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on August 13, 2010
Got the player a few days back. Initial setup was a breeze. Got connected to the internet over wifi very easily. It downloaded some apps and things were up and running. I tried things like netflix, pandora, youtube, accu-weather, google maps, sudoku etc and it was just amazing. Then I got to the real deal - playing a BD and it was quick, fast and fun. I had trouble doing the firmware upgrade (optional) over the network but then I read on some forum that usb upgrade was easier, that turned out to be true and things were done in no time, the procedure for which was available on samsung's site. So far i'm quiet satisfied by the video and audio performance along with the elaborate apps and games that work on this.
I've used it via hdmi with my lcd tv and hd projector. I've tried both analog and optical audio out with the tv and the 5.1 receiver respectively. The remote is easy to use and has good range (bounced signals worked great, never had to point it to the player). Of-course it takes time to punch in the user id etc for the internet apps, but that is a one time setup.
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on October 2, 2010
I bought this to replace my second generation Sony (which I only got rid of to give to my Son who needed a DVD player). My main goals were netflix and 7.1 analog. The 3d 'ready' status was a bonus that I don't think I would have purchased one without at this point, thogh my wife keeps telling me she doens't ever want to watch a 3d movie!.
In any event, this player is nice in that it does load quickly, deliver a very good picture, and has a decent feature set. The 7.1 audio was important to me since with HDMI, you have to feed the HDMI to your audio Receiver first, and then out to your TV. Having to turn on the audio receiver to get audio for everything you watch in the player (like the wife's exercise videos) is a bit of a hassle. With the 7.1 analog output, I have a completely separate audio feed to the receiver, so the HDMI goes direct to the TV for 1080P video (and the audio from the TV itself) whether we need surround sound or no.
The netflix is the biggest disappointment on the player. While I can work with the limited interface, the functionality is still marginal. As someone else mentioned, the player only offers access to the 'instant que', you can't add movies or shows directly from the Blu-Ray player itself. This isn't a big problem for me, as I have a laptop in the family room almost all the time, that if I wanted to add something I could easily do so.
The real problem with the NetFlix is that the streaming has TONS of lag. After using the player for almost a month, we've seen load times of up to more than a minute-minute and a half. Perhaps three times over the course of watching 20 different shows, it stopped and had to wait while it 'caught up' with itself. Today, it actually said that it couldn't stream an episode of The Office because the bandwidth available was too low. I immediately shut off the BD player, and put my NetFlix disc back in my Wii and loaded the same episode, in a matter of seconds. Both are using a wired network connection plugged directly into the router, so there is at worst, a big problem with the way they make this thing stream, and at best some special trick to how you need to set this up to stream effectively. I double checked, and I DO have the latest firmware...
Aside from that, there are just a couple of 'annoyances' that the player has. For example, there's no physical "eject" button. I would usually hit eject to power on the player and open the drawer in one shot with previous players. With this, you have to power it on, wait for the 'soft buttons' to appear, and then hit eject. Just a couple seconds, but again a minor annoyance. The big one is annoying because of the inconvenience as well as the fact that I have NEVER seen ANYONE design their player like this: The disc drawer is recessed all the way around. Meaning that where on EVERY OTHER player and drive I've ever seen the sides are open so you can pick up the disc by the sides, this one, with the recessed area all around the disc, you can ONLY pick it up by the middle. This is a little inconvenient and a big stupid.
Generally I wish I'd looked a little more for a better player, and if Samsung can't give me a solution to the Netflix problem, I may still look for a better player.

UPDATE: I ended up returning this player for a Panasonic BD85 (review forthcoming) because of the Netflix streaming issue (thanks for a good return policy Amazon!). By comparison, the new player performs flawlessly as did my Wii with netflix.
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on December 20, 2010
I purchased the C6800 at Costco and returned it after a week. The problems I had with it (even with the latest firm upgrade) were: (1) Netflix video streaming would work about 1/4 of the times I tried to use it and (2) when inserting a DVD it almost always took 3-4 times before the unit would play it (I had to turn the unit off each time). I then purchased the Panasonic BD 85P-K and had none of the above problems. This unit streams Netflix and plays DVDs without problems. I might have gotten a bad unit from Samsung but I would highly recommend the Panasonic.
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on September 7, 2010
This blu-ray player has some neat features; connects to the internet, talks to Netflix, can download from a wireless connection. But there are some not-so-great features, mostly to do with how the player itself works, and I find myself frequently swearing at the machine.

It doesn't:
1. Remember where the disc left off so that when you come back, it starts playing it from that spot. It always starts from the beginning and I find that hugely annoying especially if I've only been away for a short while.
2. The remote control is difficult to figure out. The buttons are small and are all the same size and equally spaced on the remote. If you don't have the small hands of a child, you may find this remote difficult to use.
3. The user's guide lists all the great features of the player but in small print says, "Depending on the disc, it may not ." Also frustrating.

This player is not intuitive to use, especially if you want to take up where you left off. I almost feel like I have to watch an entire episode or movie at one sitting because the player won't remember where I left off, leaving me to remember where it was and navigate back there.
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on July 30, 2010
This player is screaming fast. The upconvert produces an excellent image quality. This is my second player. I bought a Panasonic Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Disc Player (Black) back in October and even though the image quality is excellent, it is very slow. This Samsumg player opens the tray almost immediately after you turn it on. It takes less than 30 seconds from the moment you put the disc into the tray and the moment you start watching the movie. The Panasonic I have on the other hand takes approximately 3-4 minutes.
The tray cover mechanism is pretty slick. But if you have young children around it will not survive long. The design is too fragile and will break at the first mishandling.
review image review image
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on August 20, 2010
I bought this on impulse from a warehouse club to replace an increasingly-cranky, four-year-old upconverting DVD player.

Pay heed to the BD-6800's user manual insert that emphasizes the importance of upgrading the firmware. Knowing this needed to be done, I tried several times to connect to my Wi-Fi router, no luck: it would not hook up properly. So I gave up and ran an Ethernet cable from the player's LAN interface direct to the router. It connected immediately and I was able to bring the firmware up-to-date: the version on the unit out of the box looked to have been several revisions behind. After this, the player was able to connect wirelessly with no problem... and download other updates and goodies.

The player works well, DVDs look great, BDs are awesome, and I love being able to stream in movies from my Netflix queue. The remote has buttons that are a decent size for my aging eyes.

So, this is a nice-looking, good, mid-range player. Based on my early acquaintance, I recommend it.
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on January 8, 2011
Samsung BD-C6800 1080p 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

I have read all the poor reviews and must say that most were operator error. Example: the one that claimed it would not connect in secure mode- not true. You must use wpa-2 for wireless n. The one that claimed netflix was rebuffering all the time..also operator error. I have a piss poor dsl and rarely see rebuffering.

READ THE USER MANUEL COMPLETELY FIRST not the quick install. I have had no issues with this unit and it works perfectly.
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on December 6, 2010
One year ago I purchased a new Samsung Series 6 LED Flatscreen TV, unaware that the next generations would include integral internet streaming capability. As a big Youtube and Netflix watcher who appreciates "couch comfort", I felt like I had missed out until I realized I could "patch" the situation by getting these features in a new Blueray player. After reviewing the limited knowledge I could find on competing players and features, I went with the Samsung BD-C6800 which I found at Costco.
There seems to be some confusion regarding this Model # at Amazon, as there are both an Ntsc and Multiplay versions advertised with this model. The one I got was US (ntsc only) at half the price of the multiplay version(Pal/Ntsc).

It took me around 45 minutes to set everything up and confirm operation. This included reading parts of the manual when necessary to navigate the remote control inputs, as well as significant "exploration" of streaming sites included on the player. I have a wireless router on a different wall in the same room which registered maximum strength signal on the player.
Once I figured out how to input my security code via the players' remote control, everything went flawlessly in the 'auto' mode to 'marry' the player to my wireless network, without the need for me to understand all the network jargon or look look up settings. My only criticism is that the remote uses AAA batteries instead of the longer lived AA's, even though the remote is otherwise robust in size, and has a layout with large buttons and a good balance of features and simplicity.

Netflix setup was a breeze requiring only a one time setup via my laptop to enter my info. I had read some criticisms that other players netflix allowed browsing, where the Samsung limited you to choose from your netflix que. This is not going to be a problem for me since I tend to keep my "watch instantly" que loaded with items of potential interest, and the samsung app allows me to select or pass any item. (Update - shortly after this REVIEW an automatic software update to the player provided enhanced Netflix selection modes similar to those used to order disks, resulting in a "no-compromise" selection menu.)

Buffering for a feature film on Netflix required less than 30 seconds, and resulted in EXCELLENT picture quality. Unfortunately I don't have a separate sound system in place yet on which to comment on the audio, other than low volume from the LED flatscreen set's tiny speakers which otherwise have delivered adequately. Unlike some critical evaluations citing problems with reading subtitles, I found that by keeping in the UNSTRETCHED 16:9 native format settings I eliminated any problems and filled the screen on movies.

I ventured next into Hulu for the first time and got acquanted with their (free) offerings. Then the weather, Roku (tv guide),vudu, and facebook. Other than some minor errors initially navigating the screen with the remote, using the interface was very intuitive.

BlueRay Operation was pleasantly and shockingly fast compared to my one year old Panasonic which always tried my patience. Video quality was excellent to my eye, but so was the Panasonic. I do miss seeing a flash memory slot for camera jpeg input that I see mostly on Panasonic players, but this is an easy work around with a SD to USB adapter.

I have not yet tested the Allshare capabilities, but this also may lessen the need for an SD slot on the player. (since this review I have added a SDHC cardreader to the USB LED Flatscreens inputs which works directly with allshare and the TV's remote control as well. Since I have access to this side location, this is actually a more direct approach to reading SD cards WITHOUT having to "flowchart" the settings on the series connection to view the card content)

I highly recommend this player. As the integration of internet sourcing DVD players is in it's youth, the ability to download new apps will likely be showing up soon on competitive models, and will help prolong the useful life of similar components against obsolescence. (Still happy with the player 90 days later.)
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on February 12, 2011
I very rarely write reviews but felt compelled in this case given how terrible the experience so I might save someone else. This unit would not work out of the box. It would not power on or show any signs of life (I tried different outlets, confirmed remote working with the TV, etc.). I called Samsung service. To their credit, I was able to get a live person on a Saturday evening (even if they disconnected me once and I had to call back). At first the agent said my labor warranty was out of date. Huh? It was brand new out of the box! When I said I had just bought it she said I would have to go get it serviced. I said if that's the case I was going to return it, which is what I'm doing. I've had experiences with other brand that will ship you a mailing label to return it or even a new unit in a box you use to return the broken unit. Samsung service highly lacking in this case.
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on December 19, 2010
My dvd player finally went out so I decided to upgrade to a Blue Ray player. After reading some reviews I decided to buy the Samsung. The design looks great and the price was reasonable. A few things I was looking for was built-in WiFi and Netflix capability. Other than that I wasnt picky. So let get to the review. Setting it up to my WiFi wasnt really that hard. Here is where I starting getting issues, I tried to stream Netflix and was very disappointed. There was alot of lag in the streaming of the movies and for some odd reason it disconnected all my other WiFi conections around the house. As soon as I turned the WiFi off all my other computers were able to reconnect. What was funny is that if I used the YouTube App, I had no streaming issues. Called Samsung and they couldnt figure it out and blamed it on Netflix, I then called Netflix and they blame Samsung. The second issue I had was the blue ray movies. Out of five Movies I rented three of them would not play. The movies would skip and loose sound, pretty much like a damaged disk would do. This was so frusterating. At first I thought it was the disk, like finger prints. So I would clean them and still the same issue. I then took the disk to my neighbors to see if their blue ray could play it. Their Panasonic had no issues and even the disk that had smudges and finger prints didnt have a problem playing in their blue ray, but then when I put it in this Samsung, I got lots of skips and the thing just wouldnt play. Now this is my first blue ray but I thought the load time was very slow, it takes a good 2-3 min for a movie to start. Not sure if that is usual for a blue ray. I have always thought Samsung was a godd brand but their blue ray players have some work to be done.
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