Customer Reviews: Philips O'Neill SHO8800/28 On-Ear Headphones (White Black Checked) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on January 14, 2011
Note: I got these back when they were over sixty, I definitely consider them even more worth the purchase at this newer price. It's been almost two years and they've held up fantastically, they are very much like the day I got them but are now confined to online gaming because of the slight discomfort they cause for me after extended wear (mentioned below)

The Good:
I used to get little in-ear buds to listen to my music at home and on the go, but I went through about three pairs in a year. It was starting to become really costly, and they all died of the same issue: the cord, usually near the earpiece, would strain and eventually the wires would disconnect and one ear would be useless or would fade in and out. I've had these earphones for about a month now, and I was so happy to discover the wire is reinforced with what feels like ripcord. The over-ear pieces will rotate so that the headphones can be stored flat, which is a surprisingly useful feature. These headphones are amazingly loud at even the lowest volumes on my computer, which makes editing audio and video a breeze. I almost never need to raise my mac's volume level above about 10% to hear every detail of a song crisp and clear. The bass also surpassed my expectations.

The Not so Good:
As with all of the over-ear phones I've tried personally, my outer ear will feel squished after a few hours of listening, but taking a 10 second break to rub them to restore circulation usually does the trick. I find the discomfort to be significantly greater to in-ear headphones as they create a pressure on the head that I find uncomfortable. It should be noted that I may have very sensitive ears or perhaps an oddly shaped head, but I've unfortunately never tried a pair that hasn't left me sore after a couple of hours. I hope I will find them someday, but for now these are high quality sound for a very tolerable amount of discomfort.

There is one thing I must stress about these headphones: THEY ARE VERY SMALL. I'm on the smaller side and they fit snug on my head. They do have quite a bit of stretch and give, but I really don't think these would be comfortable for people with even slightly larger than average heads.

These are noise-reducing headphones. They will not cancel out every single sound around you, but they do significantly reduce even some very loud noises. I've never come across a pair of headphones that completely eliminate all noise and these are very high up with some of the triple digit price-range headphones I have demoed. I honestly think the price makes it worth it, but if you really want complete noise cancellation I would move on (not sure if you'll ever find it, though).

And finally, the plastic they are made out of is *just* enough to put up with minor abuse. They feel quite fragile to me, which makes me inclined to leave them at home for most situations. I would highly suggest getting a hard case for them if you want to bring them out frequently, because I honestly feel that the plastic will not handle extreme impact (being dropped they can definitely deal with, but they would never survive being stepped on). If they were kept in a napsack or something it would probably do fine, but the demo videos of people snowboarding with these seem a little ridiculous. I'll admit most headphones I have seen can't put up with being stepped on but these worry me sometimes with the amount of tension you can feel when you separate the two ear covers.
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2010
I ordered these Philips O'Neill on-the-ear headphones through the Vine program and have been putting them through the paces.

First off let's address the negatives:
~ This is purely an issue of aesthetics, but the retro "White-Black Check" design is a bit ostentatious, but there are three other styles to choose from. Given a choice, I would have gone for the more conservative "Black Ice" but since I do most of my headphone listening in-doors, this is not a big problem.
~ A possible con: The materials, for the most part, are very light-weight plastic. I'm sure that contributes to their light and comfortable fit: I just don't know how well they'll hold up under normal use. So the ruling on their "construction" is open at this time.

So, on to what matters: comfort and sound.
~ In terms of comfort these may well be the most comfortable "on-the-ear" headphones I've ever worn. The pads are a bit small for me, but then again I've got big ears. But as they are very light and the padding is soft, they don't feel tight on your head/ears, and stay nicely in place. They are adjustable: my wife and I needed a different size to get them comfortable and found adjusting them very easy. The fabric tangle-free cable is also a nice change from the standard plastic cables that is the norm with most headphones/ear buds and contributes to the ease of use of these headphones. I've listened for hours and never felt bothered by the fit or feel.

~ In terms of sound, I am extremely impressed. I have been trying out all sorts of music on these headphones and whether listening to jazz (Michael Franks, Steely Dan), classical (Bach, Mozart, Copland), or made-for-headphones pop/rock (Alan Parsons Project, Electric Light Orchestra, Pink Floyd), these headphones bring out every nuance and detail in the music. The 40-millimeter drivers deliver a very impressive dynamic range with clear highs which are not at all overly-bright or "tinny", a nice mid-range, and rich, clear bass which is hard to come by on headphones. I even tried them out on some 50s-era Sinatra and the brilliant arrangements of Gordon Jenkins, Nelson Riddle and Billy May sound more finely detailed than ever.

These headphones are not inexpensive but they're not up there in price with Beats Solo (Dr. Dre), Bose, or Sennheiser either, yet to my ears they sound as good as some of those more expensive models. They are a moderately priced, high performance option that I highly recommend. Get a pair for yourself. They would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for the audiophile on your list too. (Don't forget: go with the "Black Ice".)

Sound: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Construction: 3?/5
Value: 4/5
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on March 13, 2012
I've had these headphones for about three and a half months.. loved it, worked great until one day the left side decided to stop working!! It was working fine in the morning but then stopped working 5 hours later. I took very good care of these headphones as well. Oh well shucks... I did get these when they were one sale for like 30 bucks. 1/5 the quality is not good if it doesn't even work for a good year!!!! If you are looking for long lasting quality headphones like I am then don't buy this one!!
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on January 4, 2011
These are AWESOME!!! Great for blocking out unwanted noise. Quality sound. Comfortable to wear. TOP NOTCH headphones. Would buy again if needed and recommend you to do the same. 10 STARS if available on this product.
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on February 10, 2012
Philips O'Neill "The Snug" Headphones

After looking at hundreds of headphones online, and struggling between going all-out on a $100+ pair of fancy-pants Bose (or cool/hipster/music aficionado equivalent), or slumming (again) in the $15-$20 range, I FINALLY settled on these cuties.

Context: I use headphones on a daily basis in my office- I have a peach of a coworker who likes to tap his pen, suck his teeth, talk to himself, laugh at inappropriate topics and times... you get the idea. I am literally unable to focus without my blessed, blessed music. Previously, I was using the Koss Titanium open air headphones. At the time I purchased them, I was in a customer-service role, of sorts, and needed to be able to hear if someone was knocking on the door. (A quick note on the Koss headphones: Great, great sound for an inexpensive set, but the thin foam ear "pads" wore through quickly and now the plastic surface jabs into my ears... sad panda.) Those were a satisfactory solution, providing great sound when the music was on, but not blocking any of the adjacent maddening, irritating noises I did not want to hear... a necessary evil at that time.


The door-answering responsibilities have been transferred (to the noisy neighbor, coincidentally) and I am free to work in musical oblivion.


Typical disclaimer here- I am not a music expert nor am I able to expound on the technical variances/driver differences, frequency ranges, etc.

Nice, clear, balanced. The base is not ear-drum thumping; it's definitely there, but not unpleasantly overwhelming. I think the description on the box was "dynamic." That's a good word - As other reviewers have pointed out, and something I didn't understand until I put these on, the closed vs. open feature is noticeably different. Open-air phones make it sound like you're in the recording studio where the musician is playing- Every detail is present, and the sound is "big" and seems omni-directional. Closed phones don't diminish the quality or the sound, but it feels like you're closer- Instead of sitting in that room, you're sitting right in front of the speakers- It's a very unidirectional sound.

If I didn't wear earrings, these would probably be perfect. As it is now, they are significantly more comfortable than the Koss phones, but do (right now) tend to smoosh my ears and jab the backs of my earrings into the skin behind my ears... I didn't expect otherwise, really. I could eliminate this problem by either a) not wearing earrings- HA! Or b) wearing in-ear headphones, which I absolutely despise. The padding on the top is NICE. I do like this feature, and there's no rubbery/silicone band that catches on my hair (KOSS, I'm calling you out, again.)

Totally subjective, but I adore the purple plaid. I'm 30 years old, so I should not be such a nerd, right? Whatever- I like colorful things, and these might make me look silly, but they also make me smile :)

I provided a couple snapshots to give you a better idea of the scale (that was one of my concerns, since I didn't want to look like a helicopter pilot or a bubble head.)

One last note on the "noise isolation"- others have noted that these do not block out all noise and they're right. Instead, irritating noises are muffled significantly. So, in between tracks, when my favorite person in the next cubicle is mumbling incoherently and giggling like a drunk dental patient, all I hear is "shhhwwemmmmemem". SO much better!
review image review image review image review image review image
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I usually listen with in-ear buds, but this is a nicely fitting pair of standard headphones with comfortable pads and you can adjust it easily to fit your head. The 'phones have an interesting op art design on the out earpieces, and the cord is a non-tangle turquoise length that feels almost as if it is coated with fabric, not rubber or plastic.

They fit well (snugly is right) and are comfortable. The cord is long, detaches from the headset. They are plenty loud.

The sound was not so great with audio books, but for pop music, the bass is nice and rich and the lyrics come through clearly. I tried some Lady Gaga, a tune by Cirque du Soleil with a lot of drums, and a Strauss work (Feuerfest) and some Willi Boskovsky. The sound was great, nicer than the earbuds for sure.

If you like a standard on-ear headphone, these are nice, especially for pop music. A bit more muted for classical and spoken voice, however.
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on July 11, 2011
I've always loved Philips headphones. These were to replace a pair that I'm pretty sure I've had since 2000. I always thought that those were impressive but these are even more amazing. What I loved about my old ones was the bass and sound quality. These have shown me that Philips is still doing a great job on that front and have even improved. Compared to these my old pair is quiet to me now. The one thing I played a guessing game with is the whole On-Ear vs Over the Ear. I really had never seen smaller On the Ear before and still wasn't sure what it meant when I bought these. So even though it says On the Ear I will just confirm it is exactly that and does not go over the whole ear. The only thing I worry about with these is I do have a fear I may break them. Particularly the plastic swivel sides that hold the ear pieces on. It feels decently strong but the way it looks doesn't match how it feels. So that makes me a little worried but overall I absolutely love these. If you have been a fan of Philips before, definitely check these out.
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on November 17, 2011
I bought these for my son who uses them all the time. Sound is good for the price - not like the Bose, but the best thing about them is the chord. They are resistant to damage. If you are hard on those little plastic connections, these headphones will be much more durable.
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on November 2, 2011
My son and I previously used a set of Skullcandy headphones that broke (and we are still waiting for Skullcandy to replace them) not long after we got them. I picked up these on Amazon thinking they would tide us over until the other ones were replaced. Now, my son has basically taken these and made them his. They are very comfortable, I can wear them for a couple hours at a time and not have any discomfort. The sound is good too, though I am not an audiophile. This set was cheaper than our Skullcandy set, plus, unlike our other set, they haven't broken! I would recommend them for someone looking for headphones in this price range.
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on October 9, 2013
I like these headphones a lot. I've had them for about a month and a half now and really enjoy them, and they seem to be holding up so far. I don't normally wear over the ear headphones, but had to switch because my ear buds would hurt over long periods of time. These head phones do seem to hurt my ears after a while, but definitely not as much as my ear buds. They seem very sturdy and are quite comfortable, but again they do start to hurt my ears but that's after a few hours of continuously wearing them (and I think that comes with any pair of headphones you buy.) Over all I would highly recommend buying these headphones; they are of great quality for the price and produce awesome sound. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was because they don't cancel out noise as much as I wanted, but it wasn't enough for me to return them.
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