Customer Reviews: Samsung T105 Pre-Paid Cell Phone for TracFone - Black
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on October 12, 2010
I bought this phone after a ... conflict with my mother (college student), so I had to pay for my own phone. I'm... cheap, so I went with this ten dollar tracfone and a 60 minute card. I got mine at walmart, and it came with a little cell phone holster, hands free set (wired), wall charger, car charger, the texting deal (each text costs just .3 minute instead of .5), double minutes for life, and ten minutes of service. I don't get great reception in my small town, but any time I go into /a/ city, I get full bars. Texting works fine, and phone calls have been comparable to my old US Cellular phone. I'm very happy with this phone, especially considering the service I've gotten for the low price I payed. Reception has been my only issue, and only in my small town.

Some features and comments:
The phone is very light.
It has a small ish screen, so more mature users may have difficulty reading some menu options.
It has a great battery - It's been on and used every day for five days, and it still has 4/5 bars!
The phone's "silent" mode has a vibrate ring. This is important to me, a student.
The buttons feel durable, and the phone itself feels pretty tough.
There are only two wallpapers preloaded, so if you're one of those people...
It displays how many minutes and days of service you have left, the time, and date on the main screen.
It doesn't have volume buttons on the side of the phone.
Of course, no camera.
Pocket sized.
More mature users may have difficulty typing with small ish buttons.

I'd also like to touch on activation. For me, it was super easy. It let me speak the activation number, and after just a few questions (not personal - just your zip code etc. for service quality), I was all set up. Adding minutes is very easy. You just call, it asks you to read the number, you can speak the number on the card, and you're all set!

I can't believe a phone can be this cheap and easy. If you're ok with not having a wide selection of ringtones, wallpapers, and a camera phone (middle schooler gimmicks IMHO), this is perfect. I get similar reception to Verizon and US Cellular phones in my area, and full bars in cities, and with all the little bonuses I got... I'm very happy with this phone!
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on July 26, 2011
Like some others here I picked up the T105 with double minutes and accessories for $10 from Walmart. I did so with some trepidation after reading some very negative reviews about Tracfone, mostly regarding customer service. But I reminded myself that those with negative experiences are more likely to post reviews and that there must be millions of satisfied customers for Tracfone to stay in business. I figured it was worth the $10, plus a $20 time card, for an initial test.

Now, more than two weeks later, everything is working fine and I am completely satisfied. I did call Customer Service to help me with my initial activation and did have trouble understanding the CSR at first. But once I had him repeat his initial statement I had little trouble understanding him after that. After taking my numbers, the CSR told me how many days and minutes to expect to appear on my phone "within an hour". Sure enough, after about 45 minutes I had the phone on and it suddenly connected to a cell tower and a few seconds later displayed exactly the number of days and minutes I had been told to expect. Can't ask for more than that.

Since then the Samsung T105 Tracfone has worked flawlessly and the battery lasts for days. I even bought an additional one year card for $75 from Amazon Marketplace (CardArt, aka Veronica Tablet) Tracfone 1 Year of Service & 400 Minutes and just entered it and a 200 minute bonus code (coupon booklet from Walmart) on the Tracfone website. Within two seconds of clicking the "submit" button my phone blurbled at me and I had an additional 365 days and 1000 minutes (400 doubled to 800, plus 200 for the bonus code). Couldn't be easier.

A year of cellphone service and 1000 minutes for $75? That's hard to beat, some people pay that per month for cellphone service. If I could get better reception in my remote rural concrete-and-steel house I'd get rid of my landline. But, in my area, I get only two bars at most when outside and consider myself fortunate to get that. I recently came back from a family visit to another remote area, Blanchard Idaho, and the other family cellphones didn't work, but my Tracfone did! Having a prepaid cellphone that uses whatever carrier is available has its advantages.

Except when traveling, my plan is to leave this phone off and carry it for emergencies. Finding a payphone is hard to do these days, so having the Tracfone with me will be helpful if I ever have a car breakdown or some such thing.

A general word on lithium batteries: the surest way to kill a lithium battery is to run it to zero. Even when off, a cellphone, camera, laptop, or similar device will still draw a small amount of power. If not planning to use a device for an extended period of time it is best to charge up the battery and then remove it. Otherwise one risks forgetting to charge the battery regularly and killing it.
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on July 8, 2011
Like others here have said this is a great little basic phone for the price. But I've come to discover that it has a major flaw; it pocket-dials very easily. And it doesn't just inconveniently pocket-dial one of my contacts, it dials the local emergency dispatcher. I've had the phone for a week and it's done this three times already. Somehow the keypad manages to unlock itself and the 0 key gets pressed which somehow connects me to 911. I'm now afraid to carry it in my pocket if it's not turned all the way off.
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on November 14, 2011
I bought this phone at Walmart, like others have. I got it coming off three years with AT&T on an iPhone! That's right, I moved from an iPhone to this little puppy...LOL. When my iPhone 3GS quit working and was no longer able to be revived, despite my best efforts, I needed a phone to get me through, until I decided what to do. I REALLY hate contracts, and as much as I wanted a nice shiny new iPhone 4S, there was no way I was going to (1) go on another two year contract, or (2) pay the high premium for buying it off contract. So this was a a temporary fix, but after using it a few days, I decided that I am sticking with this phone for a while! :)

The purchase included all the needed accessories...wall charger, car charger, wired hands free (will never be used) set, and cell phone case, which I have yet to use either. Also came with double minutes for life, which is really what sold me. I am not a huge cell talker, and mostly used my iPhone for data, so when I actually figured out the amount of money I was paying AT&T for a per minute charge, it was more than DOUBLE what I would pay with TracFone. I stand to save almost $1000 a year by using this baby!

I love the size and weight of this phone. It is so incredibly light, especially when you consider what I was carrying. And I am not all concerned about losing it, scratching it, breaking it, etc. I mean its about one of the cheapest phones out there. If that happens I will just replace it. Not problem at all. Not like replacing a smart phone. I don't even use the case, I just toss it in my pocket or purse and go. Sometimes I even forget its in my pocket, its so light.

Turning the phone to silent mode is simple, as is locking the keypad (I noticed another review complaining about pocket dialing, but locking the keypad is just a push of a button and it won't do that anymore).

Now, for my data fix, I am using a Virgin Mobile MiFi with 1GB data plan for $20. It works perfectly with my brand new iPod Touch, which takes the place of my iPhone data center now, as well as pairs with my iPad, if I happen to need it when out and about. Between this dumb phone, my MiFi, and my iPod, I essentially have an iPhone at a HUGE yearly savings! All three devices together actually even weigh less than my old iPhone 3GS! And each does what they are designed to do extremely well. :)

My only major complaint is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack and bluetooth on this phone. Now bluetooth technology I can understand not being included, at this price point, but the manufacturer should have given it a standard 3.5mm jack, as opposed to the funky jack it has now. Oh, well. I can live with it for the price of the phone, for sure. ;)

Now I feel better knowing that I am paying for only the minutes I am using to talk and the minutes I am using for data from VM. Before I had huge AT&T bills and never came anywhere near using the minutes I was paying for.
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on September 26, 2010
I'm surprised to see the negative review above me. All Samsung products have worked great for me - especially this phone. And on top of it, the Tracfone service is perfect. I seriously save so much each month going on this service. I get nationwide coverage from coast to coast as well, I really have no complaints. The phone works fine and I think is of great quality. It's been nothing but a positive experience for me :)
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on September 6, 2011
I've had this phone for a month. For an inexpensive, basic phone I like everything about it. The buttons, screen, and hand feel are all solid. As a bonus, the features and design are very American-style and intuitive. I think anyone could easily use it.

There is also a wealth of web support from Samsung for any questions.

Update: 9/11/11
As other reviewers have said, the buttons on this phone work very easily if it's in your pocket. I need to get a case.

Update: 3/26/12
Dropped this from 5 feet on a ceramic tile floor. No bruises, still going strong.

I'm using a stick on clip instead of the pocket to avoid the unintended dialing.

Update: 12/23/12
The world has not ended and the phone is still great. The original battery is going strong! I wait until it gets to 1 bar or starts making noise (I think my neighbors vehicle might be going off) before recharging.
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on January 15, 2012
This is my second Tracfone, the first was a Motorola C139 model (still works fine), I decided to upgrade to a double miniute phone and I could not resist the $8.00 dollar double minute phone sold at Dollar General. I like the phone because it is SIMPLE! No camera, no web, no MP3 player, just a phone with double minutes and a killer battery lasts for days. LOVE IT!
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on November 21, 2011
Since I don't have a landline, I needed a phone to have in my apartment as a backup in case my cell phone doesn't work or I lose it or whatever. This no-frills phone is perfect for that and works as advertised. I did a lot of research on pay-as-you-go cell phone service, and Tracfone seems to offer the best solution for my needs. Service available when needed, but the phone is used very, very seldomly, so monthly service is a waste of money. It's very affordable to keep active minutes for it - about $20 every 3 months for 60 minutes (and the minutes gets doubled because of the double minutes for life card included with the phone) if purchased online on the Tracfone website. Just what I needed.
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on January 28, 2012
I've never needed a cell phone until about a year and a half ago when I was doing my own move out of state. I never trust the phone company to have the service ready at any new residence no matter how much calling and preparation I put in with them, and I've been right 100% of the time. All I wanted was JUST a regular emergency cell phone, with no whistles and bells, at a low cost to prevent adding a significant amount to my moving expenses. I went to Walgreen's and got TracFone's Samsung T105G for around $9.00 - the cheapest phone I could find. I also bought an airtime card with 60 minutes and 90 service days for $20.00 (the cards are usually displayed near the phones). So... $30 and a call or two to activate service and add the minutes from my airtime card, and I had my emergency phone.

I had read good reviews for this phone (I read them after my purchase to see what I had just bought, so I got lucky). At my new residence, I wound up using more time on this phone than I had planned, the bulk of it being spent on hold with the phone company, of course, so I noticed that it has a good battery life.

It feels solid - the buttons are a little squishy, but not bad. It's a "candy bar" style - fairly small with nothing that flips open, looks like a candy bar. The only thing I didn't like was that the back seemed to pop off a little too easily - if you remember this about the phone and treat it accordingly, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Mine did not come with a carrying case, and finding one may be more difficult as time goes on and the world starts to switch to the "iPhone" design. You could go without a case if you want - the glass on the display is pretty tough. (Important - if internet connectivity is a feature you think you might need, get another phone. TracFone has some reasonably priced ones, but not for 9 bucks).

Navigation is straight forward - you can become acquainted with this phone just by exploring the menu. I wish there was an icon to more easily access your voicemail, but no big deal. The display is about 1 ½ x 1 ½ and shows time, date, minutes and days left on your service, and one of two preloaded background pictures. Has a silent mode like most phones, which is important to me.

Because of my dealings with the phone company and their inept week long setup of my landline, I purchased and used many minutes on my phone and wound up with quite a bit of time on my service agreement, so I kept the phone permanently in my bag for emergencies and I'm glad I did - it was perfect for just that. I don't text, I don't call my friends while standing in line at the grocery store, and public pay phones are fading fast. I just needed a pocket version of the phone on my desk, and this was it. There are many more features on this phone that I'm not covering - a calculator, world clock and currency converter table, calendar and memo feature, and a bunch of other things that I never use. You CAN use this phone to text, but if you're the type of person who likes to text, a regular phone contract might be more cost effective.

If your needs for a cell phone are the same as mine, or if you`re part of the 1% who does not own a cell phone and you're not sure whether or not it's for you and you're willing to loose thirty bucks to find out, I recommend the Samsung T150G.
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on November 30, 2013
I have used this phone since early 2012. It works well as a basic phone and is a good deal for people who use the phone sparingly, but anyone buying this should know that it pocket dials 911 far too easily, with the keypad locked, before putting it in their pocket. As a result, I hope to switch to a Tracfone that doesn't have number keys on the outside. It would probably be fine if you keep it in the provided case, but that was bulky enough to get in the way for me.

Coverage is almost nonexistent where I live, but most of the time I can text and reliably hold a conversation without the call getting dropped with this phone. For incoming text messages, this provides a short preview of the message's beginning without the sender's number. The minutes are deducted when opening the message, so you're not forced to pay for others' advertisements.

I'd understand if the phone responded to the exact sequence 911 pressed within maybe 30 seconds when the keypad is locked, but it is highly unlikely that that's the sequence entered every time that I lift a large object. I keep the keypad locked at all times, and I have verified that it was still locked multiple times after getting off the phone with the emergency dispatcher. As a result, I have to be very careful when lifting boxes or doing other things that put pressure on that pocket.

Making the 911 safety feature this overactive makes me worried that the safety feature has turned into a risk-increasing feature for me or others, since it uses the emergency dispatcher's time when others have real emergencies, and it may work against the cell phone owner in a real emergency if the system marks numbers that make frequent false calls as numbers to ignore.
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