Customer Reviews: Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen 13 Gallon Trash Bag With Odor Shield - 120-Count
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on February 22, 2011
I purchased a small box of these Glad ForceFlex 13 gallon trash bags with Odor Shield at my local grocery store and have been hooked on them ever since. The product concept is simple, they're a trash bag which typically don't rip (unless you have a bag full of knifes) and they have a mild scent on them which covers up garbage odors. I have two cats and I clean their litter box everyday. I have never smelled the cat litter in this garbage bag. The product simply works as advertised, which I find extremely refreshing.

However, the price per bag on Amazon, at the time of this review posting, is not competitive. I purchased this 120 count on Amazon as an impulse buy. A month later, I went to my local Wal-Mart and I noticed that a 55 count was being sold for $9.69 (includes 8% sales tax). That's 18 cents per bag. Currently, the price being charged on Amazon is $27.99 for a 120 count box. This amounts to 24 cents per bag. My recommendation would be to make sure that you determine the price per bag before purchasing on Amazon.

NOTE: I gave the product a 5 star rating because the product works as advertised. I'm not one of those people that bases their rating on Amazon's fluctuating price.

2/20/2012 - UPDATE: I've noticed that people have been giving this product 1 star in regards to the drawstring. I have emailed Glad about this and asked them to change the design of the draw string to make it thicker. If anyone has the time, I would recommend emailing Glad and also requesting this. Who knows, they might listen to us. I still have not had any drawstring's tear and I've been using these bags for a year now. As for the odor, I've read user comments where they complain that it's too strong or not strong enough. Perhaps this is a quality control issue on Glad's part or just very, very sensitive noses?
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on May 26, 2011
This is a great product but if you can buy it elsewhere, such as Sam's Club, you will save $12 over Amazon's price...and they won't adjust it.
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on June 23, 2011
These are the garbage bags I use around the house. They are fantastic and get the job done in all aspects I feel. The odor the bags gives off is just right and they are extra durable thanks to the flex design.

*BAGS* ( 5 stars )
These bags are AWESOME. They hold up far better than the standard bags, and seem to be able to hold about 25% more weight without that fear of the garbage ripping through. The Drawstrings are a bit flimsy however. While they knot well and are easy to grip I've had a few "break" after I knot the bag due to the weight. They probably used the same strength drawstrings from the standard bags. Not really a major flaw but just be careful if you over-stuff the bag.

*ODOR* ( 5 stars )
The standard Odor Shield bags were not bad when it came to the Odor, although a bit overpowering (vanilla especially) but these seem to get it just right. FRESH SCENT is one of my favorite scents but here there is a nice balance with the bags . They don't over scent the bag so it does a nice subtle job at keeping odors away. On top of that this is the first bag I've used which didn't transfer the scent to my garbage pail(plastic pail)

CONCLUSION: These are the must have bags for me. Once I began to use them I refuse to go back to the standard trash bags. The odor shield is just right and the force-flex works exactly as advertised. A must have for around the house!

*NOTE: The price per bag for these is not very good. I pick these up at a local warehouse company for about half the price as currently advertised (6/23/2011). Because of that these bags make a very sensible purchase, but at standard retail they tend to be over-priced when compared to standard bags w/ odor shield. Shop smart!
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on December 2, 2013
These bags hold my garbage with finesse! I put coffee grounds, protein bar wrappers, and green bell peppers in there, and it stays in the bag every time! Yesterday I even put some left-over creamed corn casserole from Thanksgiving in the bag, and then it stayed in there until the garbage people picked it up!

It was nothing short of magic.
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on April 19, 2012
I have been using Force Flex bags ever since they came out. Cost a little more, but they were worth it. The last bag I purchased had the cut outs where you pull the drawstring through about 4 inches apart instead of on the opposite sides of the bags, making it difficult to close the bag properly. Not only that, but several of them had holes in the bottom where the seal wasn't formed. I emailed the company, and said I hoped it was a temporary manufacturing defect, and that if the next box I purchased was the same, it would be the last time I bought Force Flex. I did not receive any response. Yep, same thing
with the next box, only this time, more of them have holes in them. Very disappointed. I do not recommend Force Flex at this time.
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on February 17, 2016
always used glad forceflex and I had never thought of ordering this from amazon and when I seen the 120 count box I bought it and I figure I wont need to buy garbage bags for at least 6 months love the febreze scent on the bags it keeps my garbage from smelling if something stinky is placed in the garbage
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on January 19, 2014
The Good: These bags are a great choice for the kitchen where there is a risk of throwing away small boxes and other sharp objects that could puncture a traditional bag. The force flex feature works very well and i have yet to see one rip as a result of over stuffing or sharp objects. The nice mild febreze smell is a plus as well, since kitchen trash can sometimes take on a odor. Finally, the red draw strings are easy to manipulate and tie.

The Bad: These bags are for a busy kitchen, but nothing beyond that. I tried then in the workshop and even though they are strong, they are not that strong and workshop trash, like metal, wood and such does tear it up. They were never meant for that by the way, I just wanted to see where their limit was.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2011
I really appreciate having a trash bag with a nice scent emanating from underneath the sink as I do a fair amount of cooking using lots of garlic, onion, peppers and Asian spices and I can't empty the trash every couple of hours. So, when I open the door to the cabinet where my trash is placed, I'm not overwhelmed with unpleasant smells. Nice touch by the company to add this touch.
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on March 15, 2016
I've always liked Glad products and these lavender scented ranks as one of my favorites. This is silly. I mean, they're Trash Bags! We throw them away. ?? However, I just love the scent. I would love if these came in a small size for the bathrooms waste baskets. Another thing that I wholeheartedly love about these bags is they are Made in USA ??

There's one thing that I don't like. It's the cost. I've been using Costco's Kirkland (made in USA) kitchen trash bags for over a year. The cost of one box of 200 bags was about the same as these Glad bags. I realize that we're paying extra for the lavender scent. However, being on a fixed income, makes it impossible for me to use these wonderfully scented bags consistently. However, I would consider it for the bathrooms, only if the box had at least 90 bags (or preferably more).
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on December 11, 2015
This is a great product that I've been using for years, in fact, ever since it came out. Force Flex allows more to be put into the bag without the bag splitting, ripping open, or not closing. Instead, it the bag stretches. Also, there is a fragrance that is somehow infused into the plastic, and as a result, as long as you close the top tightly, bad smells are disguised and will not escape. I shall continue to purchase these bags, because there are 120 of the bags in the same carton, so I'm not going to run out any time soon. The product is G-R-E-A-T, so what more could one ask for?
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