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on May 31, 2010
as the name suggests, this phone is incredible. apps, internet, everything is fast fast fast. in fact, the only downside to this phone is in the software. the android keyboard needs a bit of work, but the big downer is the pre-installed bloatware that comes with the phone that you CANNOT UNINSTALL. this is rather shady because some of the apps try to ask for money and someone unfamiliar with all this might confuse it as some verizon related charge. VERY SHADY.
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on April 12, 2011
The HTC Droid Incredible suffers from split personalities; , while it is a terrific device for smartphone/multimedia usage, it's performance as a phone was somewhat disappointing.

- The Droid Incredible is just the right size. The device is large enough to allow for a proper smartphone experience, yet not large enough to become a cumbersome burden on a daily basis.
- HTC's software perfectly complements the Android OS. The Sense software overlay is both practical and visually appealing, especially in contrast to the stock Android software, which is quite spartan in comparison.
- Typing messages and e-mails was a breeze with the on-screen keyboard. I didn't experience any lag while typing, and the inclusion of a period and comma button on the first layer of the keyboard was very helpful.
- The phone's spec sheet points out that the hardware packs plenty of horsepower, and indeed I didn't experience any lag while performing functions with the device, including multi-tasking.
- Push e-mail was every bit as reliable as any Blackberry with the G-Mail app. The standard e-mail app syncs every fifteen minutes, which is more than bearable for most users.
- Web browsing on the device was speedy, and the browser rarely stalled on any webpage. In two weeks of usage, the web browser failed to load a page only twice, which is remarkable when considering how much I used it. Download speeds were pretty good over Verizon's network; I averaged 800-1200 kbps down and 500-900 up.
- Android Market has plenty of apps to increase productivity and occupy time; but my past Android phones were slow to load and install apps. The Droid Incredible downloaded and installed apps with impressive speed.
- If your into aesthetic appeal, the device is attractive and professional looking.

- As mentioned, while the Droid Incredible was an outstanding device, it was a mediocre phone based on my experience. Call quality was the worst i've ever experienced on any Verizon phone. It was nearly as bad as any At&t phone i've used in my area (and At&t has notoriously poor call quality in this region). I'd grade the call quality roughly six out of ten, give and take half a point depending on location. At times, the phone sounded fine, and during others, sounded like the other person was talking through a sheet of wax paper. There was some muffling, and roughly one of every twelve to fifteen syllables was lost in the transmission. If your looking for a phone with great call quality, I really can't recommend this one.
- It should be noted that the topic of the Droid Incredible's call quality has been heavily discussed online. Some users like myself experienced poor call quality, others achieved the opposite result. While I acknowledge my particular device could have been a "lemon," your probably taking a fifty/fifty chance on call quality if you purchase this one.
- The Droid Incredible exhibited Blackberry-esque signal bounce. The device gets good reception, but the cellular antenna is very sensitive. When I didn't hold the device at the top, reception would fluctuate as much as as 23db.
- An eccentric characteristic of the Droid Incredible is that it's stock signal indicator didn't seem to work. A quick download of the RealSignal app from Android Market was a painless fix to the problem, but in 2011, this shouldn't have been a problem to begin with.
- Battery life is a little below average for a smartphone. It's acceptable if you properly condition the battery during the first 5-7 days of usage; after that time, I noticed my battery life almost doubled. However, it was still slightly sub-par after conditioning.

The HTC Droid Incredible gets four stars for two reasons; Amazon won't let me give it a 3.5 rating, and the device shines where it was designed to shine. It offers a great smartphone and multimedia experience, and I recognize that many within the phone's target audience won't actually be averaging the two hours of calling per day that I do. I'd recommend the phone to those who average fewer than twenty minutes of calling per day, and who don't mind carrying around a car charger or spare charger and possibly an extra battery. Unfortunately, if your looking for a smartphone on Verizon with a screen larger than 3.2 inches but smaller than 4.3, there aren't a lot of other options available.
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on February 18, 2011
I first got the Incredible a few months back but returned it thinking I really didn't need a smartphone. But after a couple of months of being without it, I couldn't imagine life without one after all and subsequently went back and got the Incredible.

I originally got the Incredible thinking Verizon was not going to get the iPhone (boy was I wrong). While thinking about which phone to get I had considered the Samsung Fascinate and Droid X along with the Incredible but didn't want to be locked into Bing with the Fascinate and concluded both the X and Fascinate are too big.

The Incredible is almost the same size as the iPhone. It has a sleek, black look, good display that is clear and the phone overall is user friendly. The call reception is good and the sound when you use the phone's MP3 player and the picture quality when you use the camera (video and photo) are pretty decent for what you get.

When I need to pull up websites, watch videos or utilize Google smartphone apps they pull up very quickly too. In addition to low battery life, a big headache I experience with the Incredible is the keyboard. Since the phone is not equipped with a physical keyboard you have to use a screen-based one. Due to the small keys I find I have to backspace many times or retype words. Fortunately, the Incredible is equipped with a program that allows you to choose words while typing which makes correcting mistakes easier. However, it is because of these two flaws as well as the fact that the Android operating system is very vulnerable to virus attacks that I can only give the Droid Incredible 3 out of 5 stars.

I have used this phone and the Apple smartphone and after having this phone for over 6 months, I plan on getting the iPhone.

The Droid system is a Linux-based open source operating system which allows for multiple developers to create applications and improvements at a much faster rate. However, the biggest flaw with this approach is not only can numerous developers create applications, it also leaves Android phones vulnerable to virus attacks.

Admittedly, it is because of the Android operating system and the army of phones that are using it have forced Apple to upgrade it's iOS if not the iPhone itself. Overall, with the Apple iOS users are limited only to what Apple offers and approves which is its biggest hinderance but also it's biggest asset. With Apple's development standards for applications it makes it harder (if not downright impossible) for viruses to filter into their computer and smartphone products.

The short battery life is a pain in the neck too. Hopefully that HTC will soon make an extended life battery which will be slim enough to replace the one that is included. Unfortunately, short battery life is common among most Android phones (this one included).

If you do decide to obtain an HTC or any smartphone with Android I recommend keeping the phone plugged into a charger when/if you use it for playing music, recording videos, surfing the internet or any kind of heavy data usage. By doing this you will not have a problem. I also recommend downloading Advanced or Super Task Killer (which is free) and Juice Defender. Both applications will help you regulate which apps you want to run as well as save you some time (and possibly money) by helping to keep your batter usage in check.

As to claims about the inability of people to see the screen in direct sunlight, in this respect the iPhone does have the advantage. I was unable to read my phone's screen mainly when I used the anti-glare screen protector sold by Verizon. I replaced Verizon's product with Ghost Armor and, aside from it being much clearer than Verizon's screen shield, I can view the screen a little better in direct sunlight. However, to best view your screen on this and possibly other Android smartphones you have to look directly at the Incredible's screen while you are outside with the shadow of your body to help your eyes focus.

If you are going to get a smartphone, the HTC Droid Incredible is a good choice to start off with. HTC makes some decent smartphones but, with the high quality Apple puts into their products (like the iPhone) they and other Android smartphone manufacturers have a lot of work to do.
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on February 11, 2011
I have to say this is one of the wisest choices I have ever made. My last phone was a prepaid Tracfone I had several years ago and it basically died then so I didn't have a phone. Then not have a phone was driving me nuts! Having an iPod touch with this app called Line2 was almost an alternative. Costing only $15 for unlimited talk and text, which was a steal. The only con was, I didn't have wifi at home and I had to go out for wifi at my local supermarket. I was aching my mother to get a phone by adding me to the plan and I would pay my portion. I looked at the Droid phones, admiring this one and the Droid X. I looked at the reviews and noticed there was sucky battery life for the Incredible mostly, but I saw I can get a better battery. I went down to Hhgregg with my parents and saw the Droid X for 200 (uh, no thank you, pass!) and the Incredible for 50. The choice was obviously clear. I could get most of the features of the X minus the HDMI and larger screen but also minus 150 bucks. I was planning on getting a phone by myself if it they weren't going to do it, but they ended up getting me one and they got one for themesleves as well. I've been ordering accessories like the extended battery (which I'm using right now) and the holster I'm waiting on. The only downside with the extended battery I got was there isn't a case for me to fit it on, unless I cut like a rubber one up or something to fit it. But I say it's worth it. I'll go into more details about the battery life, but first, the perks of this phone :)

First off, is the OS. I found it to be very intuitive and fairly customizable compared to my 4th gen iPod touch. I also love the fact that I can put widgets on there, making it my very own! I also love the Live Wallpapers and I can even put an animated gif as a background (if I can do it right). And yes, you can play animated gifs with this unlike the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad =) I could do it through my touch, but I had to use this app that I had to buy and download them onto my touch through iTunes and who wants that! :( But if you want them to repeat over and over again, you'll have to download an animated gif viewer, which is free ^^ Another thing is that if you're an iPhone user and want to switch to a phone like this, but want all of those apps, don't worry. Even if it's not as near as populated as the iPhone App Store, the Android Market is still an awesome place. Over 40% of the apps are free vs only 28% free apps on iPhone's Apps store. Plus, I got some apps that were on the iPhone app store on the Android one. Notably, apps like some of the EA games, Gamevil games, Gameloft games, and other apps like Pandora and Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile (yes, I draw on my phone. Deal with it >:)) are on the Android Market and most-likely more to come. Also has emulators that you can play with. Yay! ^^

Another perk is that you can actually have Flash Player 10.1 (I know, it's awesome!) with upgrade of Android 2.2 Froyo. Plus, you still have access to HTML5 so it's all good. Another advantage over the iPhone! Though you can't access Hulu, most of the flash is better than none =) Hulu is the only site that I've encountered where I can't use flash. And you can play flash games too, if it's not hard enough. One other awesome thing is that you can actually download files to this phone such as mp3 and actually listen to it! This thing is closer to a mobile computer than even the iPad is and I've wanted one forever! I can even upload photos and artwork to websites like DeviantArt ^^

One more perk before I get to the cons is the unlimited data package. This will come in handy because if you want unlimited texting or calling and I'll show you why. Thanks to the Line2 app that was on the App Store, I was able to make calls with it on my iPod touch. But it has crossed over to the Android Market and you know what that means. Think about it. Unlimited 3G data plus Line2 equals total epicness of unlimited possibilities! I can talk to people all over the U.S. and Canada as well as send text messages even if they aren't Verizon customers! The app adds a second line to the phone, but it's really convenient. You can even do a conference call which you can have multiple people on the line! Only downside is that picture/video messaging isn't supported yet. Also, you won't be able to assign a custom ringtone to calls and texts, but one can't be too picky as this can save you over 65 bucks with combined unlimited talk and text! Plus the app is free for download and you get a 30 day trial to see if you like it or not before signing up for it! Never worry about sending too many texts or wasting minutes ever again! =)

Another perk is the camera. This is close to the best camera on a phone as you can get, except for this Sony Ericson Phone, which I heard sucked. But it takes great pictures with the 8mp camera and it has great 720p video recording. It ALMOST replaces my camcorder. Not entirely since it does full 1080p HD recording and has a 10mp camera. It's more convenient to carry a camera phone around than have both, but for special occasions and projects, I would stick to my camcorder. I still love the options of the camera such as the ISO (or whatever it is), the exposure, and awesome looking filters =). I think the HTC Sense has something to do with that so I'm not sure about the similar features on the Droid X and the Droid 2 Global.

Alright, here's the part that we've been dreading, which are the downsides. One huge downside is the battery life. Before I got my extended battery, this thing wouldn't last even half it's charge when I was watching an hour's worth of youtube videos. If you're a heavy user, do what I did and get an extended battery. I got the 3500 mAH extended battery by Acase. It lasts signifigantly longer and I had a live wallpaper up, watched a flash video my girlfriend sent me, played Star Fox with an SNES emulator, checked my texts and facebook, and it was still above half of it's power and that was from 7 to 11:30 in the morning. That might sound bad, but think of it this way. A typical computer lasts about that time, maybe even less depending on what you're doing. I'm sure if you don't do much with it, only using it for checking texts and emails and make a few calls, and maybe watch a few youtube videos, this thing should get you through the day. But you have to charge it properly by letting it die all the way the first 3 to 4 times and leave it on the charge 2 to 3 hours after it's done charging. I'm thinking of getting this other battery to test it and give one of the batteries to my mom or dad. But I've on had this battery since yesterday so I'll update this review and let you guys know what happens. =) I got my extended battery for like $31, with shipping included. One other con is the virtual keyboard. It's an OK texter, but not always accurate as my iPod touch's virtual keyboard. But it does have auto-correction and you can use speech text to speak into the mic and it'll have the text on there. If you don't like virtual texting, go for the Droid 2. Another con, which isn't a big deal is rooting. In case you don't know what that is, it's like jailbreaking for the iPhone, but not really. Like jailbreaking, rooting voids your warranty on your Android device. It unlocks your phone and you can customize it however you please, but you have to know what you're doing or you'll screw up your phone. Thankfully, my problem was fixable and I could care less about rooting now. One last con is that you can't take snapshots of your screen like you can on the iDevices where you hold the lock button and press the home key. I don't know why they have to be rooted in order to do that, so I'll just take a picture of my phone. Maybe they'll come out with and update or app for that.

Now, despite it's cons, this is a great phone and I love my Incredible Droid =) It pretty much lives up to it's name and I can make it almost anyway I want and I can do almost anything with it! It's that Incredible! I hope this review was helpful to you newbies at smartphones as well as smartphone users in general. Like I said, I'll post an update on how the battery is in a few days. If you're like me, get this phone. You won't regret it. ;)

Update: I had the Acase and it sucked. It hardly had an improvement. I ordered the Seidio 3500 mAH and I'm using it right now. I'm loving it! You can read my reviews on these batteries on Amazon by searching for them =) It may have given thickness to my phone, but it's worth it. I can just cut the part of the area where the battery is out. I ordered a case and I'll keep you guys posted on how it turns out.

I also have a couple of applications that I thought should make your Incredible, well, even more Incredible. You can customize the lock and theme to your phone without rooting! Complements of 91Pandahome and Lock Bot Pro. =) Also, I found that you can download apps that you can actually tether without the monthly free! I won't mention any since I don't want them taken down, but I don't have to go out for wifi anymore hardly! I can use the unlimited data plan on my phone and connect it to my laptop via USB! The internet isn't bad either for 3G. It buffers sometimes with videos when I have like 2 bars or less. But it's still a lot faster than dial-up (bad memories). I love this phone a lot and I continue to love what I can do with this thing and make new discoveries with it. =) I'm glad I got this phone and I don't regret it.

Update 2: I've had my Seidio extended battery and it makes the Incredible even more so Incredible. In case you're worried about a case not fitting, try going for a rubber one where you can cut through it easily so you can have the battery stick out. I got the Crazyondigital one in blue on Amazon for less than four bucks altogether. That'll save you a lot of money over Verizon's cases they have to offer for this phone. Also, I just recently decided to go ahead and root my phone. Totally worth it if you want to take screenshots and get free "wireless" tethering. Also, if you can do it just right, you can change the interface entirely or even install Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). I haven't done that yet, but when I figure it out, I'll tell you if its worth it or not. =) I really want to be able to use apps that don't support HTC sense. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but it can be a pain sometimes when it comes to compatibility. That's just my take on it. Still loving my phone and Android period ;) I hope you will too.
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on May 22, 2010
I was a die-hard BlackBerry fanboy for a long time so suffice it to say, it was difficult for me to make the move to a non-BB device. But, since doing so, I have been so much happier. My biggest complaint about BB's was the speed. I've always been picky about having an actual keyboard and such but since getting the Incredible, I've not had one problem making the transition.

This phone smokes the competition. I can't comment for the iPhone but I do have the iPod Touch and this thing is much more friendly than the iPod and the browsing speed is much faster and reliable. I know there are going to be die-hard Apple folks out there who don't want to read anything about their beloved iPhone's getting some competition but it is here and in the form of the Incredible!

There aren't as many apps as there are through iTunes but most of the popular ones are available for this phone. I had AT&T and after they screwed me over one too many times I switched to VZW and haven't looked back. I can't say enough good things about this phone.

Cons: Battery life. That's it! However, I knew about the battery life before I bought it so I knew what I was getting into. For those out there who are going to bash this device for the battery life alone, well, do your research first. If you know about it ahead of time, you're better prepared for it when you notice you have to charge it with moderate to heavy use during the day. I recommend installing Advanced Task Killer if you buy this phone. It's free through the Droid Market.

Battery life aside, this is a great phone! Fast and full of features.
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on April 27, 2012
I acquired an HTC Incredible in late 2010 as my first smart phone. It was an impressive performer for me over two years, and other people were impressed by it. Even iPhone people were impressed by it. The neat things about it are well described in these reviews. I got a lot of utility out of the Incredible.

There are at least two persistent problems related to this model that would probably stop most shoppers from buying it if they had forehand knowledge.

Biggest problem is that a heavily used Incredible frequently throws a low phone disk space alert. When this alert is active the phone works but gmail, android mail, and facebook apps won't sync. The phone was built with plenty of memory, so it's no doubt a software problem ultimately traceable to Android 2.2. And there's a decent workaround, which is to clear caches and manage apps often. But the whole experience was aggravating over the course of several months. A real upgrade fix within 2.2 or 2.3 was never offered.

Second thing is these handsets have rear speakers that tend to go bad. So common it is that the speaker is abundantly available on the retail market as an inexpensive spare part. The part availability is not a bad thing. But most people won't have the wherewithal to perform that fix when the Incredible breaks down.

Nonetheless, it was a good phone for its time in the smartphone era. Most people got good service from it. Give it a 4.
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VINE VOICEon August 9, 2010
I really dig this phone. The widgets are cool and you can customize the phone the way you want. Be wary of the FaceBook widget as this does kill memory and battery life big time.

1. Battery life sucks (I mean big time) A few minutes of play will take the battery down a bar. Seriously.
2. I live in a strange place between two mountains where in this rare instance ATT is better then Verizon. I had to buy a booster box to enhance the signal. (This is a con for me personally not everyone)
3. When I download a ringtone to a specific user, it is then hard to re-use for an alarm or another user. I haven't totally figured this out yet but it is far less intuitive then say the Palm Pre. You cannot set the ringtone from editing the user. It should let you browse to any ringtone, but it only brings up the ones that came with the phone.
4. No Swype? Not sure why not..I tried installing it, no success.
5. The weather widget in my area is rarely accurate. It always thinks I am in Beverly Hills when I am near Malibu.
6. Couldn't sync up my yahoo account.

1. Fast phone
2. Once the interface is understood (takes some time), it is very powerful.
3. Predictive text. Which is one of the reasons I left the Palm Pre. Also, I hated the Palm's keyboard.
4. Good app catalog. Granted not as large as iPhone, but it is getting impressive.
5. Google sky is awesome. Imagine this in an Astronomy class!
6. once in a good zone, internet is quite fast.
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on November 11, 2010
I have had no bad experiences with this phone with he exception of the one time the HTC sense forced closed on me but with a quick reboot the phone was back and working in no time :D this phone is great and I would buy it again in a heart beat!
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on January 6, 2011
Ear piece is good and so is the microphone. The outside speaker can play ringtones very loud and clear and vibrate mode works excellent too. If you've been looking for a phone where you can use MP3s for ringtones, this is it! It has been a lot of fun, and I don't have to pay for ringtones anymore.

This phone can do almost anything, and it can do it really fast. It is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest phone out there. This is due to its snapdragon processor. HTC Sense rocks IMHO, and I am very impressed with the camera. It takes excellent pictures, but the flash can wash out the picture if you are too close. Battery life has been fine for me. Be sure to get an appkiller application from the market, and use it. It helps with battery life! I also turn off 3G, WiFi, and/or bluetooth from time to time and that helps too. Yes it has an onscreen keyboard, but it is a good onscreen keyboard with tactile feedback. I got used to it pretty quickly.

It has a glass screen and I have had it for a few months and not put any scratches on it whatsoever. I bought the verizon hard silicone "glossy" case. It is the best one I've seen and I am thrilled with it.
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on November 25, 2010
I'm a Financial Planner and I'm out of the office frequently. I needed a device that would be able to access all my cloud-based applications (hosted exchange, some other web-based items) seamlessly. This phone does that easily.

I like the Verizon network, and was going to wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon. I can honestly say the Incredible has met or exceeded every expectation I've had for the phone. I've used other peoples' iPhones as well, and this phone is every bit as good. If you're holding off on buying this phone because you're waiting for the iPhone, don't waste your time. Get this phone.

Beautiful screen. PLENTY of apps in the Android Marketplace. Plays Flash videos (iPhone doesn't). Good speaker phone. Fits well in the hand, good dimensions. Good camera. Lightning fast (faster than my laptop, but that's 6 years old). Overall, a very good device.

Battery life could be better, but it's not killing me. I can use it all day, but need to charge it EVERY night without exception.

Good device. Should have bought it sooner.
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