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VINE VOICEon September 5, 2010
My main purpose for trying the Philips/O'Neill Specked Sound In-Ear Headphones was to find an inexpensive pair of earbuds with good sound quality for when I'm out jogging. These are advertised to be both light-weight and tangle-free, two things which have always been an issue with the earbuds I've used in the past. These looked promising, but after using them for a couple of weeks, it's a real toss up as to what star rating to give them.

On one hand, the sound, build quality, esthetics and price make the earbuds worthy of 5 stars.

The bass on these buds is surprisingly smooth and deep providing a nice full sound. They're very well built with a durable woven nylon cable instead of the usual rubberized plastic which is always prone to getting tangled up, a big hassle when running. The 1/8" mini jack and the connection where the left and right driver cables meet are both made of aluminum and appear to be very sturdy and durable. You also have a nice snug slider to adjust the amount of free cable going to each ear. I should also mention that the 1/8" mini jack is made to fit directly into the smaller than normal headphone plug on my 1st generation iPhone eliminating the need for an adapter, a big plus.

But on the other hand, there is a definite design flaw with the cable which reduces the star rating.

Because the cable is woven and has a rough fabric-type texture, when the cable rubs against anything (clothes, skin, itself) you can really hear it through the buds. In effect, the cable acts like a microphone and transmits sounds through the earbuds. So if you're engaging in any kind of activity, like running, the scraping/rustling sound is very distinctive and distracting and makes these earbuds a poor choice for my intended purpose.

A few other things.

These earbuds come with 3 sets of color coded silicone ear sleeves for small, medium, and large ear canals. The sleeve material is soft and comfortable and fits snuggly into my ear, blocking out most of the outside noise.

Hassle-free packaging makes opening and removing the earbuds easy.

Would I recommend these earbuds?

If you're primarily going to be using these at your desktop or at times when you're mostly stationary, then yes. The sound is great, they're well built, light and comfortable, and look nice.

If you're planning on using them in an active setting like running or working out, then no. The rustling noise is fairy loud and can be distracting.
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on April 20, 2011
I'm shocked by all of the 4 and 5 star reviews being given to the product, with only minor concessions to the microphonic noise the cables produce. Within moments of putting on these earbuds, I regretted the purchase and knew I'd be returning them.
The microphonic noise is terrible! Any slight movement of the cord against itself or your clothing will produce that noise straight to your ears. Even sitting still, slight movements of my head would cause it. It renders the earbuds pretty much unusable.
This is such a disappointing feature because otherwise, these earbuds would have been great. I love the color choices Philips/O'Neill is offering, my music sounds pretty good (for $20 earbuds), and they are quite comfortable.
Phiiips needs to reconsider this cord-wrapping feature. Simply having a tangle-free cord is not a good enough reason to have to deal with all of the noise you will hear while wearing these.
Save your money for another set of 'buds until there is a redesign of these.
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VINE VOICEon September 1, 2010
For the price, I didn't expect these to compete with my Klipsch earbuds, but I thought they would be great as an office pair, something I wouldn't panic over if I left them out at my desk over night.
They were comfortable and appear to be very sturdily made, and the sound was decent. The problem came in if you moved around. At all. Any motion in the chord translated to a motion/static sound in the earbuds. They sound and comfort are great, but who keeps perfectly still while having headphones on? Overall, a huge disappointment.
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on May 28, 2012
I've owned these headphones for years now. With every day use (gym, jogging, walking etc...) they still work!!! I've tried literally dozens of other brands (all the usual suspects including high end $100 + earbuds that had excellent design & great sound). The problem with all of these other brands is the chord. This one has the cable enclosed in fabric which seems to be freaking people out. What the heck!!!!!!!!!! My goodness people, it is soooo easy to pop these in, place them under your shirt (against your skin, under a jacket or sweatshirt or behind your back). in my experience, they don't budge and make no noise whatsoever. Yes, if you touch them, or move them around alot there can be issues. I'm guessing that those with complaints are wearing the chord outside their clothes with nothing on top (in other words, visible with nothing holding the chord down). I've never tried this as any chord flopping around while I work out is annoying, so I've always worn all chords underneath my clothes and when using this technique, they are awesome. little to no ear fatigue like some in ear headphones. sound is good (and even very good) for the price range. not at all high end, but better than average.

the big selling point is that the fabric on the chord not only keeps it dry, IT KEEPS IT FROM SHORTING OUT which is easily the biggest problem with earbuds. I used to go through pair after pair. These puppies do not short out as the fabric keeps the chord from tangling and creasing which in turn keeps it from shorting. once I discovered these, I purchased a pair for everyone in the family and had zero complains (and all 6 pair still work). I'm online right now buying a back-up pair just in case as nothing lasts forever, but these headphones are actually trying to.

My recommendation is... if you're having movement issues with the chord, wear it underneath your shirt, jacket or whatever. the fabric keeps them nicely in place, they are comfortable, handle workout conditions well (including sweat).
They fit snugly in your ears which again is crucial for jogging and working out.

The only reason I gave them a 4 star instead of 5 is that I'd love to see this chord design in a high end audio headphone.
For the price... these can't be beat!!!
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on December 21, 2011
At last I found something durable. If you are tired of spending your money on headphones that break the first week I recommend these.
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on May 2, 2012
I HATE these headphones !! Every move you make is amplified 10,000% if you touch or rub against the cord at any time. Am I supposed to sit PERFECTLY still at all times when I use these things !!! I have Never come across a problem like this with a pair of headphones before and it is CERTAINLY unrealistic that when this product was tested, they didn't realize this stupid FLAW !!!! Is there a minus star rating available please !!!
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VINE VOICEon August 30, 2010
These earphones were like a dream come true initially.
The sound quality is amazing....bass perfect! I love the soft fit and they stay in my ears(3 colored ear sleeve sizes included for ear comfort). The buds are noise isolating so I can have my music on, watch the kids, and still have "quiet time" listening to my music! How perfect is that? I can hardly hear the little bickering and chatter, which is a dream come true for a little break. I also realy like the tangle free, cloth covered cord.

One Big Problem: As I began to move around, I kept hearing a "brushing" noise, which seemed to be coming from the cord. These headphones are not made for sports, dancing, etc.

If you want to sit still at your computer or elsewhere, these headphones are perfect and high quality.
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on June 29, 2012
The best way to describe these is a mirage; they look great, sharp colors, appear durable and have a cool looking fabric cable to quench your thirst as you meander through the black/white ear bud Sahara. As soon as I saw these and the price I was hooked. However, ALL of these positives fade away into a bleak, noisy desert of terribleness once you pop them in your ears and move. The least bit of movement sounds exactly like someone else here described; a mic being blown into for sound check. The slightest turn of your neck, movement of your body or merely breathing is picked up through these to the point your music is absolutely drowned. I returned immediately.

For the life of me I cannot fathom any of these reviews that give this more than one star; the point of headphones is to hear your music and these fail that simple task. The closest thing these are good for is 2ft. of O'Neill branded rope.
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on October 1, 2012
I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased these. I was hoping my experience was unique but it's true the cords pick up every ambient sound and amplify it. I was walking up a hill when I first tried them and I immediately got a loud blast in my ear ...which was the wind blowing against the cord! As I touched the cord to figure out what the problem was, I could also hear my fingers tracing even louder on the cord, and the cord shifting against my shirt, etc. I am shocked and surprised this item was not tested before it was released for production. Also, the silicone in the bud fitting is super flimsy, I can't see that it would last me very long as I train hard everyday and my earbuds get alot of use. I wish I'd bought my usual cheap $10 JVS buds as the sound quality is not even discernably better. I bought them for the "durable tangle free" cord.
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on October 14, 2012
Yes, they block external sounds... BUT (!) there is so much LOUD noise from the cords that you can not hear anything from the ipod. This is actually exacerbated by the fact that those covers used for sound blocking actually accentuate the LOUD noise from the cords. The cord is a rough material causing even more sound as they rub together. There is no way to stop it! It goes on and on and on, not unlike this waste of my breath here. But really I do not want you to buy them! Do not waste any of you hard earned cash on this product. I'm amazed that after designing these that no one put them on to test them... I mean they couldn't have. Right?????
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