Customer Reviews: HTC DROID Incredible, Black (Verizon Wireless)
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on June 14, 2010
First of all, I'd like to tell you a little about myself so you get an idea of where I am coming from. I am a college student in computer engineering, and have never had a smartphone before. My previous phone was an LG env2, which while a solid phone had little in the way of multimedia features. I've been waiting for months to purchase an iPhone (and jealously eying my dad's iPhone in the process), but decided to go with the Incredible instead when it became clear the iPhone wasn't coming to Verizon and I couldn't be happier.

The primary reason I decided to go with this phone initially was because of Verizon. My dad has an iPhone 3GS, and even though it is a slick device with great apps and a nice interface, he struggles to get reception both at home and at work (and he lives near a major university and works on that university campus). No matter how awesome a phone is on it's own merits, what good is it if it can't receive calls in the two places where you spend the majority of your time on a daily basis? Note that he is clearly within the stated coverage area for AT&T. As for Verizon, they have an awesome network - I can get 3G in the building where I work while all other networks can't even get cell phone signal.

The second reason I went with Android over the iPhone was because of development. While I don't plan to be a heavy developer, I like the ability to write a simple application if I see the need without having to have both a mac and a developer's license. Additionally, the ability to supply an app outside the app store gives nice flexibility if I don't want to go to all the trouble to have it listed or if I just want to share it with a few people. On that note, while the Android store isn't great and certainly isn't anywhere near as good as the Apple app store, I find that ~95% of the apps I want are available there (plus the awesomeness of several google apps like navigation, maps, goggles and gmail that aren't available through apple), and find that using google search in combination with the Android store is a viable (if somewhat less elegant) alternative to the apple store. Also, the ability to run live widgets (applications that show information passively without being interacted with on home screens) is a nice feature of the Android phone over the iPhone as well.

Now that I've explained why I went with a Verizon Android phone, I'll explain why I went with the HTC Incredible over several other worthy options. The main choices I had with Verizon were the Moto Droid and the HTC Eris. The Eris is designed to be a cheaper, mid-level android device and while there is nothing wrong with that, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. As for the Droid, it is in my opinion the only serious competitor for the Incredible in the Verizon lineup. While noticeably inferior hardware-wise, it has the advantage of slightly better battery life and a physical keyboard, as opposed to the Incredible's soft keyboard. This does come at the price of making the device noticeably thicker, however, so that's something to be aware of. Personally, I find that with the text-to-speech features and custom on-screen keyboards like swype (which allows you to slide your fingers between keys to make words instead of pressing them - very handy), I can actually type faster than I can on a physical keyboard. But if a physical keyboard is a must, go with the Moto Droid. Additionally, this is definitely personal preference but I really do like the Sense UI of the HTC phones much better than the UI for the Moto phones - it comes off as much more polished and usable in my opinion without sacrificing any of the power of the base interface.

Additionally, be aware that there is another Moto Droid on the way in the next month - the Droid Shadow or the Droid 2 as it is sometimes called. It apparently has, among other things, an updated UI and the same processor as the Incredible (1 GHz snapdragon), but details besides that are sparse. If you aren't sold on the Incredible, it may be to your advantage to wait and see more details on this phone to see if it fits your needs better.

I guess I should probably say a few things about the Incredible itself now - it feels great in my hands, is responsive when I move between applications and windows and has a very nice camera. I was a little disappointed by how much battery the camera uses, but that's to be expected I guess. That leads in to perhaps my biggest disappointment with the phone - the battery life. Coming from an env2 which I had to plug in about once every 10 days, I find myself having to plug this in more than once a day to make it through the day. While a much shorter life than my env2 is to be expected, I was hoping it would last at least a full day of on-and-off moderate to heavy usage, but it can't. However, I have a microUSB cable at work and at home, and I find that if I just put it on the charger whenever I am near my computer and let it charge overnight, that it lasts long enough to get me through those times when I can't charge it.

To summarize:

Advantages of Incredible over iPhone:
-Open platform
-App Deployment/Development
-Live widgets
-Full multitasking with any app
-No iTunes dependency and the ability to sync with multiple computers

Advantages of iPhone over Incredible:
-Apps/app finding
-Ease of use/learning curve
-Battery life optimization
-HD video shooting
-Better integrated multimedia apps (music, video watching, etc)
-Standardization (development for one platform vs. many platforms)

NOTE: If I could rate Amazon separately, I would give them infinity stars for getting me this phone. It's been backordered on Verizon for months, now showing a date 4 weeks from today as the shipping date if you order now. In contrast, I ordered from Amazon last Wednesday (when they had them in stock - it happens occasionally if you are curious), and had it in my hands on Friday. As usual, A+ service from them.
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on April 30, 2010
This is in response to the fellow who said that because the phone can't be on data 3g at the same time as making a call that it might cause a problem if he was talking on his phone while using navigation.

In reality you can use google navigation at the same time as making a call, its not an issue what-so-ever. What happens is google navigation runs in the background and has preloaded the maps it needs onto the built in storage or sd card. You will still hear the voice navigation when talking on the phone so you won't miss any turns but it does not prevent you from making a call as suggested. In fact it works very seemlessly and performs well. Once you hang up the phone it goes right back to navigation and never misses a beat. Its one of the nice features they built into google navigation and one of the reasons this phone (or any android phone running os 1.6 and above) and the android platform are worth their weight in gold.

I have since sold my tomtom navigation unit and that in itself has paid for the price of the phone. The incredible is an amazing device and i would not hesitate for a minute to buy it again. Before this phone i had an eris and while that was nice it was just not quite enough for my needs. The incredible fills the void completely and offers me so much more. I rate this phone a perfect 100/100, i could not have designed it any better myself and there is not 1 thing about this phone i don't love.
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on April 29, 2010
Basically, if you can live without a keyboard, this is the best android out there. 2.1 OS with the HTC Sense UI. It is an experience that I would call good.

If you used the Motorolla Droid (Milestone) you have an idea of what you get here. Really slick interface, lots of fun apps, integrated navigation, the list is endless.

-a 1GHZ processor, I think it is downclocked to around 700 MHZ but there is no slowing or wait time like you get from the Hero.
- built in 8 GB flash storage. Also ships with a 2GB card. Annoying that you can't install apps onto this 8GB space, but it works fine for videos and music.
- half a gig of ROM and RAM. All you really need for speed and applications.
-800x480 AMOLED capacitive touch screen 3.7". This comes out as twice the resolution of the iPhone. Same screen as the Motorola one and same resolution as the EVO coming to sprint in a bit.
-8 Mpx camera with 480p video recording, dual flash. Better than many cameras out there, minus the optical zoom.
-Video out via an HDMI propriatary connector.

The OS itself is amazing. Last night I installed my SNES emulator and was rocking some old games. Deposited a check to my bank using the camera scan function (this depends on your bank). Scanned a barcode on a store and did a price comparison, then had a map drawn to the best place close by. Took a picture of a book cover and found it online. Really amazing stuff. With open development, you get great apps that are not pulled just because any company doesn't like the competiton (i.e. Google Voice on the iPhone). The store may be lacking right now, but I found everything I wanted. Tethering applications, apps to track hiking progress, fist bump for some crazy reason, all of it great.

HTC did some nice stuff here with the UI, the addition of some on screen buttons to turn bluetooth and WiFi on and off rather than scrolling through menus. That lovely weather and clock on the main page, and 7 home screens (if I recall the Droid only had 3 or 4). I also noticed that the built in browser supports pinch zoon unlike the Motorola one. No need for Dolphin browser for me now.

Engadget had an amazing review on this, and I agree with their thoughts for the most part. This is the best android OS phone on the market today. It is so good that Google has decided not to release the Nexus one to Verizon. If you can live without a keyboard (I havent decided on that yet) then this is the phone for you.

I give 4 of 5 for the hardrive flash install issue and some other strangeness. Having to rip the phone in half to get to me SD card is scary. Seroiusly, you don't slide the back plate off, you rip the phone in half. I didn't like this and I hope not to do it often. No landscape keyboard in some places is annoying. Messaging and internet stuff you get it, but entering contacts was a chore with the upright keys. I see great things for this phone, need to check out the video out function, but this looks like the big open source phone that I have been waiting for.
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on June 4, 2010
I became eligible for a new phone under Verizon's "New Every 2" plan a few days before the Incredible came out. I was torn between the Motorola Droid and the HTC Incredible, mostly because I prefer physical QWERTY keyboards and didn't know how well I'd adapt to texting or emailing without one. However, some other perks made the Incredible more attractive, those being:

1: The faster Snapdragon processor. My experience playing with the Motorola Droid was limited, but this certainly seems faster & more responsive.

2: The better camera. 8MP over the Motorola's 5.

3: The built-in memory. I have a very long commute and got used to having a 160GB mp3 player handy, using it for music or video while surfing the net on my motoQ (lest it need to be said, I'm not driving). Now that the battery on that bad boy is getting weaker and weaker, I was looking forward to having one device to handle instead of 2, but I really miss having a ridiculous amount of entertainment options at my disposal (plus extra storage to boot). While I'm still waiting on a 32GB microSD card, having a 16GB card PLUS the 8GB that comes built in to the Incredible won out over the piddling amount of built-in memory the Motorola Droid has.

4: The built-in FM Radio receiver. Why FM radio? Because a Droid with a built-in 8-track player would be just too damn big. But seriously, ladies and germs, without going into too much potentially grisly detail, if there happened to be some sort of catastrophe - natural OR manmade - the sort of thing that knocks out cell service, and I was on foot with no access to a wifi signal, I wanted that one additional option to potentially get information I may need. I may never actually use the radio, but it adds a small measure of comfort knowing it's there.

As far as the phone itself, I've only had it for a few days, and haven't explored all the bells and whistles it has. Nor have I gone too crazy downloading apps. But I'm a convert. The clarity on the phone is amazing, and using it as a media player as often as I do, I'm struck by the audio quality, even just using bare-bones Sony in-ear phones (the earphones with a built-in mic as part of an Incredible after-market package leave a lot to be desired, however). The difference between surfing the internet now and when I had the Q is akin to the difference I noticed when I dropped dial-up service for a cable modem on my home computer. It's that drastically better. The phone came delivered with a bonus 2GB card and USB card reader, and I thought the reader would get a lot of use transferring files from my Powerbook (I could never get the memory of the Q to mount on my Powerbook, not sure it was ever supposed to be able to do it). But the Incredible opens up on my Powerbook just fine, as 2 different storage devices (built-in and memory card). Pictures look amazing, instant uploading is easy, it's exactly as good as the reviews I've read and seen made it out to be. Biggest negative (currently the only negative) is the battery life, and will be swapping it out for an extended life battery soon. To be fair, I've used it a lot for internet and watching video, and for someone who's mainly using it to talk on the phone, with the screen not being a factor, your battery life will probably be better. And the standard battery on my Moto Q was awful, too, so I'm used to having to get a better battery. If I could only take a half-star off a review, I would.

The HTC Droid Incredible is a really good phone, and couldn't recommend it more highly.

(And I've become much more adapt at typing without a physical keyboard. Damn thing seems to get better at knowing what keys I'm trying to type with my stubby digits, rather than the keys I'm probably tapping)
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2010
I am most likely going to trade in my Incredible for the Driod X (as soon as one becomes available that is) however I am doing this for purely personal & impatient reasons rather than because the phone is not up to what I had hoped. I have (secretly) wanted an Android device for several months now having originally started my smartphone experience with a Palm Treo 650 (at the time I LOVED that phone), I upgraded to the 700p and subsequently the 755p before making the HUGE leap to another OS altogether with my first Blackberry, a Bold using AT&T. While I had viewed most BB users as arrogant A-Holes (for the most part, entirely unjustified of course) I reluctantly began to not only like the BB platform, but slowly I came to prefer it. I still maintain that BB's are NOT as out-of-the-box user-friendly as ANY of the ancient Palm devices, but I really appreciated what it COULD do that my Palm couldn't.

I became--again, quite reluctantly--a power Blackberry user. Unfortunately I was attached to the abysmal AT&T service, which has almost a universal bad rep for spotty (at best) service. They brag (and brag and brag...) about having the 'Nations Fastest 3G Service', which may be true--however what GOOD is it when your phone cannot receive a signal in the same location where my wife's Verizon BB Curve had 3G service?? I'll take reliable connection over spotty and fast 3G service ANY day. Long story short, I had to trade my phone in and without having to explain WHY, I was given a Windows Mobile Tilt 2 as a replacement (not MY choice--it was a promotional thing which I had zero control over). This proved to be without a doubt, the WORST phone I have ever used or even heard of. I applaud HTC's design, the phone itself was very nice (although it WAS amazingly heavy--easily the heaviest I have ever owned, by quite a large margin, too)...what I did NOT like was the HUGELY unreliable Windows Mobile platform. My phone froze on me multiple times per day and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I went back to BB only this time I finally signed onto Verizon and LOVED my Tour.

I decided it was time to upgrade and while I LIKE the iPhones, I have serious issues with Apple in particular and how they have twisted so many people into thinking their devices are superior 'Just 'Cuz' they're made by Apple, thereby also making the owners superior as well. While my initial thoughts of BB owners, once upon a time was unjustified, I have to say that my opinions of the vast majority of iPhone owners I have run into have been pretty much right on the money: arrogant A-Holes. Sorry, but its true--not ALL of them, mind you, just those I seem to run into, apparently.

I have been eyeing the Droid X for quite some time, but the wait to get one seemed impossibly long. I went ahead and got the Incredible based on several comments by the Verizon employee assuring me that other than screen size, the Incredible was its equal. She insisted it came pre-loaded with a 16gb SD card--it did not (2gb) and also had the 2.2 Froyo update as well--it does not, at least not yet. Based on this information, knowing that along with 2.2 the Incredible is supposed to have mini WiFi hotspot capabilities as well as HD video recording, I went ahead and got one all the while in the back of my mind knowing that if I didn't like it, I could always bring it back within 30 days. Sure 'nuff, no 2.2 OR 16gb card, which really pissed me off. How is it the employee (a manager no less) would NOT know this? Honestly I think she was just seeing a guaranteed sale and put on her Used Car Salesman sportcoat and said whatever I wanted to hear in order to make a quick sell.

With that being said, the Incredible really IS a fantastic phone. Honestly, with the amount of texting I do just between my wife and children and me, the Speech-To-Text feature is worth the cost alone. While not 100% accurate and good for pretty much just short comments, using it while driving is a LIFE saver--literally, and I am NOT endorsing texting while driving, mind you. Its SO simple, instead of playing around with the 'virtual keyboard' which is hard enough to use--and downright stupid to do while driving. I still believe that driving and using a cell phone is stupid, which is why I believe this feature to be so great. The number of apps I have found are amazing...and best of all: most are FREE. Sure you'll find more than twice the number of apps available for the iPhone, but come on, seriously, how many apps do we NEED?? It took me over an hour to just browse a small fraction and I found more than what I will ever use in that time. If you prefer iPhones and their apps, that is fine, I'm just saying you can find JUST as many really useful apps for Android devices and much, MUCH more free apps than you will ever see available for iPhones, iPads and whatnot. As new as the Android platform is, to have as many apps available as it does clearly puts it ahead of how far apples app store was at in the same time frame.

The live wallpaper is just awesome. Its entirely useless I'll admit, but amazingly cool nevertheless. I really like how I can customize my phone however I see fit. I really like the fact that whenever I see fit, I can change my phone any way I want. Just cool. The touch screen is very responsive--almost too responsive--and you'd have to experience it to understand I guess. The optical track pad is a nice addition, especially for the times when I want to edit on the screen but my fingers were too big (another reason I want an X), however if there is a way to adjust the sensitivity of the pad, I couldn't find it, and I wish I could. Also, when looking up a contact, I couldn't immediately pull up an on-screen keyboard in order to begin a text, which was a bit frustrating, especially if alphabetically their name was far down on my took that much longer to get TO the contact. If there is an easy way around this, someone please let me know. Having the weather on the main screen with the ability to update whenever I want is convenient, and unlike the same similar feature that was included on my old HTC Tilt 2, this one automatically grabs the weather from the area closest to where its receiving your signal from--all without you asking. I suppose you can pick from different cities, but as a general rule, I only want to know what the weather is like where I currently am, so I am perfectly satisfied with this feature as is.

The camera takes rather great pics--so far the best I've personally seen from a camera. Unfortunately as is normal for cell phones, as soon as it becomes dark, your ability to take better pics becomes dramatically reduced. Lets just say, for everyday point-and-shoot situations in decent light, this camera is a pretty good substitute for your regular digital camera. The photos--while 8MP in resolution, as we've all seen thanks to the fantastic processing on the iPhone 4's 5MP camera, more does not necessarily mean better. This is one area where the iPhone truly does excell ahead of all major phones available at the moment, although that probably will change here within the year I would imagine.

For a phone with a 1Gig processor, switching between texting chats certainly can take up to 5-6 seconds before it opens up the screen, which I just did not expect. Most everything else is as quick as I've been hearing from other users, but to open a chat log in texts takes MUCH more time than I expected, and to be honest, longer than my 2 year old BB Tour did. However, in every OTHER way it is blazing fast...especially with the internet. Coming from a BB which, as we ALL know has just about the worst browser available on a hand-held device, man I gotta tell you I felt like I was connected to DSL speeds like my home computer...and while that comparison is mighty generous, it really isn't all that far off the mark. Pages load incredibly fast with this browser, which I put on par with the iPhone in EVERY way--and once this receives update 2.2 it'll blow it out of the water...literally.

The screen is, well, wonderfully vivid and easily the best I have owned (thus far). Pictures are crisp, clear and detail is always easily projected. I have only seen an iPhone 4 briefly, and while everyone seems to universally praise it for having the best screen available to any smartphone at the moment, I think you'd have to have beyond normal vision to be able to look at one and say with absolute certainty that you can clearly see a major difference between one and the other. Seriously, phone pixel density is becoming so good these days that almost nobody can honestly see a measurable difference. I'm not saying you CANNOT see one, but I AM saying that what difference there is, well, has to be a minor one at best. I am 100% certain however, that there will be apple fans who cannot help but disagree vigorously, and while my eyesight isn't what it used to be, its good enough to say this with confidence. I am NOT knocking the iPhone here at all, either. It has an amazingly clear, crisp and vibrant screen. I just think the gap between that and the incredibles screen is closing rather quickly, thats all.

Battery life is lacking to say the least. This is one place where the iPhone not only is the clear winner, but knocks one outta the park in comparison. Supposedly with 2.2 battery life will increase dramatically, but until I get that update, it pays to purchase a car charger and never be very far away from an outlet, either. Honestly, the battery life is dismal--at best...and I have worked hard to organize my phone in such a way that I use only what is necessary. I dim the screen, don't use bluetooth or WiFi hardly at all and even just sitting on my desk it saps the battery down noticeably in a short amount of time. Sorry, but this is ridiculous, especially knowing that the Droid X with a MUCH larger screen has a great deal better battery life than my smaller one...? This is one area where I believe the Incredible doesn't just do poorly, it downright fails--and is my ONLY major gripe about this device.

Call quality seems good to excellent. Speaker volume was exceptional. Love the app Market for Android. My wife and I were wondering where to go for dinner, and within 90 seconds, I had found an app to help me find a place to eat, downloaded it and received directions on my screen. Amazing. While we were at dinner, I downloaded Flixter (for free), found the closest theater, and even watched a theatrical trailer for the movie we wanted to see, all within about 90 seconds. Sorry, but this is one way in which the Android platform is not just better, but head & shoulders superior to iPhone and the slow & clunky way you have to access their app store. Again, if you are okay with this, then fine. I happen to like doing things this way, personally.

All in all, I have to say that this phone is purely awesome, and such a leap ahead of my BB that words hardly can describe. The ONLY area in which BB's STILL continue to dominate is in push e-mail delivery, regardless of where your email comes from. I still can't help but wonder why no other carrier or manufacturer after ALL this time, still cannot mimic the push email with the same ease of set-up and swift delivery that BB has delivered for YEARS. Oh well, that is--in MY opinion--the ONLY place where android suffers. While the calendar application isn't as polished as say my ancient Palm Treo was (face it, Palm RULED when it came to organizing schedules, which is what it was originally designed to handle), but what I have is certainly workable, and I'm absolutely certain that right now if I looked hard enough, I could find a FREE calendar app to download that would give me everything I need...heck, maybe I'll run and fetch that right now...and thankfully because I am not tied down to my home computer with iTunes, I can download it on the fly wherever I am as long as I have a decent connection--which, thanks to Verizon is just about everywhere I plan to go.

Before I get hateful responses, let me say this: clearly apple manufactures an amazing product in the iPhone. I find it interesting that literally out of nowhere, when it debuted, the iPhone instantly became the phone to beat. Just look at all the smartphones available today, they are ALL judged by the iPhone standard and almost no other. When a new phone comes out, they almost always are compared to the iPhone--and there is good reason for this. Some like everything about apple, Steve Jobs and all that goes with it. Face it, Steve has done an amazing job--like him or not, thats just a fact. With the iPhone 4's reception issues aside, it is clearly still the phone to beat out there. Has Android made a better platform than iOS? Yes & No. In some ways I believe the Android OS is clearly superior and in some ways the iPhone is. At this moment, it basically comes down mostly to what you personally prefer (unless you aren't a fan of AT&T). If I weren't on Verizon and I lived elsewhere I probably would own an iPhone myself--but having been ON the AT&T service for a little over a year, I can say that at least in the area that I live, it isn't an option because their coverage is so poor. But when it comes to comparing one phone to another, you need to do your research and go with what you personally like, and if thats an iPhone, good, if its something else? Fine. Do what YOU want, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

I think that if you are a fan of the android OS then you cannot go wrong with the Incredible...unfortunately, without my reading glasses, I need the X in order to fully explore everything my phone is capable of...and admitting that is certainly not a simple thing to do in my case.


After using the phone for over a week now, I am STILL impressed as I (im)patiently wait for the next stock of Droid X's to arrive. One additional thing I really like about the HTC Sense UI that I believe is not available on the X (however I am NOT 100% sure of this) is how I access the calendar, choose a specific date, and as long as it isn't too far ahead, at the bottom of the screen will be the weather prediction for that day. While I don't put an aweful lot of faith in the typical meteorologists ability to accurately predict anything beyond 36 hours at best, it still is a pretty nifty feature to have.

One thing I found weird was that the phone did NOT come with a full user manual. It DID come with a Tips & Tricks booklet, but that essentially is good for just unboxing the phone for the first time & getting it started. I downloaded the manual from the internet, but again, the script was small enough that reading it and scrolling from one page to the next to find what I wanted was a bit too inconvenient for me to want to rely on it for very long. I'll stick to reading about it on a PDF on my home PC.

If I had to add a small-but significant gripe, the charging light, which also doubles as a blinking alert when you receive a text or email is quite a bit smaller and much harder to see than on my old BB. I wish that while it was charging that it could still somehow alert you to a new message, but unless you feel & hear it vibrate, tough luck. To the left of the Verizon logo just underneath the speaker in front I can make out an alert light of some kind, but I have no idea what it is for. It hasn't gone off once since I have used my phone and haven't found what its purpose is for in the manual, either. I suppose I'll keep looking it up til I find out.

Its nice to receive alerts to new updates for specific apps I've installed...and I never went looking to see if they had updated, I just received the notice overnight and gave me the choice to update if I wanted. STILL waiting on the update to Froyo 2.2 but I suppose I'll just have to wait that one out. Verizon confirmed that the update was ready and they started sending them out wirelessly as of Friday August 27th, but they were doing it region-by-region and I am pretty sure that the higher populated areas will get theirs first and soforth (meaning I'll get it last more than likely). I found where I could manually download from google direct the update, but I have read too many stories of how the phone didn't work properly if done even slightly incorrect to even a few horror stories that afterwards the phone ended up bricked as a result of missing a step or not doing everything literally EXACT. As much as I want better battery life--which apparently seems to be one of the many by-products for the Incredible while using 2.2--I'm gonna wait 'til it arrives from Verizon directly. I just hope it doesn't take much longer.

***UPDATE #2***

Woke up this morning with a notice saying Froyo 2.2 HAD arrived. The OTA update took maybe 7-8 mins and I lost no data--which seems to be an issue, or at least a worry of some Incredible owners. I have noticed a few new perks right up front: 1 new live wallpaper (the background that we always see on the Nexus 1), an app for mobile hotspot and faster internet isn't THAT much faster because, lets face it: it was already pretty dang fast. The dInc already had Flash Lite, so haven't had time to mess with other websites sportin' Flash just yet, but I will.

I noticed that the texting threads look a bit different, and the SEND button is no longer has been replaced with an icon that I wasn't too sure what it did--at first. While it isn't a big deal, especially since I figured out how to send my texts once ready, I gotta wonder why they would get rid of such an obvious button like SEND? Weird.

So far battery life is dramatically improved with the new update. Normally between waking up and arriving to work my battery will have noticeably drained, but not nearly to the same degree now. My phone also seems faster to respond going from task, to task. I hope this isn't wishful thinking. Yesterday I found a Direct Message shortcut to texting so I don't experience the MAJOR 6-7 second lag (it got worse) it would take to open up a single threaded text message...which had to be my BIGGEST complaint against the phone. Finding a way around it was absolute pure bliss to be honest.

As another reviewer noted, I suppose the only real drawback to owning an android phone is how UN-Productive you can be become because of spending so much time playing with the darned thing. Seriously, it seems that daily I find a new and really cool new thing it can do. I haven't been this happy with an electronic device since--well, since, I guess I've never BEEN this excited before because I've never owned anything that can do as much as it can--and I haven't even scratched the surface of what its full potential is.

One more thing: I am VERY impressed with how thin the phone is. I know iPhone claims the new model is the thinnest smartphone available, but I'm sorry, but if it is, then it sure isn't by any degree that I can see with the naked eye. I also LOVE the rubberized coating on the back. I know not everyone likes that particular style, but it sure feels comfortable in my hand. I know I am still looking forward to whenever my X will arrive, but it certainly seems that after each day goes by, I contemplate keeping the Incredible more and more. Who knows? I just might hang onto it after all...

***UPDATE #3***

A few things to point out with the upgrade to Froyo 2.2 on the DInc...I now have additional apps that came with it that CANNOT be deleted--removed, or--it would seem--be able to even stop from running in the background. The Skype app seems to start spontaneously all by itself and even when I force it to stop, every now and then I'll see it start up all by itself. This is inexcuseable to FORCE us to run an app--unless we WANT to. Plain and simple. I love how I can custom organize almost everything about my DInc, but making it so my phone will slow down due to unwanted apps running in the background--and ensure that I won't be able to stop them is not just a problem for HTC, Android and Verizon, but something that I feel will force otherwise BIG fans of the Google service off to something else entirely. In the grand scheme of things, is Skype running in the background THAT big of a deal? Maybe not to everyone, but I guarantee it is a big deal for many--including me. It really upsets me that when I use Task Manager to close specific programs, I find out later that certain apps RE-Started again ALL BY THEMSELVES.

Hey Verizon! If you're reading this: FIX IT NOW. Android really IS (IMO) a fantastic OS--however, if you go all Big Brother on us, you're going to find fewer and fewer people attracted to buying your phones. I expect another OTA fix to arrive and correct this monumental blunder soon or I may switch to something else entirely--which is really sad because otherwise I really LOVE this phone.

***UPDATE #4***

Just found a place to download Swype for my phone. Originally I had found SlideIT in the Marketplace for free--and it is almost identical in every way--except it was just a Demo, and after a few days it expired...and being the amazingly cheap individual that I am, I searched and searched (it DID take awhile) until I found where I could download Swype for free (the Beta Testing was over, dangit!). I had to do a bit of fidgeting to figure it out all the way, but I did it, and now I've got it and I LOVE it. If anyone believes they can text using a real keyboard OR a virtual one faster than using Swype, TRUST me, they are fooling themselves. Swype (or SlideIT if you're willing to pay 'cuz you can't find Swype for free) blows both of them out of the water by a pretty huge margin. I know some believe they CAN text faster using an actual keyboard, but I highly doubt it (ie NO freakin' way).
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on May 31, 2010
Let me get this out of the way first: This phone is significantly better than any other smartphone in its class, including the iPhone 3GS.

Coming from a ROOT-ed Motorola Droid running 2.1, I had a difficult time not being able to remove the crap apps (like City ID, more on that later) on the Incredible (also running 2.1). Also, getting used to the interface changes that the HTC makes is difficult, but once I got used to them I found them great. I like how it can integrate so many things into HTC's Sense UI; Google Contacts, Facebook contacts (and galleries!), Flickr Galleries, Twitter, Company Directory, etc etc. I actually signed up for Verizon's Visual Voice Mail because of the fantastic integration that the HTC Messages app has with it. Some, but not all, of the standard apps are still there, like Calendar. HTC removed some standard Android apps probably to help avoid confusion and redundancy.

The HTC Clock/Weather widget is pure eye-candy, if you don't mind it taking half your home screen. The HTC Widgets are top-notch, for sure, especially the Calendar widget. The Friend Stream widget shows your Facebook, Flickr and Twitter updates as a whole, and not just cut-off messages. But, if you launch the actual app, from the Widget icon, for example, the app itself allows browsing all of the galleries, status updates, etc. in an organized and easy to find fashion. The Add Widget interface has a link to download more HTC widgets such as a Coin flipper, Dice, Notes, "Today In History, and a Tip Calculator/Check Splitter. Note that this device is missing the HTC News widget, but, using EStrongs File Explorer I was able to install the Android 2.1 GenieWidget.apk New Widget from the Nexus One (upon install it gave an error, but actually worked after a reboot).

There are a few others tweaks that people might appreciate. The first thing that someone may notice is the "black glass" theme, with widgets to match. It's fairly well done and reminds me of AdamZ Smoked Glass ROM. Reopening the app drawer takes you back to where you recently left off, instead of having to scroll back down (handy if you have a lot of apps). There is also a feature called Scenes, which allows you to save your device's current customization state (widgets, wallpapers, screens). There are some default ones like Work, Travel, Play. I'm not sure if Scenes integrate with Locale. Of course there are the 7 home screens with screen preview (also possible with Helix or ADW Launcher).

I did not care for the physical keyboard of the Motorola Droid. After finding gesture-based keyboards, I will likely never go back (ShapeWriter, Swype). But, the HTC IME keyboard is fanstatic, too. It's on-par if not better, than the iPhones'. The OLED screen is stunning. Everything looks so much better on it than on the Moto Droid's LCD screen, it's hard to describe. The auto-brightness works great, too. Note that the Incredible's resolution is slightly less at 800x480 versus 854x480 for the Moto Droid, but it's not really a problem or even very noticeable.

Compared to the Motorola Droid, this smartphone feels significantly lighter. I know it's only about a 1.5 ounce difference and about the same thickness, but it feels much thinner and lighter than the numbers suggest. I suppose at this scale, every little bit really does make a large difference. I haven't put the trackball to any use other than having to click it for the camera. I'm not really sure what I would use it for that isn't already easy enough to do on the touch screen.

As for speed, this device is ridiculously fast. This phone has a 1GHz processor and 8GB of internal storage with capacity for up to 32GB more via microSD card. It is a huge improvement over the Motorola Droid, even when it was overclocked to 1Ghz. It's super-stable, too. I haven't had a single Force Close at all. The camera takes photos super fast. The browser loads super fast. The interface and animations are super fast. Everything about this phone is just pure speed. The battery life seems to coincide with the quickness of the phone, with significantly increased drain on the battery compared with my Motorola Droid.

This phone runs on rocket fuel with a ten-gallon tank. It's going to get you where you need, fast, but you'll have to filler-up to continue. I will admit that strangely enough, the battery life has been slowly getting better with each charge (about 10 charges now). It has been difficult pin-point the exact issue with the battery, since the Battery Usage section shows Android System as using nearly 90+% of the battery every time I've checked. The Motorola Droid was more specific (display, WiFi, Android OS, Android System, etc.) Seidio has a 1750mAh battery that is the same size as the original which provides a nice boost without adding bulk to the phone.

Hopefully, the few complaints I have can be addressed with the availability of ROOT for this phone, which is in the works. The ability to under/overclock it should address some of the battery concerns. I suspect that trimming down the OS will help as well, as I'm sure some of those background service apps are taking a toll on battery life.

In conclusion, this is a very fast, beautiful device. It truly lives up to its name.

I'd also like to take a moment to give a big F-U to Verizon for forcing the City ID app on us. A $1.99 monthly subscription app that comes preinstalled as a 15-day trial on the phone and cannot be uninstalled! It is supposed to "display the city and state of an incoming call", but that is false and misleading. It displays the origination of a caller ID number, not where the caller is actually physically calling from. I could have a Los Angeles, CA cell phone number, but be in Las Vegas, NV and it shows up as Los Angeles, CA. Stupid, stupid, stupid. On top of that, some people are reporting that after 15 days are up, it nags you about subscribing each time a phone call is received. I've only had my phone for about a week, but I'm not looking forward to this.
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on April 29, 2010
Let me first say this phone is fast and beautiful. Plenty of FREE apps. The Sense UI from HTC is a wonderful addition on top of the amazing Android OS.

I love that I can have different scenes. Makes it nice for both home and work. The phone is very customizalbe. I love that I can have very few icons on the home screen or tons. The I love the weather widget.

For the price, you really can't go wrong.

Free Turn by Turn Navagation is a major plus.
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on April 30, 2010
The HTC Droid Incredible is ambitiously named, but lives up to the expectations. The screen is absolutely amazing. It's bright, saturated, and looks absolutely beautiful. It responds very well to touch, and is big enough to display webpages, apps, and most importantly to me, Google Maps.

The excellent screen, paired with the 1GHz SnapDragon processor creates a fast, colorful experience that can't be matched by the current generation of iPhones or BlackBerries. Navigation is smooth and seamless, even while running Pandora in the background and reading the news in a browser or looking for apps in the Android Market.

The GPS is quick to lock on, much faster than the BlackBerry Bold I previously used. Google Maps works beautifully with this phone; the amazing screen and fast processor really shine. The navigation feature in the newest version of Google Maps works wonders despite being a beta version.

This phone sets the bar high and easily out-performs the current aging generation of iPhones. The Android market is growing at a rapid pace, and the Android OS is superior in many ways to the iPhone OS. Even so, the real stars of the show are the screen and CPU. This is the first phone I've used that can replace a laptop for basic functionality.
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on May 12, 2010
I have owned the Incredible since the day that it was released, April 29, 2010. I was unhappy at first, because I had to pay $30 extra a month and the phone was initially very hard for me to get used to using. However, after the first day or two, I learned how to use the phone and I now greatly appreciate it when I am on the road. I have always used my Mac Pro for not only my photography business' photoshop, etc, but also for internet and scheduling. Now, I use the Incredible for almost everything on the internet and I can access the internet when I am on the road. So, when I have a client calling me, I can do research if I have to and I can check my schedule without having to call my secretary. Any updates that I make or my secretary makes to my schedule are almost immediately synchronized with my Gmail calendar on the phone and any other device that has access to the calendar. This is possibly my most favorite feature!

My only ongoing complaint with the phone is its dreadful battery life. This is due a lot to how often I use the phone; it is never in standby for more than 30 minutes and I usually am using it every 15 minutes or so for something. Anyone buying this phone will probably be using it as much as I am or close thereto. I go through three batteries a day on average! I have to keep it plugged in continuously. Batteries are $60 for this phone, on Amazon! That is the extended battery, though. It is about 35% more powerful. Furthermore, I find it frustrating that there are only a handful of accessories available for this phone right now. But, these are all little trifles compared to the big picture: this phone is absolutely amazing and perfect in almost every way. I recommend this phone to every businessman or anyone in need of internet on a regular basis. Do NOT be deterred by its lack of battery life, etc. Its benefits FAR outweigh its drawbacks!!

P.s. I found an 1100 mAh battery for the HTC Eris that should work fine with the Incredible. It is only 1100 mAh, but it is also only $9!! I have ordered one already, I recommend looking at it. If it works for me, I will order three more of the batteries! HTC Eris uses the same battery that the Incredible does. The extended battery is not the same, though (I mean the EXTERNAL extended battery)!
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on September 21, 2010
Purchased this phone in August to replace a Sprint POS 4 function phone that I've had for a while. The phone is all around a great device. I'm divided on whether to write a lengthly review or just the bulleted pros cons list, but I'll got with the latter.

- Very light
- Very thin
- Excellent 8 Mega-Pixel Camera w/ LED flash
- Comes with ~6.5GB internal phone memory
- Multi-tasking is smooth/seemless
- MP3 playback is excellent
- Web browsing is smooth
- Most all apps that you would need are free
- Battery life for talk is very good
- Touch screen is just right sensitivity wise. On screen keyboard, when turned sideways is pretty good

- Battery life while texting or browsing the web is pretty bad (reaches half life in a matter of 1-2 hrs)
- In call phone reception isn't the greatest, but I'm still trying to diagnose whether this is a coverage issue or the phone itself (as of now I could go either way)
- Comes with several annoying pre-installed apps that cannot be uninstalled. These apps also randomly run in the background. You can download a free app manager to kill these apps but they just auto launch again (probably a major player in the battery drain). This seems to be an issue with most Droid phones though, not just an Incredible issue.
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