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on August 18, 2010
Close To Perfection as Android Can Get!

I don't understand the big hoopla over the Android OS, but I understand many people want features that are iPhone exclusives without either switching carriers or buying a product made by Apple. Anyways, the Android OS is probably the closest that anyone will get if they want a top notch performing OS, an app store, a web browser that's as good as a PC browser, beautiful threaded text messaging, etc. The Palm Web OS achieved this feat, but unfortunately nobody cared because their phones came in such ugly form factors that were neither attractive nor logical.

The Samsung Vibrant is a stellar phone that comes with a 1GHZ Hummingbird processor that keeps the Android OS running fluid and smooth. I always felt the earlier Android devices were so sluggish and probably needed a 1GHZ processor to keep things from underperforming. The phone is quick and responsive while prior Android OS's had lag time before entering and exiting out of certain features, apps, etc.

I am torn between this phone because I think it truly has some great attributes, but it also has some minor drawbacks that I can overlook. I appreciate that the phone is lightweight, but it's made with a plastic case that can feel very cheap and that's the tradeoff for anyone who is in the market for a smartphone that is lightweight. However, after using it for a few hours I got over this fact and reached a certain point where it wasn't an issue anymore. I never owned a phone with an AMOLED display and I have to say that the screen is truly gorgeous and the colors really POP, but at the same time I didn't notice anything AMAZING or drastic that wasn't found on the same screen for the EVO 4G or the Droid X, but I guess the whole purpose of the AMOLED is to save battery power. Despite the VIBRANT screen I still noticed a few pixilation issues when I was watching Avatar and this is probably not the phones fault and more of the way the movie was formatted. When a DVD is copied, movies usually tend to be over 3GB, so reformatting the movie to fit on a phone usually means condensing the movie below 1GB. I'm sure if the movie was around 2GB that there wouldn't be noticeable pixilations when there was too much action on screen. However, the screen has the ability to almost create a small illusion that the footage is in 3D which i liked. I also tried to play a few YouTube videos in HD and the phone ended freezing several times without the video even loading and so I had to exit out of the YouTube app, but it was unresponsive and took a few seconds before heading back to the home screen. These are just some minor gripes that I had, but the phone is still a winner.

I am not going into a long review about this phone that hasn't already been said, so I am just going straight into the pros and cons below:


Huge 4 inch colorful display that is truly VIBRANT
Super AMOLED screen
Responsive Touch Screen
Excellent Web Browser
Pinch and zoom
7 home screen panels
Live Animated Wall Papers
Threaded Text messaging
Avatar Movie preinstalled
16GB of built in internal memory
Micro SD card slot (Up to 32GB)
3.5MM headphone jack
Many preloaded Apps
Comes with 2 back cases (One Blue and One Purple)
Samsung TouchWiz UI added in
Wi-Fi B/G/N
3G Speeds
5.0 MP Camera/Camcorder
Can record videos in HD format
Micro USB charger
Battery life seemed ok (I haven't encountered any issues yet)
USB Charger
Wall Charger adaptor included
Google Voice Search
Gmail sync
Media Player
Swype Keyboard (LOVE IT)


Plastic build can feel a bit cheap
Camera/Camcorder has no Flash
No front facing camera for video conferencing
Camera really should be 10.0 MP at this point
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2010
This is the first phone of this kind I've ever owned. My previous phone was a simple Nokia that was mostly made to play music in addition to calls. It didn't have a touch-screen, and texting was a pain. Now that I've had my grubby paws on this one for a couple days I find myself wondering how I ever made do with anything less.

This phone is a beauty to behold. The screen simply pops with color and life! Everything is easy to organize and to access, and the screen is almost completely customizable (I still can't figure out how to remove the Google search bar at the top of the main screen). This customization is quite handy since you'll likely end up with tons of apps from the Android store.

The touch screen is nice and sensitive, with a jolly little vibration every time you touch something. This is quite nice and removes any questions about whether or not you've actually pressed a particular button.

The call quality on this phone is quite excellent; much better than what I'm used to. I live in the north end of downtown Phoenix and especially over the last few weeks I've had lots of calls drop with my old phone. With this new one, I haven't had any dropped calls yet.

You also get all the usual functions like you'd expect, such as a decent camera (no flash, though), a voice recorder, speakerphone functionality, email support, etc.

For the more entertainment-minded people out there you'll be happy to know that in addition all the fun Android apps that can be downloaded, there's also a YouTube app that's installed (and works quite well), a copy of the T-Mobile version of "Sims 3" and a copy of the movie "Avatar". You can even download and run Google Earth on it, which is quite fun!

Now one minor problem I will report with it is this: I've had more than a couple times where some app I was running froze and caused the phone to crash. I'm assuming this is just some software error that will be fixed with a later update. It's annoying right now, but not badly so.

I'd also recommend that you get a cover or gel skin for the phone since it's not textured and could easily slip out of your grasp if you aren't careful.

If you're looking for a good phone, this is a good one to get, especially if you can get a deal from T-Mobile. Aside from the minor crash issues, I'm very pleased with it so far.
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on July 21, 2010
Samsung Vibrant is the most underrated phone out there. Everyone is hyping the iphone 4 and the Droid X, both which have some serious issues. iphone 4 with the obvious antennae issue and droid x with the screen issue. (if you haven't seen it go here: [...].) The Samsung Vibrant is an awesome phone. Its super fast and the SUPER AMOLED screen displays amazing photos and videos. I show friends Avatar every time to best show an example of the screen. Also, I think the camera is pretty good for what features it has. It shoots 720p video which looks amazing! If i wanted a higher megapixel camera i would just use my Cannon. Cell phones don't need to have crazy good megapixel cameras. its a picture on the go not a damn photo shoot. There are a few drawbacks so far that I have seen and that have bugged me but maybe not you. There is no blinking LED light to notify you of a new text or a new email. This kinda bothers me, not sure about other people. Also, sometimes when I click in the text box to write a text message, the keyboard doesn't pop up. It fixes quickly if i turn it to landscape or back out of the messaging app. I don't give a crap about FFC (Front Facing Camera) that everyone seems to be so excited about. That was T-mobiles choice by the way, not samsungs. The technology is to new here in America and i think its pointless anyways, but that's just my opinion. All and All i guess people are complaining about these issues because other phones already have this technology and the Vibrant doesn't and they want it. It's not a deal breaker for me. This phone is totally worth the money and totally underrated.
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on August 27, 2010
I have been with tmobile at least 10 years. No doubt their service is getting better each year as I can see. I was so close to get an iphone 4 even though the antenna problem was only fix by a case they provide. When I see the Samsung Vibrant I was impressed the respond,screen resolution, and the phone's weight.

With Tmobile HSPA+ (They say it is close to 4g speed) is coming up at the end of August, the speed is going to get even more faster. I personally work for a big company as a sale associate and went to a tmobile training. When they showed the JD power and Consumer Report. Tmobile is second behind Verizon. Yes, it is surprised for most of people but it is true. Most of people still have that bad impression about Tmobile like ten years ago when they first came out. Oh wow, for god sake get rid of that idea!!!!! TMobile really changed and catch up really fast.

I showed this phone to people who OWN Iphone 4. They admit that this device is so much better than their phone. Android apps 70 percents are free. HD movies on this device is amazing. The swype makes them say WOW. Seriously, when Im on the bus sit next to the people who has iphone all they do is texting because the internet is slow. When they see my samsung vibrant load a web page no longer than 5 seconds I wonder how they feel.

No regret, get the phone you wont like it you will love it :)
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on February 3, 2011
This phone has everything in a phone I could wish for. The Internet is really fast. The screen is so vibrant and colorful. Endless amounts of games and apps to choose from, especially with 2.2 now. I hardly use my laptop now that I have this phone. Very convenient to check all my cyberspace stuff on my phone at all times. All you have to do is just speak the website you want and the phone goes there. With swype keyboard I can send email and text faster than I ever could on my laptop. Screen is a very good size at 4 inches. Ive had this phone for about 1 month now and really love it! If there is one downside/con to this phone it is the battery. I got me an extra charger and have done a lot better that way. Overall I really recommend this phone, but get an extra charger and a case to protect it. I got this case (Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case for Samsung Vibrant T959 - Smoke Grey) and really like it.
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on October 6, 2010
I really like this phone with all its beautiful specs and fast processor. Its an amazing phone but its not as sturdy as other phones.
The problems i had with this phone:
1) Battery life is not the best. It wouldn't last for a day even at moderate usage. Also, the battery icon is a lie. it shows a full battery even at 80%. And it takes forever to charge. Sometimes, it would say that the battery is full charged but when you remove the charger it would show like 95-99%.
2) The back cover feels cheap. i have my phone encased in a rubber protector all the time. when i removed it i noticed that the cover was a bit wobbly on one corner.
3) The metal border was also a bit wobbly on the lower sides.

Its a cool phone but samsung should have made it more durable and less plastic-y. my 14 day was up so i couldn't return it anymore. I shouldv'e waited for the g2.
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on May 23, 2011
I've had this phone for almost a year and can assure everyone that it is an EXCELLENT phone. The reception, and call quality are good. It is very fast, not laggy, if I remember to clean out my text messages and don't let them build up. The camera and HD video are fantastic and I've used it enough to know. I love the MP3 player, the sound is excellent, with many equalizers and effects, the speakers are loud and have little distortion. I use the apps constantly for email, internet, youtube, facebook, Audible books, Nook books, and Kindle books and music. My kids use it for games constantly. The 16gb internal memory and the external micro SD card slot are holding many, many ebooks, photos, videos, and audible books. The emails aren't kept on the phone, but they could be transferred to memory. Texting is easy with SWIPE, and voice texting is good, google voice, so many other apps are available on the android markete place. This phone has everything. There is now a newer Galexy S 4g with Froyo 2.2. I will get that one later when my contract renews. The battery lasts all day but gets used up when the beautiful 4"amoled screen is on, so I turn down the brightness, and turn off the screen when I don't need it. I love this phone and I highly recommend it to everyone.
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on July 18, 2010
The biggest thing that sticks out is the screen. It looks amazing, especially with the live wallpaper. It just makes it that much more fun to play with.

I have not had any issues with the signal, and it actually seems to "respond" to changes (like going in elevators) quicker than my G1.

I do wish it had a LED indicator, but I can live without it. Great phone for this price!
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on January 17, 2011
Could be very good phone phone but broken GPS, missing Froyo in 2010, and lack of support from Samsung make this phone a complete failure.
JI6 update, released to fix GPS - another failure.
GPS Restore by Samsung blaming consumers for broken GPS while not fixing anything and broken by itself - yet another failure.
Missing, but promised by the end of 2010, Froyo update - lies and failure again.
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on July 15, 2010
The screen....the speed...the Swype! This is one killer...way too much to just call it a phone. Brilliant is the word, T-Mobile's best handset yet. I gave up waiting for Windows Phone 7. This will do me fine. Really, the Swype on this is the absolute easiest to use of any phone I have tried it on. This thing is glorious.
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