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on July 16, 2010
Ok so I'm giving this device 5 starts but its no where near a perfect, but probably closer than any other device on the market today, in my opinion.

My opinion is slightly biased however. This is the first real nice phone I have ever owned. Im 26 and have had 2 phones my whole life but I finally decided to treat my self to something nice.

Anyway.. on to what I like about this device. Its more aesthetically appealing than any other phone on the market. It has one of much nicer screens. The camera is top notch for a phone camera. The camera is far from perfect but again for a phone camera its hard to compete with it. The speaker is amazing. Much louder than my friend's iPhone4. I could go on and on but I dont really want to get into all the technical stuff because im no expert.

People are going to say the Droid X is better but really I think it all comes down to personally preference.

So far the only con about the phone is the battery life. But everyone already knows this. There are small things you can do to improve the life but even still it's not all that great. 8 Hours for me but im constantly using the web, chatting on IM, etc.
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on June 30, 2010
This is my first Droid phone and I am now a fan. I previously owned an iPhone 3g. I changed providers due to poor reception and dropped calls with AT&T. The HTC Incredible is very fast and reception is great. At times the signal strength shows only 1 or 2 bars, yet I have had no call problems and web browsing is very quick. I have yet to drop a call (a daily occurrence on the iPhone)

HTC sense is fantastic software. Voice to text is also excellent. The phone is sleek and similar in size to the new iPhone 4. I carry the phone in my pocket and it fits well even with a case.

While the phone experience is indeed incredible I cannot say the same for the battery life. With moderate use I can make it through the day but with heavy use I require a charge. I recently purchased the slim Seidio 1750 mAH battery and so far it seems to have helped make it through the day on one charge with heavy use.

The Android app store is growing but it still cannot hold a candle to that of the iPhone. I hope that soon changes.

While the battery life and app store are not best in class I still believe I have found my new favorite phone.
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on February 18, 2011
I first got the Incredible a few months back but returned it thinking I really didn't need a smartphone. But after a couple of months of being without it, I couldn't imagine life without one after all and subsequently went back and got the Incredible.

I originally got the Incredible thinking Verizon was not going to get the iPhone (boy was I wrong). While thinking about which phone to get I had considered the Samsung Fascinate and Droid X along with the Incredible but didn't want to be locked into Bing with the Fascinate and concluded both the X and Fascinate are too big.

The Incredible is almost the same size as the iPhone. It has a sleek, black look, good display that is clear and the phone overall is user friendly. The call reception is good and the sound when you use the phone's MP3 player and the picture quality when you use the camera (video and photo) are pretty decent for what you get.

When I need to pull up websites, watch videos or utilize Google smartphone apps they pull up very quickly too. In addition to low battery life, a big headache I experience with the Incredible is the keyboard. Since the phone is not equipped with a physical keyboard you have to use a screen-based one. Due to the small keys I find I have to backspace many times or retype words. Fortunately, the Incredible is equipped with a program that allows you to choose words while typing which makes correcting mistakes easier. However, it is because of these two flaws as well as the fact that the Android operating system is very vulnerable to virus attacks that I can only give the Droid Incredible 3 out of 5 stars.

I have used this phone and the Apple smartphone and after having this phone for over 6 months, I plan on getting the iPhone.

The Droid system is a Linux-based open source operating system which allows for multiple developers to create applications and improvements at a much faster rate. However, the biggest flaw with this approach is not only can numerous developers create applications, it also leaves Android phones vulnerable to virus attacks.

Admittedly, it is because of the Android operating system and the army of phones that are using it have forced Apple to upgrade it's iOS if not the iPhone itself. Overall, with the Apple iOS users are limited only to what Apple offers and approves which is its biggest hinderance but also it's biggest asset. With Apple's development standards for applications it makes it harder (if not downright impossible) for viruses to filter into their computer and smartphone products.

The short battery life is a pain in the neck too. Hopefully that HTC will soon make an extended life battery which will be slim enough to replace the one that is included. Unfortunately, short battery life is common among most Android phones (this one included).

If you do decide to obtain an HTC or any smartphone with Android I recommend keeping the phone plugged into a charger when/if you use it for playing music, recording videos, surfing the internet or any kind of heavy data usage. By doing this you will not have a problem. I also recommend downloading Advanced or Super Task Killer (which is free) and Juice Defender. Both applications will help you regulate which apps you want to run as well as save you some time (and possibly money) by helping to keep your batter usage in check.

As to claims about the inability of people to see the screen in direct sunlight, in this respect the iPhone does have the advantage. I was unable to read my phone's screen mainly when I used the anti-glare screen protector sold by Verizon. I replaced Verizon's product with Ghost Armor and, aside from it being much clearer than Verizon's screen shield, I can view the screen a little better in direct sunlight. However, to best view your screen on this and possibly other Android smartphones you have to look directly at the Incredible's screen while you are outside with the shadow of your body to help your eyes focus.

If you are going to get a smartphone, the HTC Droid Incredible is a good choice to start off with. HTC makes some decent smartphones but, with the high quality Apple puts into their products (like the iPhone) they and other Android smartphone manufacturers have a lot of work to do.
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on November 13, 2010
The only negative thing I can say about this phone is the stock battery is fairly weak. Other than that its just about the handiest thing I have ever bought. Everything works well, touchscreen is just right even with a plastic protector sheet on it. The speakerphone is very good- it picks up everything though so think about where you are using it; if you can hear it, this phone hears it too and sends it over the airwaves (Make sure you press End Call to avoid embarassing situations!). Speed is pretty good too, I can watch youtube and some video but it tends to get choppy if I am moving around a lot or if I am in a car. As far as toughness goes, I just slide it in my pocket and go about my day in the powerplant I work in. It seems to handle my climbing, leaning on things and all the other abuse I put it through. For phone reception I would say its really good too, there are areas where my old phone would get really choppy, this phone just doesn't even get phased by it. If it shipped with a better battery it would get a 5 star easily!
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on September 28, 2010
The Incredible certainly has great features. I see the two key selling points vs. the iPhone are free turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to function as a mobile hotspot... great for my wifi-only iPad! Also, I was impressed by the performance, customizability, and selection of apps.

But... I just returned the phone because the battery life was horrible. With the extended battery, I was getting 5-7 hours. I found myself worrying throughout the day about where my battery stands and maybe I'm using the phone too much. The task killers, turning off features, uninstalling apps all had little impact. I'll reconsider when the phone solves bigger problems for me than it creates.
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on April 12, 2011
The HTC Droid Incredible suffers from split personalities; , while it is a terrific device for smartphone/multimedia usage, it's performance as a phone was somewhat disappointing.

- The Droid Incredible is just the right size. The device is large enough to allow for a proper smartphone experience, yet not large enough to become a cumbersome burden on a daily basis.
- HTC's software perfectly complements the Android OS. The Sense software overlay is both practical and visually appealing, especially in contrast to the stock Android software, which is quite spartan in comparison.
- Typing messages and e-mails was a breeze with the on-screen keyboard. I didn't experience any lag while typing, and the inclusion of a period and comma button on the first layer of the keyboard was very helpful.
- The phone's spec sheet points out that the hardware packs plenty of horsepower, and indeed I didn't experience any lag while performing functions with the device, including multi-tasking.
- Push e-mail was every bit as reliable as any Blackberry with the G-Mail app. The standard e-mail app syncs every fifteen minutes, which is more than bearable for most users.
- Web browsing on the device was speedy, and the browser rarely stalled on any webpage. In two weeks of usage, the web browser failed to load a page only twice, which is remarkable when considering how much I used it. Download speeds were pretty good over Verizon's network; I averaged 800-1200 kbps down and 500-900 up.
- Android Market has plenty of apps to increase productivity and occupy time; but my past Android phones were slow to load and install apps. The Droid Incredible downloaded and installed apps with impressive speed.
- If your into aesthetic appeal, the device is attractive and professional looking.

- As mentioned, while the Droid Incredible was an outstanding device, it was a mediocre phone based on my experience. Call quality was the worst i've ever experienced on any Verizon phone. It was nearly as bad as any At&t phone i've used in my area (and At&t has notoriously poor call quality in this region). I'd grade the call quality roughly six out of ten, give and take half a point depending on location. At times, the phone sounded fine, and during others, sounded like the other person was talking through a sheet of wax paper. There was some muffling, and roughly one of every twelve to fifteen syllables was lost in the transmission. If your looking for a phone with great call quality, I really can't recommend this one.
- It should be noted that the topic of the Droid Incredible's call quality has been heavily discussed online. Some users like myself experienced poor call quality, others achieved the opposite result. While I acknowledge my particular device could have been a "lemon," your probably taking a fifty/fifty chance on call quality if you purchase this one.
- The Droid Incredible exhibited Blackberry-esque signal bounce. The device gets good reception, but the cellular antenna is very sensitive. When I didn't hold the device at the top, reception would fluctuate as much as as 23db.
- An eccentric characteristic of the Droid Incredible is that it's stock signal indicator didn't seem to work. A quick download of the RealSignal app from Android Market was a painless fix to the problem, but in 2011, this shouldn't have been a problem to begin with.
- Battery life is a little below average for a smartphone. It's acceptable if you properly condition the battery during the first 5-7 days of usage; after that time, I noticed my battery life almost doubled. However, it was still slightly sub-par after conditioning.

The HTC Droid Incredible gets four stars for two reasons; Amazon won't let me give it a 3.5 rating, and the device shines where it was designed to shine. It offers a great smartphone and multimedia experience, and I recognize that many within the phone's target audience won't actually be averaging the two hours of calling per day that I do. I'd recommend the phone to those who average fewer than twenty minutes of calling per day, and who don't mind carrying around a car charger or spare charger and possibly an extra battery. Unfortunately, if your looking for a smartphone on Verizon with a screen larger than 3.2 inches but smaller than 4.3, there aren't a lot of other options available.
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on June 27, 2010
I have had the Droid Incredible for a few weeks now and am simply amazed at how much it can do. Yes, the battery life is short when using the internet, apps, texting, etc. I charge it once a day, but I have a spare battery on hand at all times, so no big deal. The screen is super touch-sensitive, so it is easy to leave a screen you are working on if you even brush against it, but you quickly adjust to this. A free app, called Advanced Task Killer, allows you to turn off the many apps you are not using, including the internet, so that your battery life will last longer. I would highly recommend this app. The sound on the phone is crisp and clear, the display is very sharp and colorful, and the amount of apps available is also "incredible." I would highly recommend this phone, and for me personally, it is the best cell phone I have ever owned.
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on June 1, 2010
I use the HTC incredible as mini computer, GPS, Internet browser, calendar, compass, radar, trapster device, camera, video camera, calculator, barcode scanner, sky map, MP3 player, FM radio receiver, Mini TV... ah and don't forget! as a cellphone, so I expect this phone to use up battery at alarming rates. A bigger battery was warranted given this many features, other than than just HTC awesome

Update After 7 months:
To keep up with power demand I had to buy a Seidio 1750 Battery for $57, didn't even last for 8 hrs, so upgraded to the Seidio Battery 3500, for another $53 plus the protective cover for $31, this has to be the most expensive phone to own in the planet...
Great features but, I am sorry, I cannot afford to own one HTC phone on my next upgrade
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on July 7, 2010
I love this phone! It has a wicked fast processor, a great camera and best of all, it's on Verizon! No AT&T coverage issues or abysmal customer service to deal with. The Android app store is a bit quirky. Many apps have nearly incomprehensible descriptions and/or are priced in foreign currencies. Also, you have to use Google checkout, which some people don't like but it works well and isn't much of a problem if you already have an account as I do. The only other issue I have found is that most accessories that are marketed for this phone were really designed for iPhone and don't work properly with this phone. Hopefully, this situation will improve after the product has been on the market for some time.
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on May 11, 2011
This phone was Verizon's iPhone-killer when it came out, and it's easy to see why. It is just as fast as the iPhone, almost as easy to use, more flexible, has just as many apps, has a larger screen... and runs on the Verizon network.

Call quality is amazing and the phone holds a decent signal. The battery is removable/replaceable and the phone's storage can be upgraded. The Incredible has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (which means it's more than fast enough for whatever you throw at it) and will most likely receive an update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) this summer. Yes, HTC put Sense (a skin on top of Android) on the phone, but Sense is actually pretty good. It doesn't slow the phone down, adds useful features, and only delays the update process a few months.

This phone's virtual keyboard is great, and others are available if you prefer Swype, speech-to-text, or any other type of keyboard. The Incredible has every Google application available for it, from Gmail to Google Translate and Google Voice. Free turn-by-turn naviagtion, a great camera, visual voicemail, and any other feature that you can come up with are all part of the package.

You won't be disappointed with this phone, and if you can get it for a cent, even better! The iPhone 4 is $200 on contract, but this phone is practically free? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.
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