Customer Reviews: Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506
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on September 17, 2010
I usually don't write reviews for products on here, but I felt compelled to after receiving the Logitech Z506 surround sound system.
***UPDATE*** (at the bottom)

~SUPER easy to set-up, everything matches up by color.
~Sound quality is superb compared to a lot of systems in this price range, especially for a 5.1 system.
~Base is FANTASTIC! I honestly can't get over how awesome the subwoofer is, and best of all -- NO DISTORTION!
~Since this is a tweeted system, you don't get distortion from the speakers like you would with a lot of other systems in this price range.
~RCA capable (meaning you can directly connect it to your Audio Out on the back of the TV).
~The ported down idea Logitech did for the subwoofer truely does make it fill the room (even at >50watts).
~Great bang for the buck.

~Wires can be a bit short, even for a small room.
~No controller.

So if you're like me and are planning to use this in a small room, I highly recommend this system; you can't go wrong!

After having owned this system for a little over 4 months, I have decided that.....this system is still fantastic!

If you're hooking this bad-boy up to a TV, simply plug the RCA (red/black) cables into the back of the subwoofer, then the other end (3.5mm headphone) to the headphone jack on your TV. Easy peezy :)

If you're hooking it up to a computer, simply plug the PC wires (not sure on the technical term, but they're the green, yellow, and black cords/wires) into the back of the subwoofer, as well as your PC. To get the surround sound effect (5.1) you will need to make sure your sound software is up to date. From there right click on your "speakers" (located under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Right click on Speakers) and you can adjust your settings to 5.1.

I hope this has been helpful! Go buy this system today, it's fan-freakin'-tastic!
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on December 19, 2010
All the time i had been looking for speakers for my ps3(gaming and music) and at first i was thinking of the logitech Z-5000, but since i was short on budget i diced to go for this ones, and it was worth it. This speakers have a really really good sound quality and are easy to set up and use. This speaker have a good level of volume (believe me is enough for games and music) and they can get pretty loud. Another thing is the look and the material which they are made of, which make them look pretty durable.

I would recommend this speaker who doesnt want to expend a fortune in expensive speakers, you will be satisfied.
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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2010
For $[...] bucks these speakers sound great, but I did have to figure out how to hook them up with no help from Logitech's directions. Since I bought these to use with a program that creates 5.1 surround music, I quickly noticed that simply plugging them into to the matching color recepticles on my new Windows 7 machine did not work. I got sound out of all the speaker but it was not 5.1 surround. When I began shifting the sound to different speakers it was clear that something wasn't right. I could isolate the rear speakers almost totally but nothing else. I tried every combination of jacks (my computer is capable of 7.1 and has several extra jacks) but had little success. Something was always missing!! I then started searching the control panel of my new Windows 7 machine for answers. I found that the first mistake I'd made was plugging all the jacks in at once and turning on the unit. They had to be assigned one by one..

Here is how I set up the system on a Windows 7 Ultimate, Desktop Dell machine with 7.1 surround. First....Do not plug any of the jacks into the computer yet.

Go to the control panel and open the Audio Manager. In the case of my Dell it was the Realtek HD Audio Manger. A picture of a living room with speakers appears. Plug the Orangish/Yellow jack from the Logitech into the matching recepticle on the Computer. A pop-up asks you which speakers you want to serve that jack. Click on Center/Subwoofer. Click on the picture of the center speaker and subwoofer. They should make a sound. Follow the same procedure for the GREEN Jack. Assign FRONT SPEAKERS out to that one. Lastly assign your BLACK to the REAR SPEAKERS. ALl of your speakers should now work independantly and sound great.

HDTV..., several of you have asked about using these with TV's. The first question to ask is, what does your TV have in terms of audio output jacks? Increasingly TV's are cutting way back on the types of output jacks offered. You can run two types of input here, stereo mini like your ipod headphones (does your TV have a headphone OUT jack??)or RCA OUT(normal stereo jacks). Some TV's may only output to HDMI. There is no HDMI input jack here. If you have HDMI OUT it should carry your sound and picture to an AV tuner. Check out this system Yamaha YHT-395BL Complete 5.1-Channel Home Theater System for an idea of what is available. I do not own this system but it gives you an idea of the connections. I haven't looked to see if other "speaker only" sets offer HDMI input. I use these only with my computer.

One work around for some of you might be if your cable box has RCA audio out. If you run your cable THROUGH your DVD player it should still have an RCA AUDIO OUT that you may be able to use. You can also use them just to play your DVD's if your player has RCA out, but mute the TV sound because your TV will process the sound slightly faster making it sound like there is an echo.
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on April 15, 2015
The Logitech surround sound speaker or awesone !!!! I connect to my alienware x 51
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on September 13, 2013
after using for 8 months this sound system can say I am very happy I purchased is amazing how movies with 5.1 sound heard the rumbling subwoofer makes the whole room is amazing. I recommend that you buy without fear based on the ratio cost / quality
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on December 6, 2014
Best pair of speakers I've ever bought. good sound quality lots of bass and works with my TV and my Soundblaster 5.1 Audio card Perfect for playing Portal 2 or Half-Life 2
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VINE VOICEon October 21, 2010
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I absolutely love, love, love these speakers! It's important your system is set up for six speakers but assuming it is I can say with confidence these will be the best speakers you will find in this price range. Check my reviews and you'll know I'm not gushy about products -- many people whine that I'm too harsh.

Here is an important consideration, make sure your system has the speaker jacks AND the drivers to enable six-speakers, even when you are playing a stereo recording. Otherwise you will find yourself disappointed that the sound is coming just from the left and right speakers and maybe the subwoofer. Just because you have connections for the separate components doesn't guarantee surround sound. Fortunately, most recently built computers have the technology built-in so this warning applies mostly to people with older systems. A quick and easy way to know for sure is to check to see if your computer has Dolby Home Theater built-in. It's not easy to find (Start Button\Control Panel\Sound\Playback\Speaker Properties in Windows 7) but enabling Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby Digital will allow you to enjoy immersive sound even when listening to stereo. If you don't have the speaker jacks, for example just a standard speaker and microphone jack, then you can purchase add-in cards like the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi.

I was tempted to knock off a star for two reasons. One, I've become used to a separate "control pod" which handles things like the volume, bass and power control without having to reach for the speakers. Unfortunately, this is not included so you'll have to get used to using those multimedia buttons on your keyboard if your right speaker is out of reach and you'll have to go digging under your desk to adjust the bass level. I figure this was a tradeoff made to keep the price low. My other gripe is that, common to most surround speakers for computers, the length of the cable to the rear speakers is going to be too short to be of any benefit unless you want cables in the way. Fortunately, the connectors are standard RCA so a male-to-female extension cable will get the extra length you need if you're trying to run them in a manner that will allow you to hide the cable.

In spite of these gripes, I still think they are five-star speakers, again with the caveat that Dolby Home Theater is enabled. I say this because it really makes a huge difference and Dolby changes the sound from "decent" to "fantastic". I have not heard any of the buzzing others have mentioned, no speaker noise whatsoever, the bass sounds great - not muddy, and the highs are crisp without being shrill. I know it sounds like I'm shilling for Dolby more than the speakers but it's important that people know that once you get beyond stereo, decent sounding speakers are only half the equation; a good sound processor is equally important. It's why audiophiles obsess over their receiver just as much as their speakers.

This 75W system is plenty of power for a gaming computer, office, or bedroom but I wouldn't use it in a living room. Inputs are standard red/white RCA or the preferred green/yellow/black 3.5mm computers use. They're best used as computer speakers since you don't have a remote. Obviously these won't compare to high end THX speakers but they also don't have the high end price. If you're a gamer on a budget, I think you'll like these a lot.

Hope the review helped.

To answer other reviewers:
M. Churchill - You are right, the description is incorrect and this system uses a 5.25" ported subwoofer.
NYC reviewer - Most surround speakers do very little other than the ambient effects you described, especially during live broadcasts. Try to see if your TV has a 5 speaker stereo setting and it may give you the sound you were expecting. Try turning the built-in TV speakers off and the TV volume up to ~66% to eliminate the low volume issue. Also make sure there isn't an audio setting for TV or audio out - with some TV's it's either/or. Ultimately, I do think these are better suited as computer speakers than home theater speakers.
Ryan and others - Regarding buzzing, while it's certainly possible you got bad speakers, buzzing is almost always caused by electrical interference. Try moving the speaker wires around, especially away from power strips or electric wall-warts and see if the buzzing changes in any way. There may be an unshielded culprit causing the noise. As I write this I have my speakers maxed with zero noise.
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on October 30, 2014
Best home speakers I've experienced for the best price! ! ! No other brand compares, or comes close to price. Other speaker sets I've researched with the same features (separate bass-and adjustable, 5 separate speakers, extra long wires-color coded) all run upwards of $150-$300! Best $40 I've ever spent for QUALITY QUALITY! Sound. (I'm an avid music listener and gamer as well. The two rear speakers arent portrayed in the uploaded photo. You can arrange the speakers at whatever distance that best fits your setup).
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on November 21, 2013
Excellent sounding speaker set! Bass is very good and stronger than I expected for its size.

This set is for computers that have an analog 5.1 output jacks. This set does infact do true 5.1...IF you connect it to a analog 5.1 source. For 5.1...It uses 3x 3.5mm headphone jack style plugs, green,black and gold. Most desktop computers have these jacks. For stereo input, you just use the green plug cable or the red and white rca style inputs.

This set does NOT have any digital inputs such as coax or optical and doesn't have a built in decoder. (none do at this price point)

Also note, this set is a 6in sub, not a 10in sub as listed in the is small and compact...unlike the sub in sets like the z2300 (8in sub) and the z5500 has a 10in sub...those are huge and heavy) .

How it sounds will vary with the hardware, software, codecs, and the source content being played. With true 5.1 source file and hooked up to a 5.1 card, in movies, the audio dialog will primarily come out of the center speaker while the other sounds will come out of the other speakers etc. However, if you are playing a 2 channel source(stereo) the sound will only come out of the left and right speakers and sub.

If you're are only hooked up to a stereo source (using just the green cord or rca input), then the speakers do a virtual surround called "matrix" mode and you will notice that the dialog is spread over the left, center and right speakers with surround effects coming from the rear speakers.

People all have their own interpretation of what sounds good. I have these hooked up to my laptop headphone jack and I have been watching Flashpoint on Netflix with with their 5.1 sound enabled....and it sounds awesome. I know some don't like so called "simulated" surround, but seriously, it sounds very much like 5.1 to me. ...I like it better actually...(i find character dialog from center speaker only to be very annoying when I had this set hooked up to my desktop 5.1 card).

I do have a few other nitpicks....they don't have speaker grills...but instead have a fabric over the actual speaker cone. However, the insert holes for a speaker grill are there and look quite tacky without a grill to attach to it...(Why Logitech would purposely incorporate into the design of the satellites the mount for a gill and decide not to include them is baffling.) Also, the built in stand for the center speaker, the hinge is fragile...I already broke mine and had to crazy glue it back on. The speaker wires are bit shorter than I would like(but aren't they always).

I would not recommend this set be used for a home theater setup with a the rear speaker cables are certainly not long enough to to position the speakers where they need to be in a typical living room or similar environment.

If you are looking to get surround sound for a tv/dvd/bluray setup....If you want true 5.1, you need would need a purchase a 5.1(or 7.1 if u want) home theater receiver which has the digital inputs and built in decoding and a speaker set and sub....course that kind of setup (component system)is much more advanced and pricy...but it is what it takes for true 5.1 sound from a/v component devices like that and not from a computer sound card. These speakers can connect to a tvs headphone jack(or rca audio out jack with an adapter), but again, it will not be "true" 5.1. (it still will sound much better than the tv speakers though.)
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on July 2, 2015
Oh my god this system is amazing! I didnt eant to spend hundreds of dollars on a surround sound system but i wanted a quality set. Logitech delivered. The small woofer puts out amazing chest rumbling bass for a small/medium size room. The rear speaker cables werent quite long enough for my application but that was fixed with a cheap set of analog extention cables. I also mounted the rear speakers by drilling pilot holes and using small screws in the back and some small wall mounts. In the picture you see the 3 front speakers, the sub is in the lower right cube of my entertainment center, and the rear speakers are directly to the left and right of me if i sit on my bed against the wall.

July 20th: Still amazing! Adds so much more depth and reality to action movies and sci-fi movies. Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, and the Matrix trilogy are my recent watches and it was amazing :)
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