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on May 9, 2010
Just got my Verizon Incredible last week and it certainly lives up to it's namesake. Coming from a Motorola Razr this is like going from the model "T" to a jet car. Lot's to learn but it does DO lots. I never had an iPhone so I can't compare the two but most who have both clearly prefer the Incredible. The only negative I've found so far is the battery but, of course, what else is new. My 1750mAh should be deliverered tomorrow. End of problem. I'd recommend this phone without reservation. Period. I just love it.
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on June 21, 2010
No idea how I survived without this amazing tool. Granted about 90% of its usefulness is the apps, but they wouldn't exist without the phone.

On an important note, Verizon has done an excellent job establishing its online customer service features. Not to mention their phone-in customer service is incredible. Not only do they keep asking what else they can fix, but everybody who answers the CS line knows how to solve mostly anything.
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on July 9, 2010
This phone is great. I've had it for a month now and love it. The Android operating system is great. I love how you can sync your google contacts and the amount of apps available for the phone. The speed is amazing! Very few application have any "loading" period and there is never any lag. It does get hot when charging sometimes, but it doesnt really matter to me. I am officially sold on DROID Incredible
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on July 17, 2010
Switched from iPhone 3g last week and now I'm wishing I got the iPhone 4. The Android OS is not as refined as the iOS. If you've never owned an iPhone before this is probably a huge step up but for those of you who have this feels like a step down. Many other reviews compare this to the iPhone 3g and 3gs, which are very similar to the Incredible but it doesn't quite compare to the iPhone 4.

-Much faster than the iPhone 3g, as fast as the iPhone 3gs
-Google Maps and Turn by Turn Navigation are fantastic
-Great camera
-Over the air syncing with Google Mail and Calendar works well
-Uses Verizon network - no more dropped calls with AT&T
-Android Market has most of the big name apps the App Store does so you won't miss too much
-Sync contacts with Facebook
-Voice to Text is amazing (just started using it after owning it for a couple of weeks)

-Verizon includes adware that can't be removed, prompts you several times to buy! One of these apps is CityId which tells you what city & state a phone number is from. This is included with the iPhone but you must pay for it on the Incredible.
-Have to pay $3/mo for visual voicemail, its included with the iPhone
-Battery life is extremely poor, it burns through battery even when there is nothing running, so much so I think it may be defective.
-Doesn't have OLED screen, its near impossible to read in direct sunlight.
-No backup utility included, you must purchase one.
-Android apps have crashed a few times already
-No voice dialing over Bluetooth
-No external button to turn off ringer
-Can't turn off Haptic feedback (vibrates when you touch a button) when in Vibrate only mode. It would be nice to setup your own Sound/Ringer profiles.
-Facebook app has fewer features than the iPhone version
-Fewer accessories than the iPhone, but still enough to get by
-Waiting for the Android 2.2 update which has already been released but not for the HTC Incredible, current estimates are by Christmas.

Email Issues:
-Cannot fully zoom out when viewing an email, must constantly scroll left to right.
-Won't display messages sent from outlook 2003 (which is what my company uses).
-Doesn't sync with yahoo contacts and poor syncing with yahoo mail (the email app from yahoo is incomplete, there is no copy & paste). Would really not recommend this phone if using yahoo mail.

The HTC Incredible is a great phone but just isn't as nice as the iPhone 4. Would have given it 2 1/2 stars if I could. Other than the screen (which looks great but is unreadable in sunlight) all of these issues are with the software. Hopefully over the year or so there will be some updates to address them. My suggestion is either to wait and see what updates come or buy an iPhone.
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on June 14, 2012
I purchased this phone two years ago (2010) as my first smartphone. I absolutely LOVED it. Here's a quick rundown:

1. Small size, large screen. As a person with small hands, I have no desire to own a phone that could double as a tablet. I want to be able to reach all quadrants of the screen with one hand/thumb. This is about the size of an iPhone4 but with a larger screen that is comfortable to read and work with. Pocketable, fits in purse/bag pockets designed for phones.

2. Large quantity of apps from both Amazon or Google Play (formerly Android App Market).

3. Sturdy design. Let's just say this device took some serious physical abuse and until recently, it just kept ticking.

4. Expandable memory. Need more space? Jam an inexpensive SD card in the slot and you're good to go.


1. Recently developed software issues, probably from some of the abuse it suffered on my account. It will not write/read the sd card, photos are previewing fine but will appear corrupted when enlarged. Photos were deleted, it stopped syncing with Google so much of my data was lost. (Cry)

2. Began needing to LOAD the homepages. Started forceclosing EVERYTHING, including 'backbone' programs like Gmail.

3. With regards to app security: if this is your first time owning an android device, you must be aware the security of the app market and amazon are not as good as Apple's. Although it is a self-regulating market (unsound apps are generally removed or will not sell well thanks to dedicated reviewers), you should still be vigilant about your own security. Free apps more than not will ask for permissions the app doesn't necessarily need to run on i.e. full internet access (unless it says it can link to Facebook or something), and 'open network sockets'. You don't want your network sockets open. This usually means the app is obtaining anonymous (not sensitive) information from you for statistical/development purposes. Just be careful.


I have read several of the reviews here regarding the 'low memory' warning you get. This is a SOFTWARE issue that is easily remedied which concerns the FACEBOOK app. You must CLEAR the CACHE on occasion and then you will stop getting the warning. To do this, go to MENU>SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>MANAGE APPS>FACEBOOK>CLEAR CACHE. As previously mentioned, I have had this phone for two years, and now due to the software issues I've been having, it's time to move onto a different phone. I have since purchased the HTC Rhyme, as it is also a small phone and doesn't have the bells and whistles of the larger, faster phones but it's what I need. I will be doing a separate review on that phone as I work with it.
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on March 8, 2011
Short summary:
Elementary battery for a graduate phone, but that won't stop me.

Long long review:
Let me start off by saying I like my phone. It's my second favorite of all time besides my Motorola Music Q from a few years back. I wanted to keep the phone for a week so I wouldn't be too young when I spoke about the battery. I read a lot of reviews and it was scary waiting on my phone to see how it would make it through the day.

For those of you torn between getting this phone and getting something with better battery life, good luck. Many Droid phones suffer from this complex. However, my HTC isn't bad. Longest charge held over the first week, 24 hours with medium usage, shortest 17 with heavy usage.

I'm not a "texter" or talker. I get phones strictly based on Internet capability. So, when I say heavy usage, I mean playing Angry Birds, NinJump, browsing the Internet, downloading apps, and reading random facts/Yo Momma Jokes with my fiance. Yes, we did all that for around 5 hours.

The phone is fun. I don't really use it while at work so my phone idles from 11pm - 9am, and 1pm until 5:30pm for long periods of time. I get to work, browse the Internet, check emails, briefly look at Facebook, and visit my class website (watch a few Youtube links from the website). I do that between 9am and 9:30am & 11:30am - 1pm off and on. Then, for another 30 minutes to an hour I use some of the funnier apps to waste time until I'm off. At home, I rarely use my phone. My fiance may play NinJump or Ninja Rush.

At work, I charge my phone for however long it takes to charge (1 or 2 hours) while its off. Yes, I turn my phone off to charge. I know, it's blasphemy for most of you, but no electronic will continue working at its maximum ability if you leave it on 24/7. I heard about the bad battery and this is my solution. It works for me.

If you text constantly, talk regularly, and use the Internet (very heavy user), expect 12 - 15 hours on the phone or less (not more). It will not make it through the day... period.

Solutions? Everyone talks about external batteries, no. Those have horrid reviews also and estimated to give you a full days charge. They bulk up your phone so much that Outterbox and other protectors can't fit over them. (The phone is really small already so it won't get too big, but most don't like it). Invest in an extra battery so you'll never have to worry about charging the phone. Charge the batteries externally. Problem solved. It won't matter what your usage is, the phone won't burn out before an external battery is charged. I may get one in a few moons, but I really don't need it and I want my phone to be off occasionally.

That was the battery review, long, I know. How's about the freakin' phone? Perfect for a big kid like myself. I've got my iTunes inventory, apps for nothing other than making people laugh, and the Internet (which slightly sucks because I'm in Oakland Hills with little to no service during work, but it's great in El Cerrito).
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2010
I echo what so many other reviews have said about this phone - great device in so many ways, not so great battery life. The hardware is nice, great screen and good functional buttons across the bottom. But the hardware is not where this phone distinguishes itself. After spending the last two years with the BlackBerry Storm and RIM's OS 5.0, moving to Android 2.2 is so satisfying, especially since I am no longer doing battery pulls throughout the day. I finally feel like I arrived at the app party, as the BB App World just wasn't doing it for me. And while I was sad to leave BB Messenger (the strongest reason to stick with BB for your personal device needs and the only thing that is keeping RIM alive outside of corporate email), I easily found an app that essentially replaces BBM for free. The Android Marketplace is easy to navigate and includes anything you would want, and often multiple versions of it. And while it is true that Android OS makes this phone what it is, users also get the benefit of the HTC user interface. In my mind, the HTC Sense interface is why people love this phone more than anything Motorola puts out. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my switch and there is little I would change with this phone. I have customized this phone and this will be my can't-live-without device for at least the next two years. To beat the battery issues, I have taken to bringing my charger with me to work and charging it fully before I leave for the day in addition to charging it over night. Yes it's a pain, but this is what's necessary when you must always be connected. When I think back to my first cell phone seven years ago, it is incredible how far we've come.
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on February 24, 2011
I have been a Blackberry user for a very long time. I have had the Incredible since January and I have to say I am impressed! I am thrilled I made the switch. Not only is my call quality much clearer, but the sound is louder as well. Having the phone on speaker works great. No muffled sounds. Internet is a great experience and blazing fast.
It is nice to have full web pages and not have to squint to see. My email comes to me just as quickly as it did with Blackberry. The camera is awesome as with video. Love listening to my CD's that I have downloaded and Pandora sounds great too. My only complaint is battery life but I have an extended battery and I have gained an additional 30% usage. I don't recommend using a task manager. It will just eat your battery more.
Android system takes care of the tasking for you. I have never used a task manager. I think if you give it a try NOT using it, you will have better battery use. Having voice navigation free and not having to pay for VZ Navigator is awesome. I use it a lot and it is a great app, very accurate. Coming from BB and having to pay for the navigation really made me happy to no longer have to pay. All in all, I am really pleased and I highly recommend the Droid Incredible. I am not an iphone fan and this device certainly beats it in my opinion.
This device will not let you down. I did upgrade the keyboard and I am loving the touch screen. I can't see myself using a full qwerty. It was an easy transition . Don't hesitate...........get this device.
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on February 21, 2011
1. Android + HTC Sense shows 7 home screens per scene (and multiple scenes) that are highly and easily customizable. More information displayed right on the page.
2. Use of Widgets (more information displaced on the page/icon) that are easily customizable. You can put email widget, weather widget, contact widget... on your home screens. You don't need to click on an icon to see what is in there. Information is shown right on the widget. iphone/iOS still gives you a whole bunch of icons.
3. Easy file transfer between phone and other devices (e.g., computer). No more painful itune transfer. By comparison, iphone/iOS is intentionally designed like an information blackhole -- stuff goes in (slowly) and downright difficult to get out.
4. 8 GB internal memory + removable micro SD card support.
5. When plugged into a computer, it shows up as an external drive.
6. Free Google Navigation (with voice guide).
7. Google Street View support!
8. Integration with Google Gmail, calendar, contacts, documents, etc. (if you use them)
9. Removable battery (you can buy more batteries or higher-capacity batteries to extend use time).
10. Live wallpapers (e.g., you can put maps and traffic on the wallpaper)
11. No constant and insufferable and slow itune and ios updates.
12. More...

Well, although iphone/iOS is better as a MP3 and podcast player (but not that much better), you can just get an ipod touch! When your iphone broke, your ipod would still work. :)
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on October 3, 2010
I returned the Droid II and got the incredible... I love the incredible and have no regrets. Exchanging the phone through amazone wireless was a breeze. I will likely buy my phones off amazon wireless from now on.
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