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on July 10, 2010
The Droid Incredible by HTC is extremely similar to the new Apple iPhone 4, in terms of size, performance, camera, and having several of the same apps available on both phones. There are certainly a few differences that can be argued to the end of time, but the key difference are that this is a Google Android phone used on Verizon Wireless. I have a lot of people ask me if I'm carrying an iPhone or an Android phone.

Operation: The phone works great and is extremely functional and easy to learn to use right out of the box. You just have to play around with it a little bit to get everything figured out. However with a fast-growing availability of apps, the ability to add widgets, shortcuts, and live wallpapers, and the fact that you can swap out the battery and memory SD cards, this phone becomes extremely customizable to however you like it setup. The virtual keyboard really isn't that hard to use as you get used to it.

Form Factor: This is a huge plus for me. This phone is extremely thin, and fits perfectly in both my hand and my pocket. Sound quality is excellent both from the ear piece and the back loud speaker. The back cover snaps of very easily for access to the battery and SD card. The glass on the front appears very durable although i still use a screen protector, just in case. The phone is very snappy and reliable, partly in thanks to Verizon.

The main con is that the battery is not going to last for days like it did on my flip-phone, before I decided I needed a smart phone for work, social, and play. Lower battery life seems to be rather common for smartphones. It's not a problem for me, as I keep the phone charging whenever I am in my car or at my desk.
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on May 4, 2010
If your looking for a screen protector and dont want to buy one of those expensive two packs... use one from a PSP game device. It fits perfectly, no cutting. It'll cover the entire screen edge to edge and extend down just past the fixed home keys. Perfect!
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on September 10, 2010
What's never been covered in reviews is the awesome built-in speaker of the Incredible. It's loud, crisp and acurate. I'm not suggesting that the built-in speaker replaces an external speaker. But if you're like me, and you tend to play music at random moments, the Incredible is the way to go. For music via Bluetooth, connect the Incredible to the BlueAnt M1 speaker.

Regarding the 2.2 upgrade, I've gained 5x in processing speed (Linpack) and my battery life has almost tripled. I suspect that the upgrade made the Android OS more efficient, thus the faster bench mark and better battery life.
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on May 5, 2010
HTC DROID INCREDIBLE Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)

OK, my original plan was to not get sucked in to another contract and possibly look into something Tracfone has going with Walmart that uses Verizon's network anyhow. Then I saw the Nexus 1 and heard it was coming to Verizon. Well we now know that is a pipe dream. So I start hearing a lot about this HTC Incredible that Verizon will offer instead of the Nexus 1.

So here we are and here I am with an Incredible. I am upgrading from an LG Voyager which still works great but I wanted a true smartphone for a long time and 2 years ago the LG served my needs well.

Obviously there is a bit of a learning curve but not too steep. Since there are plenty of reviews that give specs and features I shall focus upon what is best/worst in my circumstances.

I am use to a flip open keyboard and there is none with this phone but I see once I adjust to it the on-screen will not be so bad. One feature that is a HUGE plus for me is the ability to voice dictate text messages. If you speak clearly it does very well. I am in the earlier stages of what may become a crippling arthritic condition and I find people text a lot more than talk anymore. Being able to speak and have the phone type it be it a text message or email was the push that sent me to ordering one.

Since I have read so much about short battery life and I do see that myself I am getting a higher capacity one. This phone does play some flash content but not all. Zips around the net at a decent speed and is very responsive to the touch commands.

My only huge frustration thus far was trying to add a ringtone from a text attachment. I come to learn you can not add them that way, you save them out then add them where as the LG would add as ringtone without saving the attachment first, like I said small learning curve.

I am not thrilled how you access the battery and the SD slot either, you must PRY the back off. Is not like you need a crowbar and I understand is not expected that you would be in there much but it kinda cheapens an awesome design.

Something interesting I accidently discovered, with my LG I use to charge it mostly USB through my Dell 1545 since it was simple and freed up a plug. Well, I use to rest the phone on the wrist rest on the right side since I use a USB keyboard. I expected I could do the same with the incredible, not happening. First time I thought it was the computer, but quickly found it was the phone. When placing this phone in the exact same place as I had the KILLS the video card! I mean instant blackout! First time it came back on after about a minute, next time required a reboot. So if you experience any blackouts and your phone is close or on your computer is something to check.

Everything else is pretty much what everyone is saying, nothing is perfect but this phone is pretty sweet. Long way from when I got my first cell, a Moto V120. Can't wait to see how they get me to bite the hook again two years from now lol.
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on May 8, 2010
There is so much going on in this phone. It's been almost a week and I'm still finding new things to do with it. Very cool new toy.

I honestly am not a tech person (even though I live less than 10 miles from Apple's campus) and I don't know how this phone stacks up to an iPhone. However, my very good friend(proud owner of an iPhone 3gs) as holding on to my phone during an event and said he was very impressed with the Incredible. This friend and I travel all over for events, and my phone works everywhere, versus the iPhone's spotty coverage and slowed internet indoors. But this is purely observations between the two, not concrete 'this is for everyone evidence'.

The apps are a lot more advanced than I expected them to be. The Android market really did grow right under our noses. Again, majorly impressed.

Apps are interesting, internet is super fast where I live and everywhere I regularly visit (Silicon Valley/Bay Area), the one thing I can't stand right now is the battery life. The woman I spoke to at Verizon is that they're working on getting a better battery for it, which makes it a bearable grievance.

4 of 5 because honestly, the learning curve is insane going from a LG Versa to a HTC Incredible and the short short battery life is maddening.
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on July 5, 2010
I have owned the Droid Incredible for about 10 days and was at first bothered by battery life. With a good bit of time learning about the phone the first few days I found that the stock battery did only last 8 or 10 hours. Now I have learned a way for the battery to last about two days with normal use. All that is necessary is to hold down the power switch until the "phone options" menu comes down then turn off mobile network until you want to use the web. You can turn it back on in only two clicks in the same way and you will be amazed at the improvement in battery life. And of course you will still be able to use your phone and most applications without the mobile network. Applications only need it if they need the internet.

I love this phone. It is INCREDIBLE!!!

All of the good things you hear are true and as far as battery life try the hint mentioned above. I am a Mac person but this is better that the iphone in my opinion. Plus you have the Verizon network. There is also a widget that lets you easily control the wireless connection and other functions that if used, will further extend battery life.

The camera and video are incredible also.
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on November 5, 2010
HTC DROID INCREDIBLE I was a loyal ATT cell phone customer for the last eight yrs. And ATT stopped being the kind of phone service that would give me what I wanted. My wife has been a Verizon customer for a few yrs. And would always tell me about Verizon, the service and just how good the company was... I decided to try Verizon because it had the phone I wanted. HTC Incredible, I had a HTC PURE for the last two yrs. and knew how good HTC's are. HTC Incredible DROID is every thing I had read about, a user friendly type phone the market apps is great and the speaker mic for texting, looking up websites, E-Mail, is great, the camera is very simple to use and great pictures. I very happy with this phone...Thanks for asking
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VINE VOICEon September 15, 2010
The battery issue is not an issue at all as some raised. I have been using Incredible for weeks but as long as I connect it to the cable before I went to sleep every night, I have never had any battery issues. You might need to know how to save the battery life through changing the settings, though. You has a freedom to set your preference either to maximize performance or power savings. It is what you are obliged to to follow. It is what you can decide to choose. The OS has been upgraded to Froyo 2.2 on the day I got it. It was ultra smooth. I am getting lots of application software upgrades everyday. It is awesome. I have a couple of Kindles but Kindle on Android works great. I am finding lots of "freedom" in installing new applications and transferring files on Incredible. This is exactly what I would like to have. HTC's interface is very intuitive and one of my friends who has Nexus One told me that he loves the HTC's interface and the quality of the touch panel of Incredible is better than Nexus One. love the beauty of HTC's design and brand reputation. I thought about Samsung and LG before deciding, but in the end they are the very popular brand names in appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, and I do not feel like to get in love with a cool phone with the same brand of my father's fridge. Anyway, I am pretty happy to have this device and I love its sexy and beautiful looking and awesome capability to handle "freedom" of limitless applications. Highly recommend to anyone that was born to run free.
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on July 30, 2010
Coming as I was from an old Sony Ericsson, entering the world of smartphones is a little akin to leaving the stone age for the 20th century, all in one step. The Droid Incredible (DI) is an excellent phone with all the necessary bells and whistles one might expect. Scheduling, email, SMS, MMS, camera, etc works like a charm. Build quality of the phone is also excellent, as it fits nicely in my hand and is just the right size for my pocket.
Gripes? I have three. First is minor. When dialing the phone, or using the numeric keypad to enter a number, the haptic feedback (the buzz) still works even though I have "haptic feedback" turned off in the settings. This must be a bug that will probably be fixed in the next update cycle. Second, waking up the phone is accomplished only by hitting the power button. Why can't I hit a side/volume button and have the screen wake (but stay very dim) to show me the date, the time, who called, etc? I don't like the one-button-wake system that's currently installed. Third, and final, and most of all--battery life. Be prepared to become a battery hawk like me. Download some sort of task killer/task manager system, because apps do not always play nicely and shut down when you're done using the app. Battery life is short--get used to it. I have yet to get the 1750 maH battery, but I plan to do so very soon. Last night, I went to bed with just under half the battery left. The alarm was set to wake me up for work, but when I woke up (in time, fortunately) the phone had shut down for lack of power. That's not good. Application power management is a serious concern with this phone, but other than that, I'm very happy with my DI and I'd get the same phone if I had to do it all over again.
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on June 15, 2010
I love google and spent weeks reading reviews of different smart phone technologies before determining Android running on HTC's Incredible with Verizon would be the right combo for me. After 15 days of use I am very disappointed. The user interface is rough around the edges. After using an iPod touch (similar to an iPhone but without the phone) I found the Incredible's text editing capabilities even with HTC's SenseUI not very well thought out and kludgey. Certain system functions just don't make sense for instance after turning off The Haptic feedback in the system settings (to save battery life) I found many of the application I have installed can override the system settings and continue to use Haptic feedback. A totally worthless application CityID that requires a paid subscription keeps prompting me to enroll and cannot be removed, which I verified with Verizon. And the biggest disappointment for me is that Bluetooth headsets are not fully supported. You cannot voice dial from a bluetooth headset, you need to go back to the phone, turn on the display, bring up the phone's voice menu, enter the voice command on the phone then switch over to bluetooth to complete the call on the headset. Now doing this while your driving when Verizon and HTC at this time do not offer an Droid Incredible specific car mount is not only a pain but DANGEROUS. Also the phone does not use an OLED display making this phone completely useless outdoors in broad daylight. Battery life with moderate phone and data usage requires at least one charge halfway through the day. That said, the applications using google's cloud/internet technologies are amazing. The voice recognition for any text editing including entering GPS navigation info is in my opinion at least 99% accurate. The ability to say "Navigate to 123 Anystreet New York" (of course using a valid street address) programs the GPS. The voice recognition is great for short SMS messaging. I really want to keep this phone but I am afraid I will have to return it within 30 days as per Verizon's return policy otherwise risking the possibility of getting in a car accident while trying to make a call.
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