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on May 19, 2010
I replaced my 3G iPhone, as I had terrible signal with AT&T and was stuck on the slow edge network most of the time. Since switching to Verizon, I get 3G everywhere and I can customize my phone without going through the trouble of jailbreaking the phone. I use Google for almost everything so it integrates perfect. I love Google voice. The customizations are almost endless, the first couple days I felt like I was chained to my phone as I couldn't put it down. My only disappointment is battery life but that can be fixed with additional batteries or an extended life one. Since switching I haven't missed my iPhone once, finally a serious contender to the Pompous dictator Apple.
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on April 29, 2010
Some of you might be wondering what is the difference between the HTC Incredible (Verizon) and Nexus One (T-mobile) other than the obvious difference in the mobile phone carriers network. I just bought my HTC Incredible from the Verizon store and will try to explain the differences and similarities (My friend has the Nexus One).

* Side-by-side, both color saturation, clarity and contrast are great on both HTC smartphones since they are equipped the same excellent 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with a native resolution of 480x800. If I have to pick a winner, I believe the Incredible is slightly better, probably because it is brand new and free of fingerprints and dust.

* The Incredible uses optical trackpad for navigation, whereas the Nexus One uses the trackball (like the older Blackberrys). The trackpad on the Incredible seems to be more responsive and can scroll quicker, however, I have to say the trackball on the Nexus One seems to be more precise and easier to control while not overshooting the target. But I think I can master the trackpad with a bit more practice and getting used to how much pressure to use to control it precisely.

* The Nexus One and Incredible both have 4 capacitive buttons for Home, Menu, Search and Back below the screen. Both devices' buttons are very sensitive to touch, no difference here.

* The Nexus One has 5MP cameras with a single LED flash, whereas the Incredible has a better 8MP sensor with dual-LED flash. Both cameras have auto-focus.

* In terms of raw processing speed, both smartphones run on a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, which is the state-of-art and both phones can open/close and switch between apps quickly without any noticeable delay.

* For system memory, the Nexus One has 512MB of RAM while the Incredible has 64MB more (total of 576MB). Another hardware difference is the Nexus One has a unique dual mic system for ambient noise cancellation. This feature is unique to the Nexus one and is not available on the Incredible. I am not sure how effective it really is, but I use my Plantronics 975 Bluetooth headset with arguable the best noise cancellation system so it is not a big deal for me.

* You will notice the UI software is different when you turn the phones on,. The Nexus One uses the standard Android 2.1 OS (Eclair) home page UI, whereas the Incredible and Desire run the proprietary HTC Sense UI . I really like the Sense Inteface better than the basic Android 2.1 standard UI. It is more than skin-deep; it replaced and refined much of the standard (boring) interface for most of the Android operating system experience. There are more usable space on the home screen, better media apps and a sleeker number dialer. The visual appearance is amazing (Incredible!). It is very attractive and stunning and best of all, none of the eye-candies seemed to affect or slow down the performance of the Incredible when comparing with the Nexus One.

* Yes, the Nexus One does have an advantage due to the T-Mobile 3G network, which is you can use voice and data at the same time. Being on the Verizon network, the HTC Incredible can't. Is it a big deal? I think only you can answer that question, but for me, I can honestly say I can't remember a time why I would really need/use this `feature'. I have Pandora and it stopped streaming when I am on a call, but I don't want to listen to my music anyway when I am on a call. And if I have to look up something why I am taking to someone, I can always call them back. I guess if I am using the Android Google Maps Navigation while talking, I might have a problem, but my car has built-in navigation so it is not an issue for me.

Since I just got my Incredible today, I can't comment on battery life or reliability, but since HTC already made similar phones (Nexus One, HTC Desire, etc.) I believe battery life shouldn't be an issue. So far the call quality over my Plantronics 975 bluetooth headset is great and no drop call when I was driving to work for an hour on the phone. I will append my reviews in a few months if I discover any significant issues. For now, I am very happy with my HTC Incredible.
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on June 8, 2010
I had been looking to get a new smart phone for the last 4 months and heard about the future release of the incredible so I waited until it arrived at Verizon and I then took the plunge. The phones features are everything that was anticipated and then some.


I love the voice recognition, you can search for contacts, enter text for sms messages and email, and search for items on the web by pressing a single button and then talking into the microphone. The phone listens to your voice audio and converts it into text. The voice recognition is surprisingly accurate and I use this all the time (great time saver).

The phone is infinitely customizable and allows you to tweak and change all sorts of settings. To a "techy" person this is great but this could be a bit of an nuisance to a less savvy user because there are a significant amount of menus and sub-menus to navigate through to find all the settings.

Screen resolution is absolutely amazing (900x480) and even though it is slightly lower resolution than the new iphone 4g (which is 960x640) the incredible screen size is a bit larger which is more useful in my opinion. Touch sensitivity is great, no problems entering text with the on screen keyboard.

The 8 megapixel camera and 800x480 video capture work great too. the new iPhone will trump the video resolution of the incredible with a 720p capture at 30 frames per second, but the incredible camera will surpass the new iPhone by 3 megapixels.

Pop email and gmail setup is a snap.. really easy. Love how the phone synchronizes with all of my google stuff like contacts, calendar etc. This is something that the iPhone wont have but the iPhone will offer an alternative via Apple's MobileMe service.

The browser works great. Easy to use, intuitive and allows you to open multiple browser windows as well. Zooming in and out is easy with the pinch gestures.


HTC really screwed up with putting a 1300mah battery in this phone as it is far too small causing absolutely horrible battery life. Even when one turns off power hungry services like GPS, wifi, mobile data connection etc the battery life is pathetic. Getting through 8 to 10 hours is a challenge even with minimal web surfing, texting and email checking. The addition of another .1 or .2 inches of thickness (hardly noticable) would have allowed for a larger battery and acceptable battery life. This issue alone is probably going to cause me to return the phone as there is no point in turning off all the bells and whistles that you paid good money for, and even then the battery life is unacceptable.

Another issue is the signal strength. The signal strength reported on the meter is almost always at 1 bar when all other phones (even on the same Verizon network) report two or three more bars. Not sure if this is just a stingy display issue or if this is a real issue. My calls don't seem to get dropped due to this, but if the phone thinks the signal is low it's going to use up more juice cranking up the data connection to compensate for the perceived signal strength.

The phone also gets warm when in use. This shows that the phone is really gobbling up battery power (batteries get warm when being drawn from).

Love the phone, love the functionality but HTC really missed some cell phone 101 design concepts with the pathetic battery life and signal strength issues.

Will probably ditch the phone (i'm still in the 30 day grace period) and get the new iPhone as it is going to have a battery that is reported to be increased by 20+ % over prior iPhones.
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on May 8, 2010
I am on my 3rd Android phone: T-Mobile G1, Motorola Droid and now the HTC Incredible. The OS has progressed in usability much since it's initial 1.0 version and the current 2.1 with Sense UI add-ons makes the experience much more enjoyable.

The phone is fast and the Verizon 3G network is fast. Web browsing is great and the phone has native GMail support as well as Exchange support. It has an 8MP camera that takes decent pictures (save for the flash is over kill in low-light and up close) and comes with 8GB of memory that can be supplemented with a MicroSD card (it comes with a 2GB, but that is pretty useless- get at least a 16GB)

There are about 50,000 apps at present, but this number is growing every day. Most notable is a Google Voice application which is the only way to use voice mail. The included Google Maps has 3D Google navigation. The other Google apps are all present and work as they should on a Google OS (Earth, Shopping, Tracks, etc).

There are rumors of upcoming desktop and car docks (later for GPS) and an extended battery- but these have not appeared on Verizon's site as of yet. The 'glossy silicone' phone case from Verizon is excellent for $15- and looks pretty nice with the diamond patterns on the back.

The phone is not without issues; there are battery life issues (mostly when the phone gets into a 3G/1x EVDO area and keeps switching) and the optical trackpad can be a little wonky at times.

To get into some of the really neat features, you will need to do some 'under the hood' work. For example: If you want the alarm clock to wake to a particular MP3, you need to put the track in the SD Card under /media/audio/alarms. If you want to use an MP3 as a ringtone, same as the alarm, but the MP3 needs to go under /media/audio/ringtones.

I use both an iPhone 3GS (for work) and the HTC Incredible. The iPhone I use for playing games (Space Miner, PvZ, etc) as the game developers aren't all on board with Android yet; I use the Incredible for everything else: Phone calls, photos, music, email, web browsing, texting, facebook, webcam viewer, etc.

In closing, if you are looking for a phone to play games, buy a cheap phone and get a Nintendo DSi or a Sony PSP- or as a last resort an iPhone will work. If you are looking for a great phone that has tons of useful features that can replace 90% of what most people use a laptop for, get the HTC Incredible!
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on January 11, 2011
I've had the Droid Incredible since the day it was released in April 2010, and after many months of constant use, I can honestly say that this is the best phone I've ever had.

I primarily use the phone for texting and voice calls. The texting interface is intuitive and pretty much what you'd expect. Unlike many smart phones I've had in the recent past (especially Blackberry), the phone works great as an actual phone when talking to people. Call volume is loud and clear, and the person I'm talking to on the other end has no issues hearing my voice as well.

Internet is fast, provided you live in an area with 3G coverage. I don't have too many apps on my phone, but most of the popular ones are available, though it's not nearly as extensive as on an Apple product (yet).

The android system is intuitive and reliable. I've never had my phone lock up or freeze requiring a reboot.

Unlike many other reviewers on here, I've had a great experience with the screen. In over 8 months of use, I don't have a single scratch on the glass screen, and I've never used a screen protector or a case. If you take reasonably good care of your phone and don't toss it around in the sand, then you should be fine. My lifestyle is probably quite different from the people on here who have jacked up their screens; I'm an overtly clean person, but realize that there are a lot of filthy dirtbags out there.

Battery life could be better, but is more than adequate. I'm a light to moderate user. With data always on, wifi on or off depending on where I am, and GPS off, my phone typically goes from 7 AM to midnight with 70% of the battery remaining at the end of the day (or 30% battery usage). When I travel overseas, I use the 2100 Verizon brand extended battery, which makes the phone a bit bulky but provides several more hours of juice.

The reason why I feel compelled to write this review nearly 9 months after the phone's release and on the verge of the Verizon iPhone is because I realized recently that this is the first time I've had a smartphone that causes me no headaches and distress whatsoever. Yes, there are some things that could be a bit better, but overall this is an excellent device that works reliably and is great for those of us who still want a phone that works well as an actual phone. 2 thumbs up.
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on May 8, 2010
I have tried a number of different smartphones and was actually planning on holding out for an Android 2.1 phone with a large screen, fast processor, and a qwerty keyboard. But when I tried this phone out at the Verizon store, I was sold. I have used the iPhone onscreen keyboard and I actually feel that the Incredible keyboard works better. I can actually type about 20wpm using the Incredible onscreen keyboard. I do not know if it is just the way I type, but I get more typos when I try to type at the same speed using the iPhone keyboard.

I thought the topography style back plate would be weird, but I actually like it a lot. It not only gives you a better grip when holding the phone, but it is actually well implemented. The build quality is excellent, with no loose parts or squeaky components. The display is bright and crisp, and I have not yet seen the phone stutter because of lack of processing power.

Apps are plentiful. It is true that Android Market currently has 50k apps versus the iPhone App Store's 190k apps, but I believe it is more like 30k versus 60k, as many, many apps are completely useless, redundant, or both. It has all of the apps I need along with some amazing Google apps. Android Market is also growing exponentially with the widespread adoption of Android. The Incredible also has widgets which the iPhone does not have. A calendar widget allows you to see what is on your agenda on the home screen with having to launch any calendar app. The built in FM tuner is nice.

This smartphone is also highly customizable. You can change widget placement, widget sizes, app placement, active wallpapers, and your Incredible can look different from other Incredibles. However, because of its customizability, it is a little more complicated than the iPhone. More options and features necessarily entails slightly more complexity, but the Incredible is still amazingly intuitive. I have not yet needed to reference the instruction manual a single time, and I have used the smartphone extensively for about a week.

I have separate mailboxes for Gmail, Exchange, and Yahoo Mail. The contacts and calendar synched from my Google and Facebook accounts surprisingly perfectly. They helped me set mine up in store and installed the free 2GB memory card. I actually purchased mine the afternoon of the release date. The store had 45 at the beginning of the day, and they had 2 left when I got mine. The store manager said that the first three people waiting in line for the Incredible when the store opened were iPhone users who decided to switch.

The Incredible allows Flash, giving you the option of viewing Flash content if you like. The iPhone does not even give you the option of using Flash because Steve Jobs does not like Adobe and Flash. The Incredible also allows you to download apps from Android market or other sources. Not only does Apple restrict you to downloading apps only from Apple's app store, Apple censors the apps in the app store based on some opaque and whimsical criteria. Apple recently censored an app from a journalist who was critical of Steve Jobs. In my opinion, Steve Jobs is becoming too powerful and is showing his inner Big Brother. Sure the iPhone is double plus good, but this Droid is Incredible.
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on May 19, 2010
There are a few flaws with the phone right now concerning battery life, but they all have work arounds...
-Battery Life: there is a glitch with charging the phone to full capacity. But there is a work around. Once it's fully charge (green light), turn phone off(you will get red light), plug-in while off until light turns green again.
-HTC Calendar app: will keep phone awake not letting it sleep, draining battery. Solution: Kill the calendar app with task killer when phone first turns on. Then you will be ok to leave it running afterward.
-Flickr Sync: is known to drain the battery (not let it sleep). Remove flickr sync from the Accounts and Sync setting menu, and this will solve the problem.
-I also had very bad call quality that would kind of come and go with each call. it sounded like there was an over active noise gate on the calls. I did a "hard reset" aka factory reset and this solved the problem, and also seemed to help with battery issues. I would recommend that you do a full factory reset yourself before you start customizing and download any apps.

I have yet to scratch this screen, but i baby it.

There is only one piece of crap-ware that is uninstallable: City ID. Not a big deal, doesn't get in the way or drain resources. Boo on Verizon for squeezing this in.

HTC sense is nice. I find the giant clock to be silly, but you can remove that. It's a widget.

Definitely look into Google Voice, best addition of any android phone.
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on October 3, 2010
I bought my first Droid Incredible in April 2010. I absolutely loved it, but then the speaker broke. Verizon sent me a refurbished Incredible phone for free in accordance with the warranty. This 2nd phone was defective: the phone unloaded the memory card every 1-2 days. To get it working, I had to remove the protective cover, remove the phone back cover, remove the card, and reinstall the card. Having to keep doing that got old pretty quick. Verizon sent me another refurbished Incredible phone. This 3rd phone was also defective: the touch screen frequently became totally unresponsive. Sometimes I could get access to the phone by turning the screen off and then back on. After a while, this no longer worked: I had to remove the cover, remove the battery, and then reinstall the battery. After a while, even this stopped working most of the time. Verizon sent me a 4th phone, another refurbished Incredible. After 2 hours, it killed my battery. The local Verizon store replaced the battery via the warranty, but 2 hours later, the brand new battery was also ruined. Verizon gave me a 3rd battery so I could limp along with my 3rd phone until Verizon could deliver a refurbished Droid X. Hopefully Motorola does a better job refurbishing phones than HTC!
Comment regarding online Verizon customer service: The online Verizon representatives would not send me a new Droid Incredible even though they have been unable to give me a functioning Droid Incredible phone. They also told me they would have to charge me money to switch to a refurbished Droid X. The local Verizon store understood this was terrible customer service and switched me to Droid X at no cost.
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on July 6, 2010
Ok, I'm an apple guy. I've got an Ipad, Ipod, Macbook, and pretty much everything else apple has come out with. They make great products and they do great marketing. However, I HAD an iphone and really couldn't stand all the dropped calls and speed of the AT&T network. So I switched back to Verizon 2 years ago. Had a blackberry and it was great, but boring. So recently I got the opportunity to upgrade to the Android Incredible and it truly lives up to its name! The phone is extremely fast, has a great interface, full touch screen, GREAT camera (it doesn't shoot all that well in low light (even with the flash)) but the pictures come out great in well lit/out door areas. The battery life (like all these smart phones these days) is not great. I did buy a larger battery from Amazon and it makes the phone pretty much last all day. Internet/email is very fast and intuitive. and most of all, the PHONE CALLS are great!
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on July 15, 2010
I love this handset. It's like having a small computer at your fingertips.

I was a Blackberry Curve user, and was nervous about giving up my keyboard, but I needed a good browser with a larger screen. What I got is so much more. I am a heavy internet & media user and the phone is unwavering in its response. Fast, sleek & beautiful. A friend of mine has the HTC Evo, which I found to be too large, and clunky. The 3.7" screen is just right.

The screen vibrates whenever you hit a key, so you have Haptic feedback as you type, which I find extremely helpful. I don't really miss my old keyboard, especially if I type in landscape mode, which gives me more room to be accurate.

The battery life - especially the way I use the phone - is really short. 1 - 2 hr when I browse the web, view video & run multiple apps. However, this is to be expected with the little battery that is included (1300 mAh). I traded up to a 2150 mAh Lithium Ion battery. which comes with an extruded cover. I prefer it to the original sleek back cover, since I can grip the phone more securely. The added battery powers the handset for at least 4 hrs of multi-use. I cannot comment on what the battery life would be with just stand-by phone/text usage, since I haven't been able to keep my hand off of it since I got it. The thing just draws you into playing with it. I can tell you that today, I left it unplugged for 8 hrs, received & made a couple of calls & text messages and still have apprx 3/4 of battery life left, so I think this is acceptable for a small pocket computer. You can extend the battery life by shutting the screen off when not using it, making sure you don't have many apps running at once (you'd be surprised, many apps continually run, even if not needed), and shutting off bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS when not in use: these are HUGE battery suckers.

Standout features:

GOOGLE Navigation - amazingly accurate and immediate - these are VOICE directed, turn by turn directions. Excellent. no lag in my handset.

7 Home screens you can customize & flip through or pinch shrink. Great fun customizing & using them.

Yes, LIVE wallpaper, (I know, they drain the battery even faster, but they are so pretty...) which means that your background moves, in my case, I have a fish tank, with fish floating by.

Barcode & Q Code scanning - so great for comparison shopping or finding things. I was in BJs, about to buy a printer, which seemed incredibly priced, but the sale was expiring at end of the day. Instead, I pulled out the Incredible, scanned the barcode, the shopping sites opened up and I found it on Amazon for the same price, free shipping and no sale deadline. Plus I used AMAZON REMEMBER, took a snapshot of it and uploaded it to AMAZON to purchase later.

8 mp camera - Need I say more?

HD 720 video recording - I know, not yet, but it's included in Android's Froyo 2.2 update, which is being rolled out to the Incredibe as I type. So it's in the horizon.

The handset acts a traveling wi-fi hotspot so you can use your iPad, etc. - again not yet, but included in the upcoming Froyo update.

FM Radio (you need a corded headset for this one, because it acts as an antenna for the radio.) Can you believe it? Yes, I still listen to FREE radio.

Voice dictation instead of typing, and voice search.

I could go on all day, but you get the picture. Besides, I have not yet discovered everything this phone can do, because I have not yet READ THE MANUAL. Everything I've written about so far, I discovered without turning one page of the manual. Imagine what I could do with this thing if I actually READ. THE. MANUAL.


Get a bigger battery, yes, I know you'll need to install the clunky back, but trust me, it will make the handset easier to hold, and not leave you stranded without power. I now carry the original battery with me as a a spare.

Buy a 16gb (min) micro SDHD card. Verizon only gives you a 2 gb card which is like spitting in the ocean - it will be used up with a few photos, videos & tunes.

Make sure you go through your preferences to store as much data onto the external card, thus saving internal memory for app & phone management & usage.


Dedicated physical buttons to make calls or use camera, it's annoying not to have them. Maybe one additional, customizeable physical button.

Make the screen easily viewable in the sun. Now I have to go to a shady spot to see screen.

Include a bigger capacity SDHD card w/purchase.

Better battery life.

Other than that, I love this thing to distraction.


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