Customer Reviews: HTC DROID Incredible, Black (Verizon Wireless)
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on January 6, 2011
The stock battery *will* last a day and a half if you use it minimally.
However if you like actually using all the features, like listening to music, calling people, checking e-mails, messages, taking photos, etc etc that will eat up a lot of battery; with the stock that may last you 4-7 hours, which falls short of pretty much everyone's day.

Buying an extended battery is the way to go, I can now use it how much as I want without worrying about battery life, and it hasn't affected the size and weight of the phone enough to even slightly bother me.

This phone takes great photos, the Android Market is finally building up a good collection of apps so you have a lot of useful things to addon to your phone to make it awesomely useful in your life.

Some of the things I enjoy using on this phone, most on a daily basis:

> Transmits completely wirelessly to a bluetooth adapter, that transmits and FM station that transmits to my car radio.
I listen to Pandora, Siruis and my own personal music collection.
3G signal is excellent and streams flawlessly, but I'm in a semi-urban area.

> 1+hour of phone call usage, *some* breakups are noticed but actually improved over my other phone and I can still understand the other person clearly as well as what they're saying through the occasional intermittent breakups.

> Games. Who doesn't love games on their phone when they're waiting and bored out of their mind.
Lots of really great and surprising intellectual but fun games in the android market, most are free.

> Text messages - as far as I know there's no set limit on texts. I think I have over 500, the default app that comes with this phone is the best and works best for this phone. Other ones, even the popular text messaging apps do not work as well, even though they may have a few more features I found it wasn't worth the switch.
-- Very easy to text, easier than my other phones full keypad which was surprising. It autocorrects and tries to guess what you just typed in case you messed up a letter (or all of the letters).
Sometimes when I'm not looking at the phone (totally not when I'm driving, that'd just be irresponsible) I just punch around where I think the right letters are. I look down and it looks like a mess, but the phone guesses the correct word, and after I hit the space key, bam- fixed. Perfect, fast texting.

> Camera is quite excellent for a phone, and video is as well. Not something you want to shoot a movie in, but for quick snaps of friends or quick vids it's perfect.

Also I would recommend phone owners of this to buy an app that allows you to turn on GPS tracking and track your phone in case it's lost. I have a friend who lost his phone, used the app and it tracked it right to the guys house (actually was a beat down p.o.s. trailer) - police came in, got the phone back (found some other things), problem solved.

All in all, the name of this phone suits it well. It was modeled with the iPhone in mind, sure- but android is taking huge leaps and has surpassed Apple in several ways already, though respectively still a few steps behind in other areas.
For the things that matter, you can't go wrong with getting this phone.

Get a case, screen protector and extended battery.
You'll have one outstanding phone that you can organize your life, capture your life, and live your life.
Best of all, after the extended battery it truely lasts throughout the entire day.

I don't know what I would do without this technology, so many aspects of my life are bundled into it.
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on December 20, 2010
This is a very good smartphone. This is my 5th smartphone and I've had 3 different iPhones. This phone is very fast, has a decent camera and can meet all my needs. I am not thrilled about syncing all my stuff through gmail, but so far so good. The battery life is as bad as reported and yes, I know smartphones use them up. I've acclimated pretty quickly as to how to use it and not deplete the battery too fast. If you use the navigation app, surf the web and use Pandora at the same time, you'll burn it out in under 3 hours, but once you know this, you use what you need when you need it. I can get through a moderate day with a full night charge and then one mid-day charge and I'm okay with that. Speaking of the navigation, just wow. Free turn by turn navigation. I am also syncing my music with iTunes. Didn't know you could do that.

I had to move from my iPhone 4 and AT&T to Verizon for work and I thought it would stink, but I was wrong. I like to tinker and Android suits that just fine. And Verizon customer service is very good as well. Overall, for a free smartphone, I am extremely satisfied. And very surprised. I went through Amazon Wireless and spoke to them before purchase. Everything they said happened. I was able to buy the phone through Amazon and set up the plan I wanted with Verizon. In my area, they offer unlimited mobile to mobile on any network and this was not offered through the Amazon website. Got the phone, called Verizon and had that option put on my plan. If you have questions, call Amazon Wireless - they are pretty solid.

1/11/11 Update
I like the phone even more now. One feature of Froyo (Android 2.2) that no one knows or mentions, is that it will monitor how you use your phone and adjust certain features to maximize your battery. My battery life is now far better than when I first reviewed. I am still stunned at how happy I am with this phone. Is the iPhone 4 better? Yes. But this phone is so close, it doesn't matter to me. And for free? BTW - the processor in this phone is still regarded as one of the best - the 1Ghz Snapdragon. Also, a couple of tech blogs at the end of the year still said this was the best smartphone on Verizon - 7 months after launch.

3/27/11 Update
The battery on this is unacceptable. I've made excuses for it, but now I realize it's the weakest aspect of this phone. I unplug the phone from the charger when I leave work and with moderate use (2-3 texts, 2-3 phone calls, 5 minutes websurfing, 10 minutes navigation) I use up 90% of the battery. It's a huge shortfall of this phone. I have to think about it way too much and that's is a definite killer because the phone is ridiculous beyond that.
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on December 11, 2010
This phone was my first smartphone, in my openion if a smartphone can't perform as a good phone, i.e
in making a good phone call then there is no need to get one. I tested many smartphones in the Verizon Wireless store and this
HTC Incredible was one of the few than can make a good clear phone call. Now regarding the smartphone features, the screen is very
responsive to the user, I did wish though the text font size can be changed to make the Text bigger size, however there is no way in
Android or the phone settings to do that, however there are some apps in the Market to do that. The Battery life could be made better
I did purchades the extended 1750 mh Battery and also I did some change in the settings to conserve the Battery:

1- Get an app such as the Juice Defender (Free) to control the Background Update.
2- Turn off the BlueTooth and WiFi, if not using it.
3- Turn Off GPS Services when not in use.
4- Reduce Screen Brigthness in the settings.
5- Turn off Background sync updates in the settings, THIS ONE WILL HAVE A BIG IMPACT ON BATTERY LIFE. And if you need to check somethings
like email or something you can turn it on.

Using the above settings. and when using the phone for 12 hours making phone calls and emails check and some internet use, the Battery will be still left with
about 60 % charge left after 12 hours. Using the battery that came with the phone and with similar use the battery will be 40% charge left.

Couple of points though if this is your first smartphone using Android OS, when setting Gmail the first Gmail acount you setup will be used by the phone and you will not be able to remove or change this email untill you Reset the phone to the factory default state, and also when you setup the first Gmail or any other Gmail
account, it will not be username/password protected, i.e if other person played with your phone he/she can read your Gmail emails, there are 2 ways to protect your
phone using a password:

1- You can set a password in the settings, so when the phone is locked and after unlocking it you have to enter a password, however the nice thing though
if the phone is locked and password protected and you got a phone call, then you need only to unlock the phone without entring a password to answer the phone
call, but you will not be able make a phone call unless you enter the password, you can make an emergency phone call when the phone is password protected.

2- You can protected a selected number of apps installed in the phone, by using an app from the Market, I used the "App Protecter" for 1.99 so if
protect the Gmail app, then when you select the Gmail app then you have to enter a password, any app installed in the phone ca be protected with the same
password, and you can any time remove the protection from a given app.

The phone camera is pretty good compared to other phones I used in the past.

You can connect the phone to a pc and copy files to/from the sd card (2GB) I am planning to get an 8 GB SD card so it can fit all the data files and mp3 files.

I still didn't have time to try all the apps/features for the phone yet, but the phone is a good phone and also HTC Tech support is one of the best tech support
I dealt with, when you call them for help about anything about the phone they really try their best to help you and solve the problem.
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on November 13, 2010
I finally broke down and bought one of these recently, when Verizon made it available for free after a $100 rebate. I had to upgrade my data plan, but boy, was it worth it! This phone (and I hesitate to call it a phone, because it is so much more-- high res camera, camcorder, radio, portable internet hub, bar-scanning price checker, voice recorder, pedometer, game station, flashlight, you name it-- gives the iPhone a serious run for its money. It fits well in my pocket and even though it is heavier than my previous phone, it feels well-made.

The apps are amazing. I made a shopping list on my phone using one and took it to the market. As I bought stuff I tapped the screen once, and poof! the items were marked and sent to the bottom of the list. Google Sky allows you to ID constellations you're looking at as you gaze upward wherever you happen to be. Google maps serves as a de-facto GPS-- GPS is available from VZW for an extra fee, but why pay it? I downloaded free mah jongg, card games and other fun stuff from the free apps list. There are also organizing apps, business apps, cooking apps, personal training apps, social media apps, games, tools, and more other stuff than you can wrap your head around. You can use any earbuds or headphones with an iPod style jack. I have no interest in Bluetooth, so I can't comment on that yet.

The guy at Verizon Wireless set up a dummy gmail account for me to use to access my aol and other accounts on my phone's desktop through POP, transferred my address book and backed it up offline for good measure. The phone can get a signal pretty much anywhere I've been so far, but I just programmed it to access my home signal via Airport Extreme. It charges through either an outlet or plugged into my MacBook's USB port. You can buy an optional car charger, but I don't think I'll need it. I live in a city and haven't had a problem getting a signal. It took a long time to charge the first time, but now I just plug it into my computer when I get home and it's fine. I set my screen display to turn off after 1 minute to save battery juice, and so far that is working well for me.

I love the touch screen format, which is easy to use and reasonably sensitive, and the fact that it changes orientation from vertical (portrait) to horizontal (landscape) when I rotate the phone.

The Droid Incredible takes beautiful pictures. It has a decent camcorder for a phone. You can upgrade the memory card from 8 to to 16 gigs. I will do that next.

My only criticism: The keyboard can be a bit small, but it's workable. Practice improves the results.

If you buy one, make sure that you get a screen protector and a decent armor style Droid case. That will keep your phone safe in your pocket or reasonably protected if dropped. My friend recently dropped his iPhone and the screen shattered. He decided to replace it but had to wait several weeks for the replacement to arrive. My Droid is happily and snugly encased in a good quality case that VZW sells, though I know there are other after-market cases, as well. I got a 20% discount on the screen protector and the protective case because I bought them on the date that I purchased the phone.

If you're on the fence and like to be able to get online whenever OR like helpful apps, I say: do it. I checked the Droid Incredible out in the store about a month before I bought it and realized I would need to re-learn how to use my phone. That initially discouraged me. That may even seem scary to some, but this device is really intuitive; after you use it for a couple of days, it's really easy and you understand it. I'm really glad that I took the plunge. I recommend the unlimited data plan, even if you don't think you will use it-- when you see all the cool things this phone can do online, you will want to have access to all of them.
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on October 19, 2010
These phones have a lot going on. HTC has done a great job with the Incredible. The phone is freakishly fast. It's faster than my desktop. The battery get's slammed a lot but if you consider the amount of work the processor is doing and how fast it is doing it, it is acceptable. My girlfriend got the LG Ally so we could compare. I chose to stay with the Incredible. I gave up some battery for the faster speed.

I thought I was going to need the separate keyboard but I am fast now on the screen tap. That tech has come a long way. My email is gmail so all that was seamless. Switching back and forth from email accounts is faster with my phone than my laptop.

The camera is fine. It has a harder time taking good pictures than my purpose built camera. It has trouble with light sometimes. Some pictures are perfect. Video seems fine. Being able to instantly send pix and vids via email or text is priceless.

One thing I don't like about the Android phones is the unbelievable lack of control. You can't stop apps from starting up when they want to. Apps that are built in, you can't remoove. I've learned to closely monitor parts of the phone. I leave the location function off so the apps don't send out my location. I turn off the web when I'm not using it so the phone doesn't continually update apps. I use app killer to shut down apps that start themselves.

Skype is useless to me because Verizon does not allow its use with wifi. What?? That's how I use it in other countries.

With everything off, the battery is good for a couple of days. If I am using the internet heavily, it is good for a few hours. It's not a problem because I have a 110v usb charger for the house or when I'm near a computer and a 12v for the car. I went ahead and bought a larger battery. It is slightly bigger but fits in the same case. It came with it's own charger. I'm covered.
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on November 6, 2010
I love this phone....and I love the Android OS. It blows Apple iOS out of the water, period.

This phone is a monster....even though it has been out since May, it is still has the specs of the new phones coming out. Highly recommend this. My wife just got one too. I've had mine since May.

Love it.
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on May 10, 2010
I preordered this phone from verizon and got it on Apr 29th. I really liked it.

1. super fast. I can ran many (more than 10) apps and switch between them with no gap.
2. HTC sense is a very nice interface to integrate my google/facebook account (I don't have twitter, but I believe it would work seamlessly as well), so I could have all my contacts in one place with their phone numbers/emails/facebook accounts.
3. It is highly customizable (in a way much better than the iDon't). You can set up different profiles (background, volume, vibration, notification) for work, for home or anything else, and specify a switch time. So it would switch to vibrate and shut down wifi automatically when you go to work for example, and switch back and turn on wifi by the time you get home.
4. Big and beautiful screen.

1. apps. I got almost everything I need. But I would hope to get more games like the titles iPhone got (e.g. plants vs zombies). Well, I think as the android momentum starts to build, more developers would be willing to write apps for android.
2. battery. that's the first biggest problem I notice. I guess since it runs at super power, it also consumes a lot of energy. I have to plug it with the charger right after I get home everyday. I am always very concerned about shutdown if I have used it heavily during the day. There is an app (something called "advanced task killer") that kills apps running on the background unnoticed. That will save you some battery. But it doesn't solve the problem completely. Innocell is selling a 1750mAh extended life battery. I am going to try that.
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on August 6, 2010
I used to have Verizon Navigator on my old phone. I just bought the HTC Droid Incredible. I miss my Verizon Navigator. It is unavailble on the Droid Incredible. HTC decided to go with the Google Navigator (free), but there is no Syncing addresses from your online Google search to your phone. Unlike the VZ Navigator. There is no "recent" or "favorite" addresses. You have to use your contacts to store your addreses. Or do a voice search for the business or venue. But, once on the road it works great. The street view was excellent and turn by turn was competent. Text to voice turn by turn directions sounds like a droid robot but gets the job done. Once the address is dialed in its great. But thank God its still beta becuase the user interface needs some serious work. I didnt want get the Droid X because of its size but you don't get the VZ Navigator on this phone. Rather than that the phone is amazing. Its a battery hog, but from other reviews you already realize that. Also i have Wifi and with my Iphone Touch I get full signal bars in my house. But with the Droid Incredible as soon as I leave the room where my wireless router is I lose signal bars. I didn't notice any lag with downloading on Wifi but I thought it should be noted. Finally, its a good phone. And I love the HTC user interface. But in time with some upgrades and tweeks it could be a great phone!!
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on April 27, 2012
I acquired an HTC Incredible in late 2010 as my first smart phone. It was an impressive performer for me over two years, and other people were impressed by it. Even iPhone people were impressed by it. The neat things about it are well described in these reviews. I got a lot of utility out of the Incredible.

There are at least two persistent problems related to this model that would probably stop most shoppers from buying it if they had forehand knowledge.

Biggest problem is that a heavily used Incredible frequently throws a low phone disk space alert. When this alert is active the phone works but gmail, android mail, and facebook apps won't sync. The phone was built with plenty of memory, so it's no doubt a software problem ultimately traceable to Android 2.2. And there's a decent workaround, which is to clear caches and manage apps often. But the whole experience was aggravating over the course of several months. A real upgrade fix within 2.2 or 2.3 was never offered.

Second thing is these handsets have rear speakers that tend to go bad. So common it is that the speaker is abundantly available on the retail market as an inexpensive spare part. The part availability is not a bad thing. But most people won't have the wherewithal to perform that fix when the Incredible breaks down.

Nonetheless, it was a good phone for its time in the smartphone era. Most people got good service from it. Give it a 4.
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on July 16, 2010
Ok so I'm giving this device 5 starts but its no where near a perfect, but probably closer than any other device on the market today, in my opinion.

My opinion is slightly biased however. This is the first real nice phone I have ever owned. Im 26 and have had 2 phones my whole life but I finally decided to treat my self to something nice.

Anyway.. on to what I like about this device. Its more aesthetically appealing than any other phone on the market. It has one of much nicer screens. The camera is top notch for a phone camera. The camera is far from perfect but again for a phone camera its hard to compete with it. The speaker is amazing. Much louder than my friend's iPhone4. I could go on and on but I dont really want to get into all the technical stuff because im no expert.

People are going to say the Droid X is better but really I think it all comes down to personally preference.

So far the only con about the phone is the battery life. But everyone already knows this. There are small things you can do to improve the life but even still it's not all that great. 8 Hours for me but im constantly using the web, chatting on IM, etc.
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