Customer Reviews: Samsung Rugby II, Black (AT&T)
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I am a rough-and-tumble person. Hard on things and sometimes slippery-fingered and careless. I got this Rugby 2 almost two years ago. I am due for an upgrade, but I think I'll pass. This Samsung has lived through many falls with nary a scratch let alone a break or shatter. It is rugged, indeed. Although I have never dropped it into a toilet or run over it with a car (as some have claimed) I HAVE been very hard on it. It has endured. The voice quality is good, the camera adequate and the screen small but clear. The clam-shell design seems obsolete but is a entirely sensible given the intent of the overall design... physical stamina! Although it lacks the capacities of a "smart" phone, it does the things it dies reliably.
Since ATT no longer keeps them in stock and most of the upgrade choices are the full-featured (and fully vulnerable) Smart phones, I'm passing on this upgrade. For me, any available upgrade would be an downgrade. When you have what you need, why change just to get something new?
If your priority is for a basic phone that stands up to some physical abuse, get ahold of a Rugby2... You won't be disappointed.
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on March 27, 2013
This phone has taken everything I have thrown at it and more. For instance, once I accidentally left it powered on and inside my pants pocket while those pants were being machine washed. When I discovered the phone, after the wash machine was finished, the phone was still on. I did have to turn it off, take it apart, and let it dry overnight but it's still my phone today. This phone is the only phone to survive my abuse for over 2 years and running. I have noticed that recently it goes through cycles of annoyances: turning itself off or restarting in the middle of a conversion. But that's after all the mess that I have put it through. And date it still takes all daily the punishment I give it. After all my experiences with this phone, I almost don't understand why this phone is not rated 4.5 stars. Except, I am reminded that most people don't write reviews for things they enjoy; they just write reviews for things they have problems with. Please remember this when you are researching; also when you have good experiences with your purchases please share your review.
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on January 18, 2012
For a while I was breaking and buying a new phone about once a year. It has been about 3 years with this same phone and I love it. As an owner of a landscape company, I need a phone in my pocket all the time. I often answer it with wet, muddy gloves without a problem. My phone takes a lot of abuse in my pocket. I'm always climbing trees, crawling in dirt, carrying boulders against my thigh and often working in the rain. I WANTED a smart phone, but I NEEDED a tough, trustworthy phone. This may not be a smart phone, but it is one of the most important tools my company has. A smart phone is worthless if it can't be in my pocket all the time. My customers and potential customers know they can always get a hold of me.

owner of Living Space Landscapes
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on April 23, 2012
This is the best cell phone I have ever owned. I am a truck driver and depend on my cell phone for everything. In fact I don't even have a land line any longer. MY current Rugby is the 3rd I have had. Everytime my contract is up I get another one. It is rugged and can take a good drop and take getting wet. Now days with the new D.O.T. Regulations I always use a blue tooth and it still works just fine. If you need a flip phone that is good size and can take a beating this is for you.
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on July 31, 2011
I have 2 phones, might sound crazy but I like talking on a flip phone,not the cheap ones and I like the productivity of the iphone. I don't really like talking on the iphone but the emails, gmail sync and text messaging is a must on the iphone. So for $10 more a month I get my extra line for talking on the samsung rugby and no need to worry about dropping it putting a screensaver on it getting a case. So nothing beats the old fashion flip for talking and the samsung rugby is the best.
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on July 20, 2012
I got this phone a week ago because ATT didn't stock the Motorola Tundra.

Tundra had been through 4 years of rough use including purposly throwing it on the floor when someone was bragging about their new smart phone.

I wasn't impressed with the construction when I purchased it but had to have a replacement.

The Rugby II was the toughest phone stocked at the store. The included software to sync to my PC does not work, nor do any newer versions downloaded from Samsung. There is no support through Samsung for their software that I can find.

The soft keys are programmable and I have made them match my old tundra. That is a real plus.

I have read a lot of complaints about inability to disable PTT but I don't think it can be disabled on the tundra either.

There is no option to disable the data keys. The Tundra allowed locking the browser and other data usage so there were no inadvertent connections. IM is the only lockable internet ap in the Rugby II

Tundra was able to usb connect to PC for data transfer. Rugby II has to have a mini sim card installed before it will even try.

Cant speak to durability yet but you can be assured I will not toss this one on the floor
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on April 3, 2013
This phone feels and looks high quality. It is kind of big but not too heavy. Other flip phones I've handled feels like cheap toys in comparison. The call quality is great. Long battery life. Super loud speakerphone. Bluetooth works great, pairs well with my Bose BT-2 and Plantronics Voyager Legend. The too-easily-to-accidentally-press PTT button is really annoying like others have said. I fixed it by disassembly the phone to remove the button. I then put a thin piece of silicone tubing behind the button, making it much harder to inadvertently press, but still functional. The earphone volume seems too low initially, but now seems fine. I either have gotten use to it or it may be "broken-in". I'm using the phone with a leather Turtleback case for added protection and improved grip.
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on April 12, 2011
I like the phone but the location of the PTT button is bad. It is too easy to accidently push it when you are holding it. I solved this problem by using some super glue and gluing the button so it could not be used. I have not intention of ever using PTT anyway. Other wise I like the phone.
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on April 30, 2012
Bought this in January. It works in US, over Europe even in Japan. I do not understand the comments about poor reception, mine works really really well. Nice look and feel, solid well made and rugged. Very happy. Very hard to get any international info out of Samsung or AT&T but glad I bought it. Very very satisfied. I use this phone to make phone calls as I have a Blackberry and and Iphone for browsing, emails, music etc. It is also really nice it is a flip phone so it does not autodial in pants pocket nor switch itself on in flight. Only downer is PTT button which keeps asking me if I want to set up PTT. I wish I could disable it.
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on November 21, 2011
After using the new Samsung Rugby II cell phone from AT&T for almost a year now, I am still struggling and still just as frustrated with it as I was when I first starting to use it. Although the physical features of the phone are very nice, there are too many technical inconveniences about the phone from the text messaging to the general usage of the phone that have caused me to literally hate it.
When Alltel made the switch to AT&T after being bought out, I was forced to choose a new phone from a list of phones comparable to the current phone I had at the time. I really liked the current phone I had because it was simple and easy to use so I knew what to look for in a new phone, provided it had a rugged body, and a few new perks. After reviewing each of the phones and their features, there was only one phone that filled that description.
I chose the Samsung Rugby II after reviewing all of its features and descriptions displayed on the AT&T website. I was not familiar with AT&T phones or the particular type of phone at the time, so I had to go out on a whim to assume it was as good as it sounded. The website explained all of the physical features that made the phone unique as well as a few technological features. The physical features the website displayed were the ruggedized body which could withstand shock, humidity, high temperatures, resist dirt, and repel rain. Some of the technological features displayed were Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability, which is like a walkie-talkie in your phone, and built in GPS.
The physical features of the phone are true to what the website states. The body of the phone is heavy and thick; a rugged body that has stood up to a few crashes to the ground without problems. The battery cover has a twist lock on it that seals it tight to the phone to prevent water or humidity from seeping in, and good seals along the outside to resist dirt and rain. The physical features are all a plus, especially to someone who works construction or such job that a phone would benefit from those features.
My problems came with the technology of the phone. My first problem was more with the company in the fact that the built in GPS and PTT capabilities were not included with the plan and would cost an extra $9.99/ month for each, putting almost twenty extra dollars on my bill each month. The website did not state that those features were add-ons or that they would cost extra. Not to mention, there are two buttons on the phone specifically for GPS and PTT features and if I hit one of them on accident, I could get charged. There are very little customizing features that allow me to change what buttons do what which makes it difficult to avoid pushing buttons that will take me to the internet and charge me.
My second problem(s) were with calls and call waiting, receiving text and voicemails, and the phone turning off at random times. If the phone goes out of the service area, I have to turn the phone off and back on to make a phone call once back in the service area. If I receive a call waiting, the phone will not automatically switch back to original call once the call waiting has hung up; I have to manually do it, which has caused me to hang up on people by pushing the button too much. If receive a text message or voicemail while out of service, I will sometimes not receive them for as many as three days later for some unknown reason. At times, when I am on the phone connected to my Bluetooth, my phone will re-start itself while I am on the phone with someone, causing the call to be disconnected.
One minor issue that caused a big problem was with the alarm. If the phone is on vibrate or silent, the alarm is too, so if I didn't want to be disturbed in the middle of the night by drunk-dialers or prank calls, I'd better had a back-up plan. I found that out when I received a phone call from work wondering if I was coming in or not as I was already an hour late. Most phones will turn themselves on if an alarm is set to go off and the phone is off.
But my most hated part of this phone has to be the text messaging. With a new phone I expected the text messaging to be even better then it was when the T9 option came out. T9 is suppose to be faster because it is suppose to predict the text you are going to write. That is not the case; in fact, on this phone it is even worse than ever. This phone has to have more steps then the world trade center to write and send a text. It does not recognize frequently used words or phrases so I am constantly pushing more buttons to switch to the word I want then if I was just to do it manually. It does not show predictions for the word I am going to type and I have to delete an entire word just to change one letter. I also have to go through about six steps just to send the message. Basically, texting for me is slower then to just call the person I want to talk to.
There is no reason for me to keep this phone and the physical features are not worth the frustration this phone has caused me. I consider myself to be pretty good at figuring new technologies out once I have had enough time to play around with them but, in this case I have had this phone for almost a year do not feel as though I should still be confused by it. In this day of technology, I would think we would be past this point. This phone seems to have been a step down from that and I hope AT&T will recognize that.
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