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on December 22, 2010
I have had an iPod touch for years (hoping to have an iPhone later), and wanted to move on to a smart phone thats easy to use, and provider great network. This one has both. I have had a windows mobile phone earlier as well, here is what I think.

Things I like
(Paid ZERO for the phone from BEST BUY)
#1. Easy to navigate system, really intuitive
#2. Screen resolution is great, very pleasing.
#3. Multiple home screen (Click twice on Home to get 7 screens)
#4. Sync emails/calendar/Contacts with Gmail. There is absolutely nothing better than this.
#5. Alert screen (dragged from top) is very useful.
#6. Quick response by OS
#7. Quick download, 3G seems faster than Wi-Fi

Things I dont like
#1. In "All Apps" screen, the list is sorted by name. So if you downloaded Zillow app recently, you will have to scroll down all the way at the bottom to see that.
#2. Gmail App has too large fonts, does not support labs (for example, superstars)
#3. Google Maps Navigation is not FREE with Verizon (costs additional $9.99/month)
#4. Battery life is acceptable. I can run 3-4 hour easily with extreme use. Full day with normal use. Need to charge daily though.

Features better than iPhone
#1. No iTunes, easy to transfer songs, pictures
#2. Better Camera
#3. Simple connectivity with all Google products

Feature missing compared to iPhone
#1. No NETFLIX app(as of December 2010)

In summary, Android OS is a mature OS, and "Androd Market" has almost everything "App Store" has (of course, no NETFLIX as of December 2010). I would highly recommend Incredible and other Android/HTC phones. Incredible lives upto its name.
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on May 4, 2010
I've been waiting for this phone for quite a while. The Nexus One was too annoying to buy through Google and the Moto Droid was just too clunky. This is a beautiful piece of machinery. Touchscreen is wonderful and extremely fast (love the 1GHz processor). The battery life is so-so but I guess you have to expect that from a mini computer...downloaded some power saving apps like Sceebl and that helps some. I'm buying the extended battery from Seidio and will update later on that. Some reviews on tech sites mention that it feels "plasticy" or cheap...which I don't really agree with. I think the fact that it's more lightweight than others says a lot about how awesome it is. The touchscreen keyboard is quite easy to use (had a bit of a learning curve for a day or so, but now less than a week later I'm great at it). It's kind of annoying that some apps automatically start (like footprints). The camera is very nice considering how small the lens is. I really wish there was some kind of cover for the lens so it wouldn't be so easy to scratch it, but I cut a circle out of some screen protector material and put it over the lens. Doesn't effect my picture quality at all as far as I can tell. I've never owned a smartphone, so my opinion may be biased...but it's everything I could ever want and more with only a few minor complaints. <3
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on April 29, 2010
It does not have front camera(eg video chat) or HDMI port or inbuilt wifirouter(mobile broadband)
as compared to upcoming sprint HTC EVO phone. (but verizon supposedly suppports tethering at around 15$ to 30$ per month . However some one suggested in the comments to try pdanet)

I does not have hardware keyboard - unlike motorolla droid.(but that would have made it bulkier )

I beleive there is no automatic blue tooth dialing- per earlier reviews.(though it has support
for blue tooth itself)

Camcorder voice quality is bad(video is ok).

Its easy for thumb nails/dust to sticks easily on to screen(hence screen protector is highly recommended)
There is No lens cover for camera. (so you may have to buy holder etc)

It does not have good battery life .(But since its removable - you can buy extra)

It has fastest processor(for mobile) yet.. (but just like in netbooks vs laptop
it may mean good response time vs battery time)

It uses the latest android version 2.1( hopefully they should update it to upcoming 2.2
which would give it better battery life due to JIT compiler)..

It has inbuilt beta GPS(works even when you talk), FM Radio, awesome camera,
decent camcorder and removable battery!

It can be plugged to TV - per some youtube previews(I could not find that USB to composite video accessory
- but since it has only 1 USB output- you will not be able to charge it while viewing the video)

Android has cool voice search facility.(though not accurate - but works for common words)

The Phone/Voice quality is decent/good. (as compared with mortorolla droid)

The size and weight is perfect for putting in shirt pocket.

The screen is awesome - and I enjoyed watching youtube videos on it..(but it may be hard to see in daylight)

Conclusion: I was impressed with the screen clearity- and I understand that newer phones will have better
specs.. But its currently the best phone (for any carrier) . I would have liked removable hardware

PS: I had done pre-order - and hence I had to pay 200$ - but I did not have to pay activation fee ..
(I however got some extra SD cards)
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on May 19, 2010
I have held off on buying a Smartphone for Verizon wireless for a few years now. They just didn't have anything close to the iPhone. There were a lot of "wannabes"; even the LG Dare was once thought to be the next iPhone killer, ha-ha.
Having said that, I think the HTC Droid Incredible is the best smart phone you can buy for Verizon.
The Droid Incredible is very advanced and does amazing things. For instance, it can scan barcodes and turn a taken photo of a business card into a contact. Also, it has Google maps, which I can't wait to use. Live backgrounds are amazing as well. This is a very nice alternative to the iPhone and I'm happy I got it.
I use to hate the keyboard and it was also confusing getting all the settings adjusted to my specifications. Fortunately now I have adjusted to be okay with the keyboard. Also, I fixed all the settings to my liking.
This phone is 'finicky' sometimes. Today, for instance, the buttons were pressing on there own. I had to take out the battery in order for it to stop, as powering it down didn't work. It also didn't get reception in the back of a department store I was in, something I never noticed on my previous phone.(lg dare)
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on May 21, 2010
The battery life could definitely be better. However, its not horrible. I get between 30-36 hours of total awake time. That includes over six hours of moderate use. Its true that some apps, and programs suck more juice, but that should be common sense. If you learn what apps and programs to turn off this phone gets good battery life for a smartphone. But thats just it. Its not a smartphone per se. Its more of a computer. Think about it. A 1 ghz processor is what the Ipad has. 512 mb of RAM and ROM is what an average PC has these days. And an 8 megapixel camera!?? Unheard of for these phones (not to mention dual LED flash).
As for signal strength is the same as my other verizon phones. The issue is that the bars don't match up with your true strength. They are usually one sometimes two steps off. But I've never had a dropped call and I get VERY poor reception at home 90-100 db.
Overall this phone is amazing! My iphone friends were truly amazed by its capabilities. Please if you are thinking about getting a new phone from Verizon DO NOT HESITATE.

UPDATE I am now getting 36 hours plus of battery life per charge.
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on October 20, 2010
I've had this phone since it came out. While this is my first smartphone, and I don't have anything else to compare it to, I've been extremely happy with it. The only downside is the battery life. There really isn't much. You have to do a lot of management with this phone to get the most out of the battery. A lot of what I have done includes modding the phone - there are plenty of resources on that in the forums at There has been a pretty fast and steady growth of homemade roms that REALLY get the most out of the hardware and work towards getting better battery life. A word of warning though - making any kind of changes to your phone will void your warranty. Also, even though the process of unlocking phones and using custom roms has gotten much easier, be warned that there is a bit of a learning curve.

But back to the phone - I'm a little over 5 months in and am extremely happy with my purchase.
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on May 21, 2010
I like it quite a bit. Much snazzier than my roommates iPhones and I've almost got both of them interested in getting one once their contracts with ATT are up. Nothing beats listening to Pandora in the car with Google turn-by-turn navigation making sure I don't get lost. GPS + cardio apps make running actually a fun thing. Multi-tasking, backgrounds, not locked into proprietary Apple crap like iTunes, Skype mobile so I can talk to my friends in Spain while I'm not near a computer... While there are some really good apps that the iPhone has that Android doesn't yet have, the Incredible has functionality that the iPhone does not.
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on July 7, 2010
This is my first cell phone, and it really is an amazing device. More pocket computer than phone, it has amazed me everyday for the month I've had it. I guess you've heard by now the only drawbacks are the screen which is impossible to see in sunlight, but looks great indoors, and the very short battery life (leave it plugged into the charger when possible). Also the camera may not quite live up to it's 8 megapixel name, but it's very good nonetheless. I love everything else about this computer - excuse me - phone - and do not regret my purchase one bit. I would give it five stars if not for the display/battery problem.
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on January 11, 2011
The first day I had it, I freaked out.
I didn't get to use it much and it lost 100% of the battery in about 14 hours.
However, I had data and wifi on the whole time. I wasn't using it, but it was on.
Then, I added toggle buttons on the home screen for data and wifi. I leave them off except when I need them.
Now, it lasts about 3 days for average use.

The other aspects are just like other reviewers say. It is quick, responsive, and android OS.
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on January 6, 2011
The stock battery *will* last a day and a half if you use it minimally.
However if you like actually using all the features, like listening to music, calling people, checking e-mails, messages, taking photos, etc etc that will eat up a lot of battery; with the stock that may last you 4-7 hours, which falls short of pretty much everyone's day.

Buying an extended battery is the way to go, I can now use it how much as I want without worrying about battery life, and it hasn't affected the size and weight of the phone enough to even slightly bother me.

This phone takes great photos, the Android Market is finally building up a good collection of apps so you have a lot of useful things to addon to your phone to make it awesomely useful in your life.

Some of the things I enjoy using on this phone, most on a daily basis:

> Transmits completely wirelessly to a bluetooth adapter, that transmits and FM station that transmits to my car radio.
I listen to Pandora, Siruis and my own personal music collection.
3G signal is excellent and streams flawlessly, but I'm in a semi-urban area.

> 1+hour of phone call usage, *some* breakups are noticed but actually improved over my other phone and I can still understand the other person clearly as well as what they're saying through the occasional intermittent breakups.

> Games. Who doesn't love games on their phone when they're waiting and bored out of their mind.
Lots of really great and surprising intellectual but fun games in the android market, most are free.

> Text messages - as far as I know there's no set limit on texts. I think I have over 500, the default app that comes with this phone is the best and works best for this phone. Other ones, even the popular text messaging apps do not work as well, even though they may have a few more features I found it wasn't worth the switch.
-- Very easy to text, easier than my other phones full keypad which was surprising. It autocorrects and tries to guess what you just typed in case you messed up a letter (or all of the letters).
Sometimes when I'm not looking at the phone (totally not when I'm driving, that'd just be irresponsible) I just punch around where I think the right letters are. I look down and it looks like a mess, but the phone guesses the correct word, and after I hit the space key, bam- fixed. Perfect, fast texting.

> Camera is quite excellent for a phone, and video is as well. Not something you want to shoot a movie in, but for quick snaps of friends or quick vids it's perfect.

Also I would recommend phone owners of this to buy an app that allows you to turn on GPS tracking and track your phone in case it's lost. I have a friend who lost his phone, used the app and it tracked it right to the guys house (actually was a beat down p.o.s. trailer) - police came in, got the phone back (found some other things), problem solved.

All in all, the name of this phone suits it well. It was modeled with the iPhone in mind, sure- but android is taking huge leaps and has surpassed Apple in several ways already, though respectively still a few steps behind in other areas.
For the things that matter, you can't go wrong with getting this phone.

Get a case, screen protector and extended battery.
You'll have one outstanding phone that you can organize your life, capture your life, and live your life.
Best of all, after the extended battery it truely lasts throughout the entire day.

I don't know what I would do without this technology, so many aspects of my life are bundled into it.
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