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on June 2, 2011
7/30/14 UPDATE - I took the TV apart to see if I could find anything to explain the edgelight dropping out randomly, and did find a ribbon cable with a very loose connection. I re-seated it and haven't seen any issues so far. I also found a label on the LCD panel itself that explains why the picture quality is as good as it is - my unit has a Samsung panel. For this I am adding back one star. I can't add more because the average consumer shouldn't have to disassemble their TV to get it to work properly.

11/14/11 UPDATE (moved to the top per commenter suggestion) - after five short months of use, the LED edgelight is failing. It will start to flicker, then go completely black. If you look closely, you can see that the LCD screen is still producing an image, but there is no backlight. With the piddly 90 day warranty, I'm out $200. Stick to the major brands. Don't buy this.

I bought the Coby LEDTV2326 after researching affordable tvs to replace a failing Audiovox LCD TV/DVD combo I've had in my kitchen for six years. It gets a lot of use, as the kitchen is the hub of our house. I decided to forego the built-in DVD player, as convenient as it has been, because I wanted to keep the price down, and I have two extra DVD players just collecting dust in the basement. One sits atop the fridge now.

Upon unboxing, I was impressed with the thin, sleek build of the Coby. Five minutes later it was hooked up and searching for's that easy. I have it connected to standard cable, so it found the expected 58 or so SD channels. I was surprised to see that it also found 45 HD channels...I expected some, thanks to its QAM tuner, but not nearly that many. Bonus.

HD picture quality is beautiful. I can't say anything more.

SD picture quality is sub-par when compared to other HDTVs I own, and others I've seen. It's not great...but its watchable.

DVD quality (480p) is quite good. Not HD, but very crisp. Blows SD cable away.

One more thing to note about the picture - I can definitely see bright spotting around the perimeter when the screen is totally black...this indicates poor back (edge) lighting. Were it my main tv, it would go back for this. It's a kitchen tv. No big deal.

Now for the sound...I've never heard worse sound quality from any tv in my life...and I'm a videophile, so I've experienced a lot of tvs. It sounds like you're trying to listen via a pair of crappy headphones sitting on the table in front of you. It's literally unbearable. Thank God they included a headphone jack. I bought a $25 pair of decent computer speakers to solve the problem. It sounds great now.

Overall, if you're looking for a good display for mainly HD or DVD duty, and you're willing to augment (replace) the included sound with a cheap pair of computer speakers, buy this tv. It's definitely worth two bills. If, however, you don't like the idea of separate speakers and just want a plug-and-play tv, buy something with forward-facing speakers (hard to find, but obvious due to the perforated grilles you'll see under the screen). Any display this size with down-facing speakers (the majority) is going to sound like crap.
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on July 22, 2011
Knowing that the difference in quality of small television sets is marginal, I was willing to try an off-brand set. I picked up the Coby LEDTV1526 from a local electronic store chain for $88. The TV was a bargain for what I paid, despite its shortcomings. I bought it primarily to use as a monitor (which it does fine through the HDMI input but with some problems with the VGA input), but it works fine as a TV as well. In general, the picture is just as good as that of my 32" Vizio, and the sound is loud enough for any SMALL room. The small size and low weight of this set make it ultra-portable too. The remote works fine, and I like its build quality and large buttons. The energy use of this set is incredibly low; According to the energy guide label, you can expect to use three dollars of energy in a YEAR if you use the set five hours a day. The set has a few problems that can definitely be overlooked for the price, but I feel should be known:

1. The viewing angle is awful. You need to look at it dead-on, or colors start to go. Not a problem from close distances or if you can position it so that it will be watched dead-on.
2. The TV angles slightly upward (I think < 5 Degrees), but I'm not sure exactly how much. I may have set it up wrong, but I wouldn't know that because it doesn't come with instructions on how to attach the base. I know Coby is a cheap brand, but come on!
3. My unit had a glaringly obvious, bright green dead pixel, and the store I bought it from had a "no returns" policy. It isn't worth paying $50 to ship to and from Coby for a replacement, though. Obviously not a problem if purchased from Amazon, though it speaks somewhat of Coby's hit-or-miss quality control.
4. Only 1 HDMI input (common problem for TVs this size). Excellent selection of other inputs for a TV this size though (1 AV, 1 Component, among others).
5. The rear VGA port is hard to use. You need to angle in a VGA cord and screw in a single side first before the other can be screwed in. The TV is recognized as a 24", Coby-made set by default, and depending on how you're using the VGA port, you may not be able to get the correct resolution (1366x768; For a monitor of a computer running Ubuntu, a Linux-based OS, the best I could get was 1360x768).
6. The TV produces different picture quality depending on the ports you use, and not in the way most would think. When using a 1080i source through the antenna/cable input, pictures appear a little painting-like. When using HDMI, they appear more natural.
7. Weak speakers, but it is a 15" set and with so little room to put speakers in, that is expected. After adjusting to the sound, it is sounds surprisingly good.
8. The power cord comes loose VERY easily. It won't fall out if you're keeping it in one place or just moving it slightly, but it sure isn't a tight fit.
9. This is the big one. From everything I've heard, Coby itself more or less abandons you after the 3 months labor warranty is up (their 12 months parts warranty is meaningless). Because the set is so cheap, I don't think an extended warranty for more than 1-2 years is worth it though.
10. The over-the-air and other TV tuners work well. You have to rescan completely if you want to find new channels (there is no option just to find new ones which is a bit disappointing), a disappointment as an antenna user. The worst problem if you use an antenna is that to see signal strength, you have to dig deep into the menus of the television.
11. The black levels on this set are very unimpressive (this is a 15" set, and this was expected). Other colors are vibrant, though the set has trouble with some of them (especially reds and browns), producing a blocky appearance. It's tough to describe, but you'll notice it up close.
12. The TV always has a blue light on at night. Oddly, you have the option to turn the light off from the remote when the TV is on, but not off.
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on November 10, 2011
i already knew the sound wasn't going to be stellar based on previous reviews. but i wasn't expecting the product to cost more than advertised. ADORAMA sold me the tv via amazon, and it arrived without obvious damage. plugging it in, however, produced lots of colorfully lit pixels all over the screen - with no input. the display is simply broken, and supplying an image doesn't change the faulty pixels. i'm estimating 15-20% of the pixels are faulty. okay, so that's the unit itself.

i clicked away on amazon's forms to generate a return request. 2 days later, adorama writes to say that they won't work with me because i accepted the package that was delivered. they point me to COBY, the manufacturer.

so i hit up coby, just to find that not only do i have to ship the unit to them - i also have to pay for them to ship me a replacement. this unit just became $50 more than advertised, meaning i could have purchased a better unit from a more reputable company in the first place. meh.

my recommendation: don't bother with either ADORAMA or COBY. just save yourself the headache, and possibly some money in the end.

picture of the factory-fresh unit in all of its brokenness: 
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on October 23, 2010
I purchased this TV to replace a 10 inch analog TV mounted under a cabinet in our kitchen. I have it mounted instead from the wall behind,using an articulating wall mount. I am generally pleased with the TV. On the positive side I am able to connect directly to my cable without a cable box since it has a QAM tuner. On the negative side the picture is not as good as other LCD TV's that I have looked at. In particular, the analog stations are much poorer in quality than my old analog TV produced. The HD channels are much better but still lack the black contrast of other sets. Interestingly, my cable channel is not available in HD without purchasing an upgrade package. I have only the basic cable service but the network channels are digital. The response to the color adjustment and audio controls is dismal. Almost no effect. The sound is 'tinney' and no amount of adjustment corrects this. As for other common limitations of LCD TVs, the viewing angle is critical. The screen arrived tilted downwards approximately 5 degrees from vertical which is noticeable with this effect. It appears to have a tilt, but when I called the factory they reported that there is no adjustment for tilt ?? Since I am using a wall mount this is not an issue for me, since there is provision for tilt in the mount. I plan to keep this set, but wish that I had been able to 'kick the tires' in a local retail outlet before purchasing. It is not available locally in any of the big name stores. There is precious little available in screen sizes less than 19 inches.
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on December 2, 2011
what and incredible TV for 99.99$ I dont know what everyone is complaining about but this tv is awsome...The picture quality in highdef is incredible..If you want big sound buy a big TV ...the sound for this tv is fine and quality is great...dont ever hesitate to buy this tv for kitchen or bedroom you will be very happy....thanks amazon
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on October 25, 2010
very nice picture. very frugal on electric usage.
the only problem is the viewing angle is narrow.
when you viewing from left or right or up and down from center, picture tends to fades out
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on March 26, 2011
Great bang for your buck!!! Picture is amazing, very slim, just the sound quality is just a lil disappointing. My 13" tube tv I had before sounded way better. I quess being the speakers are on the rear make is sound different. I replaced it to have more counter space in my kitchen but just seems that the tv I had before sounded way better. Over all I still love this tv but if sound quality is very important to you reserch in store first!
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on August 5, 2011
We have standard analog cable TV in our house with no digital cable boxes needed on any of our 4 tvs. This Coby TV cannot display analog channels brightly. The picture on the HD channels was clear and bright but when watching analog channels the picture was very dim, low contrast and had muddy colors. we returned it and were very impressed with Amazon's return procedures, they were the smoothest, most customer-friendly return with prepaid return shipping and extremely fast credit back to our credit card. We were disappointed in this product, but thrilled and pleased with the outstanding customer-centric return procedures that Amazon has.
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on March 23, 2011
I bought one of these at another store at a great price (a returned item) and have been really impressed so far. It has a much sharper and brighter picture that seems a lot more realistic than the 20" Vizio that broke down and was replaced by this Coby.

The only minor complaints that I have are that the audio out jack is located in the middle of the back instead of at the side and that it only has one HDMI connector.

For the money, this is a terrific TV!
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on June 27, 2012
I bought this TV in January 2012 and thought it was a good deal at the time. As of last week, the TV no longer turns on.
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