer. **Update** Thanks to a comment, I've found Appbrain, which looks like a good solution for this!

If you are tired of AT&T's network and/or the iPhone, the Incredible on VZW is certainly a prospect to investigate. I give it a hearty thumbs up! 4 stars for the Incredible itself, as it can use some software improvements, especially to the Marketplace, and 5 stars for the VZW voice and data network (but 1 star for VZW's continual poor documentation of the phones they provide).

Fast processor
beautiful display
great camera quality
wealth of applications through Marketplace
fit and feel
VZW Network quality
highly customizable interface
integration of contact data

Marketplace apps only through phone interface*(see update above)
Not many accessories available yet
touch screen smudges quickly, and smudges are quite noticeable
Poorly documented by VZW
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on April 29, 2010
I got my Droid Incredible in the mail on Tuesday even though the release date is today (4/29).
The phone is stunning...with all the simplicity you'd expect out of a new smartphone and all the fun you'd expect out of a Google phone.

Android OS and Sense
Beautiful Screen
Android Market
8MP camera (shoots well in low light don't let anyone tell you different)
super fast processor
7 home screens that you can view by pinching. You don't have to swipe through all 7. Makes my friends jealous.
the browser is smooth and fast. Auto aligns text when you zoom. uses multi-touch to pinch and zoom. Smooth scrolling and fast, fast load times.

hard to sync any e-mail other than a gmail account
facebook app sucks, but i just made a bookmark to the full site, since the internet is super fast
optical trackpad is glitchy but i only use it for the camera
battery life...but Seidio is coming out with an extended battery so thats not going to be a problem soon

Bottom Line:
Honestly, I have been waiting for a phone like this every since the iPhone. I don't have AT&T and to be honest I just don't like Apple as a company. They make cool stuff, but they rip their customers off. This phone is an iPhone killer. Compare them on all levels of performance, looks, functionality, customization, and speed and you'll find that the Droid Incredible is the same if not better. Also, Verizon's coverage is fantastic, so don't be fooled by 4G. I'm sure its great if you live somewhere where you get service.

EDIT: (4/30) This phone eats RAM like crazy. I installed "Advanced Task Killer" but I was still down to only 42M after a few days. I would suggest downloading either "Task Manager" or "TaskPanel" (I have Task Manager and my boyfriend has TaskPanel on his Moto Droid and both work quite well). I also suggest restarting the phone every few days just like you would a real computer.

Other than that still no complaints :)
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on May 10, 2010
This is my first smartphone having been a fence sitter with my old voice / text phone till now. I'd been waiting in anticipation for Verizon to confirm / deny the rumors about the Nexus One since February. Then I started reading online reviews / comparisons between the Nexus One and the newly announced Incredible and felt myself leaning more the the Incredible though the two phones are very similar.

I was happily surprised when Verizon finally broke the silence and announced the availability of the Incredible. And though I was only halfway through my New Every Two plan, upon my request Verizon graciously offered me the phone at the promotional $149 and then simply restarted my New Every Two the moment I activated this phone. THAT'S good customer service.

I've had the phone for over a week and I absolutely love it. Yes there are grumblings about the lean battery life. I won't lie, you do need to be prepared to charge it daily, especially for the first few days. But you have to keep in mind it's a small computer that does REAL multitasking. This is nothing new for those who have owned smartphones previously and does take a little getting used to by the basic voice / text phone crowd (my old voice / text phone went 8-9 days between charging).

The battery is a tad undersized for the power of the phone but then again we consumers want a small, thin form factor. Already there's a 1750 mAh battery available (exact same dimensions as the one it ships with) and rumors of an upcoming 2100+ mAh. And remember, something you can do with this and most every non-Apple mobile device - easily carry a spare & swap / upgrade batteries.

Following the advice on the Android forums, for the first few days I put my phone through full charge / discharge (till completely dead) cycles and have noticed a good 50% gain on battery life.

The screen is gorgeous. Because the phone does true multitasking you have a selection of animated backgrounds including a really cool swirling galaxy, blades of grass waving in the breeze, etc. Touch sensitivity is great albeit a little too sensitive at times (a screen protector really helps in this area). The multi-touch is great and while surfing the web, with most sites you can "drag zoom" (opposite of a pinch) text and pictures and then pan around - especially for those sites that prefer to use annoyingly small microfiche fonts.

Voice quality is excellent - both what you hear and what your caller hears

The speaker is decent for a phone but plug in a decent pair of headphones (uses a standard jack) and you have sound quality rivaling an iPod. Plus the cord on the headphones acts as an antenna for the built-in FM radio.

wifi setup is a breeze though with Verizon's unlimited data plan the biggest benefit to wifi connectivity is speed. I find the range with my home network is as good as my laptop and the phone will automatically switch between known / configured wifi networks and the regular 3G network, with a preference for wifi over 3G. When using the YouTube app, if you're connected on wifi it will automatically always try to get the highest quality version of the video. If you're only on the 3G network then you have to tell the player to use higher quality (since it can take longer to load and possibly not stream as smoothly on 3G).

I've been using the free Pandora app to stream internet radio and have quickly gotten addicted to always-on Internet connectivity. Sound quality doesn't change between wifi and 3G and I can't even tell when the phone switches as I get out of range of my configured wifi hotspots. There is something to be said for the Verizon 3G network coverage. I live in Phoenix and haven't had any connectivity issues.

I do need to mention there's a current issue in the app that shows you 3G signal strength in the phone status bar. It doesn't seem to show true signal strength. That is at times it has shown zero signal strength and I've made calls, surfed, listened to Internet radio with no quality issues. Once again, this is a new phone and nothing an update (they download via the 3G / wifi network, by the way - you don't have to plug it into your computer or take it to the Verizon store) won't correct.

Voice recognition is pretty flawless (actually performed by the Verizon server farm, I believe) and can be used pretty much anywhere you can use the onscreen keyboard.

Integration with Gmail email, contacts & calendar is seamless. In fact if you have a Gmail account you'll see there's no longer any need to keep contacts on your phone. You can assign ringtones, notes, etc to your Gmail contacts exactly as you can to contacts stored locally on the phone so why bother backing up with Backup Assistant, etc? Every time the phone syncs with your Gmail account any changes are "backed up". You do have the option to sync with other email providers but I haven't explored that feature since I only use Gmail.

I've had hit and miss success with Flash video on sites like [...]. But at least the Android OS is committed to supporting Flash so I have full confidence that this will be corrected in an upcoming update.

All this chatter about the Apple store having hundreds of thousands of apps vs Google store only having twenty thousand or so seems rather irrelevant to me. That is, I'm finding PLENTY of apps available and a surprising quantity of great quality FREE apps. And as the Android OS gets more and more popular, and as Apple gets more and more unfriendly toward their "loyal" developers, there are going to be more and more apps available for the Android OS.

Finally, at least in my case Verizon only shipped the anemic printed "Quick Start" guide which did little more than tell you to charge it fully first and gave a quick overview of the phone and setting up Gmail, Facebook, etc. If you do a Google search for "Droid Incredible Users Guide" you'll find a great 206 page PDF of the full users guide. I'm not sure why Verizon isn't shipping it (printed OR CD) though it has their logo on it. If you're new to smartphones and/or the Android OS (like I was) this guide is a must and can help you make the most out of this incredible (ha!) little device.

If you're still a fence sitter like I was, yes, there will always be a better phone "coming". But if you're ready to finally join the smartphone crowd I think the Droid Incredible is an excellent phone to make the leap with.
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on April 30, 2010
I've waited for this phone for months. First I thought the Moto Droid would be my LG Dare's successor. Then I saw the leaked photos of the Nexus One and finally the Incredible. After all this time, it has finally arrived and I've spent the last few days playing with it.

The number one question everyone will ask is "How does it compare to the iPhone?" and I think possibly for the first time ever, the answer is that it is *better* in many (or most) ways.

First, the hardware. In person this thing looks like a murdered out (black) version of the iPhone, with a few catchy red accents and a unique faschia around the back. It looks very cool and feels great in your hand. Some places have reported that the backside feels "cheap" and I'll agree -- when the back panel is removed, it feels cheap. But when it's on the phone (99.99% of the time), it feels quite solid and the whole package feels balanced and complete. I like the soft-touch backing because it doesn't show fingerprints. Nice. Yes, the screen will show fingerprints, especially if you run greasy.

Next, the interface. I had never used the Android OS before and wasn't sure what to expect in terms of simplicity, layout, and general elegance. In my opinion, Android nails it. No, this phone doesn't have the sheer simplicity of the iPhones interface. Instead, it gives you something that the iPhone doesn't: control. You get to decide where your icons are. You get to add widgets to your home screen(s). You get folders, program shortcuts, and various wallpaper choices (including animated wallpapers, if you're into that). The interface and customization options are really excellent. This is great if you have even a little bit of tech-geek in you, and it's still intuitive. Everything runs smooth and responsive. And it does multi-tasking, without breaking a sweat.

The external speaker (for music/speakerphone) is excellent for a cell phone; one of the best I've heard with little or no distortion. Of course it doesn't have any bass, but that's to be expected. Multi-touch works perfectly (there were some known issues with the Nexus One because it used an inferior touch processor that has been upgraded in the Incredible). There are all kinds of widgets and programs that come standard so you can get a good jump on customizing your experience. Camera is fine. Sure, it's 8mp (I'd rather have a 3mp with excellent picture quality). No, it is nowhere near a dedicated point and shoot camera. Above average for a cell phone, but don't expect miracles here.

I do have a few gripes so far, and some of them are more of an HTC/Google software thing and not a direct issue with this particular phone. First, the widgets, while nice, are limited in their customization. You often have a choice of 2-3 display styles for a widget, but aside from that there are very few "widget options". They each work pretty well but are limited in their individual flexibility.

Another small annoyance is in some landscape mode keyboards (like when writing a text or filling out a form) you have to hide the keyboard before accepting what you've typed; you can't just hit enter to accept or continue. Sounds small but at times it can be kind of annoying. In portrait mode this problem doesn't really exist, because either there's a button present or you can scroll through content to find it. (Landscape mode overwrites the page content with your text editing area.)

Random note in the middle of my review: the Android Marketplace does not have as many apps as the iPhone. Personally, I don't care. iDon't need a million apps to make my phone useful. The ones that are available in Android have provided everything I've needed (so far).

Finally, there are going to be a lot of people disappointed in battery life. I've only charged mine a few times so far, but this is definitely a phone you're going to need to charge at the end of the day with moderate use, or possibly even sooner with heavy-duty use. I wish they would have packed in a higher-capacity battery, but then at the same time with all of the features on these types of high-end smartphones, I can't expect the battery to do the impossible.

Overall this is THE best phone on Verizon and quite possibly ANY carrier, at least until the Evo 4g and next iPhone. Since Verizon is the best network, though, I give the Droid Incredible 4.5 stars and three big thumbs up. That's right, three.
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on June 9, 2010
As opposed to many reviews, I am not doing a "comparison" review. I have some pretty strict requirements for a smart phone so I'll list those first and you will know where I'm coming from. If I am going to carry something that makes more than phone calls, I have the following list. To have to carry a phone AND a computer everywhere I go does not satisfy my idea of a smart phone and the additional charges. Thus, this is my first smart phone.

1. I travel a lot and MUST make and take phone calls from many areas, some quite remote.
2. To replace my computer I MUST be able to open and run AT LEAST 3 windows at once, and answer phone calls while working - multitasking.
3. I need a GPS a lot of the time - 5 vehicles
4. Google chat
5. gmail
6. hotmail
7. Ability to do limited editing of Microsoft Word and Spreadsheet documents
8. I like to have a decent camera with me all the time but frequently forget mine.
9. I must be able to transfer files back and forth between several computers and my cell phone easily - bluetooth is nice, removable sdk card is better.
10. Typing is OK, but speech to text is handier.
11. Occasionally in remote areas I must use the cell phone capabilities to connect computer to internet.
12. Skype is an absolute "Must have"
13. When traveling in motor home, current radar weather can be critical (no one wants to be in a tornado area in a motor home).
14. Mapping.
15. Calendar directly linked to computer calendar.
16. At least one day of battery life.

If my smart phone does not have these things it falls into the category of a very interesting toy, but not something I can afford to spend much time on.

Don't care, but nice:
fm radio

So why the HTC Incredible?

I have two dissatisfied children (25 and 46) with AT&T accounts. So much for the iphone. If you live in a city and like it, buy it. But don't ask to use mine or have me make phone calls for you when you have no signal. Sorry.

The Incredible will do all of the "Must have" tasks albeit the speech to text is a bit spotty.

The one time we had spotty phone service in a remote area, my wife and I discovered we could constantly keep in touch using chat. The phone apparently stores the chat until you get a brief burst of signal and then immediately sends it. No problem. Very clever.

The camera takes quite good quality (surprisingly good?) photos, but there is NO REDEYE, even though there doesn't seem to be any reason not to have it - and the video cam does well.

Don't be fooled by a long list of apps for phone X or Y. Totally meaningless. I do all my international banking and credit card work on the Incredible with no problem, edit Microsoft documents, and everything else in my "MUST HAVE" list.

If you are considering buying a smart phone I suggest you make up your "MUST HAVE" list and research the internet carefully. I was quite easily able to rule out everything but the Motorola Droid and the HTC Incredible.

Battery life with such heavy use is not going to be good, so don't be unrealistic with any brand. I need at least 8 hours. I bought a 1750 mah battery replacement which does the trick (check my review in epinions).
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on May 17, 2010
I took a leap of faith when I replaced my iPhone with the HTC Droid but I have to say that I have fallen in love with this new and Incredible device. The reason I decided to change was because all the specifications beat the iPhone. The HTC Droid has a larger screen, more pixels, a lot better camera with built in flash, faster processor, voice recognition, multitasking, and much more...and with Google as the designer of this operation system I felt my leap was a safe leap. Verizon is another huge draw to switch because they have a faster and more reliable network than at&t and you notice it when you surf the web. The only category where the iPhone beats the HTC Droid is the number of applications, but the great majority of apps are useless anyway so the difference in number of apps means nothing. I have found as many fun and useful apps on the HTC that I did on the iPhone. If you like to customize your phone you'll find the HTC refreshing to use. You can replace pretty much any part of the phone from your web browser to your texting application to your email program. You are not locked in to the software that was shipped with the phone (like Apple who controls every aspect of your phone). Another part of the HTC Droid that I like a lot is that everything you do online from Facebooking to Twitterin to gmailing is suddenly integrated elegantly on your phone. In your address book you can chose between texting your friend or writing on their Facebook wall or show a Google map of their house. When you take a photo you can instantly and easily share it in various ways (Facebook, gmail, flickr, text). Another big plus that I can think of is the volume on the speaker. I could never hear my iPhone ring (unless I used the most obnoxious ring signal) and watching youTube videos often involved having to put the iPhone next to my ear to hear, but the HTC has a real good and loud speaker which you can easily hear. No more missed calls. If you like Google and realize what an amazing company they are you will know how amazing their phone is. Do I have to say I highly recommend this phone??
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on May 1, 2010
Ok this is not going to be an in depth review of the phone or its features because there are already a lot of those on here. These are my observations about some things I noticed and not everyone is mentioning.

The build quality of the phone is questionable. Its entirely plastic and is very very light weight. Even with the battery I feel like I am holding a toy. Comparing this to my droid, I feel like I could snap the Incredible in half like a stick. A good hard case could solve this problem.

You practically have to tear your phone apart to put in a micro SD card. Kinda scary lol.

The back cover is really thin plastic and just snaps into place. If you need to remove this often to exchange batteries or sd cards, you might snap it.

The battery life is really difficult to judge because everyone uses their phone differently. That being said I found the battery life to be just about average. My experience with everything on (minus live wallpaper) some web browsing and music, you will just make it to the end of the day. With heavy usage I could definitely see this needing a charge later in the day. While the HTC widgets are AMAZING, they don't help battery life. It will take some time to get that perfect balance of what to turn on and off but still keep it functional.

Signal strength is also hard to judge because it varies individually. When I have my Motorola droid side by side, I get 3-4 bars on my droid and 1-2 bars on the Incredible. I haven't seen equal signal strength yet. This is true every where I take the phone.

Despite all this, its a great phone. Its blazing fast with an amazing screen and HTC sense really makes it intuitive and nice to look at. I ended up returning it because of the things I talked about and keepin my droid. Would still recommend this phone but suggest people go into a store and try it out first.

Did some research on the net and found that the signal strength bars on phones is software setup by the manufacturer. People with a Motorola Droid and HTC have noticed that the actual signal strength in dBM is about the same if you go to "settings -> about phone -> network".
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I recently switched my mobile service from AT&T Wireless and the iPhone, to Verizon and the brand new HTC Incredible.

Why did I switch? I've been a customer of AT&T / Cingular / AT&T for over a decade. I've usually had great service and great phones. I've also had a wide variety of phones from the iPhone to the BlackJack II, to the Cingular 8125, to any number of flip and candybar style phones. At one point I was getting a new phone every year - until I got the iPhone.

The iPhone is the phone I've had the longest, because it pretty much did everything I needed it to do. The problem was that AT&T didn't.

For some time now I've been growing frustrated with dropped calls and lack of signal in places where I don't expect there to be a problem. Sitting in a cafe in midtown Sacramento and the phone telling me it's "searching" for a signal is displeasing to me. I was also hearing great things about the Android phones (Nexus One, DROID, etc.) including the brand new HTC Incredible that was on its way to market.

And so I did some research and made the switch!

First impressions? The phone gets pretty close to living up to its lofty name.

It started out as the HTC Wow! as I began to explore the differences from the iPhone and was filled with excitement. It was all new and it was all fresh, and I enjoyed figuring out what it could do in an of itself, and what it could do that was better than other phones. It's got a fast 1GHz processor, 8MP camera, wireless/GPS/bluetooth, Flash (which is a BIG win over the iPhone), customizable everything, live widgets (sort of like Google desktop), and more!

Then I moved into HTC Uh Oh! when I encountered a known issue with the native email client and IMAP email servers. There is no fix that I've seen so far and I had to install a different email program (K9) in order to get consistent access to my IMAP email accounts. Ok not TOO bad but still was unexpected, because on the iPhone it just "worked". I was also concerned with the native Twitter app called "Peep". It kept notifying me about messages I'd received days in the past - so I installed the brand new native Twitter app and removed Peep and all was well. The final part of my uh oh was that tethering isn't native. You not only have to download software, but there's a fee with Verizon to enable mobile tethering. AT&T didn't even offer it on the iPhone unless you were jailbroken, but I don't understand why this is an extra monthly charge and I dislike it.

Then I phased into HTC Really Good! as I got email working and started to customize my home screens with the applications I use on a regular basis. Things like Google Voice (which deserves it's own mention in a moment), Facebook, Twitter, Ustream broadcaster, Amazon, Wordpress, music streaming, NPR News, TMZ, and a few others including a Bejeweled clone. Battery life popped up as a possible down-side, and I've heard this complaint from other users - but I charge the phone every night and I've turned off the constant GPS fix option and it seems to help. At this point - not enough to drop me out of Really Good.

And then it was time for HTC Wow! again when I realized just how amazingly integrated Google Voice was on the Android system. No longer was it just an app on the iPhone that connected me to my web-based Google Voice account, now it was so integrated that it can actually bypass my phone's native voicemail and send it to Google Voice. This was a special wow because Verizon charges for visual voicemail (note that AT&T does not - it's part of the package). I didn't want to pay for that feature because it was just a nice to have, but I was super pleased that Google Voice can take care of it for me (including transcription and the other awesome features of the tool).

I've finally settled at HTC Great! after about a week of using the phone. Some of the initial issues I experienced, plus the concern about battery life have kept me from reaching the full HTC Incredible! level for myself. It seems as though HTC is paying attention - they have already released an Over the Air update that fixes a potential issue with incorrectly showing service bars - so I'm hoping that updates are going to be regular and beneficial. I love that it happens over the air vs. having to tether to iTunes to do an update.

I love that I can customize every single screen (I'm currently using a 7-screen theme); add live widgets that can show weather, calendars, email previews, facebook updates, twitter updates, and pretty much anything else; the touch screen is intuitive and responsive; and it's just easy to use and personalize to my specific needs.

Having a phone that can be so personalized is a welcome change from the iPhone that wouldn't even let me have persistent wallpaper on anything but the home screen (something that never made sense to me but is apparently being fixed in the 4.0 software release). But that personalization can have tradeoffs. You can load this thing up with so many applications and so many widgets that it becomes unusable, so you do have to watch what you're doing.

In terms of form factor it's very similar to the iPhone but doesn't feel as heavy. The buttons are in intuitive positions, and it seems like they took a lead from the iPhone in design. Buttons can perform multiple functions depending upon the application you're sitting in, and it's super-fast switching from one application to another (thank you intelligent backgrounding).

Overall I'm really happy with the phone and satisfied with the service from Verizon that I've received to-date. So I'm giving my first impressions a 4 out of 5 stars for the HTC Incredible!

* Products and brands are copyrights of their respective companies. Also note - I still have an active iPhone on AT&T service in addition to the new HTC Incredible on Verizon.
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